Alone in the Dark 4Alone in the Dark 4

The New Nightmare

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2001

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  9/27/2015

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Alone in the Dark 4 is the fourth in a long-running series of 3rd person horror adventure games with combat and survival elements. In this game you play as either Edward Carnby (mainly action) or Aline Cedrac (mainly puzzles), exploring Shadow Island. The story is continued in Alone in the Dark 5.

Edward Carnby


Head northeast and you will have a chat with Aline. Keep walking and go up the stairs where you notice some blood. Talk to the dying man, then leave and continue northeast. When you see the flash of gun-fire, return to where you talked to the man and he will be gone. Take the bronze key (turn on your flashlight if you can't see it). Exit the cabin and keep walking to find a locked gate. Unlock it with your key, then go through.

A cutscene will show a dog getting killed. Get the box of ammo. Proceed, and open the gate you see on your left. Walk through and the dogs will run past, leaving you alone. Take the 2 boxes of bullets and go ahead some more to find a first-aid kit. Go back and climb the long staircase. You need to kill 4 rottweiler corpses in this terrace area (3 bullets each), before climbing some more stairs.

There is another gate to your left - try to open it, but it will be locked. You should get another call from Aline at this point. Continue along the path and run past the hellhound (difficult to kill at this point), straight through the gate behind it. Head to the right and turn the valve, then run back past another hellhound, and down into the sewer. Wade through the water until you reach an open area. A large creature will attack you 6 times - each time, spin 180 degrees and shoot it - it will then leave you alone. Continue and climb the ladder at the end.

Climb up on to the ledge and get the save charm. Go through the door into the basement, where you can get some bullets, some cartridges, a first-aid kit and a shotgun. Open the casket to get a gilded key, then use it to unlock the nearest door. Go through into the manor.


Aline will radio again, then the lights will go out and a hellhound will attack. Kill it, then go and turn the light back on. Now go back and examine the bust near the mirror. Push it in front of the mirror so you can see the code HM on its back. Now look at the bust again and enter this code.

Head up the stairs and use the portrait on the right to find a rusty key. Push the wardrobe aside and shoot the hellhound, then go through the door. You will automatically help Aline up to a trapdoor in the roof. When she has gone, get the statue and dictaphone from the rolltop desk. Look at the diary on the nightstand for an important clue. Go through the door/mirror and follow the passage to get another charm of saving, then return down the stairs to the lobby.

Go through the double doors beneath the staircase and you will meet Edenshaw, who will give you another charm of saving. Walk straight ahead and turn on the light switch, then continue through the door at the very end of the hall. Shoot the 2 zombies in the corridor, then go through the last door, into a study. Turn on the light switch near the door. Take the crowbar from the top of the crates, then read the will in the desk, Morton's notes on a nearby shelf, and an Indian book in some other shelves. Take the flask, then stand still and the 2 hellhounds should leave you alone (if not, start shooting). Fill the flask from the amphora of water, then read the science magazine. Take the first aid kit from the cupboard, then unlock and go through the single door.

You will be back out in the lobby again. Go through the double doors as before, but turn left this time, and go through the first door you come across. Run around the zombie and head through the door marked HM. Ready your revolver, and run carefully around the room, shooting the 3 spiders that drop from the ceiling before they can bite you. Have a look at the photograph on the dresser, then go and use your flask of water with the aquarium. Get the bullets scattered around the room. Pick up the wolf mask in the corner, then exit the room.

Back in the corridor, kill the 3 zombies, then get the ammo and first-aid kit from the dead end. Return to the lobby. Go upstairs and get another gilded key from behind the blue explorer painting. Look at the key - it should say "GRD F EAST". Go down through the study and unlock the locked door at the end of the corridor. Head left as soon as you get in, then turn and shoot the hellhound twice with your shotgun. Grab the key from the table, then look at the owl statue. Turn off the light and look again, then use your wolf mask on it to get another key.

Now go back to where you met Edenshaw. Head to the west end to find some shotgun cartridges. Go through the door right next to these and climb a long spiral staircase. Enter the attic at the top and grab the grenade launcher. You will get a call from Aline about some loose floorboards. Ignore her and use your small rusty key to unlock the storeroom door. Dodge the plants and get the ammo from the table, then go right and get the lighter from the corner desk. Head out through the other door. Continue through the next door, and in the side passage in the next room, use your crowbar to lift up the floorboards Aline mentioned and score 2 keys. Go through the door with the horse-shoe symbol. Pick up the ammo from the shelves, then run right around to the end of the room, turn and shoot the beetles with your revolver. Now light the candle with the lighter, use the crowbar on the loose boards and walk through.

Use your flashlight to keep the plants away, then turn on the light (head left at the T intersection) to kill them. Pick up 2 first-aid kits and head through the door nearest to them. Speak to the dead lady, then leave her room. Go to the door next to the light switch and unlock it with one of your gilded keys. Go through and down the spiral staircase. Head through the first door you come to, and you will speak to Aline again. Quickly duck through the nearest door before another hellhound attacks.

Take the first aid kit and read the journal on the desk at the far end of the room. Use your small key to unlock the drawer, and get a large key and half a photograph. Now leave the room. Dodge or kill the 2 hellhounds in the corridor, then go through the 3rd door from the end (use the map to help locate it). Walk through and take the first-aid kit from the dresser, then continue to the bed, where a tentacle beast will attack. Step slightly forward and use your shotgun - you will destroy the lamp above the bed, and the creature will burn. Now go and collect the ammo and new weapon.

Back in the hallway, go to the other end and use your steel key to get through the locked door. Turn on the light to kill the plant, then grab the other half of the photo, a letter, a charm of saving, some ammo and a large ornate key. Return to the hallway where you met Edenshaw. Use one of your large ornate keys to unlock the double door you haven't been through yet, and you will enter the library.


After talking to Aline, turn on the light switch. Walk over and read another diary, and a book detailing the history of the Morton family (yes, all 49 pages). Head up the stairs and grab the box of rockets, then continue around to find a console of 4 dials. Combine the 2 halves of the photograph you have collected, and read the sum on the back of them - enter the 4 digit number (3926) as the code of the console and a secret passage will open.

Go inside and take the telescope, then read the backward message in the back of the room. Note a pile of statues in the wall and add your statue to the pile to open a secret panel. Take the Abkanis statue from here - you don't yet know the combination for the console, so exit the secret passage.

Climb up to the 3rd level and climb the ladder (don't worry, the monster here will not attack you). Out on the ledge, head left and kill the dog, then climb into the observation room. Grab the charm of saving, then mount the telescope in the window and look through it. Zoom in on the right side of the fort to see the number 1692 engraved above a window. Go back into the library and return to the second console. Enter 1692 as the code here, to unlock another portrait back in the manor.

Now, using clues from Richard Morton's will, you need to locate (and push) 4 books in the library. Start by finding one at the very end of the third landing, on the second last bookshelf. Second, find a book in the shelves next to the light switch on the ground floor. At the base of the stairs on the ground floor, find the third book. Start running up the stairs to the third floor again, and a flying lizard will attack. To kill it, shoot it with the revolver, then as it prepares to attack, hit it with a rocket. Repeat this 4 times to destroy it. Continue up to the third floor landing and push the book that is about half way around. This unlocks the final portrait back in the manor.

Go back to the main manor and claim the prizes behind the portraits - a new panel will then appear beneath each one. From left to right, you need to enter the dates 1852, 1874, 1899 and 1931 (using information you have found throughout the game thus far). Go down the stairs and get the ornate brass key from the clock that just opened. Use this to unlock the double doors near the light switch, then go through.

Outside Again

Turn right and follow the path to find 3 first-aid kits and a gas cartridge in a shed. Return to the steps and use your bronze key to unlock the gate. Go through and shoot lots of zombies and other enemies, following the path back past where you started the game, to another gate.


Walk across the bridge. You will be contacted by Aline, then attacked by a hellhound and several lizards. Follow the path to find a charm of saving and a severed head - the bridge behind you will collapse. Climb the stairs to find a circle of steles. Go to the north one (directly opposite where you entered), look at it, then radio Aline. She will ask you to go to the other steles then radio her back - follow her instructions. When you are done, go to the east stele and examine it again. Say the spell "OGoul'ai Hypor Harnis Korna". Grab the stone stele and the abkanis statue, then go back down the steps.

Back on the path, ready your plasma cannon and you will be contacted by Aline. Ready your plasma cannon and use it on the big scorpions that attack. Through the caves, climb up a ladder to get a box of rockets (remember this location, you're coming back later). Climb back down and follow the path again. Run through the swamp, avoiding or killing the zombies, and taking the west exit (use your map).

Climb into the plane and grab the rockets, first-aid kits, wire cutters and lens, then go and talk to the pilot. After the conversation, get out of the plane quickly, before it sinks. Now head back to the swamp and take the north exit. Take out some more scorpions if they attack, then climb the wooden ramp towards a gate and a meeting with Aline. She will give you a ring in exchange for the stone stele. Go back down the ramp and head for the chapel. Use your wire cutters to get inside.


Take the first-aid kit and the rockets, then note the panel near the door. Attach the blue lens to your flashlight, and look at the door of the chapel. Go outside and follow the blood trail to see another symbol on a rock, then all the way back at the ladder previously, you will see another symbol up in the cave. Go back to the chapel and press the 3 symbols you have seen (upper right, middle, lower right) to open a secret passage beneath the altar.


Enter the passage and follow it to reach a large turnstyle. Use your ring to activate it and continue down the corridor, entering the door. Get the charm of saving (you can't use the switch here yet) and continue to meet Alan Morton. After he leaves, you will be in the dark. Follow Aline's instructions to flip 3 switches and open the door. Read the 2 letters on the desk in the laboratory before going through after Alan.


Run along a long winding corridor with lots of stairs, avoiding the beetles and hellhounds if you can. You will eventually reach an open room with two doors. Go through the wooden door to the left first, and listen to a recording on a tape player. Now go back outside, and unlock and go through the iron door. Follow the passage around and you will have another conversation. Head up the ladder into the greenhouse.

Kill the 3 plants using your plasma cannon, then walk around and get the phosphorous cartridges from the shelves. Climb the ladder and push the statue off the balcony, then climb back down again. Take the statue and seal from the wreckage. Now backtrack all the way to the turnstile. Use your ring to activate it again, and you will go through to meet up with Aline.


After examining the inscriptions, follow the passage, going over a bridge and into a smaller cavern. Open the trapdoor set into the wall to get the lightning gun, battery charger, first-aid kits and charms of saving. Equip the lightning gun now, and keep following the passage. You will get sucked through into another world.

World of Darkness

When you wake up, start following the passage. Note the regenerating crystals along the path - take these and use them in your battery charger to recharge your lightning gun. Follow the hallways using your map as a guide, until you find a rope. Try to climb across, and Alan will attempt to kill you, but you will land on a ledge. Keep going and Aline will contact you again.

Go through the next opening and find a diary, flask and photoelectric pulsar near the dead body of Archibald Morton. Go back outside and climb down the rope. Go up the round staircase and follow Alan into the next room (after taking the charm of saving). Follow the passage, and you will see him thrown into an abyss. Continue along the passage and climb the rope at the end. Go across the bridge here and you will be contacted by Johnson.

Continue through the next few areas, using the map to guide you. Johnson will contact you again as you cross another bridge. You will progress through some Abkanis ruins where you must climb over some rocks, then in the next area a large column will collapse, allowing you to cross a chasm. Go to the green pool on the right and fill your flask, then drink from it to restore your health. Repeat as necessary, then go through the door to find an altar and some headless statues. Head through the corridor and climb down the rope.

Here you will meet Alan Morton for the last time. You need to run down a passage that has a spear at the end - Alan will appear and throw you back out. Next hit him with a few rockets and he will fall down. Run back down the corridor and take the spear - Alan will be taken care of. Now collect the head from the pile of rocks and climb back up the rope. Place the head on the appropriate statue, then Aline will appear with the 3rd head. Walk through the open doorway to complete the game.

Aline Cedrac


Walk forward and around the edge of the roof, and you will be contacted by Carnby. Now enter the manor through the window. After talking to Lucy (who gives you a small bronze key), grab the first-aid kit and read the magazine article on Obed Morton. A creature will appear from beneath the rug - keep shining your flashlight at it to eventually kill it. Take the charm of saving, then open the door. Run away immediately and reach the light switch - turn it on to kill the plants. Try the door next to the light switch, but it will be locked.

Go back and through the other doorway. Avoid the plants here (make them back away by shining your flashlight at them). Go through to the other area and through the unlocked door. Head along the corridor and through another door. Now grab the small gilded key from the desk, and return through the corridor and plant room to the locked door from earlier. Unlock it with the key and go through.

Descend the stairs - halfway down, you will overhear a conversation. Continue to the ground and go through the door at the base, then through the left door to enter the trophy room. Turn out the lights in hear to notice a translucent base on a statue, with a revolver inside. Go over and use Lucy's key to unlock it and retrieve the gun. A hellhound will now appear to chase you - lead it around the room, then when you hear a door unlock at the other end, go through it. You will see someone running away when you enter this corridor - follow him, going through the door at the end. Turn on the light switch in the next corridor, then go through the door left of the stairs (as shown in the closeup). Run to the end of this corridor and you will be shot by a dart.

When you awaken, you will talk to Carnby. Next search the room and read the diary on the bedside table. Open the roll-top desk to find a wrench and 3 first-aid kits. Also take the charm of saving on the chair. Go through the secret door (looks like a mirror) to enter a dark corridor. Find the triple-barrel shotgun and another first-aid kit, then listen at the door at the end of the hall. Go back to the bedroom, and Carnby will lift you up through a trapdoor.

After your encounter with the ghost behind the mirror, go back and talk to Lucy in her bedroom. After this, go down the spiral staircase to the door when you overheard the conversation, and go through (it is now unlocked). Head through the first door, into the study. Take the first-aid kit, the mirror and the grenade launcher, and read Alan Morton's diary on the desk. Also take a look at the projector in front of the desk - you cannot use this yet.

Back in the hallway, beetles start dropping from the ceiling. Run away down the hall and through the door next to the light switch (all others are locked or sealed). Find a charm of saving and some cartridges in this room, then walk around behind the screen to the right of the bed - Judas will be back again. Walk through the mirror at his request. Do not give him the mirror, and you will end up with an Abkanis statue.

You will contact Carnby. Leave the bedroom, and Edenshaw will introduce himself, then you will speak to Carnby again. Go out through the door adjacent to where you came in, then in the next area kill a monster and go down the stairs and look at the mirror on the ground floor - there is an ornament missing from the top right corner. Now return through the door beneath the stairs and turn right. Go past the first two doors and head through the last one. Dodge the zombies in this corridor and enter the door to the right, into an office. Get a medkit and some cartridges, and read a book on Abkanis Indians. Go and look in the cabinet in the far corner of the room, then turn around to blast 2 hellhounds. Now go and examine the mirror opposite where you found the cartridges. Shoot it 3 times with your revolver and it will shatter, revealing a document for you to read. Now when you leave the room, you will automatically go and speak to Lucy and get a prism.

Leave Lucy's bedroom and return to the room with the projector (down the spiral staircase, through the door halfway down and first left). Turn off the lights, then put the prism in the projector and use the flashlight on it. After the display, you will take the engraved cube from the projector (it is a 3D map of the library).

Exit the study and head down the spiral stairs, then through the short hall and out the other side. Turn right and enter the library. Turn on the lights and read the books on the desk and the podium, then grab the box of grenades. Head up to the second floor and enter the secret room behind the bookcase to get some shotgun shells, then go up to the third floor and climb the ladder. Get some more grenades from the tower, then return to the ground floor of the library. Look again at the 3D map, then find the location of the white dot on the map, in the library. Push the four fake books this indicates, then enter the number 1991. Collect the Abkanis tablets, medkits and grenades from the secret room revealed, then flip the switch to meet Howard Morton.

To kill Howard Morton, you need to wait for him to start to attack, then use grenades - hit him 5 times to stop him for the time being. Go and take the half medallion from where he entered, and when you leave you will go and see Lucy again. She will give you the other half medallion. Combine the two halves, then return downstairs to the mirror and use the medallion on the mirror.


Go down the stairs and through to the back of the room to find a ladder. You will automatically use the allen wrench to open the trapdoor and enter the greenhouse. Talk to Edenshaw again before searching in the corner for more grenades. Go back to where Edenshaw was, and head through the broken door that leads outside.


Howard will crash through the window, so start running to the right and don't stop! Use your map to make sure you keep heading in the right direction. Through the second gate, you will be attacked by 3 dogs - shoot them with the shotgun. There is some more shotgun ammo in the dead-end area on the map. Follow the path around to an archway, where Howard will attack again. Run around to the north to eventually find and enter a crypt.


Start by entering the tomb on your left (Jeremy Morton) and take the rocket launcher, rockets, first-aid kit, charm of saving and metal cover. Read the inscription on the coffin, before returning to the main room. Combine the metal cover with your flashlight, and approach the lights at the far end of the crypt. You need to highlight the lights to form a large M, starting from the bottom left corner - you need to use the mouse or an analogue joystick to do this accurately. Once you succeed, Richard Morton's tomb will be unlocked.

Go into Richard's tomb and look at the body, then continue down the passage past a few plants. Climb down the cliff at the end to find a forest path.

Forest Fort

Run along the path away from the gate, taking either passage at the fork. Cross the bridge toward the fortress. Head around to the right to collect some shells, then climb the vines at the front. Note a locked wooden door here - you wil be coming back to it later. Go down the stairs right to the bottom, and grab a first-aid kit from a side passage. In the small open area, note an archway, then climb on to the ledge and then through the hole in the wall. Get the cartridges and continue on.

Dispatch of the plants, then go up a short flight of steps and kill 2 zombies. Head left up the stairs and in to speak to Obed Morton. After the chat, collect a charm of saving and a black metallic card. Return to the previous room and go through the first door on the left. Head down the stairs all the way to the bottom into a large room.

From here you can find a charm of saving, 2 first-aid kits, rockets, shells, blueprints, wire cutters, a tripod support, a mould and some notes on building a perforator. There are also several sets of hellhounds to kill while you are searching. After you have the items, climb back up the stairs and all the way back through the hole in the wall from earlier. Go through the archway and find the locked chest. Use the wire cutters (pliers) to break the chain and you will get a steel ingot and a rusty key. Now climb back up the stairs to return to the locked wooden door. Use the key to unlock it and go inside.

Go right and get the stock, barrel and orange accelerator from the table. Continue on to find Jeremy Morton's Diary (very important clue on the last page), then get a glass lens from the locker, and 2 first-aid kits from the alcove nearby. Flip the light switch on the wall near the exit, then return to the table. Use the machine in the background, inserting the mould, then the steel ingot to make a weapon barrel. Now head through the exit to the outside.

Use the lens with the telescope, then look through it to see a large statue. Continue walking around the upper path and you will fall down through a hole into the water beneath the building. You will then be attacked by a crocodile - kill it with the shotgun. It will always pop up out of the water directly behind you, so get ready to quickly turn around and shoot it (twice). Now wade through the water, climbing out at some steps, and go through the door. Get the cartridges and climb the ladder. At the top, get the gold, silver and red metallic cards from the chest, then go through the door. Now return to where you met Obed Morton and find a puzzle door down a nearby corridor. Use the info from Jeremy Morton's diary - use the four cards in the order Silver, Gold, Red and Black. Now go through the unlocked door.

In the planetarium, grab the metallic half ring from on top of a crate, and get the plasma cannon and charm of saving in a small alcove. There are also 3 first-aid kits beneath the stairs. Head up the stairs and locate a control panel. Now contact Carnby with your radio and you will be given the number 10312001 (a date). Enter this date into the console and the planet's will be aligned correctly. Go back down the staircase and take the seal, 2 keys and an Abkanis statue from the opened panel. Use the large key to unlock the locked door and go outside.

Pick up the box of grenades and charm of saving, then walk over to the statue and examine it. You will call Carnby again and agree to meet up with him. Track back through the planetarium and up the stairs to the front of the fortress, all the way to the gate that you couldn't open earlier (just dodge Howard as you cannot kill him). You will swap an item with Carnby. Leave and you will automatically appear back at the statue.

Use the stone stela on the statue to receive an Abkanis stone and statue. Go back into the fortress and up to the laboratory. Inside find the ladder and climb up into a new room with a control panel. Flip the light switch here and climb up the next ladder. Now you need to follow the instructions on the blueprint:

  • Split the tripod to get a metallic half ring
  • Combine the two half rings
  • Combine the ring with the energy stone
  • Combine the tripod with the perforator barrel
  • Combine the butt with the orange accelerator
  • Combine the butt assembly with barrel
  • Combine the weapon with the barrel assembly
  • Combine weapon with power source

Now try to pull the lever on the machine in the middle of the room. Climb up the opposite ladder and use your small padlock key to unlock the padlock on the sliding door. Now return and pull that lever again to open the door. Climb down the ladder and use the control panel to activate the lightning rod in the roof. Howard will now return and attack you again - you need to dodge him, running around the outside of the room. Notice the lightning striking every 10 seconds or so - you need to time it so that Howard is jumping across the middle of the room when the lightning strikes (he will not jump across while the lightning is already there). Do this 3 times to defeat him. You only have 2 minutes to do this before you will have to use the control panel again.

Once he is dead, wait for the time to run out, then use the control panel again. You now have 2 minutes to reach the hole in the wall where you need to use the perforator. Climb down to the workshop and run down the stairs. Climb over the hole in the wall and go through the archway, through the door into the planetarium. Run through the first door to the left, then the one directly opposite, down the stairs into the basement and through to the workbench. Stand on the back of the cannon and use the perforator to blast a hole in the wall.

Run through the hole and pick up the photoelectric pulsar, then read the warning message. Follow the path and climb down the ladder, running past any monsters rather than fighting them. Cross over the rope bridge and you will meet up with Carnby.


Lead Carnby across the stone bridge, then open the wooden trapdoor to find 5 first-aid kits, 5 charms of saving, the lightning gun and the battery charger. Equip the lightning gun and keep going. You will see a movie of Carnby being sucked into the other world. Follow him in.

World of Darkness

Follow the passages, collecting the regenerating blue crystals and using them in the battery charger to keep your lightning gun energised. Dodge most of the monsters here, only attacking the ones you need to. You will eventually find a ladder to climb to reach the Abkanis village. Climb the large stairway and enter a darker area. Note the pyramid here, and follow the path to a dead-end - you will find a secret passage to enter the next room.

In the middle of this room are seven switches that rotate the outer wall to reveal different altars, each containing a stone seal and a document. Note which picture refers to which animal - you will need this info shortly. Now flip the seventh switch to reveal the exit and leave the room.

Return outside to the village and find a building to the left with a ladder - climb this ladder to reach the roof, then go down through the hole in the roof. There are six altars here, each with an image of a different Abkanis god. You need to match each altar with its stone seal (from left to right these are horse, snake, bear, bison, fish and bull). A stone will rise in the next room. Grab the water flask from the ledge, then enter the next room to find a charm of saving and a stone pyramid. Climb back up the ladder and out of the building.

Now get down from the building, run over to the stairs and back into the darkened area. Find the pyramid from earlier and place the small pyramid on top of it. Grab the stone head. Now exit the temple and descend the stairs. Leave the village, climbing back down the ladder to a descending staircase. Go down further and through a hot lava cavern, either dodging or frying the large scorpion creatures.

In the next area you will find a green pool that you can use to fill the skin - drink from this to restore your health. There is also a rapidly regenerating crystal for your lightning gun. Climb a blue wall to reach the next area, and you will eventually see Alan running across a path below you. Turn around and run back through the green pool area. Note a boulder with a rope tied to it - climb down here. You will eventually meet up with everyone, and Obed will carry Alan into an abyss. You will jump down as well and collect another Abkanis statue.

Pick up the charm of saving here, then walk through the narrow passage. You will now hear from Johnson. Continue down into a swamp and be prepared for another crocodile. Head through the swamp using the map and climb out the other side, then chat with Johnson again. Climb down from the high cave and dodge the plants, continuing to a large cavern. A termor will topple over one of the columns, so run along this to meet up with Obed again. After his speech, you need to stun him with the lightning gun, then run past and over the narrow bridge to the left (the only easy way to actually get past Obed is to run past him to the left immediately after the conversation).

Enter the next room and place your stone head on one of the empty places on the table. Carnby will show up with the other head and a new passage will open up. Run down it to complete the game.