AGON Episode 2AGON Episode 2

Adventures in Lapland

Game Details:  Adventure, 2003

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/12/2012

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

AGON Episode 2 is the second part of an episodic adventure game where you play as Professor Samuel Hunt, a scientist of the British Museum. Throughout the series, continued in AGON Episode 3, you must learn the rules of AGON: a mysterious board game. This episode was later re-released as part of a trilogy called AGON: The Mysterious Codex.

Train Station

Read the documents on the desk, then you will find yourself outside a small train station. Knock on the door, then head inside. Look closely at the map on the wall, then at the 3 illustrations just over to the right; note the word Kaira, and the sequence C-F-C-F-C-D-C. Next look at the desk, and read both pages of the letter. Look at the sealed envelope on the left, then back out again. Try to wake the man up who is lying down in here. Look at the small bookcase up on the wall, and move the books so you can take a box of matches. Turn around and go to a small wood stove near the door. Pick up a log from next to it, then open the stove door, put a log inside, put your newspaper inside and light it with the matches.

Turn around and find a telegram machine. Take the strip of paper from the machine, then decode it to read "TO 76 PROFESSOR SAMUEL HUNT FROM ENGLAND IS EXPECTED TO ARRIVE ON WEDNESDAY PLEASE PREPARE A SLEIGH FOR HIM PEKKA" (click next to start a new word, and click enter when you are done).

Leave the station and walk around to the left. Look at the water tower, then continue left and look at the sign pointing towards Borgesiida. Continue left and look at the strange panel next to the door, then go further and take the "key" from inside the bell hanging on the side of the building. Go back inside and look at the sleeping station master again, to see he has rolled over. Take the key from his pocket. Use this to unlock the low cabinet near the wall, and take the jar of medicine from inside. Read the letter and diagram in the cupboard (this diagram will become very important shortly), then back out.

Go back over towards the door, then turn around to see a stool on the ground and 3 plates on the wall. Move the stool to the left, then turn the left plate to the far left, then back to the right once. Go back outside and around to the left. Look at the wheel on the side of the building here, and turn it to the far left, then back to the right 4 times. Now head to the locked door on the back of the building. Use the key you found in the bell on the lock here (which has been revealed by turning the plate and wheel). Now you can open the door and go into the shed.

Turn the valve on the wall directly opposite the door, then return outside. Now climb to the top of the water tower and turn the valve on the floor here. Climb back down and return to the station master's office. Go to the heater again and move the valve on the top right; the gauge will indicate building pressure. Head outside and around into the shed again - there will be steam escaping from a hole in the pipe here. Search the shelves here to find some lint and use this to patch the pipe. Walk over to the pipe organ and use it to play the sequence you saw earlier: C-F-C-F-C-D-C. Go outside to the signpost and you will see Kaira has arrived. Now you need to indicate which direction to head, so go back into the shed and use the organ to play C-F-C. Go outside and get into the sleigh behind Kaira.


From the town entrance, turn left and walk forwards twice, then turn around to see an inscription on the side of the house: 264351 WK. Go back to where you entered the town, and walk straight ahead four times. Knock on the door with the black circle, and you will head inside to a tavern. Talk to both people here, but they won't be of any help. Go and take the cup from the bench at the other end of the room, then head outside. Take an icicle from the eaves, then go back inside the tavern. Put the icicle in your cup, then use the cup on the stove to melt the ice. Add the medicine to the cup, and then pour it into the bowl next to the dog on the floor.

Go outside and walk over to a gate to talk to the woman about Vainio - she will give you a letter. Go through the gate and pick up the oilcan next to the sleigh, then get inside.

When you reach the bridge, walk over it, then continue over towards the right until you reach a large rock. Pick up the wheel here, then return to the bridge. Now head towards the left, and you will reach a strange device on a hill. Zoom in and enter the number you saw on the building earlier: 264351. Now add the wheel to the left of the machine and use the oilcan on it. Turn the wheel, then take the parchment from inside the hidden compartment. Go back towards the bridge, then over to where you found the wheel. Continue forward to reach a dock, then turn right and keep going until you find a hut - go inside.

Give the letter to the man here, then you will play a game of Tablut; win this to complete this chapter of the game.