Drawn 2Drawn 2

Dark Flight

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2010

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/23/2013

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Drawn 2: Dark Flight is the second in a series of first-person casual adventures by Big Fish Games, following on from Drawn: The Painted Tower. After bringing down the tower that was imprisoning Iris in the last game, she still cannot be found. You now must travel to set alight 3 beacons in the hope of saving the land from darkness. The series continues with Drawn 3: Trail of Shadows.


Read the message, then pick up the drawing of a rope and hang this from the hook on the ceiling. Pick up the scarf to read it, and also take the small silver note from it. Pick up the rock. Now climb the rope. Open the panel on the left and take the lever, silver note and drawing of an orange. Go back down, then go forward. Attach the lever to the control on the right. Pull the lever and quickly take the disc from the lion's eye. Pull the lever again and quickly put your rock in the lion's mouth. Read the note there, and take the red phoenix and the silver note. Head back.

Use the disc on the ledge, then take the red flame and go forward again. Get another red flame and continue forward. Pick up a 3rd red flame, and also take another silver note and dry brush. Look in the book on the left, and take the red paper scrap, then read Franklin's messages. Go back twice, then up the rope again. Use your dry brush on the pool of ink, then click on the sketch and use your inky brush to trace the outline. Use the sketch of a bridge on the hole, then walk forward. Tear down the wallpaper (left and right), then pick up the charcoal. Look through the sketches to find a lamplighter sketch, silver note and shovel. Enter the painting.


Click on the sketch, then use your paper scrap on it. Pick up the belt, then note the combination displayed. Pick up the 4 coconuts, then look at the chest. Turn the dial clockwise to V, anti-clockwise to X, clockwise to III and anti-clockwise to VI. Take the goblet, anchor, fan and castle wedge, then exit the painting.

Use the belt and fan on the gears on the left, then take the paper cloud and enter the painting again.

Use your shovel on the X in the sand 3 times, then look in the hole and take the cannon and glowing stone. Now smash the glass bottle and look at the sketch. Use your orange sketch on the pirate, then the cannon and coconuts on the ship. Aim your cannon at the shark, then load the cannon with a coconut and click the cannon to shoot it. Repeat this twice more. Now use your charcoal to draw a sail on your boat. Use the paper cloud in the sky, then the anchor on the chain. Once the pirate it on land, click on the bushes to clear them. Give the shovel to the pirate, then pick up the letter and take the tear. Go back once, and use the love letter on the large statue, then take the second tear. Go back to exit the painting.

Head back, down and forward, and click on the lion's eye over on the right. Use the tears in the spaces, then take the scrap of canvas and continue forward. Use your scrap of canvas to complete the cell door painting and you will enter it.

Cell Door

Pick up the metal hook from under the shelf and use it on the bars (2, 4, 4, 5). Go through the door. Pick up the 5 silver notes and the paper French horn, then go back twice out of the painting.

Look at the sheet music and put all the notes in their correct spaces (they should all be green). Next click on the pop up book on the right. Drag the top 3 red tabs to reveal the 3 beacons and the two bottom symbols. Use your 3 paper flames on the beacons to light them. Now use your paper phoenix on the red lever, then drag it across the sky. Take the queen wedge, then back out of the book. Go forward twice.

Look at the pedestal - take stone disc 1 and the chisel. Click on the middle column and take stone disc 3. Go back, and now click on the dragon wedge on the left, and use your chisel to retrieve it. Click on the circular impression on the right and use your 3 wedges to create stone disc 2. Go forward and look at the pedestal again. Put the 3 discs in their correct holes. Now you must align the columns - from the original position click right, middle, left, middle twice, left and middle twice. Go forward, take the stone symbol from the stairs, then continue forward.


Pick up the red fabric, then go left twice, get another piece of fabric, go right, get the piece of poster, then go back 3 times. Now head right and pick up the sketch of the hummingbird and the large disc. Walk back then forward and take the red fabric and blue lantern. Next go back, right and forward, and use the blue lantern on the glass. Talk to the glass. Pick up the medium disc and the stone symbol. Use the piece of poster on the windmill painting.


Pick up 2 pieces of red fabric (hard to see, one on each side of the screen), then look at the circle in the ground and take the stone symbol. Use the hummingbird sketch on the colorful bird feeder. Click on the side door and take the small disc, then talk to the gardener. Look at the constellations carved below the gardener, then go back outside. Look at the main windmill door.

Turn the yellow part so three circular holes are formed. Insert your 3 discs in their appropriate spaces, and turn them until they all line up correctly. Now drag the yellow moon until the arrows line up. Drag the small round handle clockwise to line up with the raven, anti-clockwise to the rabbit, and clockwise to the snail. Take the dragon, then go back twice to leave the painting.

Use the dragon on the fairy tale book on the left. Click on the snail then take the heavy stone bird and use it on the empty wire. Pick up the glowing stone and enter the painting again.

Look at the circle in the ground and insert your two glowing stones. Turn each ring to line it up and create an image of the sun. Now you will enter the side door again - take the paper windmill and paper hummingbird. Go back twice to leave the painting.

Go back another 6 times, then click on the pop up book. Move the two lower red tabs. Use the paper windmill and hummingbird in their respective places, then take the magical scroll. Now go forward 4 times, left twice and right. Use the magical scroll on its image in the air, then click on the large beacon. Solve the beacon puzzle by clicking on the pivot points to rotate the sections, recreating the image on the right.

Head back 3 times, then forward twice. Talk to the wooden boy. Open his heart, then pick up the needle and thread. Continue forward and pick up the red fabric and piece of wood, then go back. Look closer at the broken kite. Pick up the hammer and nails. Use the wood on the kite, then the nails. Use the hammer on the nails 3 times. Now attach the 6 pieces of red fabric, then use the needle and thread on all 5 seams. Go forward twice.

Outside the library, look at the right book first. When the lightning flashes occur, note the symbols, and drag those symbols into their correct places - also note the roman numerals next to each of them. Now look at the left book, and drag the same symbols into place, adjacent to the appropriate roman numerals. Also note the other two central symbols that appear with the lightning. Go back to the right book and drag the two central symbols into place. When the door opens, enter the library.

The Library

Look near the left chair and pick up the net. Now use this to catch the two red flying books. Go right up the stairs and catch a third red flying book, then go further up the stairs. Catch another red flying book, then go back twice and forward. Look at the book on the pedestal and take the stone symbol. Put your 4 red books in the holes in the wall, and note the 3 symbols that appear.

Now go back, then right and up twice. Put your 4 stone symbols in the holes in the eye. Now press the various colored buttons to light up just the 3 symbols you saw in the red book room. Go forward to enter the mouth. Read the message and diagram, then click on the red curtain to reveal the candle puzzle. You need to light the central square of candles, as indicated on the diagram. You can reset the puzzle by pulling the ring near the top of the screen. Use the 2 levers to rotate the candles, and click on the dragons to light and extinguish the candles in front of them.

After solving this puzzle, you will be back at the base of the stairs. Approach the pedestal and look at the book. Rotate the purple tab at the back until 3 drops of water are present in the right circle. Rotate again until a cloud appears in the left circle, then again until a sun appears in the middle circle. Now move the new right purple tab until a stone statue appears. Drag the other purple tabs and read the messages that are revealed, then pull the green lever. Go forward through the new opening.

Children's Wing

Head left and click on the sketch. Use your charcoal to draw the key outline, then go back. Click on the ladder twice, then use your key sketch on the hatch in the ceiling. Go up and use your lamplighter sketch on the lamp, then go back down. Pick up the plank from the floor, then sketch of a plank from the flying book, and the 2 snowflakes from the ceiling. Now go forward into the painting.

The Seasons

Pick up the 3 blue flowers, 2 mushrooms, 2 leaves (brown, hidden on the trees), frog, grasshopper, and another snowflake. Use your net to catch the butterfly and the bee. Use your goblet on the waterfall, then use the cup of water on the mound of dirt, and pick up the 4th blue flower. Use your two planks on the bridge, then get the pickaxe and use this on the rocks. Leave the painting.

Look at each of the 4 books on the back wall and insert the appropriate items. You will end up with 2 sketches and the 4 books. Go back into the painting. Look at the leaf boat, and use your 2 new sketches here. Leave the painting again.

Head left. Put the 4 books in their slots (from left to right, these should be Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). You now need to complete the set for each season:

  • Spring: Set the temperature gauge on the left to mild, then drag the flower from the top of the set down to its place. Turn the right gauge to the carrot symbol, then catch the floating pink flower with your net. Pull the red cord to change the scene.

  • Summer: Set the temperature gauge to hot, then put the sunflower and ladybug in their correct places. Catch the butterfly with your net, then pull the red cord.

  • Fall: Set the temperature gauge to mild, then put the pumpkin in its place. Turn the right gauge to the acorns, then catch the leaf with your net. Pull the red cord.

  • Winter: Set the temperature gauge to cold, then put the snowman and tree in their places. Catch the snowflake with your net.

Go back twice, then look at the red book again. Put the 4 seasonal items in their places. Now go down the staircase. In the next room, click on the large scroll on either side of the room to start another puzzle. For this one, you must click on the symbols on the right just above the level of the girl with the book, to transfer them to the left. You must then rotate the birds out of the way to let them float up to the top, to light up their corresponding symbols. Complete this 3 times, then go forward over the bridge of books. Take the metal key from the floating book, then go forward twice more.

The Violin Door

Head forward, then pick up the frog from the left. Look at the stone gate, and use the metal key on the lock, then continue forward. Grab the sketch of a frog, then look at the beacon and take the scrap of poster and read the message. Now head back 3 times then left. Look at the message, then use your scrap on the painting.


Pick up the sharp rock and use it on the helmet. Now you need to click on the tubes when their appropriate light color shines on the wall. Numbered 1-4 from left to right, these sequences are 1234, 14, 13, 214, 23, 23 and 143. After meeting the toad, head back out of the painting.

Click just above the left side of the painting to reveal a sketch - draw around the outline with your charcoal, then take the frog sketch. Now go back, then right. Open the window and take the frog. Drag the paintbrush down, then take another frog. Go forward and click on the blue lantern, then quickly take the frog sketch. Go back twice, left and into the painting again.

Look down into the pool. Place your frogs and frog sketches on the lily pads. Now you need to click on the frogs to have them swallow all the flies; a frog can only hold a single fly, and whenever a fly is swallowed or spit out, the flies will rotate one turn. Once completed, open the chest and take the 3 sets of dye. Go back twice to leave the painting.

Head back, then forward twice and look at the beacon. Use your red, yellow and blue dyes in the 3 circles within the crown. Now open and close the small gates between the areas in the picture to allow the colors to flow around and complete the image as shown in the top right.

Go back twice, right and forward, and take the unlit torch from the wall. Head back twice and forward twice, then use this torch on the beacon to light it. Return back twice, right and forward again. Look at the sign hanging off the wall and use your torch on the singed rope, then pick up the partial stone block. Go forward and left, and pick up another partial stone block. Continue left and get a third one, then head back 4 times. Put your 3 partial stone blocks in their containers in the wall. Drag the paintbrush up and take the violin.

Go forward twice and left twice. Use your violin on the left marionette, and take the blue treble clef and blue airplane. Head back twice and forward, then look at the left statue. Use your blue treble clef on it, then take the timpani and put the blue airplane in its hand. Return back and left twice. Use the timpani on the second marionette, then take the red treble clef and red airplane. Go back twice and forward, then look at the 3rd statue. Use the red treble clef, take the theatre poster, and use the red airplane in its hand.

Go back and look at the bulletin board on the left, then use your theatre poster. Complete the cello puzzle by rotating the pieces and putting them in place, then take the cello before going left twice. Use the cello on the 3rd marionette, then take the green treble clef and green airplane. Go back twice and forward, then look at the right statue. Use the green treble clef on it, then take the scrap of poster and put your green airplane in its hand. Now go back, left and right. Read the note, then put your poster scrap in plane to enter the painting.


Talk to the artist here, then collect the 10 fireflies and put them in his lantern - you will get his key. Back out of the painting.

Use the key on the theatre cart, then look closer at it. Take the knife, crayon, paper lance, paper wing and paper head, then go right to look at the painting. Use the knife on the artist and cut around his outline. Now step forward to look into the cart.

Use the crayon to draw around the dotted semicircle on the first scene. On the second, add the dragon's head and wings, and the lance to complete the evil character. On the third scene, click on the dragon to breathe some fire. On the next scene, use your crayon to draw the moon, then the painted tower. Drag the red tab to reveal Iris, then drag her arm to point at each of the 9 lanterns to light them. When the "Fin" message appears, take the marionette.

Head back and left. Put the 4th marionette in its place, then use your French horn on it. Take the yellow treble clef and yellow airplane. Go back twice and forward, then look at the 2nd statue. Use your yellow treble clef on it, then put the yellow airplane in its hand.

The Final Battle

Walk forward. Talk to Iris, then use your crayon to draw around the outline of the phoenix.

Collector's Edition

Read the message, then click on the royal seal to open the door. Go forward and pick up the heavy stone, window shard and crowbar. Go right and into the painting.


Grab the shovel from the ground and the heavy stone from the left wall. Take the hex stone from behind this one. Use your knife on the sack to find another hex stone. Click on the glowing tree, then take another hex stone that is revealed. Pick up the other hex stones lying around, and you should have 5 in total by now. Use your shovel on the fresh dirt 3 times, then use your crowbar on the box, and take the paper and worm. Give the worm to the raven and grab the dropped feather. Use this feather on the right tree and take the fire flower and hex stone. Use the paper on the gravestone, then the crayon on the paper, and get a hex stone drawing.

Now put the hex stones in the indents on the left. Some have circles and some do not. The numbers indicate the number of adjacent hex stones with the same presence or absence of circles. Start with the 4 in the middle. When you are done, head left. Put the fire flower in the lantern. Pick up the 2 heavy stones, then use all 4 of your heavy stones on the platforms (the carvings in the upper left corner tell you which stone goes in each position). Use the crowbar on the metal plate in the floor. Now you have to go through a maze. The directions have been shown on the various screens leading up to this point. Go left 4 times, down and left. Pick up the floating magical symbol. Next go right twice, down, left, down and right. Get another symbol, then go up and back out of the painting.

Go back again, and use the 2 symbols in the door, then go forward. You now need to collect 30 window shards (you have 1 already) and 7 red stars, scattered throughout the game world. You can use your hints to find any you can't locate yourself. Once you have them all, come back to the window and recreate the pattern with your window shards, then your red stars.