Alimardan Meets MerlinAlimardan Meets Merlin

Game Details:  Comedy, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/14/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Alimardan Meets Merlin is the second of a series of Iranian adventure games starring Alimardan-Khan Keshavarz. This comes after the previous game, Alimardan's Mischief. On his way up to the moon, Alimardan-Khan jumps out of his spaceship and ends up going on a fantastic mythical adventure.


Look out the window to see you are in space. Examine the cat on the air vent, then the air vent itself, and the dresser to the right. Head out through the door on the left. On the second floor, look at the air vent on the left. You cannot go through the door while the worker is here. Examine the fuse panel and remove a fuse - you will automatically go back to the first floor.

Open the dresser on the right and find the 5 items listed. Back out of the dresser. Use the opener on the can of dog food, then feed it to the cat on the air vent. Put the water and soap into the bowl in your inventory, then use this on the air vent.

Now head to the second floor again and pick up the wrench before heading to the third floor. Look out through the door here. Try to open the hatch, and try to use the strange system on the right. Use your fuse on the strange system. Insert the 9 electrical components onto the circuit board. Back out and examine the storage locker on the left. Look at the lock system. Use your wrench on it, then turn each of the screws until they stop turning.

Use the spacesuit on the hatch. In the next puzzle, move the gears around so there is a connection from the green gear to the red gear.


Take the long tree branch from over the cage, then use this on the key dangling from the knight's armor. Solve the jigsaw puzzle and you will get the key. Use the key on your locked cage to get it open. Now use your tree branch on the hive to get rid of the dog - you will automatically head left towards a camp.

Examine the horse to see that it needs a saddle. Pick up the scroll from the ground, then look at the knight's frippery. Search here to find all of the pieces to construct a saddle. Use the saddle on the horse. Once you see the map, watch the order of the horses flashing, then click on them in the same order.


Try to talk to the knight twice, then show him the scroll. Examine the secret way into the city on the left. For the puzzle, rotate the map segments so they all connect properly. Once you reach the city, look at the fat man, sad man, small man and protesters. Try to talk to the fair lady. Head into an alley at the bottom left to go towards Merlin's home. Look at the concerned people, then enter the home on the right.

Search the closet on the left and find components of a wizard costume (a hat and a cape). Back out from the closet and continue to the right - you will end up in the palace. Talk to the King. Head right into the corridor, then enter the Princess' room. Take the book from the shelves on the right (you will automatically read it). Look around the room, then leave again. Look at the sign, then continue along the corridor towards Merlin's office. Examine the door, then enter the code from your book:


Pick up the wallet and examine the diary - you need to drag the blue ball to the large symbol at the bottom to open it, and the easiest way is just to go down the right side and along the bottom. Return to the lobby and talk to the King again. Leave the palace.

Try to enter the stables, but the man will stop you. Head right, then go down towards the painting workshop. Enter the painting shop and talk to the painter. Examine the incomplete painting on the left and solve the jigsaw puzzle (you have to solve it twice, once in black and white, and again in color. Now you can leave again.

Go back to the city, then into the alley at the bottom left. Enter Merlin's home, then continue to the right. Take the strange notes and the laboratory tubes from the right. Return to the painter and talk to him to give him the paints. After he leaves, examine the portrait and rearrange it so the pieces are in the correct positions. Once you are done, you will take the portrait and leave. Return to the King and give him your portrait to receive a permission letter. Now go back to the city - your permission letter will be stolen.

Try to talk to the gatekeeper, and you will see what he is thinking. Return to the city and talk to the fair lady. Next head left to the Carpentry. Talk to the carpenter. Return to Merlin's home and enter the room on the right. Pick up the back pain ointment from the table. Go back and talk to the carpenter to give him the ointment and money.

Go towards the palace once more and talk to the stable man, who won't give you a horse without another permission letter from the King. Enter the palace and talk to the King. Go right to the corridor, then enter the Princess' room again. Take one of the dresses, then click to change it until it is a purple dress with 3 stars. Click on the picture on the side of the wardrobe to confirm you match. Return to the lobby and talk to the King to get a permission letter. Outside, give this to the stable man. Enter the stables and take the white horse. Return to the carpenter and talk to him to receive the carriage.

Now return to the cafe to the right of the city center. Combine the horse and carriage in your inventory, then use this on the gatekeeper. After he leaves, enter the cafe.

Talk to the coffee man, then to the retarded thief. Talk to the coffee man again. Now talk to the retarded thief and beat him in tic-tac-toe to get your permission letter back. Return to the city, then go up to the central library. Show your permission letter to the knight, and you will be allowed inside.

Go through to the reading room entrance at the back. Examine the floor scratches, the bucket, and the large shelf. Look at the shelf behind the shelves (at the top), then push the large shelf out of the way. Examine the secret door, then look in the bucket again. Solve the jigsaw puzzle to get a secret note. Use this on the secret door, then click on pairs of symbols to swap their positions until the symbols on the door match the symbols on the note. Head through the secret passage.

Morgana's Lair

Talk to Merlin. Look at the soldier to see he is thinking of a code, then examine your door lock (not the large lock system with a red light) and open it with the combination 212. Knock out the soldier, then examine the lock system. Drag the 4 wire connectors to the right and place them in this order from top to bottom: yellow, blue, green, red. Now head up the stairs.

Search the trash pile on the right to find a map, then head through the palace entrance. After your battle you will be outside. Once you see the map, watch the order of the horses flashing, then click on them in the same order.