AGON Episode 3AGON Episode 3

Pirates of Madagascar

Year:  2004

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

AGON Episode 3 is the third part of an episodic adventure game where you play as Professor Samuel Hunt, a scientist of the British Museum. Throughout the series, continued in AGON Episode 4, you must learn the rules of AGON: a mysterious board game. This episode was later re-released as part of a trilogy called AGON: The Mysterious Codex.


Turn around from the water and find a path leading off to the right. Follow this to the village and talk to the man at the entrance several times, then take a handful of berries. Now take the other path away from here (not back to the beach). When you meet the lemur, put your berries on the rock in front of it, and it will walk away along the path. Follow the lemur to the next screen and then deeper into the forest.

To make your way through the forest, turn around to each of the 4 possible exits from a screen, and go in the direction where the lemur is the loudest. Keep doing this to eventually find a clearing. Walk forward towards an old fire site and pick up the rags from the nearby log. Follow the path a little more to reach the base of a huge tree house.

Tree House

Try to climb up, but there are several steps missing. Walk around the base of the tree house to the left and pick up two wooden planks. Also look at the small statue here. Use your rags on the planks, then go back to the base of the tree house. Use the planks where the steps are missing and climb up. Turn around and take the lower step and use it again, then climb up to level 1.

Head inside and take the box of matches from the desk. Look at the piece of paper called Enina. Pick up a plank from next to the desk and look at two more pieces of paper here, called Iray and Efatra. Next look at the painting on the wall with a ship called Abe. Now go and find the ladder to climb up to level 2.

Go over to the man and give him your bottle of wine - he needs food. Look at the piece of paper on the small table here called Dimy. Go over to the opposite shelves and take the lantern, a bowl, and some brown berries. Use your matches on the lantern to light it. Find another piece of paper on the top shelf here near the doorway; this one is called Roa. Head back down to level 1.

Go to the shelves near the tree house entrance and use your bowl to get some rice, then head outside. Once you get stuck on the steps, use the one from your inventory to complete the staircase. Go down to the ground and over to the small camp area. Put the rice into the small pot over the campfire. Go over and get some water in your bowl and add this to the rice. Repeat this a second time so there is the correct amount of water. Now walk past the water to a thicket area and pick up some firewood from the ground. Return to the camp and add the firewood to the campfire, then light it with your matches. Walk all the way around the base of the tree and when you get back to the campfire, the rice should be cooked; collect some in your pot. Climb back up to level 1, then go through and up to level 2 again.

Give the rice to the man, then talk to him about everything. Now head up the ladder to level 3. Grab the 4 pieces of paper on the wall next to the telescope (Fito, Valo, Sivy and Folo) and find one more on the ground, called Telo. You should now have a total of 10 of these in your files. Read all the book here to see one of them poses the questions "Where", "What" and "When" - you can't answer this yet. Next look at the telescope - you can adjust the position of 3 instruments, then look through the looking glass. Depending on the settings you have chosen, you will be able to find some short messages; we will come back here and use this information later on.

Head all the way back down to the ground. Walk behind the tree to find the small statue on a crate. Put the brown berries in the statue, then pull the lever on its back and take the red berries. Go back past the campfire and follow the path towards the forest. When you see the lemur again, put the berries on the rock, then follow the lemur into the forest. As before, listen out for the lemur, but this time head in the direction where the cries are the faintest. You will eventually find a burial site.


Walk forward to find you can pull out the grave posts. You need to arrange them in order according to the pieces of paper you found (translating the words to numbers using one of the books in the treehouse):

  1. Iray
  2. Roa
  3. Telo
  4. Efatra
  5. Dimy
  6. Emina
  7. Fito
  8. Valo
  9. Sivy

Now look at the bottom of the gravestone to see a cryptogram. If you match the symbols here with the symbols on each of the grave posts in order, you will decipher the message UNDER THOSE DATES WK. Click on the symbols on the bottom of the gravestone and enter this message. Walk around to the other side of the gravestone and use your knife to pry off the stone with the dates engraved on it. Take the page of the codex and the journal from inside. Read the journal and you will see yet another puzzle on the final page, relating back to the telescope.

Go back into the forest and follow the loudest cries from the lemur to return to the tree house area.

Tree House

Go back up to level 3 of the tree house. Now you need to use the name of the boat ABE with the puzzle on the final page of the journal and with the messages you can find with the telescope. This information will let you answer the 3 questions in the book on the floor here:

  • Letter A corresponds with messages "on the beach" and "at midnight", so answer the first question with ON THE BEACH
  • Letter B corresponds with message "the skull rock", so answer the second question with THE SKULL ROCK
  • Letter E corresponds with message "at ebb of tide", so answer the final question with AT EBB OF TIDE

Go down to level 2 and get some more brown berries, then head back to the ground. Use the statue behind the tree to turn these into red berries, then give them to the lemur and head into the forest; fortunately this time you will automatically head back to the beach.


Go left along the beach and you will turn to see Skull Rock. Pick up two pieces of seaweed from here, then walk around past Skull Rock and into a cavern. Move the two bamboo sticks from the water, then leave the cavern and collect all the bamboo sticks from the beach just outside to the left. Enter the cavern again and use all the sticks to make a raft, then tie it together with your two pieces of seaweed. Use the raft to go further into the cavern.

Keep going until you find a treasure chest. Open it, take the rocks out, and pick up the board game. Keep going until rocks block your path. Try to take the tool holding the rocks, but you aren't strong enough. Go back to the chest and move it aside, then follow this new passage until you reach the bottom of a well. Take the ladder, then use it on the wall near the rope to climb up. Pick up the pick axe shaft from the floor here, then climb back down. Return to where your path was blocked with rocks and use the pick axe shaft on the tool to get the pick axe head. Combine the two to fix the pick axe. Go all the way back to the bottom of the well again and climb up your ladder.

Examine the bricks on the wall to see they have different markings. Use your pick axe to get out the bottom right brick marked with an X. The other bricks all have a number of horizontal markings to indicate the size of the brick. You must create a staircase by placing bricks longer than their original counterparts in each of the middle two columns; once done you will automatically climb out.

Talk to the village chief about everything, then show him the board game. Play Fanorona against the chief and win to complete the game.