Land of the Blue Moon

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2002

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/27/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Zelenhgorm: Land of the Blue Moon is a first-person adventure game set in the fantasy land of Zelenhgorm, relying heavily on full-motion video footage. You play as Arrikk Vaheirr, a young fisherman who appears to be blessed (or cursed) with supernatural powers. As the game begins, a great ship appears in the waters directly behind your house, and you must determine why it has arrived. This was to be the first of a series of games, but the series was canceled.


After waking up, take the bucket from the end of the bed. Leave your bedroom and enter the bathroom to the left. Take the notebook from next to the toilet, then read it in your inventory (by using the magnifying glass on it). Exit the bathroom and head down the narrow stairs, where you should pick up some oyster shells, a file and a bowl. Search the table drawer to find 4 pearls. Now head outside.

Look in the open wooden shelter and pick up the grinder, then go back outside. You can ignore the ship for now, as you cannot board it yet.

Turn left and follow the path towards the main road and talk to the 2 villagers (choose any options). Continue forward to the main road and you will reach an area with a lighthouse. Talk to the man sitting on the rock about everything. Turn left and look at the pile of metal, picking up a piece of metal from near the bottom. While you are here, dive off the end of the dock to do some pearl collecting:

Each trip underwater, you can only stay safely for a few seconds, then must go back up to the surface or you will drown. Quickly open some shells and take any pearls you find. You can dive back in and do this as many times as you want, but should save your game reasonably regularly. 15 pearls now should be enough to make it through the rest of the game. If you ever need more, come back here to collect some.

Once you are done, head back along the path. Turn right and approach another house. Knock on the door to meet your uncle, and ask to borrow a ladder from him. Go back to the main road and follow the other path to reach a new area.

The Village

As you enter the village you will hear some people talking about you. Confront them for some more information, then continue further into the village, past some laughing children.. Turn right and talk to your grandmother, who is raking her lawn. Talk to her again and she will give you 10 pearls. Continue along the path and a woman will beckon you over and give you 2 pearls, asking you to buy her some rush wool. Turn right and go forward to reach the front of a tavern, then turn left and go up a ramp into the local market.

Go through the market and purchase the following items from the vendors:

  • Butcher: Buy a chicken for 1 pearl.
  • Grocer: Buy a score of pears and a dozen eggs for 2 pearls.
  • Grain Merchant: Buy a small sack of rice and a keg of rice beer for 2 pearls.
  • Fish Merchant: Buy some fillets of fish for 1 pearl.
  • Textile Merchant: Buy a small ball of rush wool for 1 pearl.

Turn around from the textile merchant and look at the box on the ground here. Take the grocery list on top of it. You can also find a trickster who allows you to play a series of games. Each game costs 1 pearl, but if you are successful you get some words of wisdom and you get your pearl back. Here are the rewards for each game (to save you wasting some pearls):

  • Ball Puzzle: "The great raft waits for you and the left hand will steer the raft."
  • Rope Puzzle: "Steal a uniform, be the next one on duty and climb aboard the raft."
  • Lever Puzzle: "You are not alone, there are other such as you far away. One such as you can make the world great again."
  • Card Puzzle: "The world is much greater and much older. The world is Selh'garm."
  • Mystic Cards: "Trust the cards more than words of the prophets."

Return through the market and enter the tavern. Sit down at the table to the left of the stairs and order a rice beer for 1 pearl. Don't drink it, but instead go over to the nearby barrel and pick up the crowbar. Return to your seat, then get up and leave the tavern.

Go to the rope merchant here and buy the nails (with free hammer) and rope for 7 pearls. Go and give your rush wool to the woman through her window. Come back past the tavern and turn to the right, then go forward. Talk to the merchant here and buy some wax candles (with free lighter) for 5 pearls. Turn around to the right and go to the right of the large tree. Search the bushes here to find some rusty metal clippers. Go back to the candle merchant and turn to the left. Go through the hole in the fence to a grassed area.

Use your rusty metal clippers on the grindstone here to sharpen them. Look down to the left and use the sharped clippers on the leather strap, then enter the small room. Look at the impression of the key on the wall and use your notebook on it to get a sketch. Also examine the coat on the wall and take the small crank handle from behind it. Now go back outside. Go further ahead into the area and you will find a large statue with 6 symbols around the base. Use your notebook on the statue to copy the symbols. Go over to the 2 women having a conversation through another break in the fence, then back out before you get arrested.

Return to the tavern, and now head a long the path to the left of the building. Cross the bridge.

Council House

Talk to the guard here once (if you do it again, you will end up in a fight). Turn around and look at the etchings on the 4 large flat rocks on the ground. Use your notebook on them to take copies. Turn right from the guard and follow the path here to find a boatman. Talk to him with these options:

  • "Ferry me to the rice fields."
  • "But I have no map."

Turn around and examine the large rock on the ground. Pick up the grappling hook from behind it. Come back to the front of Council House and turn left this time. Approach the boarded window and use your crowbar on it, then climb inside.

Turn right and continue along the dark passage. Use your lighter on one of your candles. Go forward 3 times, then turn left and go forward twice more to reach some barrels of fish. Look up to see a trapdoor in the ceiling that requires a key. In your inventory, use your rice on the grinder and your oyster shells on the grinder. Put both of these into your bowl, then add the eggs to make a paste. Use the paste on your piece of metal, then stick the key sketch on it. Finally use the file to create a key.

Use your key on the keyhole in the trapdoor, then climb up. Take a uniform from the rack on the right. Climb back down and light another candle, then follow the passages to return outside. Head back to the village.

The Village

Head out to the lighthouse docks again. Use your crank handle on the small device next to the dock, then climb in to the transport device to get over to the lighthouse. Around the back of it, use your hammer on the glowing rock to get a yellow crystal. Get back into the transport device to return to the mainland.

Return to the large statue with 6 symbols in the grassed area. Use your yellow crystal on each of the symbols, paying particular attention to the 3 tones you hear with the sun symbol. Now you can leave the village again.


Go back to your house, which is now covered in graffiti. Head to the ship and talk to the guards about everything, then enter your house and climb the narrow stairs. Look at the mirror, then click on the hook and you will change into the uniform. Head downstairs and outside again. Approach the ship and talk to the guards once more, choosing these options:

  • "The tainted one has been seen in the vicinity."
  • "Oh, excuse me! I was stung on the right hand by a bee."

You will receive a halberd, and both guards will leave.

The Great Ship

Use your ladder on the ship. Combine the rope and grappling hook in your inventory, then use this on the ship's ledge to climb aboard. Head down to the lower deck and near the back you will discover a hoist with a hook. Attach your bucket to the hook, turn the handle, then get the bucket again (it will be full of water). Now find a strange door on this deck with 3 containers on it. Use your bucket on the door to put water into the door. Now you can click on each of the 3 containers to here a tone. You can adjust the water level (and therefore the tone) by clicking the small circles above and below the containers. You need to recreate the tones you just heard at the large statue. The water levels should be:

  • Left: Completely full
  • Middle: One quarter full
  • Right: Half full

Now click on the 3 containers from left to right, then pull open the door. Use your yellow crystal just to the left of the door straight ahead, then open this door and go through into a library. Head over to the fireplace, then look inside the partially opened drawer down to the left and take the map from inside. Look at this in your inventory (using the magnifying glass). Read the books in the bookcase, then head up the spiral staircase in the middle of the room. Look around as much as you like, then go back down and leave the ship.


When the guard asks you to go for a drink, say "No, we'll have to make it another time." When he asks for your halberd, make sure you agree to give it to him. Enter your house and go upstairs, using the hook next to the mirror to change back into your normal clothes. Leave your house again and return to the village.

The Village

Turn right where you saw your grandmother raking the grass earlier, and enter her house. Talk to her, then show her the map. Grab some white flat breads hanging next to the fireplace. Climb the ladder and look at the pictures on the floor in the attic. Open the chest and look at another picture. Climb back down and head outside. Go to the left of the tavern and over the bridge again.

Council House

Go right and approach the boatman again. Talk to him and select these options:

  • "Ferry me to the rice fields."
  • "Here! Here is the map!"
  • "I am on my way to one of the rice growers with provisions."
  • "Yes, of course! Here is the paper!"
  • "Of course."

Assuming you have all of the provisions, he will take you on a boat ride for 1 pearl.

New Lands

Approach the gate, but it is locked. Turn right and follow the path between the rocks until you automatically set up camp. Pick up some twigs from the pile and use your lighter on them to make a fire. Now settle down on the blanket.