Dungeon Siege: Legends of ArannaDungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna

Year:  2003

Genre:  Action/RPG

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is the standalone expansion for the original game, Dungeon Siege. It features a new campaign, with minor improvements to the game engine and interface.

Chapter 1: Shadows of the Past


After the introduction you will have the First Trial quest, but not many details about it. Go around to the side of your house and head down into the basement. Collect all of your equipment, then head into town and speak to the mayor (Hardison Dhon) to find out more about your quest. Enter the mage guild behind the mayor if you like, then find the next house to the west. Go inside and talk to Kron, who will give you The Trapper quest. Head out the north gate from Arhok.

Snowy Canyon

Immediately to you left after you head through the gate, kill the grubs and the moth. Follow the path through the canyon, killing more simple creatures as you go. Cross over the narrow bridge when you find it, and talk to Jondar on the other side. Recruit him to join your party, then take the path down to the north. Go down some more and you will find the bear directly beneath the bridge. Kill it and loot the chest, then climb back up to the bridge and continue east.

Along the path you will find several vargs, then wolves and boars, which are progressively more difficult to kill. Keep going over another short bridge, then follow the path until you find a sign saying Arhok Cold Storage. Enter the cave and kill the yetis and frost golems. You will soon find the ice giant - after you kill him, stand on the displacer (and make sure Jondar joins you there) then use the switch to transport back to town.


Use some money to buy new weapons and spells, then find Hardison Dhon and Kron to get your rewards, and to be given The Staff of Stars quest. Go to the west gate and head up in the north tower to find Reynard - speak to him to get the Family Bow quest. Make sure you take the bow before returning to the ground level. Now head out through the west gate.

Frozen Lake

Take the path to the south, and follow it around, killing lots of frostnids and ice flies. You will find a house containing a book about the displacers. Continue along the path and you will end up looping back to Arhok's west gate. Take the long bridge across the water and battle your way through a lot of spiders until you eventually see Lyssa. An emerald spider will come out of the cave - kill it and then talk to Lyssa. Recruit her services and let her use the bow given to you by Reynard, then enter the cave.

Halls of the Lost

Follow the main passage of the cave, fighting several different types of spiders and skeletons. Cross over the long, narrow, raised path, and you will find mucosas to kill in the next section. Pull the lever when you find it, to raise a platform. Get your party on the platform and use the lever again to descend to a new area filled with more mucosas and slimes. You will soon find a section where you can climb down into a well-formed dungeon with doors, walls and stairs - this is the transition from the Caves of the Lost to the Halls of the Lost.

After the creepy voice is heard, start exploring every room in the area. There are lots of nice items and gold to be found in the chests around here. Keep going down into a large open area with lots of spiders and a pool of water, then follow the single corridor out of these and battle through some mucosas. At the end, turn right and go through the single door, then pull both levers on the walls to reveal a secret room containing Illicor's Ring. Turn around and keep exploring. You will enter another lower area and see a cutscene of The Lost Queen.

Probably the best way to go is to approach the tail first - it will take some time to kill, and keeps spawning smaller creatures. Once the tail is defeated, rest up a bit, then attack the queen's head. Pick up the staff she drops as she dies, then go through the newly opened door and take the left displacer back to Arhok.

Report quickly to the mayor, then use the displacers to return to the Halls of the Lost, then on to the Island Way Station. Fight your way up several levels containing big rats and you will enter the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Island of Legends

The Beach

Go straight ahead at the start and you will meet Najj, who wants to join you, and gives you A Giant Task quest. Turn around and follow the path, killing some swarmlings, anglers, skrubbs and mhulliqs (among other easy enemies). You will end up visiting several small beaches and a lot of jungle. There is a mana shrine towards the end of the path, and if you back-track a little there is a cave to enter on the right.

Head through the first cave and out into another open area. Cross over the short bridge and enter a second cave. Explore to the left first, then go through the right passage and out into a new area.

Bluffs and Hills

Go through a narrow canyon, and you will see a cutscene. Keep going into the next area and prepare for some tough creatures - the Zaurask. After clearing the encampment to the southwest, head northeast. Go north when the path branches, and enter a cave to find Arhok's shield. Go back outside and around to the east. Bend around to the north again and you will find another cave entrance guarded by Zaurask, with flags outside. Do not enter here yet - instead turn west and fight your way through to find a beach. Talk to Ilorn to get the Recover Ilorn's Amulet quest.

Turn around and go back to the cave with the flags, and explore in the other direction to find a second beach. Kill all the enemies here and one will drop the amulet. Pick it up and return it to Ilorn, then he will agree to trade with you. Now head through the cave and you will come out the other side to find a long beach. Head along here, then turn inland to find a large Zaurask battle. Make your way over the hills, finding occasional groups of zaurask to indicate you are heading in the right direction. You will eventually reach a long bridge with a building in the middle - be careful of the Zaurask here. Keep going to find the Wizards' City.


In the central plaza area, speak to Elder Quayhdar, who gives you the quest of The Wizard City - you must clear Illicor of all the zaurask. Explore each of the small "islands" and kill any Zaurask you find, until you are informed that the quest has been completed. Go back and speak to the Elder, and then you can trade with the other people in the city. Find Nardulo on one of the islands, and allow him to join your party. When you are done spending money, leave the city to the north to continue your journey.

Dark Jungle and Underground City

Follow the path through the jungle, heading initially north then west. You will meet the Hassat for the first time in this area. You will also meet Kraal - if you need someone else in your party, let him tag along. When you see a path going up to the south, ignore it and continue west, and you will find a side section containing Illicor's amulet. Return to the south sloping path and take it to eventually reach the dig site. There is a large climb to the east that leads up to a telescope on a large building - the only reason to go up here is to kill lots more enemies. The rest of this section contains lots of side paths, where you can explore to kill more Hassat, including several commanders, which are quite tough. Keep going and you will find Mhakesha - the City of Splendors. Around here you will find Ezmera - talk to her to get the Therg's Apprentice quest. Speak to Kale and Marl and buy up while you are here, then head down into the underground city.

Battle through a small group of Hassat, then talk to Therg, who will give you the quest to find The Stone of Lhaoc. Use the lever to call the lift, then get your party on board and pull the lever to descend to the lower levels. Kill all the Hassat in the first room, then go east into an area called the relaxation pool, which is now filled with scorpions. Return to the central room and head south to find the meditation chamber on your right - kill some tough Hassat here, then collect Arhok's sword from a chest. Explore the opposite room to find a whole lot of weathered automatons to kill (this actually leads you to the pool you were overlooking previously). Go back and take the stairs down to enter a cave-like area.

You will now see a cutscene of Algher, the man you are supposed to find for Therg, and he will be beaten up by the Hassat. Continue along your current path, and you will have a simple scorpion battle, followed by a difficult room containing Hassat (best to lure them out to you, or if you are lucky they will be killed by the automatons) and several tough automatons. More scorpions and automatons are through the next few rooms, and there are also some pools of water containing anglers. Keep going for a while, and you will meet some Shadowjumper minions (as well as hearing the voice of your enemy). Take the left passage into a cave area when you can, and battle through some Hassat until you find Algher. He will give you more information about the Stone of Lhaoc, and can join your party. Keep going and you will find the stairs to the surface.

Fen of the Frozen

Follow the obvious path and kill some fleshrenders. Keep going and you will find a half-giant camp. Speak to Jaelyan to complete the quest given by Najj at the beginning of the chapter. Mheagan will join your party if you want her. Speak to Kirr to get The Dark Acolytes quest. Trade any equipment and spells you want while you are here, then follow the path again.

In the swamp, you will find a whole new set of enemies - bog beasts, mantraps and a range of undead creatures. Make your way in a generally southwest direction and you will find a large group of dark acolytes - keep killing them until you are notified that you have completed Kirr's quest. You can return to Kirr if you want, but there is no reward involved. Continue north along the path from here, and you will head on to solid land once more and start climbing the mountain.

Mountain of the Dead

Follow the path up the mountain, killing all manner of undead creatures. Note the sign "Beware" after crossing over a narrow path near the start of the mountain - ignore this warning and keep climbing! You will soon see a cutscene where you are warned not to enter a lair. A short while later you will find 2 death knights defending this lair, so kill them and go inside.

Speak to Konus, who gives you The Scourge of Cicatrix quest, to kill the undead minotaur. Let him join you if you wish, then continue into the labyrinth, going down on the elevator. Explore each room carefully, clearing them out and taking all the treasure you want. Be careful with the possessed skulls that can shoot fireballs at you, and some of the chests and sacrophagi contain enemies as well. You will keep getting taunted by Cicatrix as you progress. Kajj's breastplate is in a glowing chest here as well. Once you reach the glowing caves, you are nearly at the end, but still have to battle through a whole lot of death knights and rahks.

Cicatrix himself is surrounded by death knights and can summon more skeletons at will. Kill off several of the death knights, then go after Cicatrix before he has a chance to summon a whole army. Once he is dead, kill the remaining enemies, then continue around to the right. There is a displacer here that you can use to get back to the half-giant camp if you need to buy anything. Continue taking the paths upwards, then go through the large door and take the elevator upwards.

Head outside on to the mountain again and follow the open areas, killing lots of deathrenders as you go. You will find Illicor's beaded hauberk in a glowing chest, right near another dungeon entrance. Go underground again and explore this dungeon, which contains nothing more challenging than various types of skeletons. You will meet Nirr in a side room right near the end of the dungeon - he gives you the Special Delivery quest, to deliver a letter to his son Jaff.

Chapter 3: The Crown and the Cut

Ruined City

Head down the slope and find some creatures in the bushes, then you will come upon a clearing. The Shadowjumper will be shown defeating the Guardian, then vanishing again. Go forward and kill all the enemies in the immediate vicinity, then talk to the Guardian to get The Sacred Guardian quest. Go across the bridge and kill all the Zaurask in the building structure, collecting Kajj's gauntlets from a glowing chest. Exit the building on the other side, and start following the path, killing lots of Zaurask and other enemies as you go.

The next building on the left has a chest containing Illicor's staff. Go in a generally northerly direction, then turn west when you must. Go down to your right into a small lake with some large spiders, and you will find Solov's ward in a pot. Keep going and you will meet Jhermaya - you may want her to join your party instead of Jondar at this stage. Head down the stairs into the underground.

Transportation Area

Explore this area thoroughly, as there is a lot of experience to be gained by killing all the enemies in here. In particular, there is a prison that can be found by keeping generally to the left, then going down in a lift. In the prison you will also find Solov's spellbook. Back up on the main level, clear out each of the rooms - there is a very useful shop down here too - and you will eventually find the displacer room. After killing the Zaurask guarding it, destroy the dark generator, then use the displacer.

Demlock's Cut

Just follow the path, killing all Hassat and other creatures you come across. Over the other side of a long narrow land bridge, you will meet some Rune Fiends, which are summoned by Rune Casters - kill the casters quickly, or they will keep summoning allies. You will next find Bran Torath, who gives you the Horror of the Runemaster quest. Go over the bridge just behind Bran, then walk behind the waterfall to the right to find Solov's bow. Go back outside and follow the path. After killing some more Rune Fiends, you will see a cutscene showing the Rune Guardian. Keep going and you will fight him - just persevere and he's not that tough. Make sure you pick up the scythe he was using, as it is a really useful weapon.

Cross over the next bridge and speak to Lhuk Torath to complete his father's quest and allow trade with him (he also gives you Demlock's spellbook). Continue along the path and you will find one more encampment of Rune Fiends before meeting up with Therg again. This time he gives you The Sunken Tower quest.

Kmethekt Tower

Enter the tower and clear the first room, then take the lift down. Clear out one room at a time, fighting nepheryls and noctisses, then eventually doppelgangers (which take on the form of the first character in your party). You will progress through from well formed dungeon into a cave-like area. After the caves is another formed dungeon, this one containing lots of doppelgangers, and several automated librarians, which can give you useful hints about using orb spells.

You will find another cave area, followed by 2 fights with 2 doppelgangers, and then a chest containing Illicor's spellbook. The next room contains a large battle, and you will want to send your weakest character through the door first, so that all 5 doppelgangers (one of them is extra powerful) take on a relatively weak form. After the battle, you can use the displacer to go back and trade with Lhuk - after your shopping, return to the cave again. Follow it all the way out to the exit.

Chapter 4: Pilgrimage of Redemption

Xot's Pass/Badlands

Explore the beach just outside the cave, and kill all of the Hassat. Follow the path leading away from the beach and kill more Hassat, making sure to pick up the Stone of Lhoac that one of their mages drops on a small path off to the left of the main one. Continue along the main path and you will meet Uelda, who gives you the Redemption quest. Keep going and you will enter an area known as Xot's Badlands.

Follow the path through here, exploring off to the sides as much as you want to get more experience and treasure. You will have to kill quite a few Droc, as well as scrub creatures and scorpions. Demlock's amulet can be found in a glowing chest on the banks of the river (follow the river instead of the path to find the chest). Return to the path, then when you reach a giant lake, venture into the water and kill the 4 krakbones and the great krakbone - it drops a very nice scimitar. Continue across the lake and rejoin the path on the other side.

Enter the first cave on the left, and fight the Droc, then free Umberteen from his cage. He will give you the Reunion quest - make sure you take the book he drops for you. Return outside to the path and continue.

Cliff City

After killing two groups of Zaurask, climb the slope and the stairs towards Cliff City. Ignore the 2 poles for now, and head all the way up the very steep slopes to find the claws of Kajj in a glowing chest. Return to those two poles, and go through, then enter the room to the right to meet Ghage, who gives you the Nossirom's Fall quest. Also go forward and around to the left to meet Ohna, who is the local merchant. Go up the slope inside her room and you will find Eradi, who gives you the Healing Well quest.

Kill all the Zaurask in the open area ahead, then climb up the slopes on the other side, and you will enter a cave. Fight the Zaurask and the skicks as you make your way over lots of narrow land bridges. When you eventually find the purple healing well, clear out all the Zaurask in the area and it will turn clear again and start working - you will be blessed for 5 minutes. Search around in this area to find the Clockwork boots (in a glowing chest beneath a temple roof). Keep following the path through the caves until you reach the outside world again.


Climb the stairs of the ramparts, then go across a short bridge and head down a slope to a lower level - you will see a cutscene of several enemies behind a gate that you cannot open, and then a bridge you cannot cross. Follow the only path you can, and you will find Jaff inside a cave entrance - talk to him to complete one quest and update another. Continue through this cave, and you will fight several rock beasts, then a rather nasty fury. You will eventually find the door leading into the Stronghold itself.

Battle through this area one room at a time, killing mostly Zaurask. You will eventually reach a blue-tinged room with massive double doors - beyond here is Nossirom, so have your spells prepared and go inside to kill him and his minions. Return to the previous room and go through the other door. You will soon see a sign pointing to Neener, a goblin trader. Apart from trading with you, he will give you the Crystal Guardians quest. Go out to the room with the sign and head through the far door. Start destroying the dark generators when you see them, then go through into the caves.

Follow the simple path over the bridges and kill all of the Zaurask and crystal guardians when you see them (kill all the guardians to complete Neener's quest). You will also meet Gobbots in these caves, on your way to a displacer guarded by more Zaurask and shadow minions. Get the Clockwork staff from the glowing chest, then use the displacer.

Chapter 5: The Countdown


Talk to Therg, who also happens to be the Guardian of Utraen artifacts. Follow the path in a general easterly direction, and note the poles lighting up as you go by. There are lots of goblins and gobbots in this area, so take your time and don't get surrounded. You want to eventually climb up a steep narrow path, then go across a few bridges until you find a cave entrance.

Inside the cave you will find some scorpiots, stingbots and other gobbots. The area off to the right is a secret area that will be opened up after you defeat Shadowjumper, so come back here later if you want. Start exploring the rest of the cave, and you will find an automat (for trading). Keep going and you should notice a glowing chest containing the Clockwork crossbow. Your journey will extend from a high-tech area into some old caves. Once you reach the elevator guarded by 2 Clockwork Automatons, you are near the end. Take the elevator up.

The Great Clock

Go through the first two doors and you will see the clock itself. Now you need to progress around the four separate areas of the room, defeating each of the elementals (and fighting a few shadow minions in between). Just use all of the potions and spells in the chests you find, and you should make it around reasonably safely.

After you have killed the earth elemental, go out into the central chamber and head down the stairs to the floor. Your first goal should be to destroy the 3 dark generators, as they will keep making enemies while they exist. Then send some of your tough characters after Shadowjumper, while the others destroy the lieutenants. Pick up the Staff of Stars when Shadowjumper is dead.

When you have seen the cutscene, you may want to head back to the cave in the Wastelands for a bit of fun.