Elvira 2Elvira 2

The Jaws of Cerberus

Year:  1991

Genre:  Horror

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Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerberus is the second game to feature Elvira, following on from Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. This is again a horror-themed adventure game with roleplaying elements. This time you must save Elvira who has been captured by Cerberus and imprisoned within a movie studio where the horror movie sets have come to life.



Grab some clover from beneath the billboard on the left. Pick up the rock from the bottom right, then go to the door of the security hut and throw the rock to break the glass. Now open the door and go inside. Open the closet and a body will fall out; take the security key from the dead guard. Take the jacket from the wall and wear it. Take all the items from the noticeboard, then walk around the desk and look at the console. Insert the security key, then enter the code from your copy protection wheel. Go back outside and through the open gate. Approach the car and open the trunk, taking the wrench and wire cutters from inside. Now leave the car and go through the doors to enter level 1 of the main building.

Main Building

Go over to the lift and press the up button, then get inside, turn around and press 2 to go up to the second level. Exit the lift and head out to a corridor with lots of doors. Take the drinks and cakes from the canteen, a book from the far side of the computer room, and a mirror from the bin in the make-up room. Don't enter the costume room yet as you will not be strong enough to kill the witch there. Go through the doors at the far end of the corridor into the typing pool room. Take a disk from the box of floppies on the desk, and take the radio cassette player from the high shelf. Back in the corridor, enter Elvira's dressing room and take lots of stuff (popcorn, newspaper, tissues, towel, hair spray x 2, silver clover charm and curling iron). Go across to the director's room and take the 2 bottles of alcohol.

Now mix the following spells to make some room in your inventory:

  • Breathe Underwater (popcorn, gum, cupcakes)
  • Healing Hands (nothing required, make 3 or 4)
  • Ice Darts (nothing required, make 3 or 4)
  • Luck (clover)
  • Protection (soda)
  • Unseen Shield (nothing required, make 3 or 4)

Return to the lift and press B to to down to the basement. Exit the lift and talk to the janitor (don't mention the fire water or scalps). Back up and look in the janitor's closet to find some bleach. Go back to the lift and head up to level 1. Enter both bathrooms just to get some experience points, then go back out to the lobby and through the double doors to the studio lobby.

Studio 2: The Haunted House

Use the control panel next to the doors with the number 2, enter the copy protection code, and head through the doors. You will want to drop items here on the stage, to make room in your inventory. You should by this point have these items to drop for later:

  • bottle of gin
  • bottle of vodka
  • computer disk
  • hair spray x 2
  • keys
  • mirror
  • pen
  • towel
  • wallet

Continue forward and into the lobby of the house. Go through the door to the left into the living room and take the helmet and gauntlet from the suit of armour on the right. Next head through the door into the study. Open the desk drawers and take the prayer book and padlock from inside. Go back to the previous room and pick up the bucket from near the fireplace, and the two glass vases and glass pitcher from the corner shelf.

Mix the following spells using items in your inventory:

  • Detect Trap (2 glass vases, glass pitcher)
  • Protection (bucket)
  • Unholy Barrier (prayer book)

Go back to the lobby and up the stairs, taking the right branch, then go right and then left at the top. Head along the hallway and through the first door on the left. Pick up the 3 blocks from the floor, then go back downstairs to the living room. Go to the far corner of the room and turn to face the door with the poltergeist in front of it. Place one of your blocks on the floor, then quickly go forward and through the door it was guarding. Read all the books you can find as they contain useful tips; in particular you must pick up a poison recipe that falls out of a book about poisons from the reference shelves, and you must read The Study of Demonology in the humor section. Return out of the library and back to the lobby, then go straight across to the opposite door. In the dining room, take the wine and candelabras, then open the service window and you will end up in the meat locker.

Take the boots from the dead guy on the bench. Turn around and take the meat, cheese, wine and bread, then mix these spells:

  • Courage (wine x 3)
  • Breathe Underwater (bread)

Wear your jacket, boots, gauntlet and helmet. Use the curling iron and you will hear a bell ring in the distance; now wait and the door will open. Quickly attack the ghoul either using your knife or Ice Darts. After it dies, use your Healing Hands spells to restore your hit points, then store up more Ice Darts or Healing Hands as required. Go through the door, turn right, go down the stairs, turn left and head through another door into a laboratory. Take the brain, heart and test tubes. Leave here and go back upstairs, then through the other door into the kitchen. Pick up the meat cleaver (your new weapon), the bucket, and some pots and pans. Look in the bucket and take the horseshoe. Look in the yellow tin on the shelf and take the super glue from inside. Pick up the bowl of eggs. Now mix the following spells:

  • Fireball (any pieces of paper)
  • Glue (super glue)
  • Luck (horseshoe)
  • Magic muscles (pots and pans, small knife, wrench)
  • Protection (bucket)
  • Revive (cheese)
  • Telekinesis (radio cassette player)
  • Turn Undead (brain)

Go through the door, immediately turn left and use Turn Undead to get rid of the zombie. Head back out to the lobby and go upstairs, taking the left branch. Go through the first door into a bathroom, and take the towel and sponge from inside. Leave the bathroom, turn right and walk straight ahead into a lavender bedroom. Walk forward and right to the bed. Move the sheets, then try to take the script and quickly kill the ghost. Now pick up the script, and pick up the photos that have fallen to the floor. Look under the bed and push the red button, then go through the secret passage behind the bed and along the corridor. Make sure you are holding the silver crucifix or your next action will kill you - take the gold chalice and ten black candles from the altar. Now return to the lavender bedroom. Go out to the hall and turn right, then go past the stairs and into the room on the left (if you die here, try casting a Courage spell before entering the room). After the interlude, take the pillow and tuning fork from the bed. While you are still upstairs, go to the far end of the hall and up the stairs at the end. Immediately use the tuning fork to let in the sunlight and kill the vampire.

Go back downstairs and leave the house. At the stage, drop off the following new items before leaving this studio:

  • candelabras x 2
  • chalice
  • pillow
  • sponge
  • towel

Main Building

Find the elevator and go down to the basement. Take the fire extinguisher from the room with the janitor, then go through to the boiler room. Cast a Fireball here to warm the room up, then take the copper rod from the left. Now head up to level 2 and go to the costume room that you avoided earlier. Go inside and kill the witch, then turn around and turn on the lights. Pick up the witch's eye, and also take the white lab coat and the sorcerer's robe. Take the Sir Walter Raleigh costume from the left and you will automatically take the sword; you can put the costume back on the rack, and you can now also drop the meat cleaver and use the sword as your main weapon.

Leave this room and go straight across to the make-up room. Look at the pictures that you picked up from the lavender bedroom; specifically check out the pictures of the lab assistant and the sorcerer's apprentice. Collect the appropriate hat and wig, then go to the mirror on the left of the back wall. Get the full beard for the sorcerer's apprentice disguise and the mustache, half glasses, eyebrows and false teeth for the lab assistant's disguise. Make sure you are wearing the lab assistant's disguise now (including the white lab coat). Go back to the lift, down to level 1 and into studio 2 again.

Studio 2

Mix the following spells to make more room in your inventory:

  • Fear (witch's eye)
  • Resist Fire (fire extinguisher x 2)

Go into the house, down the corridor to the right of the stairs and into the kitchen. Head through the other door, then downstairs. Go through the door on the right and talk to the scientist (he will recognise you as Cedric if your disguise is correct). Offer to help him, then ask for a strong poison; as long as you have the poison recipe from the library he will make it for you instantly. Back out of the room, drop all elements of your costume. Use the poison on the meat, then head upstairs and through the lobby into the study. Use the poisoned meat on the fishtank, then take the key from the bottom of the tank. Turn left and take the duck picture from the wall, then click on the wall behind it to find a safe. You can now drop that duck picture. Use your key on the safe, then turn the handle and open it. Take the peace pipe from inside.

Go upstairs and turn right, then enter the room on the right. Look in the tea chest on the left to get a box of matches. Pick up the ladder and go up the stairs at the end of the hall (where you killed the vampire before). Use the ladder here and climb up to the roof. Use your copper rod on the side of the chimney. Now climb back down and leave the house. At the stage, drop everything, then make sure you have the following in your inventory before leaving this studio:

  • armour (boots, gauntlet, helmet, jacket)
  • book (any non-prayer book will do)
  • bottle of gin
  • bottle of vodka
  • computer disk
  • crucifix
  • hair spray x 2
  • mirror
  • padlock
  • pendant
  • pillow
  • sorcerer's assistant disguise
  • spells
  • spellbook
  • test tubes
  • weapon (sword or meat cleaver)

Main Building

Make sure you are wearing your armour, then go through the sets of doors towards studio 3. Enter the copy protection code and go through.

Studio 3: It Came From Beyond the Grave

Open the gates and just run forward (ignore the bats) until you reach the church. Open the door and go inside. Turn left and go to the font, getting holy water into your test tubes. Now go to the other end of the room. Look at the pulpit, then pick up the prayer book from the room. Also take the cross and cloth from the altar. Now mix this spell:

  • Brainboost (computer disk)

This will give you 3 Brainboost spells. Use one of them now, then mix the following:

  • Bless (test tubes with holy water and crucifix)
  • Healing Hands (nothing required, make 3 or 4)
  • Holy Blast (cloth and cross, 2 candlesticks)
  • Ice Darts (nothing required, make 3 or 4)

Drag the pulpit to the left, then open the trapdoor. Cast a Bless spell on your favourite weapon (probably the sword), cast a Protection spell on yourself, then head down and kill the banshees. Lift up the slab and continue down to the catacombs. As you work your way down through the catacombs, you should probably make a map, as it is a very large area and you have to come back the same way again. These are the monsters you will find in the catacombs and how to most effectively deal with them:

  • Ghosts: cannot be killed; just use a courage spell to avoid damage
  • Goblins: attack the chest with normal weapons
  • Skeletons: attack the knees with normal weapons
  • Rats: will normally avoid you if you shoot Ice Darts
  • Zombies: attack with Ice Darts and blessed weapons

You should ideally search all rooms and alcoves, being careful of traps, but you only really need one item in here, which is the herring bones you will find on level 4. You can cast Detect Trap in some situations to identify the type of danger involved. When you get to magic level 9, mix the following spells (after using another Brainboost):

  • Buoyancy (herring bones)
  • Illusion (mirror)
  • Mindlock (padlock and book)
  • Nova (hair spray x 2, bottles of alcohol)
  • Trueflight (pillow)

Save as you are making progress downwards. Just before you meet the sorcerer, put on the whole sorcerer's apprentice disguise, then when you meet him, say you have been away due to food poisoning (if the disguise doesn't work, just kill him instead, but make sure you have Mindlock cast beforehand). Follow this passage a bit more and kill the false Elvira, then pick up the war lance from the ground. Now go all the way back up through the catacombs to the church, where you will be spun around. Use an Unholy Barrier, then attack the death angel with your remaining spells. Head out of the church back to the main building, then straight into studio 2.

Studio 2

At the stage, drop everything, then make sure you have the following in your inventory before leaving this studio:

  • armour (boots, gauntlet, helmet, jacket)
  • pendant
  • spells
  • spellbook
  • weapon (sword or magic dagger)

Main Building

Make sure you are wearing your armour, then go to the studio 1 entrance. Enter the copy protection code and go through.

Studio 1: The Kiss of the Spider

The first thing to do in the spider caves is make sure you find a small passage off to the right when you can flip the switch to turn on the elevator. Throughout the 4 levels of the caves, there are specific things you need to achieve. You should collect the crystals and mushrooms to create spells, and you can only pick them up after killing the creatures in the rooms. These are the monsters you will find in the catacombs and how to most effectively deal with them:

  • Ants: attack the body with normal weapons or Ice Darts
  • Grubs: attack the head with normal weapons (very slow moving)
  • Mosquitoes: attack the head with normal weapons or Ice Darts
  • Water bugs: attack the head with normal weapons

Level 1

Find a large underwater lake. Use your Buoyancy and Breathe Underwater, then enter the lake and go right to the bottom, killing the water bug on the way. Pick up the rope, then go straight back up to the surface. Now continue through the caves to find the passage up to the next level.

Level 2

Follow a side passage off to the right to find a room with a giant scorpion. Kill this by repeatedly hitting its head with your weapon or lightning bolts, then pick up the scroll of binding it was guarding. Continue on up to the next level.

Level 3

Follow the passages around until you reach two webs over a great central hole. Cut the right thread to swing over to the other side, then continue up.

Level 4

Walk to the near edge of the great hole on this level to find a mind bound up in a web. Look at him, then use Telekinesis to get his wallet. Look in the wallet to find a key. Now shoot an Ice Dart at the massive spider across the chasm, then start running as it will chase you. Go all the way around the left to the elevator. Use your key on the control panel, then open both gates, go through, and close both gates behind you to trap the spider on the other side. Follow the passage to this side of the hole and climb down to find another false Elvira. Pick up the tomahawk, then climb down again and you will be back on level 3.

Level 3

Find the elevator, use the control panel, open the gate and enter the cage. Close the gate again, then look at the control panel and press 1.

Level 1

Exit the elevator and leave the caves. Now leave this studio and go straight across to studio 2.

Studio 2

At the stage, drop everything, then make sure you have the following in your inventory:

  • armour (boots, gauntlet, helmet, jacket)
  • black candles
  • bowl of eggs
  • gold chalice
  • heart
  • matches
  • pendant
  • prayer book
  • rope
  • scroll of binding
  • spells
  • spellbook
  • war lance
  • weapon (sword or magic dagger)
  • wire cutters

Enter the house and take the barometer from the wall just to the right of the stairs. Now mix this spell:

  • Summon Storm (barometer)

Go upstairs, to the right end of the corridor, upstairs to the attic, and up the ladder to the roof. Cast Summon Storm and electricity will flow down the copper rod you put here earlier. Go down to the lab in the basement. Move the right lever up to its maximum, then save your game. Flip the switch on the left, then assuming you have the wire cutters handy, click on the wires on the right of the monster's head after it has moved forward a few steps. Try to open the door behind it, but if you can't, restore and try again. Go through to the room behind and free Elvira. Pick up the magic bag, then back out of the room. Look at the monster's head, and take the metal band, scalp and brain. Now mix these spells:

  • Bind Demon (scroll of binding, rope)
  • Resurrect (bowl of eggs, prayer book, heart, brain)

Leave the house and studio, and go down the hall into studio 3.

Studio 3

Enter the church and cast Resurrect, then talk to the priest and ask for his help; as long as you have read the demonology book in the library, he will go to the parking lot and draw a pentacle for you. Return out of this studio.


Go down to the basement and talk to the janitor again. Ask for his help, and he will bless your tomahawk, war lance and magic bag. Give him the peace pipe. Now head out to the parking lot. Put your candles on the pentacle, then click on the candles to light them with your matches. Cast a Bind Demon spell to stop Cerberus, then throw your war lance at him, then throw your tomahawk at his heart.