5 Days a Stranger5 Days a Stranger

Year:  2003

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

5 Days a Stranger is the first in a series of freeware horror games set in the world of the Chzo mythos. This continues with the next game in the series, 7 Days a Skeptic.

Day 1

Once inside the house, try opening the window, then open the door instead. Go downstairs to the foyer, through the door on the right, and through 2 more doors. After meeting Philip, go back to the foyer and upstairs. Head right and talk to Simone. Now go downstairs, then left twice to find the kitchen, and head outside. Try to climb the tree, then talk to the tree to meet Jim. Go to the lounge (right from the foyer). Talk to the other 3 guests completely, and you will receive an article from Philip.

Day 2

After you wake up go left twice and talk to Jim. Continue left and out the back door. Go to the far right and talk to Philip, asking to borrow his metal detector. Return to the foyer and go upstairs. Go through the nearest door into the library and talk to Simone. Use the pair of yellow books in the left bookcase to find a map. In your inventory, look at both the map and the article you got from Philip earlier. Return to the backyard and give the map to Philip, in exchange for his metal detector. Walk left to the pool and use the metal detector on the pipeline. Use the pile of dirt you are led to, then use the panel. Go back to the pool and climb down the ladder.

Day 3

Go left to the foyer. Pick up the newspaper and read it. Head out to the backyard and use your car to get some lockpicks. Use the lockpicks on the shed door here, then go inside. Take the pickaxe from the floor and the saw from the wall. Go back out, then into the house and upstairs to the library. Talk to Jim and get him to tag along with you. Pick up a blue book from the bottom left shelf and read the DeFoe family history in your inventory.

Go out to the backyard again and stand near the tree, then use the saw on the tree. Head back inside and go upstairs. Go to the far right and try the last door on the back wall - it is locked. Use your lockpicks on it and go inside. Open the wardrobe and take the book, then read it in your inventory. Open the window and go outside. Use your grolly on the cracked tile to swing across, then open the other window and go inside. Look in the nightstand to get another diary, then read this in your inventory.

Pick up the teddy from the bed. Leave this room and return to the library. Take a book from the right black section and read the book on white magic in your inventory. Go downstairs and right two rooms to the TV room. Take the cord from the back of the television. Go out to the backyard and pick up the twig next to the tree stump. Use the cord on the teddy, then on the stick. Return to the kitchen and open the cabinets to find some salt. Dip the teddy in the salt. Go up to the bedroom right of the library and use the teddy on the bed. Now look at the teddy. Go out and look at the teddy again. Keep doing this and you will be led to the kitchen. Use your pickaxe on the left wall here. Go through the hole, then down the stairs. Walk towards the bottom right corner of the room and look at the teddy. Follow its directions until it points straight down, then use that area of the floor to reveal 2 bodies. Go back up through the TV room to the trophy room. Touch the idol in the broken glass jar.

Day 4

Talk to the window. Convince Simone to let you try to kill yourself (say you were possessed by the ghost, just like when you killed AJ, and you are delirious with guilt). Pick up your tie and use the lockpick on the door. Head inside and upstairs and go all the way to the right. Save your game. Open the door on the right. Wait until the bad guy is on the mat, then use the mat.

Day 5

Go into the room behind you and talk to Jim to get the bad guy's items. Head into the library and look at the row of black books on the right again to find another book, and read it in your inventory. Head downstairs and go right to the lounge. Take the scissors from the dresser and use them on your apron. Use the strip on your mask, then on the machete. Go to the kitchen and dip the mask in the salt, then head through the hole to the basement. Use the mask on the chains, then look at the mask. Follow its directions to get to the upstairs bathroom, and an area just below the sink. Use your scissors on the mask, then use the machete on the tiles. Pick up the body and go to the trophy room. Put the remains on the floor, then use the mask on the remains.

Walk left twice and tell Simone to meet you in the trophy room. Go upstairs to Matthew's room and tell Jim to meet you in the trophy room. Go back to the trophy room. Give the teddy to Jim, then get the rifle from above the fireplace and give it to Simone. Use the black magic book on yourself.