Casebook Episode 0

Casebook Episode 0

The Missing Urn

Year:  2009

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games

Casebook Episode 0: The Missing Urn is a freeware adventure set as a prequel to the main Casebook trilogy of games by Areograph Ltd. You play as a detective, helping your partner to return a missing urn to his aunt. The series commences officially with Casebook Episode 1: Kidnapped.


Where is it?

  • Urn, in small cupboard under stairs (Margaret's prints, Marcus' DNA)

How did the urn get down here?

  • Hat, on a statue on the floor (chemical)
  • Blade, amongst brooms on floor near stairs (fabric snag)
  • Hair brush, on wall near stairs (Margaret's prints, Elaine's DNA)
  • War medals, in box under rug on stairs (Margaret's prints, Boris' DNA)
  • Pom ade, on back of bicycle along far wall (Margaret's prints, Boris' DNA)
  • Ring, on giant metal fly near workbench (Elaine's DNA)

Find the food

  • Sliced loaf of bread, on left workbench
  • Salt grinder, on left workbench
  • Jar of pickles, on small cupboard under stairs (Margaret's prints)
  • Butter, in flat box on floor near bicycle
  • Chutney, on small table on right
  • Ham, on glass container on small table on right

Link the fabric snag to Margaret's dressing gown, and the hat to the pom ade. Now return the urn to Margaret.