Year:  2021

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Whisperwind is a psychological horror game set within Whisperwind Prison. It is your first night as an inmate, and something strange has happened while you were asleep. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Prison Escape


Pick up the brick and use it to bash the lock on your cell door. Pick up the flashlight from the ground. Turn right and go up the stairs, then search the cells here to find a letter addressed to Jeff. Go back downstairs and leave the cells. You can search the bathroom on the right, but there is nothing to find here. The Lockdown area is locked, so open the large gate to the left and head outside. Go forward and right into the cafeteria.


Head over or around the tables and through the doors to the Crew Entrance. Grab the lockpick from the window leading back to the main area. Head back outside to the courtyard. Using the map, make your way to the library.


Inside, read a letter addressed to Victor. Take the screwdriver from the reception desk, and you can find several movie posters on other tables. Return outside. Continue around to the next building and open the doors to the nursery.


Go inside and a green gas will be released. Quickly run into the side room to the right and note the symbols painted on the wall. Come back out to find find a note translating these symbols into numbers. Find some pliers in the other side of the main room. Go back to the door and find a keypad just to the right, then enter the code 3178. Go back outside Fast thinking.

As soon as you have the pliers, you can use these on the main gate to escape the prison Runner.

Going Deeper

Start the game again, but this time don't go to the main gate; instead head over to the basketball court.

Basketball Court

Go to the far end to find matches and alcohol. Return towards the cells and jump up the crates outside to reach a high vent. Use the screwdriver to open the vent.


Go along the corridor and enter room B2, where the door is broken open. Grab the lockdown key from the bed. Come back out and read the note posted on the wall, then go and open room A5 - you will use your lockpick and must beat a simple mini-game to succeed Lockpick Master. Go inside, then turn around and pick up the crowbar. Now head out through the double doors and return to the courtyard. Go straight ahead towards the office. Open the broken door with your crowbar.


Go forward into the server room at the back left. Read the note with the clue "A=1, HCE", then open the briefcase with the code 875 (the code for the previous version of the game was 413). Take the interrogation room key from inside. Now head around into the Director's office and read the phone message and business card (303-576-1298) on his desk.

Open the door to the Interrogation Room and go inside. Grab the knife from the table, and read all the notes. The final note has a green and red telephone code. Take the numbers from the business card corresponding with the green circles, then enter this code into the safe (3629) Vault Master. Take the storage keycard and read the criminal record. Go back outside and around to the Storage area, using your keycard to get inside.


Go to the next doorway and cut the tape with your knife. Follow the blood trail over to the left and climb down to the sewers.


Read the note on the table, which indicates the valves that need to be opened to drain the water (you only need to turn the one around to the right, and the middle two on the other side of the water). After the water drains, Go down the passage. Make your way through the maze until you reach Jeff. Now you can choose to either burn his body Killer, or cut him free Saviour.