Game Details:  Mystery, 2012

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/1/2014

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Yesterday is a dark mystery game about investigation of a series of murders of innocent homeless people. Henry White and his friend Cooper start their investigation, but end up bringing in John Yesterday as a consultant. Unfortunately John attempts suicide and subsequently loses his memory; now the group must both solve the murders and the mystery of what is happening to John Yesterday. The series continues with the sequel, Yesterday Origins.

Cadway Station

Enter the train car on the right, and pick up the beer can, cable and iron bar from the floor. Go back outside and look at the rubble on the left; use your cable on the rubble, then the iron bar on the cable and it will be pulled free. Open the suitcase in your inventory. Use your box cutter on the beer can to get a metal strip. Go back into the train car and out through the other door. Look at the box of toys twice and you will find a keyboard and a toy phone. Use your box cutter on the toy phone. Look in the rubble near the train car and take the battery-operated figure, then use your screw on it to get the batteries. Put the batteries into the keyboard. Head upstairs to the right and use your strip of aluminium on the padlock.

Select any answers when talking to Choke in the next area, then solve his chess puzzles:

  • Bishop to E7
  • Pawn to G3
  • Bishop to E7

Back on the train car, give the toy phone receiver to Boris. Leave the train to the right and use your subway token on the vending machine to get a coin. Now connect the receiver to the payphone, and the keyboard to the payphone.

As Samuel, look in the front of the van and take the key and box of matches. Use the key on the back of the van, then take the bat and gas can from inside. Also pick up the rag from the trash can, and break off a piece of wire from the hole in the fence. Use the rag on the bat (you will also automatically use your wire). Use the baseball bat in the gas can, then on the box of matches. You will now go down the tunnel.

Pick up the cable from next to the stairs, and the iron bar from against the column. Use the iron bar on the train car door then head inside. Take the bullets from the mannequin and the plastic receiver from the coat pocket, then leave the train to the right. Take the basketball hoop, then look at the pile of rubble and dig it away. Use your iron bar on the door you find, then go through to a storage room. Combine your hoop and cable, then use this on the high bar and you will swing across. Take the revolver from the middle locker and put your bullets in the gun. Pick up the bent iron door from the left locker and use this on the low bar. Use the door in this position to get back across. Head upstairs and use the gun on Choke.

White Enterprises

Talk about everything completely to progress.

Hotel Dore

Take the letter opener, notebook and fountain pen from the desk. Enter the bathroom and pick up the towel, soap, oil and hand cream. Examine the cologne while you are here, then leave the bathroom and go out to the balcony. Take the card from the table and hold it up in front of the Eiffel Tower for a comparison. Sharpen your letter opener on the horse sculpture, then return inside.

Enter the bathroom and use your letter opener on the ceiling fan, then use your towel on the fan. Turn on the left water tap to steam up the mirror and see the word "Alchemy", then go back out again. Look at the solitary painting on the middle wall and move it aside to find a safe. Use your letter opener on the back of the painting to get a cutout card. Head out to the balcony again. Use your cutout card with the Eiffel Tower to see the word "Revolution", then return inside again.

Use the telephone to contact the front desk and mention the two words you found. Open the envelope and look at the note inside, then call Henry White and talk about everything, including The Evergreen. Go back out to the balcony again and turn on the hot tub, then use your goggles on the hot tub. Use your letter opener on the hot tub and unfold the plastic you find. Go back to the main room again and use the key on the safe.

Le Tout Petit

Talk to Pauline about everything and you will receive a key. Take the loupe and scissors from the two small tables. Open the door with your key and go through to the back room. Pick up the cross from the back wall, the oil lamp from the middle shelves, the box of wooden pieces from the left, the engraved bar from the small table at the bottom of the screen, and the table of symbols from the wall over the desk. Open the hatch over the desk to find an ultraviolet light. Now use the table of symbols on the wooden box in your inventory. Use the wooden box on the large cross standing on the floor of the room, then use your table of symbols on the cross while you have the puzzle screen displayed. Insert the symbols as follows:

  • salt at the top
  • sulfur on the left
  • mercury on the right
  • fire at the bottom

Now place your small cross in the middle of the large one to find a diary. Use your scissors on the diary to remove the rubber band, then put the rubber band on your engraved bar. Use the ultraviolet light on the bar. After the cutscene, open the hatch over the desk to find some keys. Use the keys on the upper door. Oil the hinges of the door using your lamp, then go through the door and take the katana from the samurai statue on the left.


Look at the katana, then talk to the master about everything. Take the ladle from the right, and take the katana if you don't already have it. Use the katana on the window to the left. Talk to the master again and play the game; the correct answer will be the sum of your fingers and those shown by the shadow (you must have already opened the window). Win 3 times to get all of the master's treasures. Put the katana in the yak's teeth, then leave the room.

Use your razor to get the monster faces from the door you just went through, then continue through the doors to the right. Take the ropes from the sled, then the planks from the end of the bridge. Try to use the screws on the planks. Return to the monastery and take the path to the right. Take some corn kernels from the open sack. Take a full sack from the left. Use the screws on your planks, then use the monster faces on the planks and you will join them together. Place your long plank on the bell ringer, then put your sack on its right side. Tie the bell ringer with the rope and ring the bell.


Jump down on to the roof. After the cutscene, head right and use one of your tokens on the gate clamp to get it open. Take a wooden beam from beneath the train, then open the train car door. Take the roll of tape, and search the boxes on the left to get a camera. Leave this area and take the tires from next to the lamp post on the left. Continue left again.

Pick up the circular saw blade, then remove the canvas on the left, take the surveyor from the tripod, and put your camera on the tripod. Use the camera to record a video. Now insert your saw blade into the wooden beam, and combine this with the clamp from the gate. Use this weapon on the logo on the wall here, then use the logo to climb up. Pick up the red paint. Combine your camera and tires, then use the canvas on this, and use the tape on the canvas. Use the red paint on your bundle, then drop it down to the warehouse and jump after it.

Search the trash cans on the left to find an RCA cable. Look at the fire cabinet on the right wall, then use your canvas on it and take the axe. Walk up towards the right. Look at the locker on the left, then use your axe on it to get some plans. Next examine the control panel and connect the RCA cable to video out, then the camera to the RCA cable. Press the big red button until you see Cam 6, then look at the screen to see they are in a generator room. Use the plans on the set of 8 switches, then flip switch F. Press the button marked "Oven", then leave the control panel. Use the canvas on the door to the oven.

St Fergus Church

Leave this cross area and head right to return to the overview. Take the scrub brush from the left tombstone. Zoom in on the stone just right of here and look at it, then touch it to see a flashback. Find some batteries (these are one of these locations, not marked by a hotspot):

  • left or right edge of the rocky ledge at the bottom right
  • near top of the right path on the mountain in the background
  • top of the mountain in the left foreground
  • top-left of the mountain in the right foreground

Now go to the alcove where you parked the car. Pick up the pot, shovel and all 8 jars of chemicals. Go back outside and fill the pot with water from the lake. Return to the alcove and add vinegar to the pot, then put it on the burner and light it with your lighter. Dip the scrub brush in the mixture, then take the pot again. Go back outside and approach the large cross. Use the brush on it, then look at it again and touch it. Use your shovel to dig in the ground around the cross, then look at the coin you find. Use your knife on the right side of the cross to unplug the hole. Now repeat the puzzle solution from the last cross:

  • salt at the top
  • sulfur on the left
  • mercury on the right
  • fire at the bottom

Answer the questions any way to proceed.


Take a block of butter from the middle bowl, and dip the ladle into the left bowl to get some honey. Pick up the katana if you don't already have it, then leave the room. Pour honey into the holes at the ledge, then place kernels into the holes. Exit to the right and take some kernels from the open bag, then go back to the left and put them in the holes again; you will end up with some seeds. Leave through the main doors.

Use your katana to dig up the dead tree, and bury the seeds in the hole. Use the butter to grease the brake next to the pulley, then turn the brake. Cut the rope with your katana. Put your bucket beneath the dragon's head at the bridge, then return inside. Use the icicle with the incense burner, then go back out and water the seeds.


Select one of the people to complete the game. If you select John, you can then either pick up the heated knife or use the batteries from the church scene in the top left action figure.