Yet Another Hero StoryYet Another Hero Story

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/28/2019

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Yet Another Hero Story is a classic point-and-click adventure game with a fantasy setting. You take the role of Martin McNish, new graduate of the Great Adventurer's School, who sets off on an adventure to make a name for himself. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Crossing the Bridge

Talk to the troll, then give him your 2 silver coins Ready to fly!. Use the fabric on Rupert, and you will end up falling down to the ground below. After automatically picking up the dropped silver coin, also pick up the club. Grab a rock from the left, and a piece of wood from the right. Click on the tree to get an idea about how to get back to Rupert.

Use the club on the pile of boulders to the right, then enter the cave. Use the club on the soft surface to the right to reveal more of the cave. Search the bag to get a sandwich. Also collect the sharpening stone, bone, animal skull and rope. Use the animal skull on the rib cage, then add the bone. Place the sandwich inside the trap to capture the weasel. Now you can continue right to the inner chamber.

Pick up the metallic object, which turns out to be a blunt knife. Use your sharpening stone on the knife, then use the knife on your piece of wood to sharpen one end.. Also pick up the shell from the ground.

Go back outside to the tree, and use your sharpened piece of wood on the ground to the left. Use your rock to knock the piece of wood further into the ground, then use your rope on it to tie the tree down. Now use the tree. While aiming the catapult, start by aiming too low so you will hit the side of the cliff Good Thinking #1. Next aim too high, so you will come back down before reaching the cliff Good Thinking #2. Finally, aim just below Rupert to safely return to your companion. Go down the hill into Kavinbridge.

Becoming an Adventurer


Talk to the kid on the right, who now needs to find a new homing pigeon. Go through the open door here and take the bone from the floor and the cocktail umbrella from the bin - you cannot get anything else or you will be kicked out by the cook. Back outside, look at the statue to the left, and the bird feeder near its base. Now head down the left path.

Look at the poster on the wall, then pick up the plank just to the left of it. Walk towards the window and you will be hit by a falling object. Go through the door into the Adventurers' Guild. After a lengthy conversation with the Guildmaster, you will automatically leave again. Head up the stairs to the right.

Talk to the knight, but you cannot understand what he is saying. Talk to the woman, and give her your silver coin in exchange for some strawberry candies. Talk to the strong man, then to the merchant. Take the pot plant, and look at the bag of magic beans and the funny looking small trees. Leave the market and return to the town entrance.

Talk to the painter about the bucket that fell on your head. Now you can pick up his palette and a paper. Next head down the right path.

Enter the alley and search the cases to find some cloth and a pair of bent scissors. Back out of the alley and enter the library. Talk to the librarian, who won't give you a book unless you request a specific title. Leave again, and enter the boutique next door. Pick up a catalog from the bench. Talk to the boutique owner, then leave. Go up the stairs in the background, and you will find yourself back at the market. Give the bent scissors to the strong man, and he will fix them for you. Leave the market to the right and use your piece of cloth on the fountain to wet it. Go back to the town entrance, then leave town and head left to reach the map screen.


Try to pick up the t-shirt, but it stinks too much. Use your fixed scissors on the sheep to get a fleece, before leaving the area.


Use the plank on the gap, then pick up the flower. Combine your flower and pot, then add the cocktail umbrella Made Something Special.


Read the sign.

Sacred Tree

Talk to Theodore about everything.

Mountain Passage

Take the vine from the left. Talk to the guard, but he won't let you pass until you are a certified adventurer.


Enter the town and use your fleece on the yellow paint to the left Making Gold. Head down the left path, then up the stairs. Give your flower pot to the merchant and you will receive a bonsai tree. Head down the stairs to the left, then enter the alley. Use your vine on the hook high up on the beam above, then use it again to get the hook. Now combine the vine and hook in your inventory. Leave the alley and enter the library again. Ask the librarian for a book about Rodin, but you need to give a deposit in exchange. Combine your paper and catalog, then use the paintbrush and palette on it. Give this to the librarian, and you will get your desired book. Leave town again.

Sacred Tree

Give the bonsai tree to Theodore, and you will receive his statue.


Use the Rodin biography on yourself, then pick up the t-shirt.


Use the t-shirt on the large statue across the gap.


Look at the stone engraving, then pick up the branch. Use your fixed scissors on the foliage to the right, then head along the path that you reveal. Try to pull the sword out of the stone and try using the branch on it, then try pulling it out again - you will eventually succeed but it will slip out of your hands. Head into the background to see it has fallen down. Use your grappling hook to get it Sword Bearer.


Enter town and go along the left path, then enter the Adventurers' Guild again. Tell the Guildmaster about your three items, and he will let you keep the sword, and give you a certificate Adventurer.

Mountain Passage

Show your certificate to the guard, then go through the passage. Use your bone on the sign to get rid of it, then go through either passage.

Brewing a Potion


Pick up a reed from the edge of the lake.

Dark Woods

Take some berries from the shrub on the right, and combine these with your reed. Enter the cave and use your sword on the spider. Open the chest and look inside to get lots of gold, a necklace and a ruby. Leave the cave and explore the dark woods to the left until you find the rabbits. Try again, following the other path, but you will find the same rabbits. Leave the area for now.


Use your reed with ammunition on the bird, then use your branch to get the egg from its nest Egg Stealer.


Enter the curiosities shop and talk to the storekeeper. Look at the mask, and you will buy one in exchange for your necklace. Look at the amulet, and you will buy it in exchange for your ruby. Leave the shop and enter the tavern. Talk to the man at the lower left, who will help you enter the castle if you can obtain a magic potion from some fairies. Talk to the man at the bar, and you will end up with a key. Next talk to the bartender, then use the mask on yourself and you will end up with a mug Legal Drinking.

Head right over the bridge. Try to take the drunk man's bottle 3 times, then pick up the small packet of bird food from the ground behind him. Use your key on the lock so that you can enter the shack. Pick up the shovel from the corner, the paper between the boxes on the left, the mirror from the shelves, and the empty flask from next to the stove. Look at the paper in your inventory to see that it is a jousting tournament programme. Go back over the bridge and leave the town.

Mushroom Forest

Walk over to the left to meet the fairies - they will only help you if you can activate their pillars.


Fill up your empty flask with water from the lake. Use the wet cloth with the mug, then use it on your really dirty mirror to clean it.


Enter the town and use your packet of bird food on the feeder in front of the large statue. Go and talk to Bobby, then give him the candy and talk to him again. Head over to the statue and pick up the feather Got Feather. Head along the right path, then enter the library. Talk to the librarian to get a book about fairies. Look at this in your inventory. Head back outside and up the stairs, then buy the small bag of magic beans from the merchant. Give your jousting tournament programme to the knight to get him to sign it.

Mushroom Forest

Go left to see the fairies again, and ask to see the pillars again. From left to right, click on the chocolate cake, pint of ale, lemon pie and magic. The fairies will now give you the password.


Enter the curiosities shop and give the signed jousting tournament programme to the storekeeper in exchange for his chart. Look at this in your inventory. Leave the shop and leave town again.

Dark Woods

Head left, then use the amulet on yourself and you will be able to sense colors in the surrounding woods. Follow the directions based on the chart you just received, and the number of rabbits you can see on the screen:

  • Pink background plus 2 rabbits = north
  • Purple background plus 6 rabbits = east

Pick up the sphere from the ground here, then continue:

  • Green background plus 4 rabbits = west
  • Pink background plus 2 rabbits = north
  • Purple background plus 6 rabbits = east

Use the sphere in the pillar here to make some light, then continue:

  • Blue background plus 6 rabbits = west Navigator

Use your magic beans on the soil to the left, then use your flask full of water on the planted beans Something Of A Fairy Tale. Climb the beanstalk. At the top, speak into the megaphone, then go through the open door. By this stage you should have all the ingredients except the root. Make sure you ask more about this, to learn the location of the cemetery. Now you can leave this area.


Examine the gargoyle on the left, and a ghost will scare you away Let's get going!. Use your shovel on the root. Try to pick it up, but it will dissolve in your hands. Place your clean mirror in the statue arm on the right. Now pick up the root Got Root.

Dark Woods

Go left and climb the beanstalk, then go inside and you will receive the potion. You will now automatically be taken to your next location.

Escaping the Dungeon

Magic Field

Use your magic potion on the magic field, then go through the hole you have created. Pick up the small rock.


Kick the pillar, then talk to the prisoner. Keep talking to the prisoner until you finally matching to kick the pillar at the same time Watch your head. Look at the keys, then take the bone from the skeleton in front of you. Talk to the prisoner again and you will free yourself. Try to use the keys on the prisoner, then talk to him again. Use the dungeon keys on the door and then leave your cell.

Use the dungeon keys on the other door here, then go inside. After Duke Walland leaves, remove the loose brick on the left and search the hole to find a metal rod. Leave this cell and go upstairs. Ignore the 3 doors here for now and go further upstairs.

Head through the left door. Use your metal rod on the rat hole to get a piece of cheese. Take some fertilizer from the sack on the left. Use the cheese on the wine barrel at the bottom left. Return downstairs once and look through the open doorway. Give the cheese to the creature in the high cage Sweet Dreams. Now you can pick up the invisibility potion and the green potion from behind it. Back out and head upstairs again.

Use the invisibility potion on yourself, then head right past the guard and through the right door. Pick up the knife and handkerchief from the table, then exit and go through the door just to the left. Move the stuffed elephant and pick up the toy soldier. Use your knife on the toy soldier to get a cog. Pick up the stuffed toy from the table on the left, then leave the room. Go downstairs and use your knife on the clock face, then take the cog from inside. Head through the right door and look at the gauntlet on the suit of armor here. Use both cogs on it, then move the spear. Now go and examine the painting, then look through the eye holes There she is!.

Leave this room and go back upstairs, then through the door on the left. Use your handkerchief on the barrel of oil. Combine your fertilizer and potion to create an enhanced fertilizer. Leave the room and go to the room just right of the guard. Try to open the window, but Permar hear's it and gets you to close it again. Use your handkerchief on the window, then open it successfully and look outside. Use yoru enhanced fertilizer on the plant, then climb down. After meeting Alicia, go back out the window to return to Permar's room. Use the stuffed animal on him, then take the key and you will automatically return to Alicia.


Use your letter on the pigeon to the right.

Crashing the Wedding


Take a glass and the bottle of champagne from the table. Talk to each of the guests, including the kid. Now talk to Duke and ask him to play the goalie, then pick up the glasses from the ground. Use your bottle of champagne on the guest to the far left Let's Celebrate!. Go left and try to take the toupee, but it is too high for you. Return right and talk to Duke, asking him to help you get it, then go left again.

Back with the guests, use your glass on the woman in the pink dress. Follow her to the right and take the dress, then also pick up the note that falls down. Return left and talk to the woman in the green dress, then use the note on her invitation. You will now automatically head inside Wedding Crashers.


You now need to choose a specific set of conversation options:

  • The couple is not true Ang believers!
  • How many Ang churches do exist?
  • Because there's a wizard in the room to defend me.
  • Look at Permar for a moment. Game Completed