Women's Murder Club 2Women's Murder Club 2

A Darker Shade of Grey

Game Details:  Mystery, 2009

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Walkthrough Updated:  11/6/2011

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Women's Murder Club 2: A Darker Shade of Grey is the second of 4 games based on the mystery novels by James Patterson and the subsequent television series. This game continues after Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet. It is a hybrid hidden object adventure game where you play as a group of forensic investigators looking into a series of murders. The series continues with Women's Murder Club 3: Twice in a Blue Moon.

Investigation 1

Crime Scene

Look at the victim's shorts, in particular look at the red fibre to take a photograph, then look at the logo and draw in the missing pieces to show "Jackson-Moore Academy". Next look at the victim's hand (then his fingertips), and his head (then his tongue).

Commander's Office

Look at the fuse box on the left, and click buttons 1, 2, 5 and 3. Now pick up the 12 pieces of paper from the floor.

Barrack 4

Look at bed 104, belonging to Cadet Adams (second from the back on the left). Look under the pillow. Match the tongue with the blue candy, the hand with the purple pen, and the fibre with the red shirt.

Crime Scene

Look at the shorts again and look at the fibre. Look at the victim's knee, wrist and fingertips. Look at his tongue and neck. Look at the stone on the ground next to him. Now climb up and get a sample of blood from the top of the cliff.

Forensic Lab

Look at the shelf next to the computer. Place a drop of the blood sample into the machine, then add drops of the various samples from the shelves to get the blood type. Repeat this with the second sample.

Investigation 2

Parade Grounds

Ask each of the questions as they become available, then click on the man in the line who moves and click on him to get the appropriate answer.

Fort Scott Sports Field

Sort the balls into their appropriate containers by clicking the correct arrows. When you see the soccer ball with blood on it, move it down towards you.

National Cemetery

Place the flowers in front of their appropriate headstones, according to the following anagrams:

  • Syaid Canifar = African Daisy
  • Yill = Lily
  • Sores = Roses
  • SY Nap = Pansy
  • P Yopp = Poppy
  • Fido Laff = Daffodil
  • Putil = Tulip
  • Tyna Chiah = Hyacinth
  • PN Yao = Paony
  • Mira Unge = Geranium

Pick up the phone from the headstone. Look at the name on the phone, then turn it on.

Police Station

Find the 12 envelopes hidden in the office.

Investigation 3

Farallones Marine Sanctuary

Find the tape labelled G-1200-79-Alpha and insert it into the machine. Now move the tape forward to 06:25 and press play. Zoom in as far as you can, then click on the print button.

Sheriff's Office

Look at the red phone, then read the note on the door. Now pick up the 12 pieces of paper. Look at them on the desk and piece together the message.

Jackson Moore Academy

Talk to Cadet Lyall several times until you can't ask any more questions. Now look at the body. Look at the victim's clothes, face and top pocket. Look up to see the attic window, then head to the attic. Collect the 21 leaves and 10 seedpods, then look at the blue powder on the floor. Pick up the bowling ball and drop it on the little seesaw on the floor on the left to distract Lydell. Now use your plastic bag to collect a sample of the blue powder.

Forensic Lab

Analyse the sample to find out it is chlorine.

Investigation 4

Jackson Moore Academy

Head to the foyer. Move the hat to the coatrack, the red cushion to the chair, the flag to the right of the archway, the clock on the left back wall, the wooden ball on the bannister on the right, and the vase on the table on the left. Now look at the trunk. Pick up 5 darker grey pieces from the top of the trunk and they will form a key - insert this into the lock. Pick up the bottle of chloroform, then leave the room.

Go to room 34 and look at the bird's nest in the window. Pick up the 21 blue pieces of paper, then reassemble them into a full message.

Now go to the locker room and look at the lockers. Click on the men at the bottom of the screen to get clues about which lockers you can eliminate, and you will eventually leave only locker 21. Click on this one to open it, then look at the books and the note.

Next head to Becky's room. Look at the posters, bookshelf, the note on the bed and the books on the bedside table. Finally look at the box on the desk. Move the tiles around until you can slide the named tile downwards, then click on the latch to open the box. Look at the address on the envelopes.

Investigation 5

Charleston Reporter

Find the 25 microfiche rolls, then look at the computer. Swap the microfiche rolls until they are in their correct places; they are colored from pale pink in the bottom left to dark purple in the top right; the same symbols are grouped along diagonals in this direction. Once they are correct, enter "Jackson-Moore" into the computer and click submit. Look at each of the rolls in the reader. Next search for "General" and "Hogenback" in the computer and look at the relevant microfiche.

Blue Bayou Bar

Play the computer game - quickly turn the lilypads over until you match the farmer with the baby duck - if you are too slow the duck will be eaten. You must win 5 games without killing 3 ducks.

Jackson Moore Academy

Go back to the locker room. Read the note on the bench, then try the intercom, but you must replace the batteries. Find the 2 green batteries, screwdriver, spanner and roll of tape. Look at the intercom again. Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws. Use the spanner on the loose yellow wire to attach it correctly. Put your 2 batteries in the lower left, then hold them in place with the tape. Press the grey button to use the intercom.

Davis' Home

Find the 20 cards, then take the note that appears in the front door's mail slot.

Sheriff's Office

Drag your 5 pieces of evidence on to the desk to show Sheriff Tyler.

Investigation 6

Jackson Moore Academy

Go to the laundry. Pull the red lever. Now watch for the numbers appearing on the screen - quickly pick up the appropriate basket and catch the falling laundry in it. Keep doing this until the flow of laundry stops.

Next head to the dorm hallway. Walk along the hallways, avoiding the guard, to reach room 22, which is in the centre at the top of the screen. Take the comic from the bed and the pea shooter from the desk, and then open the window. Look out at the balcony. Use your peashooter to target the 12 dead leaves. Now click on the bare areas to climb across the trellis - start on the far left and aim for the bottom right.

Investigation 7


Pick up the coffee pot and use it to fill 9 coffee cups. A kid will run past and throw something into the cafe. Look in the bowl on the counter. Click on the whisk and pick up the things that float to the surface. Repeat this until you find the note.

Jackson Moore Academy

Go to the foyer. Look at the photos on the right, then the board on the left. Place all the letters from the bottom of the board into their correct spots to complete the names.

Sheriff's Office

Find 12 more shreds of paper. Look at them on the desk and rearrangement them to recreate the message.

Jackson Moore Academy

Head to the front exit of the academy, and you will end up going to room 34. Pick up all of the items of interest belonging to Winston, then head to Becky's room. Look at all of Becky's possessions, and you will end up reading an encrypted note. The correct key for this is "Winston" - read the book above the note to understand how this works.

Investigation 8

Jackson Moore Academy

Go to the teacher's staff room. Pick up the coffee-stained note near the rubbish bin. Look at the clipboard on the left, then read the whiteboard on the back wall. Pick up the sugar cubes from the table and put them in the bowl on the table. Take the quarter from the chair and use it in the vending machine, then take the soda water and put it in the bowl. Take the baking soda from on top of the vending machine and add this to the mixture. Now dip the cloth in the mixture and use it to clean the note.

Go to Mr Reynold's room. Look at the two photographs - the man in the hoodie does not look the same as on your previous photograph. Also look at the shirt on the left and the magazine in the fire.

Charleston Reporter

Find the 25 microfiche rolls, then look at the computer. Swap the microfiche rolls until they are in their correct places; they are concentric circles. Once they are correct, enter "John Reynolds Jackson Moore" into the computer and click submit. Look at the microfiche roll in the reader.

Blue Bayou Bar

Play and win the computer game again.

Investigation 9

Jackson Moore Academy

Go to Lt Col Burns' office. Show him your 5 pieces of evidence, then choose 4 names from the list (making sure to include Andrew Pierce).

Book Store

Pick up the bug spray and kill all the spiders, then take the book about Morse code.


Find the 16 plastic letters, then look at the refrigerator. Create the question "What did Becky say?" with the letters, then in Morse code.

Interrogation Room

Pick up the pencil and tap out the Morse code message (read the instructions on the left). Next click on the Morse code for Andrew's message: "Hogenback assassination".

Investigation 10

Jackson Moore Academy

Go to the utility room. Click on the large torn pink message, then find the other 13 pink pieces of paper. Look at the alarm system and press the disarm button, but you don't know the code. Look at the pink paper again and join the pieces together.

Next go to the laundry. Find the 30 tokens. Now you need to use a token in each washing machine to have them all turned on at the same time.

Go back to the utility room and look at the alarm system to confirm it has turned off.

Next return to Lt Col Burns' office. Take the tools out of your bag. Use your credit card in the middle of the window to break in. Look at the desk, then look at each of the drawers, the top of the desk, and the secret drawer on the left. Click on the small squares above it to slide them around and reveal a small hole. Take the small tool from the vase on the right and use it in the hole. Look in the drawer to see a gun and a code.

Go to the dorm hallway. Make your way to room 23 (top row, right of midline) then back to room 50 (bottom left) without being caught by the guard. Inside, look at the trophies on the wall, then at the computer screen. Now go back to room 23 again.