AKA Nick Delios: Conspiracies

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2003

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/29/2013

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Conspiracies is a mystery game set in a dystopian future city of Greece. As private detective Nick Delios, you are forced into investigating a missing person case by the man to whom you owe a large gambling debt. The case leads into a much larger conspiracy that could potentially lead to the destruction of the world. The series continues with the sequel, Conspiracies 2: Lethal Networks.

Nick's Home

Choose any of the conversation options at the casino and at your meeting with Dimitri, then you will end up at your home.

Go to the laptop on the small table and take the 2 faxes from in front of it. Read them both in your inventory. Now pull open the drawer beneath this small table and take the phone book from inside - read this to get Thanos' phone number. Try to go out through the bright red door here, but you won't be able to leave until you've had some coffee.

Search the noughts and crosses shelving to find a vidphone card, a map and some plant vitamins. Take your coat from the opposite wall, then pick up the sugar that falls to the floor. Open the top left cupboard just to the right of the jacket, and take the coffee from inside. Now look at the larger set of shelves and take the lighter. Go over and open the right cupboard and take the coffee pot.

Head upstairs and search the drawers on the right of the bed to find a brooch; look at it in your inventory and you will wear it. Now search the drawers on the left of the bed to get a code breaker. Use this on the coded message to see a warning from Anita. Go through the other door here to find the bathroom, and take the spoon and toothpaste.

Go back downstairs and use your coffee pot on the fish tank to get some water. In your inventory use the spoon on the coffee, then on the coffee pot. Add sugar to the coffee pot, then use it on the stove. Once it is hot, use the coffee pot on the cup next to the laptop, then drink it.

Head out through your front door and follow the corridors to find the double doors to the elevator. Press the button and walk inside. Spin the map around to find your next location.

Meet with Pekas

Watch the meeting, where you will receive 1000 credits and pick up a photograph.

Nick's Home

Enter your apartment and look at the photograph - look behind it to see a date. Use your communicator, and watch the interactive television, then you will have a sleep. After you wake up go back downstairs and use the communicator again. Access the universal database, then enter the date 25/11/2059. Access each of the files by name and take particular note of the HAPACOM file. Leave your apartment again.


Walk around to the back of the building and use the keypad, entering the code "". Go inside and search the boxes to find a large syringe. Pick up the tube of ether on the ground, then leave again and use your transport to get home.

Nick's Home

Insert your vidphone card into your communicator, then use it to vidphone Thanos on 55-568-374-639. Ask him about everything, and he will tell you about G53.

Bar Iphestos

Go up to the stage and talk to the band, saying you are desperate (you will get a CD). Open this to see the names of their 3 latest releases. Now take a green coaster from one of the tables here. Go to the empty bar on the right and take some chewing gum from the left end. Go to the right end of the bar and look carefully at the floor to find a locksmith's card. Take the cap from the stand near the entrance. Talk to Bloody Mary at the other end of the room about everything (make sure you scroll the list completely) to learn a new address. Now leave the bar.

Jenny's Apartment

Go forward and use the buzzer on the left; Jenny won't let you in. Use the buzzer again and lie to get inside. After you return to the corridor, try the buzzer a third time but Jenny won't let you inside again. Enter the door opposite, open the box on the ground and take the rag and the tape. Also pick up the broom, then while still standing in this room use the broom on Jenny's door.

Head inside and move the cushions on the couch to find a bra to take. Look in the small corner cupboard and take the sewing kit, then open it in your inventory and take the scissors. Go to the bathroom down the end of the hall and take the plunger. Next head into the kitchen. Open the freezer and take the ice box, then put this in the sink and turn on the water. Wait until the ice melts, then turn off the water and take the key. Go back to the living room and use the key on the small box next to the TV, then open it to see it is empty. Open the cupboard to the left of the TV and look down at the locked case; enter the code 734 to open it and take the certificate and Chemtron level 1 card from inside.


Walk forward and look at the closed doors to see you can't get in without a membership card. Go over and climb the stairs to the landing pad, picking up some more chewing gum. Head back to the alley near the club and open the green rubbish bin, then take the passcard from inside. Use this on the panel next to one of the doors in the alley, then head inside. Open Gloria's door and talk to her to get 2 more addresses. You will automatically head home.

Nick's Home

Go inside and take the fax from the desk, then use your communicator to vidphone Gloria on 45-632-109-909. Go over to the bottom left cupboard, which is stuck closed. Use the locksmith's card on it to open it, then take the Torn Flakes from inside. Feed these to your plant Nionios to get an iron hook.

You will probably find your inventory is quite full now. You should start dropping unneeded items in your home so you know where they are for later when you need them.

Dressing Room

Enter Gloria's room and take the nail polish from her dressing table, then the talcum powder from her wardrobe. Take the globe from the dressing screen before leaving.

Dendrinou's House

Look at the card slot to the right of the door and press the red button, then take the card and use it on the slot to unlock the door. Open the door and walk inside. Look at the artwork to see it is protected by a security field. Open the drawer of the small table in the corner to get a remote, but now you need the code. Look at the 4 pot plants in the corners of the room and pick up the pieces of paper there to see 4 numbers. Examine the back of one of the brick pillars to see a discolored brick; press this to reveal a secret compartment containing a 5th piece of paper. Now examine these in your inventory and rearrange them to see an incomplete code 18537; try all combinations on the remote control to discover the full code is 185375 - type this in to the remote control and click send to deactivate the security.

Go to the left artwork and turn the top yellow component, then go to the left artwork and look in the bottom compartment to see another code. Enter 283456 into your remote control and click send to open the 2 downstairs doors. Go through the door on the left into the bedroom. Pull the case out from under the bed and take the ticket and ring from inside. Look at the ticket and you will notice the travel agency used. Also open the bottom drawer on the left and take the cling wrap from inside, and pick up the stool from the far left. Go back out to the lobby and turn the middle green component on the left artwork. Go to the right artwork and use your stool so you can see to take the small bottle of green liquid from the top compartment.

Go through the door on the right to a pool area. Get into the pool and quickly take the rubber duck and leave before you drown. Now open the cupboards and move the towels to find some pepper spray to take.

Ermis Travel Agency

Open the door and leave the elevator, then walk over to the building. Try the first door but it is locked. Head all the way around to the rear of the building and enter the travel agency. Go inside and first be truthful, then mention art. While the travel agent is distracted with a phone call, look at the space poster and press the Earth on it. Now after the phone call mention the 3 songs by the band, then ask her about everything. Pick up 2 pieces of chewing gum from the desk, and a brochure from next to the poster on the wall. Go to leave and you will meet Rania - sum up the case then continue more cleverly. Ask her everything you can and she will leave. Now go back to the previously locked door and head inside. Open the boxes and look carefully to find a GPS receives and transmitter (2 separate boxes).

Return to the elevator and press the down button, then open the doors and go outside. Go to storeroom E6 and head inside. Move the boxes and open the bottom box to get a teleguidance device. Go back to the elevator again and press the middle button to reach the map.


Go to the alley and look carefully at the side of the forklift against the wall; pick up the antenna and use it on the forklift and you should now automatically move the crates out of the way. Use your iron hook on the drain to open it, then climb down. Use the lever to turn on the lights. Head straight to the end, turn left, go to the end and turn left again to find Aristos' body. Try to take the Chemtron level 2 card, but you will drop it; follow it straight down the tunnel and grab it from the last grate on the right. Climb back out of the sewers and leave.

Hotel Plaza

You will automatically get a note from Rania and watch a television advertisement, ending up at home.

Nick's Home

Read the note in your inventory to get a new address, then save your game before leaving.

Renata Dendrinou

Select the camaraderie option when talking to the police officer, then you will see a body down on the beach, before ending up back at home again.

Nick's Home

Take the fax from the desk and read it to get another new address. Use your communicator to vidphone Thanos on 55-568-374-639. Ask him about everything. Drop all of your inventory items here, then save your game before leaving.

Detronics Mission

After the time travel is complete, open the gate and head upstairs into the university. Talk to the receptionist, then look around to see the lifts are broken and the doors are locked. Look at the smoke detector in the ceiling. Talk to the receptionist again and ask for a cigarette, but it is a non-smoking area, so she won't light it for you. Examine the owl statue and click on it to break it, then pick up the eye from the floor. Go outside into the sunlight and use the eye on the cigarette to light it, then go back inside. Go to one of the smoke detectors where the receptionist cannot see you and use the cigarette on it to set off the fire alarm.

Go to where the receptionist was sitting and push back the glass screen on the right. Use the computer and look at the access codes by typing "2" in the search box and pressing "Execute". Now go to the door at the far end of this floor and look at the doorknob. Turn it according to the access code you just saw - right 3, left 2, right 7, left 6, right 4. Go and use the computer and enter the password "ALLTOGETHER". Select option "2" to learn Prokopiou's address. Pick up the whiteboard marker and paper from the printer, then use the marker on the paper in your inventory to make a sign. Leave the building and walk over to the station. When you meet Prokopiou, tell him a pack of lies, then continue undaunted.

Prokopiou's House

Open the bottom right drawer and take the familiar box from inside. Look at the painting to see it has been freshly done. Now enter the bedroom. Search the dressing table drawer and take the sleeping cap. Look in the right bedside table and take the floppy disk drive, then look in the left bedside table and take the note. Now enter the study through the opposite door. Look in both study desk drawers and take the ruler and floppy disk. Use your floppy disk drive with the computer and insert the disk; now click on the computer to see that you need to find a code. Examine the note in your inventory, then put it in the familiar box. Now climb up the filing cabinet by opening 3 drawers, one at a time; standing on the 3rd drawer on the right, use your ruler to get the methylated spirits from on top of the bookshelf. Go back out to the main room and use the spirits on the sleeping cap, then use this on the painting to see a color code: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink.

Go to the computer again and enter code "RGBBP" to get access. Enter the command "COPY" to copy the files to your disk, then exit the computer. Take the disk and put it in your familiar box. Drop the box here. Use the teleporter in your inventory.

Nick's Home

Pick up the piece of blank paper near the door. Use your lighter on it, then look at it again to get 2 more locations to visit. Use your communicator to vidphone Thanos on 55-568-374-639.

Jenny's Apartment

Open the familiar wooden box next to the television and take the note and infected floppy disk from inside.

Space Station

Navigate the hedge maze (start by going left, work your way to the far side, then come back through the middle to find the centre of the maze). Once you find the central hub, take a short side passage to a swimming pool and get the screwdriver from the bottom. Go to the door of the hub and enter code 522. Open the door and stand on the lift platform, then press the button. Open the doors at the top to meet with Rania. Go back down in the lift and head back to the maze entrance, then leave.

Space Station Warehouse

Go forward to the door ahead with a small combination lock. Start by pressing one button, then press the button corresponding with the image shown on the first; continue until all buttons have been pressed then try to open the door. If this doesn't work start from the second button and so on; eventually the door will open. Look at the explosives here, then climb the ladder and move boxes around until you find a detonator in one of them; take it before leaving.

Bar Iphestos

Go to the bar and talk to Bloody Mary about Tony to get his phone number on a piece of paper.

Nick's Home

Use your communicator to vidphone Tony on 23-465-789-000. Check your answering machine as well to see your message from Tony. Save your game, and make sure you have the pepper spray, transmitter, receiver and 6 sticks of chewing gum.


Go to the alleyway and into the door on the left to see Tony. After you get attacked, quickly head left in the alleyway; assuming you brought everything listed above, you will attach the transmitter to their getaway vehicle. Look at the transmitter in your inventory to get the address for Chemtron. While you are still here, go back into the doorway where you saw Tony. Take the 3 paint tins and iron bar from along the back wall, then try to open the door again but it is stuck. Try to pull the lever but it is also stuck. Move the ladder and climb up, then look to see a small decorated pyramid is blocking the track. Use your iron bar on it, then pick it up to see it is a key. Climb back down. Put a paint tin on the hook and pull the lever. Repeat this twice more and you can leave.


Use your pyramid key in the lock here, then open the doors and go inside. Search the boxes to get a delivery docket from the outside of one.

Space Station Warehouse

Enter the warehouse and put the delivery docket on the box of explosives.


Go through the doors and open the box of the explosives that has been delivered. Take the explosives from inside.

Nick's Home

Save your game, and make sure you have the large syringe, rubber duck, 2 Chemtron cards, explosives, detonator, bra, ether and screwdriver.

Dendrinou's House

Go to the swimming pool and fill your syringe with water, then use this to fill the rubber duck with water.


Use your Chemtron level 1 card on the panel here then open the door. Stand in the entrance here and wait for one of the dogs to come close, then use your water-filled rubber duck on it to disable the dogs. Use your Chemtron level 2 card on the next panel and open the door. Walk around to the back of this open area and look at the different wire to see it is thinner than the rest. Go back to the other door here and use your Chemtron level 1 card on it, then head inside. Find a crate outside the force fields and open it, taking a cannister from inside. Now look up at the windows on the side of the control room to see one is half open. Climb up the girder here and slide the window to see Tony inside. Take the cutters from the window ledge, then go outside and use them on the thin wire.

Save your game, then examine the lamp post. Put the explosives in the bra, attach the detonator and use this on the lamp post, then quickly run to the opposite corner of this area before the explosion. Once the guards are alerted, quickly climb the lamp post. Use your screwdriver on the front of the air conditioner, then open it and climb inside. Drop down in the ventilation at the end to reach Tony and you will wake him up with your ether. Search the drawers here and read a note about Saidi, then leave.

Nick's Home

After Anita comes and goes again, use your laptop to access your files. Search for "Bioco" and enter the password as "destro32". Check the deleted messages. Now use your communicator to vidphone Thanos on 55-568-374-639. Make sure you have the scissors, tape and vidphone card. Go out towards the elevator and take the corridor opposite. Move the doormat outside the apartment here and take the magazine from beneath it. Now go to the elevator and leave.

Hotel Plaza

When talking to the receptionist, be polite then use the tried/trusted method to learn the room number 762. Exit the elevator and try to go right, but a maid will send you away. Go left to the end of the corridor, and open the fire box and take the extinguisher. Now go to room 763 and head inside to find a storeroom. Search the lockers to find a bow tie and a uniform. Put the bow tie on the uniform. Use your scissors on the magazine, then use the tape on the letter P to make it sticky. Stick the letter P on the uniform and you will automatically wear it and get rid of the maid. Open her vacuum cleaner and take the keycard from inside it.

Use the keycard in the door panel to room 762, then open the door and go inside. Go to the bar and open the fridge, then find a total of 10 small scraps of paper in and around the fridge. When you have them all they will form a note in your inventory; read it. Now use your vidcard on the monitor here to phone Thanos on 55-568-374-639. Take your vidcard again before leaving.

Nick's Home

Make sure you have the plunger, ring, glove, talc, nail polish, scissors, cling wrap, infected floppy disk and small bottle of green liquid before leaving for your new destination.


Try to open the doors, but they are all locked. Examine the windows to see one is cracked. Use your plunger on it, then the ring in the crack to make a hole. Climb through and open the box on the wall to find a Detronics keycard. Climb back out through the broken window and find the door labelled "President". Use your new keycard on the panel here, then open the door. Save your game, then walk inside look at the skirting board to the right to see a red dot; use your talc on it to avoid the laser security.

Approach the desk and move the photograph to reveal a safe on the wall. Use your nail polish on your glove, then use your scissors on your cling wrap. Use the pieces of cling wrap on the glove, then the glove on the ashtray on the desk. Now go and use the glove on the safe to open it. Take the red diary from inside and note the numbers on the back wall of the safe: 38014-56729. Now go and use the monitor, and you will wake up in a prison cell (as long as you had the green liquid with you).

Save your game, then exit the lift. In this area you need to run between the alcoves, because the robots will kill you on contact. Run to the alcove with two chairs to your right. Next run to the alcove with 8 monitors to your left. Now run to the left, around the corner and quickly click the button on the wall to open Prokopiou's cell. Click on him to wake him. Wait until another robot comes and goes, then open the other cell here and head inside. Lift up the bed then walk through the hidden door to the left. Use your Detronics keycard on the panel to reach the server area. Walk along the wall to see some accessible drives and insert your infected floppy disk to disable the robots. Use your keycard again to return to the original floor and ignore the robots on your way back to the lift.

Nick's Home

Make sure you have the fire extinguisher before leaving.


Use the fire extinguisher on the small fire in the fireplace, then press the brick that is sticking out in the chimney. Climb the staircase and look at the keypad. Enter the code 38014 (from the back of the safe) then go through the door. Take the CD from behind the box on the left. Open the box on the floor on the right and take the key from inside. Look at this in your inventory to get a new address, then leave this room and press the red button to return to the main floor. Leave this house.

Gloria's House

Save your game, then use the key in the lock to get inside. When talking to Gloria, be straight to the point, then cool down. Ask her questions and she will give you a CD and a floppy disk.

Nick's Home

Put the floppy disk in your computer and enter the password as "glory". Now put the CD in your computer - it is a music disk.

Gloria's House

Go to the TV on the right wall and take the CD from the tray after ejecting it.

Nick's Home

When you are prompted for a code, enter 56729 (from the back of the safe).