The Explorer's Legacy

Game Details:  Adventure, 1998

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/5/2004

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Amerzone is a fantasy adventure where you play as a reporter investigating the legend of mysterious great white birds, as told to you by an old retired explorer. It is the first game from Belgian videogame designer Benoît Sokal, who went on to create the Syberia series of games.

Chapter 1

The postman will ride past and ask you to deliver the letter to the old man at the lighthouse. Walk down the road and take the letter from the slot in the gate, then open the gate and enter the grounds. Go straight ahead into the lighthouse and pick up the sledge hammer at the base of the stairs. Climb the stairs and talk to Valembois, who will tell you of Amerzone and then pass away. Look in the drawer to the right, then read all the letters in your inventory. Also look at the photograph of the girl on the small table. One of the letters has a phone number at the top - use the phone on the wall to dial this number (0346528179) but you will not learn anything more.

Go up the spiral staircase to the library. Pick up Valembois' journal from the desk, and read through the whole thing - most of it won't make sense yet, but it will be invaluable throughout the rest of the game. Climb up the ladder and go along the walkway to find another letter, and read it in your inventory. Now go all the way back to the ground floor, and open the trapdoor. Go down and turn on the light with the big switch, then head along the narrow passage, and down a spiral staircase.

If you head down the flight of stairs you will reach a red door that is locked. Go back up the stairs and turn left to find a computer room. Flip the big switch on the wall, then turn on the CPU (on the right) and on the monitor (on the left). Pick up the floppy disk, then look at the monitor and insert the disk. You are prompted for a six-digit password, so look at Valembois' journal, and on the first page of writing is his date of birth. Enter this as the password (280604) followed by the star button. When "Authentication" appears, click on it and then click on "Load" when you get the chance. Go back down the flight of stairs and open that red door.

In the next room, pick up the large metal bar with the hook on the end, which is on the floor to the right. Step forward into the elevator and put this hook into the hole near the floor, then pull the lever to make the elevator move. Turn around and you will see gray bricks blocking your path. Use your sledge hammer to make a hole, then go through into a large cavern. Walk forward and pull the yellow lever, and you will see a large egg being carried away from you - this is the egg you need to transport to the Amerzone. Go back to the elevator and pull the lever to go back up. Now remove the hook and pull the lever to go all the way to the bottom.

Go through the door and you will see the egg in its cradle, next to a Hydrafloat. If you look in the small room over to the left of this area, you will see a map outlining the various levels of the underground caverns, and the route the egg took to get to this area. In the area to the right, there is a lever at the top of a ladder, which moves the egg into the Hydrafloat. After pulling this lever, head down along the path to the right of the Hydrafloat and you will be able to turn right to find another elevator. Get inside, press the red button to close the door, then look at the controls and press the up arrow. Exit the elevator and look through the telescope to see birds flying away in the direction of 140 degrees. Go back down in the elevator and return to the Hydrafloat.

Inside, look at the controls and insert your disk. Select "Plane" mode, and it will ask you for details - try entering 140 as that was the direction of the birds, but this doesn't work. Look at Valembois' journal page 4, and you see the direction of the geese +5 degrees. Try entering 145, and you will leave this location.

Chapter 2

After crashing, look at the controls and try changing to "Sail" mode, but you won't get very far. Look at the controls again and change to "Submarine" mode and you will find passage into an inlet. Leave the Hydrafloat and talk to the grumpy old man on the jetty - he needs you to free the sperm whale that is trapped here so that the fish will start biting again.

Head along the jetty to the land, and enter the ship/bar. Pick up the helmet from the table, and the knife from the dartboard. Leave the bar and head along the beach, past the windmill, to an old hangar. Go inside and pick up the fuel can from the floor on the right, and the wrench from the workbench at the back. Come back outside and fill up the fuel can with the pump. Now head back to the windmill. Use the lever on the nearest side of the windmill to start it turning. Now head around to the other side and turn the wheel on the left. Use your wrench on the pipe leading into the water, then attach your helmet to the other end of the pipe. Now pull the lever on the windmill to provide air to the helmet. Pick up the helmet and you should enter the water.

Go forward and you will see the net tied to a stake in the ground. Cut it with your knife and the whale will be free. Keep going forward twice more, then turn slightly to the right and go forward again to find a partially buried Hydrafloat. Leave the water the same way you came in, and go and talk to the old man again. He tells you about the other Hydrafloat and gives you the key to a chest. Go all the way to the end of the beach, over some rocks and down into a small hut. Use the key to open the chest and retrieve another disk.

Return to the jetty and get into your Hydrafloat. Put the fuel from your fuel can into the fuel tank (just left of the egg). Look at the controls again and activate "Grapnel" mode. Pull the lever just to the right, to shoot the grapnel hook into the water. Now get back in the water. Go back to the submerged Hydrafloat and attach the hook to the door. Back in your Hydrafloat, pull the lever to pull the door off its hinges. Back in the water again, get inside the submerged Hydrafloat and look at the controls to see the numbers 227. Finally, go to your Hydrafloat one last time. Put in the new disk you found in the chest. Now use the controls and select "Helicopter" mode, then enter direction 227 and you will be off again.

Chapter 3

Change to "Sail" mode and you will reach a jetty. Leave the Hydrafloat and go straight ahead to some locked gates. Go back to the right and enter the graveyard to find another old man, who will give you the gate key and tell you there is fuel in the town. Use the key to unlock the gates, then continue through the deserted town until you meet a soldier who knocks you out and throws you in jail. Pick up the jug from your bed, and use it to catch the beetle on the wall. In his journal, Valembois shows a similar beetle and its effects. Look at the hole near the bottom of the jail door, and put the beetle in the bottle of alcohol. Once the guard collapses, take the key and use it to open the door.

Look at the jeep and pick up the rope and fuel can. Find the inn and talk to the drunk soldier, who says something has happened to the priest. Go straight across to the church, but the doors are locked. Return to the well and use the rope to climb down. Go along the passage, up the stairs and up the ladder into the church. Talk to the priest, and using his advice look at the bible. Turn the pages until you find a small key, then use this to open the cupboard above the altar and pick up the disk and letter. Read the letter. Now go back down through the confessional and down the ladder. Go all the way back through the tunnel, then out the town gate to your Hydrafloat. Fill it with fuel like you did last time, then put in the third disk and go to "Glider" mode.

Chapter 4

Leave the Hydrafloat and walk through the jungle to find a small hut. Pick up the map and the fuel can and return to the Hydrafloat. Fill it with fuel again, then start the engine. When you are blocked by the herd of Porcopotami, sound your horn to make them move. You will then stop in front of two tricorn buffalo, and when you try to go forward, your engine will be damaged. Turn to the left and activate your "Grapnel" mode. Now click on the top of the nearest large rock, and you will be pulled towards and past it. Repeat this several times, then fire your grapnel hook at the large rhinopotamus in the water in front of you - it will tow you to a jetty, then run away with your grapnel hook.

Leave your Hydrafloat and follow the rope to find the rhinopotamus. If you get too close he will ram you; go back and take the path into the jungle. Wander around and you will eventually find a blowpipe and darts. Go back and shoot the animal, then approach it and free your grapnel hook. Go back to the Hydrafloat, turn right and continue your journey. You will find another jetty, and if you try to continue with the grapnel hook, it will be thrown back at you by a pair of pechosaurs. Leave the Hydrafloat and follow the path until you see bee-hives on the cliff face. Pick up the small stick and use it on the large stick to create a fire; this will force the pechosaurs to leave their post. Return to your Hydrafloat and continue the journey to find another jetty.

Chapter 5

Pick up the egg and leave the Hydrafloat. Turn right and head along the jetty and you will see a lever - unfortunately you cannot use it as there is a snake guarding it. Go back along the jetty to find a village. Look in the rooms around to the left, and you will find the second one has a back door leading out to the jungle. Go through here and follow the path to the right, into a cave and up a ladder. Follow the path at the top and turn the wheel to open a small dam and allow water down to the village. Head back down and go through the back door again. Look at the desk in this room and open the drawer to find another disk.

Back in the village, turn right to see a native girl. Talk to her, then place the egg in front of her, and she asks for "munka" (coconut), "locuolo" (white flowers) and "chico" (red beetle). Go back to the cave in the jungle and look down to see the red beetle - pick it up. Turn back towards the village and go forward until you see some white flowers on the right - pick them up too. Continue to the end of the path and shake the coconut tree, then pick up a coconut. Head back into the village again. In one room you will find a room with some white husks on the floor - place the white flowers in the other end of the machine, then come back and pick up the crushed flowers in a bowl. In another room there is a hammering machine - place the coconut in the other end, then pick up the bowl of coconut milk.

Go back to the native girl and give her the beetle, crushed flowers and coconut milk, and she will give you the treated egg. Go back to the jetty and pull the lever guarded by the snake (which will be lured away by the native girl). Get back in your Hydrafloat and replace the egg in its cradle. Insert the new disk and change to "Boat" mode, then adjust the throttle on the right to move forward.

Chapter 6

After the crash, pick up the egg and climb the ladder into the nearby hut. Take the small pouch and leave the hut again. You will see a pole nearby with 3 holes at the bottom. Use the pouch on each of these holes until you see a web-footed giraffe in the distance. Go in this direction to find another pole and repeat the procedure. Unfortunately there is no direct path this time, and you must backtrack and find you way through the swamp to eventually find another pole (near some clearly man-made platforms). Use the pouch on this third pole. When the web-footed giraffes arrive, click on the nearest one to climb aboard, then grab the harness and you will go for a ride. At the end, climb the ladders, then make your way onto a rope bridge.

Chapter 7

Continue along the rope bridge, then along the path and up some steps into a temple. Talk to Alvarez, then take his medals and turn the wheel on the wall. Go back half-way down the steps, then in through the new opening. Walk up the ramp and use the glider, but it doesn't have enough momentum to leave the track at the bottom. Leave the glider and look around this cavern. Go over to a bowl hanging over a lava pit, and turn the crank next to it to bring the bowl over on to the ground. Place the medals in the bowl, then pick up the gold key that is formed. Head over to an alcove on the left and put the key in the slot, then turn it multiple times to completely open the shutters on this room. Now climb back up into the glider for a rapid ride.

Look around and you will see a piece of rock jutting out over the lava. Near this point is a cave opening - go inside and put the egg on the throne to confirm it is ready. Now find a small bird statuette around the opposite lip of the lava pool. Come back to the piece of rock jutting out and set the egg down. Pierce it with the statuette to complete the game.