Dungeon SiegeDungeon Siege

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2002

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  1/18/2009

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Dungeon Siege is a 3rd-person party-based action RPG set on the continent of Aranna. After your small farming community is attacked by the evil Krug, you must set off to seek help from a neighboring town; this leads to a much larger adventure to battle a scourge threatening the entire land. The story is continued in the expansion, Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

Chapter 1: Stonebridge


After the introduction, you will have the quest to Seek Gyorn in Stonebridge. Pick up a weapon from nearby and start attacking the Klugs in the area. Take them out one at a time, then proceed along the path. Continue down into the next area and you will find a stream, containing many more enemies. Kill them all and continue along the path until you reach a damaged farm property. Clear the house and surrounding fields, then search around behind it to the right to discover a cave. Enter and kill the grizzly bear (your first tough battle) then collect the gold and Altan's Leather armor. Continue down into the next area, and you will find another house. Clear all the enemies surrounding it then head inside. Talk to Edgaar here, and you will be given the quest to Clear Edgarr's Basement.

Go back outside and down into the basement. Kill everything that moves, then go down on the platform and you will be ambushed. Quickly kill all the Krugs, including Brankar the Scavenger. Collect the gold and items before leaving. Re-enter the house and talk to Edgaar again to be given a reward of another mana and health potion. Go back outside and continue following the path. You will eventually discover a cave off to the left, where you can kill a group of Klugs including one named Klandank - collect all the gold he drops here.

Keep going and you will reach a man standing by a broken bridge. Talk to Skartis, who will tell you that you must follow the path through the Crypts. Follow the path again and you will see a sign to the crypt. Just behind it is a small stonehenge, which is actually the Life Shrine. Stand on it to be returned to full health. Patrol the area and kill all the wolves, including the Alpha Wolf, which is quite tough and holds a lot of gold. Continue along the path and go past the next sign to discover a statue near a pond. Use the statue to open a secret passage down. Follow it and turn the statue at the end to unleash 2 skeletons - kill them both and collect the Fuller Staff. Return outside and follow the direction the sign indicated to find a Krug Shaman to kill. Past him you will find the crypt.

Crypt of the Sacred Blood

Go down the stairs and into the first dungeon of the game. Through the first door you will find health and mana fountains where you can return as many times as you like to replenish yourself. Proceed through the next few rooms killing weak creatures and you will meet the Skeleton Captain, who is quite tough to beat. Once he is down, continue along the hall and pull the lever to lower a platform and allow access to another couple of rooms with creatures and gold. Return to the hallway and look for a brick that is sticking out from the wall - push it and the door will open. Now use the lever to lower some stairs, and enter to get the Healthy Boots. Go back and collect all the items, then run through the next hallway with faces that spit fireballs (collect the potions only if you need to). Pick up the spell book in the next room and kill all the skeletons and gargoyles that attack; you will probably need to retreat a bit to be successful here.

Continue down the hall to the right and press the brick her to get a hammer and a few skeletons to kill. Go through a few more rooms to eventually reach one with a lot of gargoyles and a Ruby Gargoyle, which shoots laser beams at you. Kill it and claim the Heart Stopper. In the next room you will meet Ulora, and she can join your party. Give her some items, then go through the last door and up the stairs to the outside world.

Run back behind the crypt to kill several wolves and find a Black Skrubb to kill. Now proceed down through several more outdoor areas and destroy a Krug camp. Climb the tower to the left and kill Huskar the Shaman, and take his rigid leather armor and the mace from the chest. Descend the tower again and continue to a second camp, where you can kill Futak the Trainer. Take Krohar's Buckler when he drops it. Clear the rest of the camp, then follow the coast around to the left to find another Black Skrubb to kill. Return to the camp and go up the slope to find more Krugs.


Speak to the town guards, then to Gyorn, next to his broken catapult. Accept his help, and you will get the quest to Deliver Gyorn's Report. Give him some items so he can fight, then wander around town and purchase a pack mule and as many spells and weapons/armor as you can afford. You will probably also want to hire one more character (either the mage or fighter in the inn, or the archer in the temple).

While in Stonebridge, make sure you talk to a man outside a burned building to get the quest to get Ordus' Axe. Also speak to the woman upstairs in the inn to get the quest A Sister's Message. There are 2 Black Skrubbs on the beach that you can kill while you are here. Now head to the gates leading out of town and speak to the town guards to get the quest to Clear Glitterdelve Pass. Walk out of town and along the path.

Chapter 2: Journey to the Overseer

Glitterdelve Pass

Once you leave town, follow the path, killing all the Krugs in your way. You will slowly progress up a mountainside. At the top you will find a tower to your left and a bridge to your right. Enter the tower first and slay all the enemies, then collect the gold from the roof. In the main room of the tower, go down on the platform and search all the rooms to find Ordus' Axe on one of the beds. Return outside and head over the bridge. Try to open the door directly ahead, but it will be blocked, and you will be forced to take the path to the right, down towards Wesrin Cross. Clear the first area of heaps of Black Skrubbs, then talk to Ilandro under the bridge. Keep going, and enter the large stone tower.

Wesrin Cross

Go down into the dungeon. Go through the first few areas carefully, killing off waves of spiders as they attack. Once you go through the large door with the lever, be careful as there is a Rector around a corner to the left that shoots fireskulls at you. It is safest to draw all of the other monsters away to kill them first, then tackle the Rector by itself. Keep going through a few more areas until you have killed another Rector and discovered a circular cage with a lever. Get your whole party into the cage, then pull the lever to descend to the level below.

Go through a few narrow passages to reach a battle with a group of Mucosas and their boss the Dark Mucosa. After this one, go through the gate into a huge area filled with monsters. Clear the whole place, using the health and mana fountains in a room in the middle of the area as needed. When the place is clear, go through the other large wooden door using the skull lever. Kill the Giant Spider, which is the boss of this area. Pick up the nice item it drops when it dies, then go through the door and climb into the cage. Stand on the platform and pull the lever to return to the outside world.

Kill all the Krugs in this tower, then go over and shoot the red barrel so you can open the Glitterdelve Pass. Go through and talk to the guards to complete the quest. At this point you may want to head back into Stonebridge to collect another character to join your party, or you can just head down the path into a camp. Buy anything you feel you need here, then talk to Gloern and get him to join your party. You will also receive the quest to Rescue Torg. Follow the railway tracks to enter the mines.

Glitterdelve Mines

In the first level of the mines, look out for more of those red barrels, as shooting them will reveal secret passages (some containing large scorpions). Clear the whole area, then find the room with 2 large elevators, and use one of them to go down. Clear the immediate vicinity, then enter the water and kill the Mine Worm that is burrowing out of the ground. Continue up some stairs, then along a ridge until you see a pair of moving platforms. Get your team across using the first platform, then battle the monsters here. Now use the second platform to get down to a lower level.

Follow the tracks to the west, then turn left at the fork and enter a large tavern-like room. Clear all the enemies here and in the adjoining barracks and forge, then return to the fork and take the other path. Go up the slope and around a few corners. When you pass beneath an archway, shoot the red barrels to the left to destroy the scorpions and giant moths here. Go down the passage you have revealed and kill the Mine Worm, then be careful as you are about to be ambushed by a large group of Darklings. Once they are dead, return to the main path and follow it to find another large battle with 3 scorpions and a Rock Beast. Continue through this series of rooms to find 3 more moving platforms you must use to get down to another lower level.

Kill the Krugs along with their Krug Commander down here, and pick up the Cutter he drops. Proceed along the corridor and you will find a series of elevators down to rooms with monsters and treasure. The second one on the right leads down to Gloern's brother, Torg. Talk to him to complete an earlier quest, and to receive a new quest to Report Torg's Findings. You will also be given a nice amulet of dexterity. Go back up and head to the end of the passage, then get everyone on the large elevator and use it to get outside.


Kill the Klaw just outside, then head up the mountain and kill a group of 5 more of them. Now start to head down the path toward Glacern, and tackle a pack of White Wolves. Follow the signs and the path further up the mountain, and you will eventually be attacked by a Furok. If you look carefully off the path to the left you will see an ice cave where you can explore further and kill more of these creatures. Exit the cave again and follow the path until you reach a new encampment. Talk to the guards, then open the gate.


Enter the first building on the left, which is the Lucky Hurgiss Inn. Speak to everyone here, but most importantly Ibsen Yamas, Overseer. Talk to him several times to solve 2 quests and get two more, Quest for Merik and Reinforce Fortress Kroth. You may also want to recruit one or both of the characters here. Go outside and buy some weapons and armor, then talk to the blacksmith in the same building to get the Homeless Blacksmith quest. Next enter the oddly-shaped building and buy some spells and potions. Speak to Ardun in here and you will get the Book Return quest. Now return to the tower near where you entered Glacern and use the winch to call the lift down. Stand on it and go up, then talk to the guard, who will gladly hand over one of the books. Go back down and speak to Elio, in the building just northeast from the Magicatorium to get the other book. Now return to Ardun and the quest is completed.

Go to the building up the stairs to the north and talk to Ada to complete the quest from her sister in Stonebridge. Back outside, head into the cellar beneath the house and explore the caverns for some more experience. Now go out through the large doors leaving the town.

Chapter 3: The Search for Merik

Follow the obvious path through the icy mountains, and you will face a large battle with some Braak Mages, before crossing over a bridge. Keep going straight past the bridge and you will find Orlov's house. Enter the cellar beneath it and clear it of monsters to complete the blacksmith's quest. Return to the surface and keep following the path until you reach a fork. Explore the small dungeon you find to the right, then return to the surface and continue.

There is a mana shrine where you can pause quickly to fill up everyone's mana and battle more wandering monsters, then continue along your path. There is another narrow optional area to the east of the path coming up, and you will eventually find to Ice Warriors to kill. Just beyond them is a large door leading into the next area.

Alpine Caverns

Enter the cavern and you will immediately face a large battle with Braak Mages, Ice Flies and Ice Warriors. Once you have made it through this, start exploring straight ahead. Keep fighting until you are attacked by Ice Warriors that explode from blocks of ice. Around here, start looking for a slope up to the northeast, and follow this path to the outside world, and back into another cave. Step on the pressure plate in the shrine here, then return back to the main path.

Continue until you have passed through a low cave entrance, then look to the right for another narrow passage. Follow this to again venture outside and stand on another shrine's pressure plate. Return to the main path once more and keep going. Once you have descended a flight of stairs, turn immediately right and follow a narrow passage to reach outside again. If you have stepped on the previous two pressure plates, you can cross a pair of bridges to reach 3 chests containing nice items, 2 inside another shrine and one just outside. Return inside when you are done here.

Back in the caverns, kill the Frost Mage and heaps of other monsters, then make good use of the Life Shrine. Continue along killing more enemies, including a Frost Drake, and you will eventually reach an ice crystal in the middle of a large cave. Break this to free Merik and complete a quest, then be given the quest for Merik's Staff. Accept Merik into your party if you have room, then continue on.

Chapter 4: The Warding Staff

Battle another Frost Drake before exiting the caverns and returning to the mountain path. Follow this for a short while to reach Jeriah's Trading Post. Stock up with weapons and other items here, then continue along the path to reach a cave.

Rock Cave

Enter this cave and look out for the Teal Shards, which spring to life as you pass them. There are a whole range of other new enemies here, including Dark Lungers, Slargs and Lectars. Keep following the obvious path, and charge up on the mana shrine to the left, then head down the stairs. Go south through the water and exit as soon as you can so you can fight off the enemy. Keep going and you will meet your first few Trogs. Go up the slope and across the narrow raised path, then into a very large cavern with heaps of Shards and Trogs. Clear this area, then proceed across more narrow paths to find a life shrine. Backtrack a little and head off to the right, until you reach another fork.

Go along the north path, and follow it to reach some stairs down into a smaller dungeon. This area contains pressure plates that are held down by gold - get all the gold, then drop 1 gold piece on each pressure plate to keep the doors open. Proceed right through, getting lots of gold and killing lots of Trogs, then locate several chests at the end, containing the Fury's Eye and some other nice items. Now return to the fork and take the west passage.

Follow a series of narrow passages to reach a signpost that points down a slope towards the Dark Forest. Go down and into some water, where you will find a Syrrus to kill, then battles a few large Purple Shards before going through the cave's exit. Follow the path through the Dark Forest until you come upon a camp nestled in a swamp.

Traveller's Camp

Speak to Razvan, the leader of this camp, in the first tent on the right, and he will give you the quest to Confront the Bandit Boss. Enter the other tents to talk to the locals and purchase various items as needed. You can also recruit the archer Phaedriel at the far end of the camp.

Once you are done here, continue along the path through the forest, following signs towards the Eastern Swamp, killing all manner of monsters, trolls and klaws. The path will start to branch after a while - explore first to the southwest, going past a life shrine to find an area slightly raised that is filled with bandits. Enter the large building and kill everyone inside, collecting some nice items from the chest here. Now return outside to the forest path and explore further to the north (ignoring the fork that goes directly west for now). Battle through a large group of bandit archers and enter the cave here to find and kill the Bandit Boss. Loot his cave to get lots of gold and a few more items.

Back outside, follow the path to the west to find a large swamp area. Before entering the swamp, follow the tree-line around to the west to find a small enclosed area, housing The Lost Witch. Kill her and take the treasure from the chests in the corner.

Eastern Swamp

Now return outside and look around for a small bridge extending into the swamp. Talk to the Azunite Scholar here to be given the Purify the Temple quest, and pick up the artifact you are offered. Enter the swamp on the bridge, and follow the bridges over the next few islands. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, just explore the entire swamp, rather than sticking to the islands, as you will get a lot more battles this way.

Assuming you are following bridges, watch out for the first Swamp Witches from the 3rd island onwards - kill them before attacking any other monsters that may be around, as they will just keep summoning more. Shortly afterwards, Hydracks will start popping out of the water, so be careful around them too. You will eventually reach a large cemetery, and a church in the middle. Go inside and kill the Wretched Zombie, then touch the altar to complete the Scholar's quest from before. When you leave the church again, you will be surrounded by heaps of zombies, which will take some time to kill.

Head out the other end of the cemetery, and keep going to stumble across Andiemus, a mage who you may want to recruit. Shortly afterwards you will find a series of bridges leading to a potion shop. Once you have stocked up sufficiently, keep following the bridges to reach a very large island. There are two dungeons toward the southeast of this island, one of which is defended by 2 Gobbot Igniters. You will fall into the other one by exploring to the east near a life shrine - don't worry though, the rest of your party can catch up with you by wading through the swamp to the east and going down the stairs. Don't let a weak character fall into the dungeon, as there are a lot of swamp creatures down there and it is easy to get overwhelmed; it is much safer to deliberately go down the stairs off to the east. Once that small dungeon is clear, enter the dungeon that was guarded by the Gobbot Igniters (the entrance looks like a large tree-stump).

Goblin Inventor's Cave

Get your whole party on to the circular platform, then turn the valve to descend. You will immediately face a group of Goblins; a mixture of Grunts and Guards. Kill them all, then proceed along the dark path to encounter a few deadly machines. The Kill Bots are spider-like machines that shoot lightning bolts at you, and the Heaters are large moving flame-throwers. Deal with these using mainly long-range attacks, and battle through the corridors to eventually reach a bridge. Start to cross this and you will find some more Gobbot Igniters and some Gobbot Shockers as well. Kill them all, and use the valve on the left fork to turn off the green gas that will cause damage to your party if they try to proceed. Keep going once the gas has stopped, and fight through more enemies.

Cross over another short bridge, then open the large double doors to immediately fight more Goblin Guards. In here you will also find more varied robots, including Blasters, Copters and Proxos (which will deliberately explode in your proximity to cause maximum damage). When you reach a fork in the path, you can explore the passages to the north and east for extra fights, or just take the main passage to the south. You will eventually reach another door to head through.

The next room contains a bridge that spins around using levers. Spin it once and cross over, then enter a series of rooms with heaps of robots to kill. You could skip this area by cleverly having one party member flip the levers while everyone else gets on and off the bridge to directly reach the path to the south (where you will end up if you follow the path around to its natural conclusion). Either way, go through another few rooms and you will find a moving platform. Get everyone on to it, then use the lever to move across and battle another large group of machines. Through another door, use a second platform to reach a lower level. When you reach another fork in the path, you can explore to the south if you want, but it is very difficult for little reward. There is yet another platform, that you must use to get back up to the previous level.

Behind the next door is a very large group of Goblins, including two new types - Gunners and Grenadiers. After dealing with them all, go through another door and over a catwalk. Turn right on this and through a series of small rooms to find some chests containing lots of gold and items. Return to the catwalk and take the other path. Go through the door to meet the Goblin Inventor. Kill him, and get Merik's Warding Staff. Head up the stairs and get everyone on to the platform before turning the valve. Proceed east past the deactivated Gobbots, and use the lever to exit the cave.

Chapter 5: An Ancient Evil

Talk to the Legionnaire Guards just outside the cave and your quest to Reinforce Fortress Kroth will be updated. Explore this entire area to cleanse it of black wolves, spiked dwellers and sea manglers. Head north into a much darker area of the forest. There is a building almost directly to the north, where you can go inside and talk to Gregor - he will give you a quest to find the Missing Treasure Hunters. Go west from here and you will find a nice shop to replenish your stocks of potions and gain some new weapons.

Continue west some more to find a 3rd house, beneath which is a dungeon. Attack the back wall to enter the main area. Progress slowly through the rooms, being careful of the different types of tentacles that frequently rise out of the water to attack. Once you have been down some stairs and back up some more, you will eventually find a dead body - one of the missing treasure hunters. Once you have finished clearing the dungeon, return to Gregor (in the first house) and talk to him to get your reward of 35000 gold.

Temple Ruins

Continue through the forest, which will soon open up into a swamp area filled with undead creatures and a Blue Drake. Kill everything, then descend the stairs. Go through the first few areas, killing more of the undead, then you will find a small passage off to the right - enter to kill the Fury Spawn. Keep following the path and you will have to kill a few Googores, before finding a life shrine. Backtrack a little and head down the slope to the right, killing a Fury Pest. Cross over the bridge, then charge and attack the Fury, then the 2 Fury Pests.

Back outside again, talk to Boryev and recruit him if you want (I wouldn't bother personally), then continue north through groups of skeletons and their dogs. The area will open up to a large valley, then narrow down on the other end. Here you will meet Gresh, who will summon 10 skeletons to attack you, and then attack himself. Kill him to complete the quest to reinforce the Fortress. Follow the northeast path out of this area.

Fortress Kroth

Go forward and talk to Tarish, who will give you a quest to Subdue the Droog. Do any shopping you feel you need to, then talk to Rhut on your way out. Enter the caverns through the doors behind him.

Chapter 6: Unwise Alliance

Hall of Skulls

Proceed through the caverns, killing a Droog Grunt and some Droog Archers. Head down the stairs to kill a few more enemies, then press the button to the left of the huge skull on the wall, and you will reveal the passage leading to the Hall of Skulls. Proceed down the hall, entering the side rooms to wipe out various collections of Possessed Skulls. In the large room at the end, battle a huge group of them, then turn the statue on the far side to reveal a secret room. Inside is Sikra, a mage who you will probably want to recruit. Go all the way back out of that large skull and continue down the paths to reach the open desert.

Kill the monsters over to the left if you want, then follow the river to the right. Use the mana shrine if you need to, then cross over one of the bridges. Make your way further along the river, killing all the droogs you can find, including several Sand Magse who will be casting Inferno spells at you.

Talk to Ulfgrim when you reach him, and recruit him if you want to, then continue to find a life shrine on the right and a sign directing you to the Cliffs of Fire. Keep going down the river, crossing bridges as you need to. Use the elevator in the side of the cliff to get up, then continue climbing and following signposts until you reach a village.

Droog Village

Instead of going directly into the village, go past its entrance and battle some more Sand Mages and other monsters, before entering a small cave. Kill the 2 Drakes here, then go down the stairs and through the door into a dungeon. There are a few chests here that may contain nice items.

Now go back outside and enter the Droog village, where the normal citizens will bow to you instead of attacking. There will, however, be a couple of fights as you progress up through the village. Continue until you meet Nontaya - talk to him to complete the quest of subduing the Droog, and be given one to Journey to Castle Ehb. Do some shopping while you are here, then keep going to the very top of the village, and on into the desert.

Chapter 7: King and Castle

Dragon's Rathe

In the desert you will soon come across Goquua, who is fighting a Drake. Kill the Drake, then talk to him, and Goquua will give you the quest to Slay the Ancient Dragon of Rathe. Follow the path until you reach a fork, then follow the directions on the sign to find Dragon's Rathe.

Enter the cave and you will come up against a Green Drake first, then the Ancient Dragon (with 20260 hitpoints) - kill it to complete the quest, then go around and collect lots of treasure. Now go back outside and follow the sign's directions towards Castle Ehb. Go through a short, linear cave, then proceed down the wide path, killing skeletons and their dogs. Talk to Lord Bolingar along the path, and you can get him to join you after he gives you the quest to Search for the King. Follow the path a short distance and you will reach the Castle.

Castle Ehb

Cross the bridge and enter the courtyard to battle your first group of Seck Archers. Climb the stairs and enter the castle itself, searching the side rooms before descending into the dining hall. Kill everything here, then head out the door to the south. Go up the stairs to the castle walls, then wind your way around to return to inside the next level. Keep going to the north, and you will climb again to eventually reach the castle's roof.

Once up there, make your way over the roof heading south, then go down several flights of stairs. Get on the circular platform and ride it down into the basement (there are no controls, you just have to wait for it to move). Follow the main path (veer into side rooms for extra experience if you want to) and open the jail cell at the end to locate the King. You will be given 2 new quests, The Chamber of Stars and Vanquish the Seck.

Chapter 8: The Chamber of Stars

Pick up the Star Key, then go through the doors behind the King's cell to exit the prison. Continue south through several smaller rooms, battling a large range of creatures including Torecks, Synged and various types of Ghosts. You will eventually find a cage hanging on your right. Push the button to lower it, then kill the inhabitant (the mad jailer) and claim Swanny's Club. Leave this room via the stairs and doors to the north. The door on the right is locked for now, so use the Star Device over on the left, and cross the bridge that is lowered.

Cross the bridge and enter the Chamber of Stars. Turn all 4 of the statues surrounding the device so that they face inwards, then run around and collect all the lovely treasure, before leaving and crossing the bridge again. Go to the door that was locked earlier, and run inside to start fighting again.

Chapter 9: Dungeon Siege

Enter the jail cell on the left and follow the obvious path through the cells until you reach the red entrance to a cavern. Go inside and you will find a large lava-filled area with rock passages and bridges to follow. After heading over two narrow bridges and going through another archway, you will eventually find a Red Drake to kill.

Go through another arch and kill another 2 Red Drakes, then over a long narrow bridge to find a very large Seck battle. In the next few areas just keep fighting and following the obvious path, and you will enter some ruins. Just past here is a fight with a Lava Beast, a Magma Beast and 2 Red Drakes. Behind them is yet another archway, this time leading to a bridge lined with large teeth.

Battle 2 Black Drakes and a Molten Drake in here, then follow the teeth again. There are several branches you can take in this area, but all lead to a couple of large fights with dragons, and then a single path through heaps of Seck. After fighting through them all, you will meet your final enemy - Gom. His first incarnation is fairly easy to beat, but with his second life he will summon many other monsters to aid him. Kill them as quickly as you can, then repeatedly hit him with all you've got and you should win.