Dream ChroniclesDream Chronicles

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2007

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/3/2012

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Dream Chronicles is the first in a series of 5 surreal hybrid hidden object and adventure games. You play as Faye, whose husband Fidget has been kidnapped by the mysterious fairy Lilith - everyone in the kingdom apart from Faye is asleep, and it is up to Faye to rescue her husband and save the kingdom. The series continues with Dream Chronicles 2.

Home and Backyard

Chapter 1

Pick up the book from the floor. Take a match from over the fireplace and use it on the hearth, then open the door.

Chapter 2

Find 2 gems. Collect the 6 animals from around the screen and place each of these in their slots in the paned glass at the top of the screen. Head through the left door.

Chapter 3

Find 6 gems, then take the key from the end of the bed and use it to unlock the chest. Grab the tiny key from inside the chest. Use the tiny key on the dollhouse, then zoom in on the dollhouse. Find another 9 gems here. Turn on all the lights using the switches at the bottom (the solution is random each time you play). Take the key, and use it on the balcony door, then go through.

Chapter 4

Take the rope and the saw. Use the saw 3 times on the pieces of wood, then tie your boards together with the rope and use them on the bridge to repair it. Now collect 10 gems before clicking on the tree house door.

Find the 3 pieces of chalk and use them to color the shapes on the treehouse. Next find the 6 stones and put them back on the door. Now click on the door to get inside.

Chapter 5

Find 7 gems, then close the trapdoor. Collect 2 wheels, 2 washers, 2 nuts, a screwdriver and an oil can. Also take the heavy toy horse. Click on the trapdoor again to pull the wagon on top of it. Attach the 2 wheels to the wagon, then the 2 washers and finally the 2 nuts. Use the oil can on the wheels, then pull the wagon away. Use your screwdriver on the trapdoor, then use the heavy toy horse on the trapdoor to open it so you can go through.

Chapter 6

Find 8 gems, then pick up the shovel from in the doghouse, the bucket next to the doghouse, the scissors from near the well and the crank from the bottom of the ladder. Use the scissors to get some rope from the ladder. Dig in the ground with your shovel until you find a dirty key. Attach the rope and crank to the well, then attach the bucket to the rope, push it into the water and turn the crank to retrieve it. Wash the key in the bucket then use it on the door and go inside.

Tangle and Aeval's House

Chapter 7

Find 8 gems, then pick up the 7 books and replace them in the bookshelf. Now take the mysterious book from the left bookshelf and the globe from the top of the left bookshelf. Put the globe in its space in the middle bookshelf. Take a crystal from the drawer that opens here. Put the book on the floor and open it, then put the crystal in the book. Take the crystal again and use it on the crystal ball on the right. Head through the secret passage.

Chapter 8

Find 8 cards within and around the bookshelf; you will also need to click on 2 vases and a crystal ball, then click on the hole behind the crystal ball to make an image appear on the right wall. Once you have all the cards, click on this image. Find 3 gems within the image, then put the 8 cards in their correct places. Head through the new passage.

Chapter 9

Find 7 gems, then pick up the crank from the bottom of the steps and attach it to the piano. Now take the crowbar from near the door and use it on a loose floorboard on the left. Pick up the key and use this in the piano. Now find 7 pictures from around the room and hang them on the wall. Zoom in on the piano and find 2 gems. Now you need to click on a picture on the wall, and repeat the music using the piano. These are the tunes:


Once you are done, go through the door.

Chapter 10

Find 5 gems, then find 11 colored shapes and put them in the ground where they belong. Enter the greenhouse.

Chapter 11

Find 5 gems then take the strange plant from on the left near the door and put it on the right counter. Talk to the plant, and use these answers:

  • "I want to restore the natural order."
  • "To be honest, I don't really know. I discovered that my dear husband Fidget and all his family are fairies."
  • "Yes, and something very strange is going on."
  • "Certainly, yes, tell me what can I do for you."

Pick up the pots and put them where they belong, then talk to the plant again:

  • "My pleasure. Can I do something else for you or them?"
  • "Thank you for that!"

Pick up the watering can and water the 3 red pots, then go through the door.

Park and Woods

Chapter 12

Find 5 gems then press on the bricks in front of the fountain to form the pattern "up, up, down, up, up". Now find the 9 pieces of the statue, then construct it from the ground up. Head through the left gate when it opens.

Chapter 13

Find 5 gems, and also pick up 2 pieces of rope and 2 masks. Place the masks at the bottom of the theater, then use 1 rope on each side of the curtain, and pull the lever. Now find a crank and 2 gears, and use these on the mechanism near the base of the theater. Pick up all 5 puppet heads and put them in their correct positions. Pull the lever and go through the gate.

Chapter 14

Find 5 gems in the main street, as well as 4 gems at Tutti Frutti and 4 gems at the main gate. Pick up items from each of the screens with varying weights, and then place them on the 5 pillars at the main gate. Go through the gate when it opens.

Chapter 15

Find 6 objects scattered around on the ground and use these to construct a lamp in the middle of the area. You will need to turn some of the pieces around to activate the lamp. Now find 3 gems on the main screen, 1 gem at the left tree and 1 gem at the right tree. Solve the puzzles on each tree (recreate the pictures as shown above the lamp). Head right to leave the area.

Lilith's Mansion

Chapter 16

Find 5 gems on the main screen. Try to enter the mansion, and 4 stones will rise from the ground. There are 5 more gems to collect when you zoom in on these stones.

Find 2 strange forms, a strange symbol and an odd symbol on the main screen. Also pick up extra symbols from the zoomed in puzzles. Now solve each of the puzzles. Once you are done, head inside.

Chapter 17

Turn on the lights by clicking on the buttons on the posts (from left to right, press 1, 4, 2, 3). Try to go upstairs, then press the glowing spots to repeat the patterns you are shown:

  • 1314
  • 431321
  • 2234412
  • 3124412344

Once the stairs are fixed, find 5 gems. Collect 8 pictures and place them on the wall. Now exit through the door on the left.

Chapter 18

Click on each of the 4 doors and solve the puzzles:

  • Plant, frog, lizard
  • Watering can, match, earth, wind
  • Nut, screwdriver, scissors, saw, crowbar, 50 weight
  • Moon, III, cat, VII, hobbyhorse, pi, book, crystal