Alimardan's MischiefAlimardan's Mischief

Game Details:  Comedy, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/10/2024

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Alimardan's Mischief is the first of a series of Iranian adventure games starring Alimardan-Khan Keshavarz. In the game you take the role of Alimardan-Khan, and must create as much trouble at home and in your neighborhood as possible. The series continues with Alimardan Meets Merlin.


Turn up the heat on Nanny's soup so that it burns, and turn on the water tap over the kitchen sink. Pick up the garlic, salt, dish soap, matches, broom, gloves and an empty bottle. Tip over the plates on the counter. Grab an apple and a potato. Examine the teapot, then the samovar beneath it. Now leave the kitchen by going left into the sitting room.

Try to use the TV, but it is broken. Try to talk to Nanny, but she is sleeping. Head outside to the yard. Grab the basket, stool and piece of wood, then head back inside and go to the kitchen. Use the stool on the samovar, then take the teapot. Open the refrigerator and put the teapot inside. Leave the refrigerator door open, then head left. Talk to Granny, then head outside again.

Examine the rooster, then put your basket on it and hit it with the piece of wood. Look at the dove's nest and throw your potato at it to break it. Talk to the large brown chicken. Close the door of its cage, then use the garlic and piece of wood on it. Head back inside, then come straight out to the yard again.

Talk to your Dad, then pick up the broken dove's nest. Now you can head to the alley.


Go right along the alley. Examine the motorcycle and the ant hill, then collect 3 ants in your empty bottle. Head into Mash Ghasem's Carpentry.

Pick up some straw, lumber (wood), wood glue and grease. Pick up a nail from the right. When the phone starts ringing, pick it up. Look at the round saw, saw and wood cutting machine in the shelves. Use your wood glue on the wood cutting machine. After automatically going outside, combine the straw, matches and wood in your inventory. Use this combination to make a fire in the entrance to the Carpentry. Next use your nail on the motorcycle.

Back at the main part of the alley, go left to reach a back street. Pick up the red string/elastic from the bin, and the banana peel from the ground. Examine the cat, then use your broom on it. Go inside to the Pastry.

Touch the large birthday cake. Examine the cream, then use your dish soap on it. Look at the small cupcake in front of the bakers, then use your bottle of ants on it. Now head right to the Confectionery. Examine the large birthday cake and use your salt on it. Examine the fly on top of the birthday cake. Now pull out the electrical wire on the left.

You will once again be back on the alley. Go left and then right. Look at the sparrow. Combine the wood, elastic and apple in your inventory, then use this on the sparrow.

Back at the alley once more, remove the wood from the left side of the cart.


From the yard, head into the basement. Look at the pickle, then at the sweets in the shelves. Pick up the millet and the stool. Use the stool to get the sweets. Also grab the bug when it crawls over the garlic on the left. Now leave by going left.


Look at the Ferris wheel, then adjust its speed using the controls on the left.


Look at the world map and the black board. Pick up the chuck from the black board and the magic marker from the desk. Use the chuck on the black board, and the magic marker on the world map. Look at the lamp hanging from the ceiling. Combine your chuck and slingshot, then use this on the lamp.

Look at the large broom, then use your grease on it. Look at the chalk markings on the ground, and put your banana peel here.


Speak to Morad, then give him the sweets. Ring the doorbell at Mr Hejazi's home, and you will head inside.


Talk to Mr Hejazi, then look at the ball. Pick up the broom and the garbage bag. Use the broom on all of the garbage on the ground. Pick up the bolt from next to the table leg. Look at the garbage bag at the top left to put it back on the ground. Talk to Mr Hejazi again, then pick up the ball. Head out the door.


Give the ball to Morad.


You will automatically go back to the kitchen. Take the teapot from the refrigerator. Use the stool on the samovar, then put the teapot on top of it. Pick up the stool again. Turn off the water tap. Use your soap and gloves on all of the stains. Close the refrigerator, then pick up the broken glass. Go back out to the sitting room when you are done.

You will now automatically go back out to the yard. Remove the basket from the rooster's head and give it the millet. Open the cage door again. Talk to Uncle Sadegh, who will give you some money. Go out to the alley.


Speak to Johar Khan, then pick up the broken cart wheel. Head left and give your meat waste to the cat. Head inside and you will go through to the Confectionery. Give your money to Hossein, then you will head to the Carpentry. Talk to Mash Ghasem, then give him the broken cart wheel. Leave here.


Talk to Mash Samad and you will leave.


Give the wheel to Johar Khan.


Give the sweet to Uncle Sadegh.