Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the SchnibbleBizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble

AKA Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth

Game Details:  Comedy, 1995

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Walkthrough Updated:  4/4/2001

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble is a puzzle game from Coktel Vision, creators of the Gobliiins series of games. It has a similar art style and puzzle structure, but with a more open environment that you are free to explore. You take the role of Woodruff, in an adventure to save his Boozook civilisation from annihilation by the humans.


Talk to the onlooker at the bottom of the screen (several times) to learn of Azimuth and J F Sebastian. Now grab the underwear button, then look at the strange contraption. Walk to the right and talk to Sad Boozook, then to the young woman. Note the stone to learn that you can't read, then continue right.

Talk to the beggar. Lift the box, then kick the nut and take it. Throw the nut at the beggar, then take his boot after he throws it at you. Go back to Azimuth's house and throw the boot at the one above the window. Pick up both boots and you will put them on (and discover a photograph. Go and show this to the young woman, and she will give you an article.

Now head right and over the river, take the nut and keep going right. Enter the bar and talk to the guy at the bar, then go and talk to the owner up the back. She will tell you your identity. Give her the article and show it to the owner, who will teach you to read and give you an A stone. Wait for the elastic barman to drop down and pick his pocket to get a bottle opener. Look at the poster to learn about the weather station. Now go and talk to Sebastian to remember everything and appear at the title screen. Grab the brush and leave.

Go back through the bar to the outside and give the coffee to the wino. Talk to him a few times and learn that he has a hole in his memory. Dip your brush in the tar barrel, then take some feathers from the bag. Walk right again. Kick the can of food, then take the bean and the can. Look at the shop window to the right to see a kite. Now return to the street of the Sad Boozook. Put the A stone in the A imprint to get the Tobozon, then use it to get a recorded message. Dial the Canal Meteo Channel to hear a weather report. Walk left to Azimuth's house and use the elevator to head up.


Talk to the bureaucrat to learn the location of the Bigwig. Go right and talk to the nut merchant a few times. Try to enter the High Morals Club to find out it has a dress code. Head left over the bridge. Read the employment ad, then use the Tobozon to dial the appropriate number. Examine the Brotoflatron to find it needs a strul. Now try to take the finger and the owner of the store will notice you. Talk to the gambler, then follow him inside.

Look at the wheel just inside the door. Stop it using your nut, then go outside and take the finger. Go back inside. Try to talk to Jeff, but he is too distracted by the picture. Paint it with tar, then talk to Jeff and learn that he is banned from the High Morals Club. Use the feathers on him and he will fly away (and owe you a favour). Now look at the time syllable clock to note that it needs some water. Head right into the darkened area. Move the flopper and glapper and try the switch until you have the right positions to light up a big nose. Use the finger on it and you will find a secret door and head through.

Talk to the woman twice to get a new code. Play the flipper game until you break it, then pick up the Strul. Gamble with the Strul in the money machine until you have 20 Struls, then head through to the right. Move the large meteorite, then keep going right. Get on the elevator and go up.

Bigwig's Area

Talk to the gardener, then look at the ads to get more codes. Take the shirt front from the robot. Enter the Store to get some glasses, then go in again to get a fake jaw. Now dial up the Heart to Body channel on your tobozon. Enter the new code to speak to Coh Cott's secretary. Now stop using the tobozon then look at it again. Dial Coh Cott's personal number, but she is not interested. Head left to the fountain area.

Buy a hat from the powerless wiseman (give him a Strul). Talk to him several times and he will give you the code to a temple. Go through the passage to the bottom and talk to the working Boozook. Use the public tobozon to listen to the President. Go back to the top, then right to the Big Wig area. Look at the stain and take the trash bag. Now head through to the left.

Talk to the leader of the followers several times. Now pick up the paper and you will get depressed. Sit down on the bench and click on yourself several times to start crying. Press the doorbell on the left and you will be brought a handkerchief. Press it a second time to get a note from Azimuth. Type his code into your tobozon to get a video message. Talk to the factory guard to learn that you need a work permit to enter. Go left to the temple, but you need a bluxtre nut to get inside here. Go left, then down to the right and head back down on the elevator, then go left to the Virtual Trip Tower. Go down and talk to the owner, who asks for something hard in exchange for the nut. Remembering the weather forecast, go up, right and up the elevator to the Bigwig Area. Use your weather watch to get some meteorite. Go back down, left and down to the owner of the trip tower and give him the meteorite in exchange for the bluxtre nut.

Now head back up to the Bigwig Area and go left twice to reach the temple. Show the nut to the guard, and he will tell you he needs the pulp of the nut. Look at the weather channel on your tobozon to find out another meteor shower is due at the Admin Area. Go back down the elevator and head down to the left. Use your weather watch, then put the nut on the cross - it will roll away. Head down the elevator and go left then into the dark passage to return to Wino's Alley. Dip the nut in the tar barrel. Head back right and up the elevator, then use your watch again and put the nut on the cross. Take the pulp, go back up to the temple, and give it to the guard.


Take the lid and gasoline container. Read the message on the door to get the code for Council. Head right to level 3. Approach the door to the Throne Room (on the left) and enter the correct code (from your tobozon) to be let inside. Take the list of magic formulae, then talk to the Strength Wiseman to learn that his Energy syllable is locked in a chest. Talk to the King to get the Leading syllable. Give him your bottle opener and you will be knighted and given a key ring. Grab the chewing gum from the floor, then read the menu before heading outside.

Go through the right archway to reach level 2, where you can talk to the Word Wiseman. Enter the code to the Talent Wiseman's door and you will speak briefly to his wife. Now enter the Council Chamber (enter the right code, then reach through the window) and talk to the Time Wiseman. Go back outside and right to the 2nd level. Enter the code for the Word Wiseman's room and talk to his pet. Give it the bean and you will learn the Basic syllable. Go to the entrance of the temple and give this syllable to the Word Wiseman, who will give you 2 new codes.

Go back into the temple and enter the Health Wiseman's room to discover he is missing (click on the window to get inside). Go to level 2 and enter the code for the Fertility Wiseman. Talk to his wife to learn he is stuck in the Asylum. Go back to the Virtual Trip Tower and give some struls to the owner. Sit down and you will get the Healing syllable. Now go back to the Council Chamber and talk to the Word Wiseman and the Health Wiseman. Using info from your formula sheet, create the Memory and Diagnosis formulae.

Go back down the elevator to Brotoflatron Plaza. Put a strul in the brotoflatron to get a photo. Send it through the drive in the tobozon and you will be rejected. Use the shirt front, glasses, chin and tarbrush on yourself, then take another photo. Send this one through and you don't have a nice enough smile. Look at the weather forecast on the tobozon to learn that rain is expected in the Red Light District. Go there (head left twice) and use the weather watch, then use the hat to catch some rain water. Now head back to the right twice and enter the Cui Cui store. Use your chewing gum on the hose and pour water into the reservoir to learn the Time syllable. Grab the chewing gum. Now make the Past formula.

Head all the way back to the Council Chamber and give the Time syllable to the Time Wiseman - you will learn the Advice syllable. Leave the temple and go down both elevators, then head left twice to reach the memorial. Use the Past formula on the statue to go back in time. Get the ear of corn, then examine the jar, push the rock, and get the fish from the helmet. Use the fish on the Commander's armour. Grab the trident. Talk to the dying Boozook and show him your key ring, then he will give you a horn and the code to the safe. Leave him and pick up the trident. Blow the horn, then push the small rock behind the statue. Now use the trident on the next rock (twice), then pull the injured Boozook by his feet. Talk to him to learn that he will leave you the Intuition syllable. Return to the present. Grab the stone fish from the statue's armour.

Now go back up both elevators and head left twice to reach Slammer's Dead End. Walk into the hut on the right and the master will tell you to call Coh Cott again. Take the snail shell and stone arm, then call her. Put the stone fish in the fish imprint to get the very useful Transportozon (use this to zap anywhere in the game you have already been). Go to the Throne Room and enter the warrior's code into the chest to get the Energy syllable. Make the Strength formula. Give the Energy syllable to the Energy Wiseman.

Go to the Taste Wiseman's house and use the code to talk to him - he wants Schnapture spice. Go back to the Brotoflatron and use all the accessories in order, then insert a coin to get a perfect photo. Send this through the Tobozon. Now head left and use the Strength formula on the Bureaucrat to get a breathing certificate. Send this through the Tobozon too, and you will get an employment certificate. Head to the factory and give this certificate to the guard. Talk to the Foreman once you are inside.

Get the hat and use it on the mirror. If it is defective, through it in the reject bin. If it is okay, press the switch, get the crate, put the hat in the crate, then walk to the front of the conveyor belt (in line below the machine at the top of the screen). You will automatically bounce the crate to the top machine (if you miss, you were standing in slightly the wrong position - try again). Go up and put your finger on the knot to send the hat correctly. WIth the next hat, go and give it to the Foreman - you will be locked up!


Click on Woodruff repeatedly until you drop to the floor. Pick up the chain and use it on the left wall, then get the screw and use it to pick the door lock and escape. Use the screw on the hook behind the closet, then enter the closet to get all your stuff back. Talk to the "ordinary weirdo" to learn a tax code, then use this on the Tobozon. Punch the nurse, pull the lever, and go through to the lab.

Pick up the seed, then talk to the Professor and the Fertility Wiseman. Go to the fountain area and use the Talent syllable with the Wiseman here. Now put the seed in the fountain. Pour in some water from your hat, then take the spice from the plant. Go back to the lab and head left to the fan platform. Put gasoline in the tank and press the switch. Look at the fan.

Talk to the censors, then to Jeff, who opens the door for you. Try to go through the door and you will be stopped. Go and put your trash bag on the brazier, then go through the door. Talk to the president and give him your button. Get the video tapes and put them in the VCR to learn the Artistic syllable, then make the Happiness formula. Walk outside and look at the graffiti to talk to the Master and get the power of nasal control. Go back to the asylum and use the Happiness formula on the special weirdo in the window. You will get the Green syllable, so you can now make the Growth formula.

Back in the lab, use the Green syllable on the Fertility Wiseman and the Growth formula on the Professor. Go to the Taste Wiseman's house and give him the spice - he will give you the Boozooioli. Go to Council Chamber (all the Wisemen should be here now). Learn about evil, then put the can on the table and take the Schprotznog. Talk to each Wiseman before leaving.


Go to the Wino's alley and use the Memory formula on the drunk - he lost his job at the jail. Give him a photo (go take another one if you need to) and he will give you the rules to play rummy. Press the switch outside the bar, then walk slightly to the left to receive the power of hair control from the Master. Go to Slammer's Dead End and talk to the guard about a job - he tells you to get a signed form from Admin. Go there and talk to the Bureaucrat, then use the Strength formula on him again. Use the Memory formula on him to get a form. Now head to the public Tobozon (beneath the fountain) to get the power of Ocular Control. Go to the toy shop and use the Strength formula to get a kite. Go back to Slammer's Dead End and give the form to the guard.

Once you are inside, get the rag from the roof and use it on the window on the ground. Talk to the robot when it appears (you will suggest a hobby). Talk to the guards to start a card game, and give the rummy rules to the robot. Now go up to the prison tower and check the weather forecast on the Tobozon. Use your weather watch, then put the kite on the cross - you will be carried up to the next level. Talk to the prisoner, then continue up the tower. Use the stone arm to get the rope, then use your new grabber on the left gargoyle. You will get facial control (and the power of levitation) from the Master.

Return to the fan platform and use the Levitation power on the fan. Use your shell on the spiral imprint to get the Intuitive symbol, then make the Insight formula. Also use your Tobozon to contact Coh Cott again, to get an invitation to the Eye Party, and a new code. Use this code on the panel on this screen, then go talk to the Eye Doorman, who won't let you in. Transport back to the prison tower, and use the grabber on the right gargoyle. Use the Insight formula on the wall to get inside. Talk to Azimuth and get the Viblefrotzer.

Transport to the Virtual Trip Tower and use the Insight formula on the 3-cup trickster so that his eye drops. Go down to the Street of Stairs and pick up the eye. Go to the Aristocrat's Terrace again and use the eye on the door to get inside. Look at Coh Cott to note she is under a spell, then use the Diagnostic formula on her. Transport to the experimentation lab to mix a potion (just use the test tubes), then go back to the party and use the antidote on her glass. Use the Happiness formula on her. After your performanc, talk to her several times, then pat the dog. Transport to the factory and talk to the leader of the sect to learn a mantra. Use this on the microphone in the Bigwig area to enter the Sect HQ.

Use the mantra on the empty place when it is your turn (you need to do this 3 times). Now talk to the high priest. Go and use the computer, then talk to hiim again. Put a strul in the cult's hole, then use the computer. Talk to the high priest, make another donation, and use the computer again. Talk to the high priest, who tells you the sacred code is "the sacred code". Use the computer, and it will ask for another donation, so do it. Back to the computer to learn the concentration cycle. Use the Levitation power to become the chosen one. Click on the gongs in the right sequence (grand, grand, small, grand, small, small), then take the Ceedeerom. For a less-than-satisfactory ending to the game, head into the initiation room (save your game first).

Transport to Coh Cott's room and use the Growth formula on the plant. Climb the plant to reach the Bigwig's apartment. Click on the force-field, then use the Levitate power on it. Use the lid on the Bigwig then quickly use the Ceedeerom in the VCR slot to hypnotise him. Use the Viblefrotzer on him, then get the magnetic card from his clothes. Press the switch behind the chair, then click on the beast. When the beast invades Woodruff, eat the Boozooioli. Put the Schprotznog on the hook then use the chewing gum on it. Click on the lock. When you are able, click on the lever of the Schprotznog to capture the beast. Finally use the magnetic card on the lock.