EcoQuest 2EcoQuest 2

Lost Secret of the Rainforest

Game Details:  Adventure, 1993

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Walkthrough Updated:  7/14/2004

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest is the second of a series of two educational titles from Sierra On-Line, continuing after EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus. This time you travel to South America with your father and get separated from him in the rainforest. You venture into the forest and again help save the environment with the aid of the mysterious Forest Heart.


Start by opening your passport so the immunisation card is visible. Now show your passport and card to the official and you can walk through the gate. Talk to Nicanor (the guy holding the sign), then to the women at the vending stand. Next head down and right to the dock and talk to the fisherman. Go back left then right to the docks. Use the crates to overhear the conversation between the two men, then walk over and get caught in the net. If there is a guy taking photos, wait for him to discard his film and recycle it then try to talk to him. If there is a guy selling a parrot, buy it and set it free. In either case, leave the screen and come back again until both of these things have happened. Dad will announce a crate has arrived for you, so open it and learn about your ecorder. Head right and use the ecorder on the oil spilling from the ship. Walk left again and the suitcase will be stolen - you will drift off to sleep and be taken away.

The Forest

The Amulet of Forest Heart

Talk to Orpheus twice, then take the amulet from him. Record the forest floor, understory, stilt root, litter and leafcutting ants. Recycle all the litter, then pick up the sticky leaf. Walk right and you will talk to the monkey. Record the buttress, cecropia tree and logging. Try to climb the tree, then use the sticky leaf on yourself and try again. From this point onward, show your amulet to everyone you meet.

In the Trees

Talk to each of the birds, then head left on the lowest branch. Talk to the bird at the lower left, then take the purple orchid. There are 5 items to record on each of these two screens. Return right and climb to the top branch, then try to go left and you will be blocked by a snake (which you should record). Climb to the top of the tree, talking to each bird and recording more items. Try to walk past the hoatzin bird to the pitcher plant, but the smell is too much. Use the purple orchid to get past, then tip the plant to put out the cigarette. Talk to all the birds again (on all screens) and the drums will start beating. Walk past the snake to the left, recording the liana, canopy and darter. Continue left and you will scare a native boy with a drum. Record the drum and the village, then walk to the end of the branch and you will almost fall. Head to the bottom of the screen and record the jaguar when it blocks your path. Go back and pick up the drum, and you will fall to the ground.

Native Village

Record the peccary (pig) and the longhouse, then grab the vine and fruit. Throw the fruit, then throw the vine around the pig as it is eating and it will pull you free. Wipe the mud away, then go right and record the weaving and agriculture. Head right again to the river and record the stool, thatching and paintbrush plant. Walk back into the village and put the drum on the drum rack. Pick up the mallet and play the drums using the drawing as a guide (write this pattern down, as you need it again later). Get the drum again and go left, then up following the path.

The Forest Heart

Enter the first path (on the right) to find another drum rack. Put the drum on the rack, pick up the mallet, and play the melody as before - the vines will part for you. Take the drum, then walk through into a cavern. Sit in the chair and listen to the Forest Heart. Take the branch when it falls, then go outside. Enter the second path and record the seed pods then take them. Leave and enter the last path. Get the bark cup and use it to collect some sap, then return to the village.

Record the pottery, body painting and iguana, then talk to everyone who will answer. Walk right and record the hunting and masato, then talk to everyone again. Again walk right and talk to the man and the boy. Give the drum to the boy, then swing across the river on the vine. Pick the ripe berries from the paintbrush plant, then look at the bush and take the necklace you see. Swing back over the river and put the cup of sap and the seed pods on the shaman's stool. Walk left twice and offer the necklace to the potter, who tells you it is a love amulet. Record the butterfly while you are here, then head right. Give the amulet to the weaver, who will give you a stone amulet. Talk to the chief and take his machete. Give this to the roots woman in exchange for some of her roots, which you should give to the old women at the cauldron. Return right and get the shaman's potion, then go and use it with the baby. You will be rewarded with a cup, with which you can collect a drink from the cauldron. Place this near the mud puddle to the left to catch the butterfly. Take this and show it to the shaman to be allowed inside the hut.

Shaman's Hut

Record the shaman, masks, charm, initiation, and rattle. Sit down near the stool and a spider will sit in front of you. Climb the pole and use the sticky leaf on the ceiling to stop the leak, then slide back down and sit. Talk to the shaman, then put your berries in the bowl. Select the mask as indicated in your game manual. When you appear in Forest Heart and are asked for the key of green memory, give him the branch. Take the last bloom of the tree, then everything will go dark and you will run outside. Show the amulet to Paquita to gain her trust, then untangle the net - you will be captured.


After the two men leave the room, use the carrot to free Paquita, who will in turn free you. Leave the room, and take and read the incoming fax. Pull the jaguar rug and move the loose boards to reveal a hole in the floor. Pull the jaguar's tail and read the paper that comes out of its mouth - note the password. Open the trunk and get the tennis racquet, then get both sheets from the bed. Tie the sheets together to make a rope, then use this on the bed leg. Grab the organiser and use it to get a close-up view. Press the on button, then the key symbol and enter the password you discovered earlier. Press E to get a safe combination, then turn it off again. Open the safe and grab its contents. Record the bat and the bookends.

Now climb down the rope, then go from one hiding place to the next while the man is reading his book. When you reach the bottom left behind the barrels, record the poor soil, the clear cutting and the silt runoff. When the man leaves, climb the tower and disable the alarm, then get the suspenders from the basket and the hand-vac. Use the suspenders on the alarm to get down again. Hide behind the barrels again and use the vacuum on the bags of grain. Use the vacuum in your inventory to get the grain. Now sneak back to the barrels at the top of the screen and when the man leaves, head right. Again sneak across until you are behind the barrels near the bird cages. Use the grain with the bird cages, then use the small key from the safe to open the cages. No more sneaking required!

Take the axe and use it on the log next to the river. Get into your new boat and use the tennis racquet as an oar to paddle downriver. Record the burnout at the village, then use the racquet again when Paquita says you need to speed up. You will be pulled down into a whirlpool.

Further Exploration

Bat Cave

You find yourself in a cave where all the bats have fled the fire. Record 5 types of bats, then talk to them and show your amulet. Take the visas from the leaf-nosed bat and hand them out to the correct bats. Give the last one to the leaf-nosed bat, then enter the cavern. Record the false vampire bat, stone relief, carving and underworld in this area. Hang upside-down on the pole and talk to the bat. Now pick up the glowing stone and use it in the skull's left nostril. Answer the jaguar's questions to free it, then get the feather and go to the top right to enter an underground lake. Paquita will fly in, but is injured. Go back and talk to Chiropteros, and he will return to the lake with you and diagnose smoke sickness. You need to get a cup of the water of life. Take the bat whistle and use it to allow passage to the boat.


Record the igapo and cannonball fruit. Your boat will be hit and you will have to start swimming. Head south and record the victoria lily, then get the fruit from the tree. Swim back north then east and record the howler monkey, then talk to it. Record the piranha teeth, then throw the fruit to the monkey and it will allow you to climb on to the island. Take the teeth, then swim west and south. Use the teeth on the lily, then climb on to it and paddle back to the monkey. Give the lily pad to the monkey and it will escape, but you will be carried off by a giant eagle. Record the eagle, then show it your golden feather. Talk and you will be carried to the City of Gold.

City of Gold

You will be lowered to the ground and the eagle will depart. Record the ruins, passion flower, phildendron and seat of the Incas. Search the gold mask you are carrying to reveal some gold coins. Recycle all 6 pieces of rubbish, then insert the mask into the seat. Get the magnifying glass and use it to examine your stone amulet - you will see a map. Use the gold coins and gold disk on the hollow of the seat, so that it leans forward and reveals a hidden passage. Go inside and navigate through the maze using the map on the amulet.

You will eventually reach the entrance to a stone tower - go through into the altar room. Rearrange the blocks into two separate pictures and you will get a gold crown, cup and panpipes. Record the Ritual of El Dorado from the wall, then climb the wall and touch the frescos to open the gate. Go through and use the islands to reach the island on the left. Wear the crown and play the panpipes to summon the water monster. Once it sleeps, swim to the large island in the background.

Water of Life

Record the fountain and the statue. Take the stone cup and place it in the basin, then touch the stone head on the fountain. Show the amulet to the flowers and you will be released from the vines. Talk to the flowers, then touch the head again, and the water of life will fill the cup. Now use your Ecorder and use the Test Me function - answer all the questions for some bonus points. Place the golden blossom in the cup and take the seedling - Cibola will appear. Jump down from the statue and put the golden cup on the fountain block, then talk to Cibola. He will get caught in the vines. Blow the whistle to summon Chiropteros, then get some water and pour it on Paquita - she will be revived. You will now be taken back to the village to plant the seedling together with the boy. Blow the whistle once more, then look under Paquita's wing to finish the game.