AGON Episode 1AGON Episode 1

The London Scene

Game Details:  Adventure, 2003

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/11/2012

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

AGON Episode 1 is the first part of an episodic adventure game where you play as Professor Samuel Hunt, a scientist of the British Museum. Throughout the series, continued in AGON Episode 2, you must learn the rules of AGON: a mysterious board game. This episode was later re-released as part of a trilogy called AGON: The Mysterious Codex.

Your Office

Look at the papers on the corner of your desk; make sure you read the newspaper, the letter, and both documents in the envelope.

Leave your office and turn left, going to the Director's Office at the end of the hall. Try to go inside, but the door is locked. Turn around and go to the other end of the hall, then through the door labelled "Back Staircase". Go down to the bottom of the stairs and through another door. Talk to the guard here, then take the inventory file from the desk and scroll through it. Talk to the guard again to get some keys. Go back to the stairwell, all the way upstairs and out to the hallway again. Go back along the hall and use your keys on the Director's Office doors.

Director's Office

Turn around and use the light switch on the wall. Look at the order form on the desk, but you don't have the missing information yet. Look in the cabinet beneath the window and take the bottle of whiskey. Next head through the double doors into the next room. Turn on the light switch here as well, then go over to the desk. Use the phone to dial the number 55-623. After the conversation, pick up the rubber stamp and look at the business card on the desk. Back out and look at the crumpled piece of paper in the rubbish bin - remember the date 1st October and the number 1020624 from this. Go over and take the matchbox from on top of the fireplace.

Leave this office and the other one, then head to the "Back Staircase" again. Go down to the bottom and talk to Swanson to return the key (and hand over the bottle of whiskey). Look at the inventory book on the desk again to get some more information; in particular look up the shipment from 1st October to see it is in store D. Go back upstairs and into the Director's Office again.

Go to the desk and now complete the order form: 1020624, D. Hit Enter on the typewriter interface, then use the rubber stamp from your inventory to certify the order.

Leave and go back down to Swanson yet again. Look through the last pages of the inventory book again to see some messages about keys and locks. Walk over to the key box behind Swanson (you will almost wake him up). Look inside and then arrange the keys using the information you have learned:

  • The key with the green ribbon belongs to Dr Moresty
  • The key with the wooden MB tag belongs to the Main Building
  • The shiny new key belongs to Store-A
  • The key almost identical to Store-A but with 2 small keys attached belongs to Store-B
  • The key with 1 small attached key belongs to Store-C
  • The final remaining rusty key belongs to Store-D

You will now end up getting the key to Storage Room D. Go down the corridor away from Swanson and take the lantern from on the crates on the left. Continue forward and use your key to unlock the doors on the right. Head inside.

Storage Room D

In your inventory, use your matches on the lantern so you can see where you are going. Go to the far left, then around the edge of the room until you find the black granite sculpture. Look at the base and pick up the corner stone. Leave the storage room and head back to the staircase then up to the top floor again.

Enter your own office and approach the bookshelf. Take a green book from the right shelf and flip through to find Hungarian Runes. Using these you can decipher the stone. Use the stone in your inventory and enter E28, N68, VAINIO, then press the Enter button. Next look at the map on the back wall of your office. Gradually zoom in to find the coordinates E28, N68 and you will discover they are in Lapland.

Go to the Director's Office down the hall again, then through the double doors to the larger office. Go to the desk and use the phone to dial number 55-623.