The Dagger of Amon RaThe Dagger of Amon Ra

AKA Laura Bow 2

Year:  1992

Genre:  Mystery

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The Dagger of Amon Ra is a murder mystery from Sierra On-Line, and is the second game to feature protagonist Laura Bow. This follows from the earlier game, The Colonel's Bequest. In this game, you are hired as a reporter to write a story about the acquisition of an ancient Egyptian dagger by the local Leyendecker Museum. As with the previous game, time passes automatically during your explorations of the museum, with murders and other events occurring without your involvement.

Act 1: A Nose for News

The Tribune

Ask Crodfoller about everything, then look at your desk. Look under the corner of your blotter and take the key, then use it to unlock your desk drawer. Take the press pass from inside, then back out of this view. Search your rubbish bin and take the baseball from inside it, then head outside. Use the taxi sign to call a cab, then show the driver your press pass, and go to the police station.

Police Station

Roll the sleeping man over so he stops snoring. Go inside and try talking to the desk sergeant, but he won't help you. Go back outside and pick up the newspaper from the ground (take the voucher inside it), then hail a taxi.

The Tribune

Give the voucher to Luigi outside the station and take the free sandwich, then get another cab.

Police Station

Go inside and give the sandwich to the desk sergeant. Now ask him about Detective O'Riley and the speakeasy (to get the password). Enter the office on the left to meet the detective, then leave again and get a taxi.

Lo Fat's Laundry

Give your baseball to Biff (wearing yellow) and he will swap it for a magnifying glass. Enter the laundry and ask Lo Fat about the museum to learn 3 new names. Head outside for another cab.


Knock on the door at the side, and say the secret word "Charleston". Ask the bartender about Ziggy, then go over and talk to the man in the suit; say Crodfoller sent you. Now you can ask him about the museum and about Egyptology. Leave and catch another taxi.

12th Street Docks

Ask Steve about Dr Archibald Carrington and then about the museum. Call another taxi. Inside this one say you love sitting in filth, then move the rubbish around and pick up the laundry ticket. Now show your press pass and go back to the laundry.

Lo Fat's Laundry

Give Lo Fat the laundry claim ticket to get a dress, then get another taxi.


Enter via the side entrance again with the secret password, then enter the women's lounge and change into your evening dress. Head outside and you will automatically catch your last taxi for the evening.

Act 2: Suspects on Parade


Approach the museum entrance, hand your press pass to the guard and head inside. Ask all 5 of the people here about everything in your notebook. Take a glass from the table here, then head right and enter the gift shop. Look at the daggers in the display case and use your magnifying glass on them; most a replicas, but you will find one at the left end of the case that doesn't have a "Made in Pittsburgh" engraving. Wolf will come in and order you to leave at this point.

Now you need to eavesdrop on a number of conversations around the main area. Walk up behind each of the groups of people, in this order:

  • Middle: Ziggy, Dr Carter, Yvette, Rameses, Dr Carrington
  • Middle: Ziggy, Dr Carter, Rameses, Dr Carrington
  • Left: Yvette, Detective O'Riley
  • Left: Detective O'Riley, Dr Smith
  • Middle: Rameses, Countess
  • Middle: Ziggy, Countess
  • Right: Ziggy, Yvette
  • Right: Yvette, Dr Carrington
  • Right: Detective O'Riley, Ziggy
  • Middle: Yvette, Rameses, Dr Smith

Walk left and immediately back to the middle section to meet Steve again, then continue with the eavesdropping:

  • Left: Yvette, Dr Myklos, Countess
  • Left: Dr Carter, Yvette
  • Left: Dr Carter, Dr Smith
  • Middle: Steve, Yvette

Now go through the archway at the back of the main room to enter the other part of the museum. Head right and up, then take the bone from the table. Go back out of this room, then go left to the Armor Gallery and up along the corridor to find the Egyptian exhibit. Look at the dagger's case, then touch it and it will break. Continue left and look at the Rosetta Stone on the wall with your magnifying glass (you will copy the hieroglyphs to your notebook). Look at the ankh on the floor with your magnifying glass to see the initials PS, then pick it up. Also use your magnifying glass to look at the bloody footprint on the ground. Open the right sarcophagus to see Dr Carter. Examine his face and the dagger with your magnifying glass, then search his tuxedo and take his notebook. Back out and Detective O'Riley will appear.

Act 3: On the Cutting Edge


Go through the archway and now head left to the Old Masters Gallery. Touch one of the paintings to note they seem damp. Continue down to the Sculpture Gallery, then use your drinking glass to listen to the door on the right. Head down into Dr Myklos' office. Take the cloth from the second half of the Rosetta Stone on the floor, then use your magnifying glass on it to learn the rest of the hieroglyphs. Now look at the blackboard and you can manually decipher the text. Look at the snake oil on the desk, and Dr Myklos will come in and take it.

Leave this room and follow Dr Myklos into the corridor on the right, but she disappears (through a hidden passage). Return to the Sculpture Gallery and enter the door on the right. Take the carbon paper from the rubbish bin, and use it on the desk lamp to read it. Now turn off the lamp and go through the door on the right. Listen to this door with your glass. Look at the fireplace and take the charcoal, then use this on Dr Carter's notebook. Look at the notebook in your inventory to see his final appointments. Look at the intercom unit on the desk here; set the top left button to on, the top right button to off, and press each of the buttons in the bottom row to overhear 3 conversations. Go back out of this office and look at the desk lamp so you can take the globe (it had to be turned off first to cool down). Leave this office.

Move the head on the Thinker statue, then go up to the right and you will see a secret passage. When the light goes out, replace it with the globe you just picked up. Go down the stairs and use your bone to break the glass on the left (if Wolf sends you back upstairs, just come straight back down and repeat). Take the lantern from behind the glass, then head upstairs, out of this side passage, and down into Dr Myklos' office again.

Turn on your lantern, then pull the horn of the statue on the desk to find a secret passage; you will automatically head down to find the Preservation Lab. Use your glass on the door to hear another conversation, then go through the top door to find the Mammalogy Lab. Dr Myklos will ask you to leave. Go back upstairs by walking to the bottom of the screen, then walk down and out of the side passage. Use your glass to listen to Yvette's door to hear another conversation.

Now go straight back to the Egyptian exhibit and wait here for Dr Smith (who is coming to meet with Dr Carter at their 10:15 appointment). Go to the pterodactyl room to see Ziggy's body. Look at the body and use your magnifying glass on it, then go left and down to the Life Masks exhibit and look until you find Ziggy's head - use your magnifying glass on this too.

After O'Riley questions you again, go downstairs through the secret passage and up to Wolf's office. After the message comes over the intercom, use your bone to spring the mousetrap, then take the cheese from it. Look at the books in the lower left of the bookcase to find the section on "Torturing Without Leaving Scars" and you will see one that has been turned around. Open this book and take the garter from inside, then examine the garter with your magnifying glass. Now move the medals on the right wall to find a button. Turn on your lantern, then press the button to go through another secret passage.

In Dr Carrington's office, look at the next body. In particular, look at the letters written in blood on the desk, and the time of the broken clock. Examine the notepad on the desk to see some phone numbers and the combination for a safe (indicated by "B. Sayff"). Move the painting over the fireplace to reveal the safe, and open it with the combination 0527. Look inside and examine the diary with your magnifying glass. Next look at the bookcase and take the red book from the right side of the middle shelf. Open the book and take the police report from inside, then examine it in your inventory.

Go through the door to Yvette's office and look at the blade on the paper cutter, then examine it with your magnifying glass. Continue to the Armor Gallery and use the tapestry to hide behind it. When 1:00 arrives the Countess will appear. Come out to talk to her, then wait for her to leave so you can search the middle suit of armor to find Dr Carter's body.

Head to Dr Carrington's office and use your glass on Yvette's office door to overhear a conversation. Go back out through Yvette's office, down the side passage and down the secret passage, then go right to the Preservation Lab. Continue right to Ernie's office and ask him about everything (if he's not there, wait and come back). Return left and up to the Mammalogy Lab. Examine the trunk under the shelves on the right to see it is owned by Dr Carrington. Take the bottle of snake oil from the shelves here. Look at the sack of plaster high up on the left. Open the top meat locker and look inside, taking the piece of meat. Leave this office. Examine the bottle of snake oil - if it is not full, fill it up from the container on the bench. Enter Ernie's office again and you will hear another message over the intercom. Take the snake catcher from under the desk. Open the toolbox and take the wire cutters. Have a look at the listing on the desk to see that Vat 13 contains warthogs. Go back out of the office and find Vat 13, then climb the ladder and you will find the real dagger. Climb back down, and enter the Mammalogy lab again.

Go back upstairs and around to the pterodactyl room and examine the body again. Use your wire cutters on the left wire sticking out of the pterodactyl. Next go to the Old Masters Gallery. Examine the Anonymous Bosch painting, and look at the glint with your magnifying glass, then use your wire cutters to remove the skeleton key. Go back to the Mammalogy Lab and use the skeleton key to open the steamer trunk, and quickly put your meat inside. Look at the skeleton in the trunk, and use your magnifying glass on it; take the pocket watch and examine it to see it belongs to Dr Carrington.

Next head up to the Sculpture Gallery again, and use your glass on Yvette's door to overhear an argument. Go to the Armor Gallery and hide behind the tapestry again to see a conversation between Dr Myklos and Wolf at 2:00. Go to the mastodon room to see Ernie's body. Examine the body to notice alcohol and animal hairs - pick up the animal hairs. Go to the Old Masters Gallery to meet up with Wolf and O'Riley.

Act 4: Museum of the Dead


Go to Ernie's office. Press the large button next to the door to open a secret passage in the Mammalogy Lab. Next go to Yvette's office and talk to her about Ernie's murder; you will leave automatically. Wait for Steve to enter, then use your glass on the door to listen in. Head down to the Preservation Lab and wait until 3:00, but nobody will turn up for the meeting.

Go back to Yvette's office and look at the shoe on the desk, then pick it up. Also look at the desk lamp, chair and red hairs on the desk. Head to the Old Masters Gallery and use your bone on the plaster statue, then examine Yvette's body, taking the red hairs and bifocals with you. Next head to the Armor Gallery. Take the boot and examine the blood on the floor.

Go to the Sculpture Gallery to see a cutscene, then save your game before entering Dr Myklos' office. Use your snake oil on the snake 3 times, then use the snake catcher on it and return it to its cage in the back left corner of the room. Examine the Countess, and look at her ankle to see the snake bite. Examine her with your magnifying glass and take the smelling salts. Pick up the grapes from the floor, then leave the room.

Act 5: Rex Takes A Bite Out of Crime


You need to do everything quickly throughout this act. Head immediately right into the pterodactyl room and close the doors behind you, then tie them shut with your piece of wire. Run to the armor room, and continue up to the storage room hall. Push the chair in front of the door, then open the transom, but don't bother trying to go through. Instead climb back down and continue up to the Egyptian exhibit. Go to the left part of the room and hide in the sarcophagus on the left.

Wait for the killer to enter and leave again, then go out of this room and through the storage room door. Push the crate towards the door and use your wire cutters on the rope to drop it down. Now move the crate on the far right and enter the hidden elevator. Pull the lever on the wall to get down to the basement.

Close the door in this room and get the mummy from the sarcophagus on the floor, propping it against the closed door. Use your snake catcher on the top of the sarcophagus on the left wall (with the snake emblem), then open the sarcophagus and go through to a temple.

Answer the riddles with "Womb" and "Tomb" (using the hieroglyphs in your notebook to spell out the words). You will end up in a furnace room. Move the coal away from Steve's face, and revive him with your smelling salts, then quickly give him his missing boot. Push the large ornate stone on the wall and enter the tunnel, then turn on your lantern. Use the snake oil on the cobras, then continue up. Throw your cheese through the left opening to get rid of the rats. Leave through the right opening and quickly press the T-Rex button to the right to capture the killer.

Act 6: The Coroner's Inquest


You now need to answer the Coroner's questions correctly:

  • Who murdered Dr Pippin Carter?
    Detective Hanrahan O'Riley (Financial gain)

  • Who murdered Lawrence 'Ziggy' Ziegfield
    Detective Hanrahan O'Riley (Cover another crime)

  • Who murdered Ernie Leach?
    Detective Hanrahan O'Riley (Cover another crime)

  • Who murdered Yvette Delacroix?
    Detective Hanrahan O'Riley (Jealousy)

  • Who murdered Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton?
    Detective Hanrahan O'Riley (Cover another crime)

  • Who was the skeleton in the steamer trunk?
    Dr Archibald Carrington III

  • Who murdered Dr Archibald Carrington?
    Watney Little

  • Who impersonated Dr Archibald Carrington?
    Watney Little

  • Who murdered Watney Little?
    Detective Hanrahan O'Riley (Cover another crime)

  • Who actually stole the Dagger of Amon Ra from the Ancient Egypt exhibit?
    Watney Little

  • Who manipulated Watney Little into stealing the Dagger of Amon Ra?
    Detective Hanrahan O'Riley

  • Who was the woman involved in stealing paintings from the Old Masters Gallery?
    Countess Waldorf-Carlton

  • Who was the man involved in stealing paintings from the Old Masters Gallery?
    Watney Little

  • Who was the middleman who provided forged paintings for the Countess and sold the real ones for her?
    Lawrence 'Ziggy' Ziegfeld

  • Who is the High Priest of the Amon Ra Sun Worshippers?
    Rameses Najeer

  • Which museum employee runs a 'fencing' operation as a sideline business?
    Ernie Leach