Alone in the Dark 3Alone in the Dark 3

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 1994

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/12/2015

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Alone in the Dark 3 is the third in a long-running series of 3rd person horror adventure games with combat and survival elements. In this game you play as Edward Carnby, exploring an old Western movie set. The story is continued in Alone in the Dark 4.


Walk to the bridge and it will explode. Run into the town and go to the saloon; before heading inside, pick up the gas can from the porch. Now go into the saloon and pick up the oil can from the ground, the key from the table, and the maraca from the stage. Use your gas can on the projector to see a short movie. Go into a small room in the corner of the room to find a matchbox. Now go behind the bar and stay beneath the walkway while the gunman enters and tries to shoot you. After he leaves, search the shelves to get a flask, a bottle and some wood alcohol. Throw the bottle to break it, then pick up the token from inside. Go and use the token in the side of the harpsichord to learn some history.

Take the oil lamp, then push the nearest horn on the skull behind the bar. Stand behind this horn while the next gunman arrives and shoots at you. After he runs out of bullets, run over and kill him, then pick up the ace of diamonds and gold bullet. Fall down through the trapdoor into the cellar. Use your oil to fill the lamp, then use your matches to light it, then use the lamp itself and you will be able to see. Go to the other end of the room and take the cane. Look at the poster on the wall to get a clue, then open the left barrel. Use your maraca to lure the snakes out of the barrel into the room, then go through the barrel and climb the ladder.


Pick up the stone from the bed and throw it, then pick up the Indian amulet from inside. Kill the gunman that climbs up after you, then head over to the cell door. Use your cane near the door to get the cell key. Kill another gunman if it has appeared, then use your new key on the cell door and leave the room. Head down the corridor and into the other room. Put your wood alcohol on the floor in front of the drunkard; pick up the empty flask when the drunkard is gone. Head back out to the corridor and through the other doorway with the pentagram on the floor.

Enter the first doorway to your left, which is the Sheriff's room. Use your key to open the gun cabinet and take a Winchester. Search the desk to get the Sheriff's badge and some bullets. Read the posters on the wall before leaving this room. Go straight through the opposite door - you can open the wood stove in here if you want, but you will just have to kill a big thug. Go back out and head to the main room at the end of this corridor. Push the large wardrobe so that it blocks the closed doors, then open the wardrobe and take the shotgun. Climb up the rope ladder.


Pick up the whip, then run forwards along the pathway until you see a floating block with an intermittent red light; avoid the light and pick up the voodoo hangman's rope. Follow the pathway again until you reach a cast iron plate - pick this up as well, then wear it. Ignore the orange door for now and pick up the cartridge belt. Use the whip on the Lone Miner around the corner to get a bag full of gold coins. Use your gold bullet to load it into the Winchester, then use the Winchester to kill the Lone Miner. Pick up the sack full of scorpions.

Return to the orange door and shoot it open, then go inside and use your oil lamp to create some light. When you can't breath, use the voodoo hangman's rope. Next use the sack full of scorpions on the open trap door and push the lever to close it. Walk on to the trap door and search to find a stick of dynamite and a piece of dried meat. Ready your shotgun, then go back outside and kill the two gunmen. Go around to the room with the barrel and pick up the gatling gun and the flask, then quickly stand in the corner of the room behind the barrel so you don't get shot through the closed door. Now pick up the short fuse from behind the barrel and use it to put it in the crack in the wall. Use your matches on it, then quickly go to the corner of the room before the explosion.

Go through the new opening and stand on the stone with the arrow symbol, then go through the new opening. Follow the corridors and kill the gunman, then continue until you find a large machine. Use the Sheriff's badge on the machine to replace the missing gear, then use your whip on it to activate it and head through the newly opened door (back where you killed the last gunman). Pick up another flask, then go on to the plank to get a box of cartridges. Now back up and run to the end of the plank to leap into the opposite building.


Walk forward and pick up the costume jewelry ring from near the hole in the floor. Turn around and go back toward the window, and use your matches on the left lantern, then go through the door that opens. Pick up the sheet from a newspaper and read it. Walk forward and put your dried meat into the clock to silence the vulture; the Arizona Kid will then jump back into his picture on the wall. You will automatically take a token; go to the corner of the room and take the night valet, and pick up the flask from near the picture of the Arizona Kid, before heading through the picture.

Search the dressing table to get a 30/30 bullet, a bulb and a pearl. Push the mirror to find a key. Search the near bed post to find an arrow, then use this on the cupid on the far bed post. Now head back out through the picture, out to the corridor and towards the hole in the floor. Use your key out to the corridor again and use the key to unlock the door here, then pick up the diary, flask and instruction sheet. Go over to the small dragon figurine near the head of the bed; use your costume ring to remove the diamond, and use this on the figurine to find a box of cartridges. Read the diary and instruction sheet, then head out to the balcony.

Walk carefully along the balcony until a gunman starts shooting through the shutters. Quickly put the night valet down in front of the shutters, then wait for the gunman to come out and fall to his death. Now push the nearest shutter down to cover the hole so you can walk into the room. Search the table to get a key, then walk around behind the table to find a shutter release, instruction sheet and flash. Read the instruction sheet, then look at all 3 photos on the wall. Go back outside to the balcony, in to the previous room and back to the corridor. Head towards the window and use your new key on the final locked door to the right. Go inside and pick up the oil can, but don't approach the monster in here. Stand in the circle near the closet on the right. Use the bulb, then the shutter release. Use the flash and the monster will disappear. Use the oil can to refill your oil lamp. Punch or shoot the target on the locker, then search it to get a flask and a war stick. Use your token on the side of the harpsichord, then drop down the shaft.


Use your matches, then use your lit lamp to be able to see. Drop the lamp here, as you won't need it again, then run down and out of the opening cave to a lava area. Jump over the rising platforms until your path is blocked by an Indian - show him the war stick and he will back away. Approach him to find a box of cartridges and a small key. Continue jumping over some more pillars; the order is important because jumping on some pillars causes raising of others. When you are facing towards an Indian painting on a wall and there is a pillar that has not raised up yet, use your Indian amulet and you will be transported out of this area.


Kill an enemy with throwing stars and pick up a flask, then go over and kill a gunman and pick up a top hat and a key. Use the key on the left double doors and head through. Search the 3 bookshelves to find a white book, a watch-maker's manual and a locked book, then use the small key on the locked book. Read all 3 books. Search the statue at the end of the hallway to find a pocket watch. Search the side table to get a printing plate, then use this on the mirror next to the table to read it. Next use your matches to light the candle on the side table, then read the white book while standing next to the candle.

Leave this room and go to the double doors at the other side of the checked floor. Open these doors using the pocket watch. After you get knocked down and then stand back up again, walk to Morrison to get a story board. Read the story board, then use your top hat on the bust here - you will get 2 boxes of cartridges. Quickly go and stand on the floor in front of the large stained-glass window and wait for the zombie to arrive, then shoot the window before killing the zombie. Climb the steps and go out through the window, then quickly go over to the stone platform in the middle of the graveyard and use your war stick to kill the undertakers before they reach you. Now go to the gravestone marked OEJ and use the ace of diamonds to open it. Climb in to the grave to receive a message, and you will be raised up to the top floor.

Read the message from One-Eyed Jack, then search the table to get an oil can. Pick up the roll of film from the ground, and get the bag of pemmican from the sideboard. Use the oil on the fireplace, then walk through the new opening into the ballroom. Run to the middle part of the ballroom; search the lady to get some cartridges, and the large man to get a hammer. Now go to the far end of the ballroom and dodge the bullets from one of the musicians on the stage, then search the record player to get a guitar string, a musical score and the key to a safe. Go back to the other end of the ballroom and kill the shooting midget, avoiding the spinning one. Now go back to a partially hidden passage behind the sideboard in the previous room. Open the door here and go to another hallway. Try opening both the doors down the corridor, but there are brick walls behind them. Turn around and go back to the door directly opposite the one where you entered - it is locked. Use your 30/30 bullet in the door, then use the hammer on the door to break it open.

Enter the room here and search the model train station to get a blasting cap, map and light bulb. Go to the other side of the room and use the guitar string and light bulb on the mounting table. Now use the musical score to see the code 806, and use the roll of film to watch it. Read the map in your inventory. Go through the next door to find a bank.


Search the table to get a red astronomy book, then read it. Open the green picture on the far wall, then keep using the code entry device to enter the code 806 - this will deactivate a trap behind the bank counters. Go there now and use your pearl on the vault, then use the key to a safe on it. After the bank teller steals your amulet, kill him and take it back. Head into the vault and get the box of cartridges and Hill Century's money. Open the window and you will slide outside.

Train Station

Take the message from McCarthy. Search the saddle in the corner to get a flask, then the mine car to get a detonator box and a box of cartridges. McCarthy will send you on a journey in the mine car, then he will be shot. Quickly enter the train station and the doors will close behind you. Push the Station sign, then pick up the key that falls to the floor, before killing any enemies that the guy in the rafters managed to call. Search the rails along the side of the room to find an eye-bolt. Save your game.

Use this on the bell beside the door 3 times and it will open. Run outside quickly as the door is rising. Turn left and use your blasting cap on the fence. Run to the opposite rocks and use your detonator box to blow up the train station - if you are too slow your money will be stolen and you should load your game again. Now head to the water tower and drop the money and suitcase key as instructed, then you will be killed. As long as you have the indian amulet, you will be resurrected as a cougar.


Run out of the cave and out of the cemetery., then into the saloon. Go upstairs and jump over the hole in the floor. Run out the window and jump out the window and on to the statue - you will get the golden eagle. Go to the mine car tracks and turn right, then go between the shack and the next building to find a barrel. Use the barrel to get tar on your paw. Go through the open doorway into the foyer of the mansion and put your paw into the cask of silver salts to get a silver paw. Go back outside and kill the two werewolves, then go back through the cemetery into the cave. Walk towards the fire and you will automatically put the golden eagle into it.

After climbing out of your grave, pick up the soap from behind your tombstone, then the colt from the tracks. Head back to the water tower and drop the colt, then touch your double to merge with him. Pick up the colt again, then climb up the ladder. Drop down into the water tank and use the soap to kill the dirty ghoul, then pick up the metallic brush and the nearby flask. Use the metallic brush on the peg sticking out from the central structure. Drop down the new opening.


Pick up the notebook and the dead leaf, then use the dead leaf on the bust in the wall and read the map on the wall next to it. Read the notebook in your inventory. Climb up the ladder and kill the two enemies without using your gun. Search the niches in the walls to find a flask and a pick-axe, then enter the next room. Pick up the sheets of paper and read them, then save your game.

Walk towards the ledge near the right side and a hidden platform will appear beneath your feet - the view will then change to a top-down view, and you can walk across the spiky pit as follows from right to left:

Once you reach the other side, kill the first enemy with your colt gun, then kill the enemy in the next room with your pick-axe. Pick up the book he drops and read it. Search for a scorched book in the shelves near the lit candle, then go over to the large pillar and search it to find a candlestick. Pick up the water pitcher from behind the pilllar. Go over and get the needle in the doorway before heading through. Use the water pitcher on the small rifleman, then enter the elevator after the door opens. Pick up the piggy-bank and throw it, then take the microscope glass plate from inside. Push the lever to raise the elevator, then exit the elevator and go to the end of the room. Use the glass plate on the microscope, then use the microscope to see this pattern: white, green, blue, red. Now push the stones on the wall in this order, then enter the next room.

Search the wooden table to get a vial of poison, then use this on your needle. Walk around to the other part of the room and use your poison on the distilling coil, then you will shrink. Enter the jail cell and use your poisoned needle on the prisoner. Pick up the piece of straw, the key and the bottle of ammonia. Use the key on the cell door, then exit the cell. Use your poison on the distilling coil again, and go through the very small doorway, then use your piece of straw and run towards the gap to vault across. Pick up the vial with a potion on the other side, then quickly continue through the next doorway before you regain your normal size. Avoid the crawling beast and quickly use your vial on the glowing food; keep avoiding the beast until it eats and then shrinks. Go over and step on the beast. Carefully get the pot of glue from near the cobweb, avoiding the cobweb itself. Use the pot of glue, then climb up the shaft of light in the side of the cave.

Quickly take Hammer's head from the table and throw it down the hole you just climbed up. Take the lead ingot from on top of the anvil, then push the anvil and take the Winchester and the flask. Go to the next room and use the Winchester to kill Cobra, then take his wig, a silver dollar, and another flask. Search the picture on the wall, then use your silver dollar on it and continue through the open doorway and climb down the ladder. Pick up the box of matches, then continue through the next door. Avoid the red engravings near Emily in this room, and go and pick up the parchment, bullets and scorched newspaper in the far corner. Approach the crucible and use the lead ingot, then the box of matches - Emily will be freed. Pick up the hardened lead (which is now an evil wand). Read the parchment and the newspaper. Now head out through the doorway you saw Jed leave through earlier.

After the door closes behind you, quickly kill the enemy in here and take his knife. Turn around and throw the bottle of ammonia at the closed door you came through to wake Emily up - she will save you. Go to the metal door with the spikes and use Cobra's wig on the chain near it, then open the door and go through. Immediately run over to the large eagle statue and use the evil wand on it - this will get rid of the Elwoods. Grab the flask from the corner of the room, then head over near the large water reservoir. Pick up the rubber glove and use it. Use your knife on the electrical wires, then open the water faucet. Run back towards the eagle statue and wait for Cyborg Jed to get electrocuted.

Pick up the sack of coal, then go through the open door and approach the train engine. Use your sack of coal in the furnace, then use your box of matches to light it. Push the lever on the right to start the train.