Drawn 3Drawn 3

Trail of Shadows

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/8/2014

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Drawn 3: Trail of Shadows is the second in a series of first-person casual adventures by Big Fish Games, following on from Drawn 2: Dark Flight. This game serves as a prequel to the events in the first game in the series, telling the story of how the land was originally brought to darkness by the evil King.

Chapter 1: The Cottage

Zoom in on the painting. Pick up the 3 fragments and put them in position to complete the painting.

Take the scrap of paper and read the note. Pick up the wooden bucket and the key from underneath. Look at the gate and take the rope, then look at the tree stump on the right. Pick up the yellow stone and the 6 small moon pieces, then take the completed moon symbol. Use your key on the cottage door and go inside.

Look in the box and take the blue stone, then look at the desk and take the charcoal. Look at the fireplace and take the tongs, then use these to grab the sun. Pick up the metal pot from over the fireplace. Now look at the papers on the wall. Move them around, then add your scrap of paper. Rearrange the papers to recreate the shape of a raven, then color it in with your charcoal. Take the storybook key and you will also take the raven sketch. Look at the desk again and use your key to unlock the book. Pull each of the tabs then take the small star and find 3 pigs hidden on the page. Back out of the book and head outside.

Use your rope over the tree branch, then use your bucket on the hook on the end of the rope. Put your glowing sun in the bucket of water to get a little sun. Next look at the gate and insert your moon, star and sun. Click on these symbols to arrange the bed, candle, owl and star around the moon, the flower, sundial, pancakes and rainbow around the sun, and the rooster in the middle. Go through the gate.

Pick up the sharp stick from next to the box, the linseed oil and palette from inside the box, and the red stone from in front of the picture. Go back to outside the cottage and look at the tree stump on the right. Use your stick on the beeswax, then move it over the jar to drip honey and fill up the jar. Take both the jar of honey and the hardened beeswax. Head back into the house again.

Look at the fireplace and hang the metal pot on the hook. Put the beeswax in the pot, then take out the softened beeswax. Look at the desk and put your ingredients (3 stones, linseed oil and softened beeswax) in their respective holders. Place your empty palette on the desk near the back. Now grind up each of the stones into powders. Next you need to mix paint of each color; add some powder, wax and oil, then use the palette knife to smooth it out. Mix different powders to make the 6 colors shown on the card at the back of the desk, and you will have filled your palette. Head back outside and through the gate.

Use your palette of paint on the easel, then paint the picture (match the colors of the scene right next to you). Go along the path that is revealed.

Pick up the storybook page and pull each of the tabs, rake the leaves and make sure you find 3 pigs and 2 green gems. You should also see two symbols and their corresponding numeric values. Back out of the book, and look at the small stone column on the right. Now examine the stone in the middle. Insert the 2 green gems, then recreate the shapes indicated at the bottom (start with the 5th symbol spaced out 5 times as on a die, then the 3rd symbol spaced out like a 3, then repeat with 1 and 6). Pick up the forest fragment from the base of the stone, then back out. Put the fragment in the sky.

Chapter 2: The Garden

Pick up the wooden ring and ring piece, then move the branch at the top left and take the seeds from the flower that opens. Zoom in on the rock with the face to see a symbol to remember, then walk forward. Pick up two more ring pieces, then look at the device and insert all 4 of your rings/pieces. Now you need to click on the central section and segments to send light out to each of the 3 eyes around the border of the device. Pick up the lamplighter sketch and read the note. Click on the large bear and elephant topiaries. Zoom in on the stone base on the right and pick up the croquet scrap, then back out and continue along the path.

Look at the sign. Pull the symbol out from the right so you can see the correct colors. Click on the 1 pig here, and take the orange, blue and red crayons. Use the crayons to color in the figure. Play a game of croquet against the lamplighter and you will get some shears. Use these on the roots on the left 3 times to make a new path. Zoom in here and take the black crayon. Click on the paper, and use the black crayon to draw around the outline, then take the watering can, back out, and go back twice.

Fill your watering can with water, then head forwards. Water the roots of the bear topiary, then give it your jar of honey and take the rabbit medallion from its hand. Water the roots of the elephant topiary and take the painting scrap from its mouth. Zoom in on the stone base on the left. Insert your rabbit medallion and find the other 4 pieces here to complete the symbol. Now click on the rabbit topiary to see it wants its 3 eggs recreated. Pick up the storybook page. Use the interface that appears to recreate the 3 required eggs, one layer at a time. Put the 3 eggs in the rabbit's basket, then take the frog medallion. Zoom in on the right stone base and insert the frog medallion. Next click on the frog topiary and take the acorns, then talk to the frog to find it wants its crown of leaves. Return back to the garden.

Give the acorns to the squirrel on the left, then take the storybook page. Find 3 pigs and 6 leaves. Now open the door on the left and slide the beaver left and right to create a topiary. Drag this up to the correct spot above. Slide the display behind the door to reveal the next bush and get the beaver to create another topiary. Repeat this for all four of them. Use the elephant's trunk to fill the bear's pot and to water the garden on the right. Collect another 1 pig and 4 leaves. Now take the crown of leaves and exit the book. Walk forward and put the golden crown on the frog's head, then take the painting scrap from its hand. Walk forward again and use your two painting scraps on the torn canvas.

Talk to the creature, then look at the ground. Plant your seeds and pour water on them to get white flowers. Now change the colors of the flowers according to the instructions you get by clicking on the palette. Now collect 4 fireflies and put them in the 4 lanterns.

Chapter 3: The Cave

Examine the rocks on the right and pick up the diamond and the iron key. Use the key on the iron grate and go down. Look at the puzzle in the top right and take the sapphire. Now connect the dots in the puzzle (the number of connecting lines to each node should be the same as the dots on its surface). Pick up the black opal and the glass shard. Zoom in on the glow at the left, and repair the roots with the 4 broken pieces, then collect the emerald, ruby and stone head. Back out and descend further.

Read the note, then take the glass shard and the stone leg. Click on the mushrooms 3 times to get rid of the bats, then take the yellow topaz. Next zoom in on the circle on the right. Insert your gems (from top in clockwise direction they are black, white, yellow, red, blue and green). Take the glass shard, then take the storybook page. Find 4 pigs and 4 gears as you repair the glowing strips with tape. Insert your 4 gears onto the pegs at the top right, then take the pickaxe. Back out of the book and go back upstairs.

Zoom in on the roots on the left and use your pickaxe to get the glass shard. Go back downstairs again. Look at the stones on the left and use your pickaxe 5 times, then pick up the glass shard and the stone torso. Use your stone leg, torso and head on the broken statue. Zoom in on the statue, then on its amulet. Insert your 5 glass shards to complete the shape. Now solve the sketching puzzles until you get a painting scrap. Go back up out of the cave and use your painting scrap.

Chapter 4: The Mountain

Pick up the stone disks from the top left and from the ground, then go forward. Look at the rock on the left remove the snow, taking another stone disk and a sunstone. Grab another stone disk from near the base of the statue, then go back. Look at the ground here and insert your sunstone so you can take the cage key. Use this to unlock the cage on the left, then unfold and take the legend, and take another stone disk. Look at the ground again and use your legend here, then match the symbols and take the ceramic tab. Use this on the cage on the right, then rearrange the tabs to match the story you just saw: sun, brush, clouds, flame, lightning and arrow. Unfold the paper and take the last 2 stone disks. Go forward and look at the device on the left, then insert your stone disks to show the sun rising and blowing away the clouds in an anticlockwise direction; check your solution by pressing the button at the top right.

After you succeed, look at the mouth of the statue and click on the groups of teeth in this order:


Look at the right side of the path and remove all the small stones; you should also find 1 pig and a sharp rock. Use this sharp rock to cut the branches, then take the shield before heading forward. Pick up the broken statue from next to the left windmill, and the palette of paint from the ground. Go to the right windmill and take the cloth and pieces of paper. Back out and go forward again.

Look at the campfire and take the broken statue, charred stick and storybook page. Unfold the paper crane and take the stamp. Use the stamp on the postcard and take the wood block. Catch the key from the rabbits and use it on the lock, then twist the cover to find a second wood block. Find a total of 8 pigs on this page. Back out of the book.

Now look at the campfire and zoom in on the rock on the left. Use a piece of paper on it, then rub your charred stick over it to reveal a picture; take the rubbing. Back out and find a similar rock on the left near the windmills and repeated the process. Go back once more and find a third rock at the right side of the rocky path to get a third rubbing. Go forward and enter the right windmill again. Add your 3 rubbings to the picture here to complete it. Put your palette of paint on the left and your shield on the back left. Dip your cloth in the polish on the right and rub the shield with it.

Place a block of wood in the holder and use four tools in order according to the picture on the back wall. Use the sandpaper to sand it, then paint it correctly. Repeat with the other figure and take them both. Pay attention to the symbols on the top of the shield, then leave this windmill and enter the other one. Place the statues on the pedestals (including recreating the broken one from your two pieces) and pull the lever on the left. You need to rearrange the statues to light up the symbols from the shield; the correct order is prince, king, princess, queen. Pull the lever to activate the windmill. Head forward twice and read the letter, then pick up the canvas scrap, use it in the void, and go forward.

Chapter 5: The Giant's Head

Walk forward and use your charred stick on the monkey's torch to light it. Now look in the boat on the left and pick up the pencil and hook. Head up the steps on the right. Take the vine rope hanging from the ceiling and some dry twigs from on the right, then look at the glowing symbols. Move the lily pads to the side to reveal some symbols on the right side of the pool, and a submerged object on the left. Combine your rope and hook and use this to pick up the mold and cage key from beneath the water. Now walk back 3 times.

Look at the hanging cage on the left and use your key on it, then take the metal dragon from inside (you will see the owl here is missing its heart). Return forward and up the steps. Zoom into the right gorilla statue's hand and fix the broken bowl by clicking on the 4 fragments. Put the mold on the stone, then put the twigs beneath the hand. Use your lit torch on the twigs, the put your metal dragon in the bowl. Tilt the bowl, then pick up the metal raven. Look at the symbols in the cup, then back out and go back to the door. Put your raven sketch and metal raven on the door, then move the raven's from side to side until they are all glowing and the door will open - head through to the Monkey Hall.

Grab the beetle, then go back and up the stairs again. Look at the glowing symbols. Place your beetle in the sign at the bottom of the pillar to activate it. Now spin the segments to create a path to each flower in turn, clicking on the flowers to make the beetle go and activate them. For two of them, the path is complex and you need to go backwards and forwards, spinning the segments while the beetle is already along the path. Once all 3 have been done, take the glowing eyes from the statue on the left.

Return to the Monkey Hall and give the eyes to the left monkey, then take the heart. Note the symbols on the monkey, then go back twice and give the heart to the owl statue. Head up the new floating platforms, then look at the symbols on the left. Pick up the glass shard and return it to the broken lens. Go back, then forward towards the door and look at the boat on the left. Now you need to use 4 sets of symbols you have seen elsewhere in any order:

  • symbols from the lily pad you moved in the water
  • symbols from the bowl where you forged the metal raven
  • symbols from the chest of the monkey who received the eyes
  • symbols from the area with the broken lens

Pick up the glass shard from within, then look at the note and take the gold coin. Back out of the boat and look at the wizard, then talk to him and put the gold coin on his forehead. Now take the storybook page. Find the last 3 pigs, as well as a total of 10 beetles. Pick up the arrow after finding all the beetles, and draw the outline of a bow on the paper with your pencil, then take the bow, before backing out of the book.

Go back and climb the floating platforms again. Use your new glass shard on the lens to repair it. Adjust the discs around the lens to unify the cats as a single image. Now cross the bridge. Look in the right side of the water and move aside the wood so you can collect 2 ears. Return to the Monkey Hall and give the ears to the right monkey, then take the gemstone. Go back twice, up the platforms and over the bridge to the elephant statue. Put the gemstone in the recess on the large left hand. Now zoom in on the large head. You need to now click on pairs of related symbols; there are a total of 40 symbols to match in 20 pairs (each platform has a second set of symbols that can be swapped in from the edge). Take the stone mouth, return to the Monkey Hall and give it to the middle monkey. Go through the floating archway.

Give the bow and arrow to the archer, then shoot arrows at the birds until they disappear. Take the palette of paints and go forward up the stairs, then give them to the boy.