Who Did It?Who Did It?

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2024

Links:  Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  5/29/2024

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Who Did It? is a puzzle game where you are a trainee detective in the "Federal State Police". You are tasked with solving a series of crimes based on clues and optional hints. There are 24 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Cases 1-5

Case #0 (Tutorial)

There is no penalty for using hints in the tutorial, so take this opportunity to read all of the hints.

  • Kitchen: (empty)
  • Lounge: Person 5
  • Library: Person 2
  • Ballroom: Person 4
  • Dining Room: Person 1, Person 3
  • Conservatory: Person 6

This will complete your first case And So It Begins. You will also get an achievement for solving the case on your first try I Knew It Was the Right Answer, and another achievement for reading all of the hints I Need Some Help Here!

Case #65

You will now get to select a game mode and a difficulty. Certain achievements are only available with specific combinations of these options. For this walkthrough it is assumed that you will be playing in the Default game mode and Normal difficulty.

  • Living Room: Gino
  • Kitchen: Jeron
  • Nursery: (empty)
  • Study Room: Debria
  • Dining Room: Xaiver, Nattalie
  • Bathroom: Isreal

Case #78

  • Dining Room: Aubrey
  • Billiard Room: Coy
  • Lounge: Ambrosia
  • Kitchen: Tylor
  • Conservatory: Stefen
  • Garden: Deyna

Case #124

  • Living Room: Ronald, Juanita
  • Kitchen: (empty)
  • Dining Room: Patty, John
  • Bathroom: Oscar
  • Bedroom: Tracy
  • Wine Cellar: Graham

Case #156

  • Attic: Megan, Denise
  • Ballroom: Timothy, Wayne
  • Utility Room: Mark
  • Nursery: (empty)
  • Living Room: (empty)
  • Kitchen: David, Desiree

You will get a new cutscene and an achievement for completing 5 cases Just Starting Out.

Cases 6-10

Case #179

  • Living Room: (empty)
  • Bedroom: Tiana, Laurie
  • Ballroom: Kelly, Olivia
  • Conservatory: Mike
  • Wine Cellar: Dennis
  • Kitchen: John, Brendan

Case #198

  • Study Room: Hubert, Janice
  • Bedroom: Katie
  • Dining Room: Doug, Sara
  • Green House: Andrew
  • Kitchen: (empty)
  • Living Room: Edward, Heather

Case #254

  • Bathroom: Mary
  • Dining Room: Darren
  • Kitchen: Gregory
  • Wine Cellar: Sylvia, Doris
  • Living Room: Derrick, David
  • Garage: Eula

Case #269

  • Green House: Robert
  • Nursery: Tracy, Amy
  • Bathroom: William, Michelle
  • Living Room: Frank
  • Basement: Jesse, John
  • Garden: Mary

Case #344

  • Living Room: Thomas, Evan
  • Dining Room: Robert
  • Kitchen: (empty)
  • Conservatory: Jennifer, Mary
  • Study Room: Amy, Kelly
  • Garden: Marvin, James

You will get a new cutscene and an achievement for completing 10 cases Getting the Hang of It.

Cases 11-15

Case #512

  • Conservatory: Kenneth
  • Lounge: Leonard
  • Ballroom: Terri, Olivia
  • Nursery: Joshua, John
  • Kitchen: Robert
  • Living Room: Betty, Patty

Case #554

  • Study Room: Robert, Victoria
  • Bathroom: (empty)
  • Nursery: Erin
  • Bedroom: Charles, Marilyn
  • Kitchen: Hollie, James
  • Living Room: Glenn, Harold

Case #578

  • Bedroom: Kenneth, Arthur
  • Bathroom: Andre, Kathryn
  • Living Room: Jennifer, John
  • Green House: Lisa
  • Kitchen: Sheila
  • Garage: Aaron, James

Case #632

  • Tree House: Patrick, Sharon
  • Attic: Lani, Wayne
  • Green House: Russell
  • Lounge: Leona, Juan
  • Kitchen: Vincent, Emma
  • Wine Cellar: Christopher

Case #645

  • Ballroom: Patricia
  • Kitchen: Ray, Lee
  • Library: Andrew, Alfred
  • Utility Room: Daniel, Betty
  • Study Room: Rita, Gary
  • Basement: Lena

You will get a new cutscene and an achievement for completing 15 cases Intern Detective.

Cases 16-20

Case #671

  • Nursery: Sheri, Karen
  • Attic: Chris, Phil
  • Bathroom: Shirley, Margie
  • Ballroom: Thomas
  • Conservatory: Scott
  • Living Room: Charles, Jerome

Case #698

  • Study Room: Ronald, Patricia
  • Tree House: Arthur
  • Attic: Daniel, Lenora
  • Dining Room: Kelsey, Amanda
  • Library: Alice, Gerard
  • Bathroom: James, David

Case #752

  • Library: Veronika, Kevin
  • Bathroom: Rosa, Alvaro
  • Dining Room: Harold, Frances
  • Kitchen: Brent, Hallie
  • Lounge: Duncan, Teresa
  • Basement: Robert

Case #772

  • Wine Cellar: Lewis
  • Library: Roy, Nicholas
  • Dining Room: Barbara, George
  • Bedroom: Bradley, Mary
  • Lounge: Angella, Brittney
  • Kitchen: David, Arlene

Case #811

  • Bedroom: Nicole, Ronald
  • Green House: Jennie, Kathleen
  • Bathroom: David, Della
  • Wine Cellar: Louis, Robert
  • Lounge: Sean
  • Kitchen: Shannon, Joseph

You will get a new cutscene and an achievement for completing 20 cases Junior Detective.

Cases 21-25

Case #832

  • Library: Sherry, Charles
  • Bedroom: Arthur, Aaron
  • Bathroom: Carl, Ella
  • Dining Room: Karen
  • Green House: Steven, Cora
  • Garage: James, Roberta

Case #862

  • Study Room: John, Stephen
  • Dining Room: Diane, Susanne
  • Bedroom: Jessie
  • Bathroom: Mark, Willard
  • Wine Cellar: Kelley, Bessie
  • Living Room: Henry, Daniel

Case #877

  • Bedroom: David, Kirk
  • Kitchen: Harold, Louis
  • Ballroom: Kevin, Estella
  • Wine Cellar: Marianne, Amy
  • Nursery: Larry
  • Garage: Emma, Rose

Case #901

  • Kitchen: Allan, Kristine
  • Library: Melba
  • Dining Room: Oliver, Yoshie
  • Bathroom: Brenda, Randy
  • Bedroom: Steve, Olivia
  • Utility Room: Russell, Jerry

Case #934

  • Attic: Jeffery, Mike
  • Dining Room: Noah, Elias
  • Bedroom: Brian, Charles
  • Library: Colleen
  • Living Room: Stephanie, Krystal
  • Utility Room: Patricia, Sharon

You will get a new cutscene and an achievement for completing 25 cases Medior Detective.

Cases 26-30

Case #947

  • Tree House: George, Ray
  • Bedroom: Thomas, Jennifer
  • Ballroom: Mary, John
  • Library: Frances, Lorraine
  • Study Room: Angela
  • Kitchen: Jaime, Garrett

Case #969

  • Green House: Clyde, Alta
  • Tree House: Linda, Leanne
  • Lounge: Thomas
  • Nursery: Michael, Justin
  • Living Room: James, Lori
  • Kitchen: Reed, Sandra

Case #981

  • Bathroom: Jordan
  • Kitchen: Robby, Lillie
  • Lounge: Rebecca, Joseph
  • Basement: William, Kimberly
  • Living Room: Leo, Donna
  • Nursery: Nannie, Marcos

Case #991

  • Nursery: David, Hazel
  • Attic: Dawn, Jerry
  • Kitchen: Ronald, Tracy
  • Bedroom: Herman, Patty
  • Dining Room: Timothy, Michelle
  • Utility Room: Thomas

You will get a new cutscene and an achievement for completing 29 cases.

Case #999

  • Dining Room: Jessie, Jason
  • Ballroom: Emily
  • Lounge: Gary, Stephanie
  • Kitchen: Denise, Vivian
  • Conservatory: Jordan, Scott
  • Library: Robert, Joseph

You will get a new cutscene and an achievement for completing all cases Graduate Detective.

Final Achievements

During the game you may well have received these achievements, but you can use this as a checklist for things you may have missed:

  • Solve a case without using any hints I Don't Need Your Help!
  • Solve a case in Default game mode within 1 minute Minute Mastermind
  • Fail a case by taking too many mistakes Guessing Is What I'm Good At!

There are several achievements for playing in Detective difficulty:

  • Solve a case on Detective difficulty Give Me a Challenge!
  • Solve 10 cases on Detective difficulty Is That All You Got?
  • Solve all cases on Detective difficulty Master Detective
  • Fail a case on Detective difficulty by running out of time Time Went by So Quick!

There are additional achievements for playing in one of the additional game modes:

  • Solve a case in Crime Room Only game mode Go Easy on Me!
  • Solve a case in Guess-Lock game mode One Try Is All I Need
  • Solve a case in Guess-Lock game mode and Detective difficulty I'm Insane
  • Solve 15 cases in any mode other than Default game mode Master of the Modes

There are several other achievements you can obtain from the main screen:

  • Click on the video background multiple times ???
  • View the statistics page This Is What I've Accomplished!
  • View the credits page I Love This Game!
  • View the cutscenes page What Did You Say Again?