Dream Chronicles 2Dream Chronicles 2

The Eternal Maze

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2008

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/15/2012

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Dream Chronicles 2 is the second in a series of 5 surreal hybrid hidden object and adventure games. This game continues on from Dream Chronicles. You again play as Faye, pitted against your nemesis Lilith. Once again you must rescue your husband Fidget from her evil clutches. The series continues with Dream Chronicles 3.

Dream Prison

Chapter 1

Click on the object in the middle of the floor to reveal a stone chamber. Pick up the hammer and use it to break the glass, then take the book. Click on the flower carving on the right and leave through the exit.

Chapter 2

Find 5 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel. Also collect the bird, butterfly, lizard, turtle and squirrel and place them in their corresponding locations in the tree. Now put the pieces of bark in place, and leave by heading right.

Chapter 3

Find 6 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel. Solve the two tile puzzles on the left and right walls. Just use trial and error to select the correct stone path across the water. Solve another tile puzzle, then go through the door.

Ancients' Place

Chapter 4

Find 5 dream pieces and also pick up 13 different stones. Start by putting the round rocks into the stones with holes in the middle. Place your stones with curves etched into them around the door on the left, then head through.

Chapter 5

Find 5 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel. Take the handle and attach it to the machine. Pick up the 2 dented wheels and attach them to the upper section of the machine. Also pick up 2 wooden boards. Put a blank tile into the machine and slot the mold above it. Turn the handle and take the tile. Repeat this with 3 more blank tiles. Head back to the previous screen.

Put your 4 new tiles around the door on the right, then head through.

Chapter 6

Find 5 dream pieces, then click on the middle of the machine. Pick up a round piece, 3 metal tiles, a hammer, 2 wooden bars, a wooden circle and a crystal ball. Start making the machine by using the wooden bars, then the wooden circle. Next put the round piece on the top right, then add the crystal ball. Pick up the handle from the left and insert it into the hole in the machine. Turn the handle to light up the crystal ball. Place a metal tile in the bottom of the machine and turn the handle until the machine activates. Retrieve your tile. Put each of the other tiles in the machine and retrieve them again. Head back to the previous screen.

Use your hammer to break the 6 stones on the ground, and pick up the 12 tiles. Go through the doorway on the left.

Use the machine to make a total of 8 tiles (4 curved corners, 2 of each other type). Go back to the main screen.

Place your new tiles around the middle doorway, then head through.

Chapter 7

Find 5 dream pieces, and also collect 3 wooden boards and a metal tile. Go back and through the right doorway.

Use the machine to make a new mold. Go back and through the left doorway. Use the machine to make 4 more tiles from your new mold. Go back and through the middle doorway.

Place your tiles in the slots to make the shape of a diamond. Use your 5 boards to complete the bridge, then click on the door.

Chapter 8

Pick up the dream jewel from near the bottom of the door. Collect one key from the bridge screen, and one from each of the other screens, then return to the door. Insert your 4 keys in the holes in the door and turn them until they are all gold, then head through.

The Mortals' Maze

Chapter 9

When you first enter the maze, the fastest way to get the complete map is:

  • Forward (1)
  • Left, forward, right, forward (2)
  • Forward, right, forward (3)

Now you can see where you are on the map at the top of the screen. Go to the bottom left part of the map and take a key. Head to the door in the middle and use the key to unlock it. Towards the right side of the map you will find a hammer, which you can use to break barrels. You now need to find 5 keys and 4 dream pieces. Head to the door at the top right of the map and insert your 5 keys, then turn them until they are all gold, and head through.

Merrow's Cottage

Chapter 10

Pick up the crowbar, and use it on the metal grate. Now press the 8 valves in the correct order to turn off the water (this is just trial and error). Now find 5 dream pieces. Go through the doors on the left to enter a mill.

Chapter 11

Find 4 dream pieces. Pick up the round plate from the floor of the mill, then go back outside and get a heavy rock from the bottom right, and a key from behind the fountain. Return to the mill and put the plate on the right, at the end of the rope. Put the rock on the plate, then go back outside. Press the button on the left to turn on power to the house. Use the key on the right door, and go inside.

Chapter 12

Find 4 dream pieces. Now look at the green switch box - connect the light to the port on the far right; this provides power to the upstairs part of the house.

Chapter 13

Find 3 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel. Look at the gramophone and it will close. You can find another 13 dream pieces here. Now you need to find lots of items in the available rooms:

  • Near the gramophone: 4 hexagons, 1 disc, key, piece of gramophone
  • Upstairs studio: 2 hexagons, 1 disc, 2 keys
  • Entrance room: 2 hexagons, 1 disc, 1 key, piece of gramophone
  • Courtyard: 1 hexagon
  • Water mill: piece of gramophone

Use the keys to open the small boxes upstairs and next to the gramophone. Place the 9 hexagons around the base of the gramophone, then attach the other 3 pieces to its top. Now play each of the records on the gramophone, and press the hexagons corresponding the sounds you hear:

  • Black: frog, thunder, rain
  • Yellow: cat, bird, cow
  • Red: fire, water, horse

Take the key from the drawer that opens, and head down to the entrance. Use the green switchbox to redirect light to the bottom port. Use the key on the left door and go through.

Chapter 14

Flip the light switch, then find 7 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel. Talk to the plant:

  • You are the fairy I seek, yet you look like a plant.
  • I'm Faye of Wish, proud wife of Fidget, who is the son of Aeval and Tangle.
  • I would, but first I'd need something with which to light the fire.
  • Of course. Give me the match and I'll tell you where to find some logs.

Find 3 dream pieces, then take the match. Back out of this view and collect a candle from the left, a container from the floor on the right, and an empty bottle from the top right.

Go out to the courtyard and collect 4 logs. Head back to the lab and put the logs in the fireplace, then use your match to light a fire. Light your candle in the fire. Talk to the plant again:

  • Let me know what I can do for you, please.
  • Of course. Just tell me how.
  • I'll go get it right away.

Head back to the gramophone and collect the blue bottle from the top left shelf. Return to the lab and pour this liquid into the large flask on the right. Talk to the plant again. Collect the liquid in your empty bottle (you need to time it when the liquid turns yellow). Put the burner base beneath the flask on the far right. Pour the liquid into this flask and light it with your candle. Collect the green liquid in your empty bottle again and pour it into the plant's container.

  • Lilith, the Fairy Queen of Dreams, took my husband and daughter. I must find them.
  • Yes, even if I die trying.
  • Then let's go!
  • I understand. Let's leave immediately.

Lake of Dreams

Chapter 15

Find 5 dream pieces. Collect the harpoon, oarlock, oars, brush and 3 pieces of wood. Use the harpoon on the 3 closed barrels and you will get 2 more pieces of wood. Put the pieces of wood in the boat in the correct order. Attach the oarlock to the near side. Dip the brush in the blue sealant, then use it on the boat. Push the boat into the water, attach the oars, and get in.

Tower of Dreams

Chapter 16

Collect 5 dream pieces and 7 round stones. Go to the footpath on the right. Find another 5 dream pieces and 2 round stones. Go back to the previous screen and approach the doors at the top of the hill.

Chapter 17

Find 5 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel. Click the 2 buttons on the railing leading towards the doors. There are 3 more round stones here but you can't carry them all yet. Solve the two puzzles by inserting the discs in their correct positions (the symbols turn blue when correct). Once both puzzles are solved, go through the doors.

Chapter 18

Find 6 dream pieces and 7 pipes from around the main room. Put all of the pipes in the organ to complete it. Now zoom in on the organ and find another 7 dream pieces. Solve the memory sequence game, which has 5 consecutive levels. Head up the steps when you are done.

Chapter 19

Find 5 dream pieces. Read the book on the middle table, then pick up the crystal ball. Take the 2 locked books and put them on the tables on the left, then place the crystal ball on the left and the books will open. Read the left book and switch the instruments around correctly. Read the right book to learn about a game of chess coming soon.

Pick up 10 books from the room. Place 5 of them in specific empty slots amongst books with a category opposite of the book's title. Put the other 5 books in the middle empty shelf.

Chapter 20

Find 5 dream pieces. Now you must find 5 bases and 5 stands (from the music room, library and organ room), then place them in front of the chairs in the music room. Next collect 15 pieces of music and piece together the complete songs. Finally, place the correct musical instruments on the chairs (using hints from the book in the library). Go upstairs when you are done.

Chapter 21

Find 5 dream pieces and 1 dream jewel. Next collect all the broken chess pieces (from the chess room, music room and library) and fix the pieces on the board. Now win another memory sequence game and head upstairs.

Chapter 22

Find 3 dream pieces. Collect all the broken pieces of the knights (from the knight room, chess room, music room and library) and reassemble them.

Chapter 23

Find 7 dream pieces. Click on the bed, then head out the window.

Chapter 24

Find 5 dream pieces. Look at each of the windows and take the loose pieces. Swap them into their correct positions so each window contains 6 pieces of the same color. Enter the tree.

Chapter 25

Find 7 dream pieces. Look at Fidget, who is asleep. Look at the puzzle on the left wall and solve it (starting from the top, the correct order is red, blue, yellow, green, purple, black). Head through the door into the maze. You need to find 3 keys to open 3 chest and get 3 colored stones. Place these on the 3 head sculptures and you will get a stone device. Use this on the locked door and take the potion. Return to Fidget and give him the potion.

Dream Puzzles

These are the answers to the questions for each Dream Jewel:

  • Abalona: Outside the prison walls lies the place where the fairies originated
  • Apollo: Fairies control natural forces but they must follow rules set by the Fairy Lord
  • Arachna: Lyra could be the Chosen Child because she is the daughter of a mortal and a fairy
  • Casseopea: Fairies do not want the mortal world to know about their secret ways of life
  • Chloris: The new Fairy Lord must have a mix of both mortal and fairy blood
  • Ebisu: It is an underground labyrinth that separates the ancient fairy world from the mortal world
  • Frey: The Fairy Lord went out on one of his quests, but never returned
  • Ikwara: All of the fairies left because one fairy saw three stars fall from the sky
  • Illat: Fairies used the machine to print the first volumes of history onto stone tablets
  • Mery: The Dream Librarian seeks for someone to replace the Fairy Lord
  • Montu: The Dream Librarian prints knowledge of fairy life into volumes of books
  • Nereus: If Fidget becomes her husband, Lilith will have total control over the dreams of mortals
  • Osiris: Merrow is an inventor who left the fairy realm and so lost his powers
  • Poseidon: Aeval has the power to communicate with plants and she received a message from them
  • Rhiannon: The tower is where the Fairy Lord watched over all, and where the Dream Librarian resides