Ben Jordan Case 4Ben Jordan Case 4

Horror at Number 50

Game Details:  Mystery, 2005

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/28/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Ben Jordan Case 4: Horror at Number 50 is the fourth in a long-running series of point-and-click adventures starring Ben Jordan, and created by Grundislav Games. This follows after Ben Jordan Case 3: The Sorceress of Smailholm. In this game, you are investigating a series of ghost stories and sightings related to the mysterious Number 50 Berkeley Square. The series continues with Ben Jordan Case 5: Land of the Rising Dead.

Day 1

After the other investigators leave, go upstairs and knock on the left door. Ask Otto about everything, then leave again. Go through the 4th door into your own room. Search the nightstand to get a piece of paper, then look at it in your inventory. Leave your room and go upstairs again. Go through the double doors into the Travel Room, then continue through another door into a storeroom. Search the large cardboard box to get some scissors. Go back out through the Travel Room, then through the single door and up through the door at the top of the stairs.

Ask Simon about everything. Look at the padlock and try to open it, then return down 2 sets of stairs. Enter Otto's room on the left and ask him about a lock pick. After he suggests asking somebody else, use the phone in your inventory to dial the number from the piece of paper: 020-7428-4800. Ask Miggs about everything.

Go down to the lobby and look at the books in the bookcase, then grab one from the left side, 4th row up. In your inventory, examine the book, then use your scissors on it to get an old rusty key. Head all the way up all 3 sets of stairs and use the rusty key on the padlock.

Back down near the bedrooms, knock on the right door and talk to Alice about everything. Go downstairs and roll up the rug to look beneath it, then try to open the trapdoor. Phone Miggs again on 020-7428-4800 and ask him about the trapdoor.

Go all the way upstairs, and Simon will tell you that the key has gone missing again. Go down 2 sets of stairs. Knock on Otto's door on the left and ask him about everything. Next knock on Alice's door on the right and ask her about everything. Now knock on Simon's door, then go inside. Enter the bathroom to talk to him. Back out of his room, knock on both Otto's door and Alice's doors and tell them about the meeting. Look at your notebook to see another phone numbers, then use your phone to dial 020-4469-0976. Talk to Percy about everything.

Go upstairs and into the Travel Room. After the meeting, choose to hang out with Simon and Alice.

Day 2

After Madame Tilly leaves, go up to the Travel Room. Ask Madame Tilly about everything, then go back downstairs.

Knock on Alice's door, then ask her about everything. Enter her bathroom and examine the toilet. Remove the top of the toilet, then examine the water level and the mechanism. Try to pull on the mechanism, but it is jammed. Look at the grime around the stopper and try to remove the grime, but you don't want to dirty your hands.

Leave Alice's room and knock on Simon's door. Ask him about everything, then enter his bathroom. Open the cabinet and take the jar of toilet cleaner from inside. Go back to Alice's room and enter the bathroom. Remove the top of the toilet again and use the toilet cleaner in the water. Use the mechanism, then take the silver key.

Leave Alice's bedroom and go downstairs to the lobby. Use the silver key on the trapdoor, then climb down. Open the cabinet and take the wax candle and matches. Phone Percy again on 020-4469-0976, and ask him to bring you something valuable. Climb up and answer the front door to get your grandmother's ring from Percy.

Go up to the Travel Room. Use your scissors on yourself to end up with some blood in the empty jar you are holding. Use your matches on the candle in your inventory to light it, then give this to Madame Tilly. Also give her the jar of blood, and show her your grandmother's ring. Show her the ring once more.

Day 3

Look at the message on your bathroom mirror, then leave your room. Knock on Otto's door, and ask him about everything, then knock on Alice's door and ask her about everything. Go up both sets of stairs and talk to Simon about everything. You will go together to the new room.

After Simon disappears, walk to the right, then back to the left, then to the right and through the door. Continue through the next door to the right in a very large room. When you reach 3 doors, try any one of them. If you don't end up back in the main landing, continue through these series of rooms until you do.

After talking to Alice and Otto, return to your own room. You will automatically take a phone call from Percy. Open the window in your room and climb on to the windowsill. Break off a piece of the drain pipe, then climb back inside. Go up both sets of stairs and use the pipe on the padlock, then go through the door. Look at the odd marks on the wall and touch them. Pull the rope on the right.

Return to Otto's room and talk to them both about everything, and they will go upstairs with you. After the portal is open, quickly walk over and pull the rope on the right. Once Madame Tilly is covering her ears, hit her with the pipe.