When The Past Was AroundWhen The Past Was Around

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/26/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

When The Past Was Around is a surreal 3rd-person adventure game of short vignettes. You play as Eda, a girl who has lost her true love, and must journey through a series of memories to be able to deal with her loss and move on. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 0: Prologue


Click on the cage to make it disappear, then open the door. Grab Eda's key hanging from the small board on the wall. Put the shoes away, then lift the small rug and take Owl's key. Move the chair, then look at the desk. Unlock the middle desk drawer with Eda's key, then look at the picture inside Memoir. Unlock the top desk drawer with Owl's key, then take the box cutter from inside. Back out and use the box cutter on the closed box to the left. Take the feather, then go through the door.

Music Room

Click each of the drums until a key drops out, then pick it up. Move the two jars on the high shelf and take the wooden piece. Open the right cupboard and take the wooden owl. Knock over the rubbish bin on the left and take out the crank handle. Look at the small wooden box on the coffee table. Insert the key, crank handle, and owl. Take another wooden piece.

Take all the books out of the shelves on the left to reveal the code 1434641. Look at the pin-up board and you will see a series of numbers and matching symbols. Now go to the piano and play the correct notes (you can use the symbols, or just number the keys with symbols 1-7 from left to right, and play 1434641). Take another wooden piece. While you are here, play 1155665 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Look at the large cabinet on the far left. Insert the 3 wooden pieces. Take the feather, then go through the door.


Knock over 2 pots (2/13) to the left. Move the 2 mugs on the table and take the bread. Go right and knock over another 5 pots (7/13). Pick up the dirty sponge from one of the fallen pots. Open the red food container on the small table to the right, and take the tap from inside.

Back to the left, plug in the electrical cord behind the small stool. Turn off the fan above using the switch on the wall, then look at the fan and take the minute hand. Put the bread in the blender and turn it on, then take the breadcrumbs. Look at the sink. Attach the tap and turn it on. Clean the sponge in the water, then turn the tap off again.

Open the window (1/9). Put the breadcrumbs on the plate, then look at the envelope, open it and take the hour hand. Use the sponge on the mirror to the right to reveal the code 1915. Examine the clock. Attach the two clock hands and set the time to 7:15. Take the crowbar from the lower part of the clock, then use this to open the crate to the far right. Look inside and pick up the small key. Examine the red book behind Eda. Use the small key on it. Tear off the music page, then take the feather. Open the door.

Click on the music notes Prologue.

Chapter 1: When the Door Opened


Break all 9 tombstones Requiem. Look in the basket on the right. Open the heart-shaped box and take out the gem. Put this into the owl statue on the left. Pull the lever within the owl, then enter the crypt. Pick up the handle and put it into the gear, then turn it Behind The Curtain. Open the box in Owl's hands and look at the photograph.

Eda's Room

Look inside the red box on the desk and take the box cutter. Open the large rolling suitcase and take the sticky tape from inside. Put all of the books and boxes away, and fix the posters on the wall Spick and Span. Look under the rug and take the key. Use this key on the cupboard door of the desk, then take a power button from inside. Use the box cutter on the ropes around the package next to the desk to reveal a television. Put the power button on the television. By pressing the channel buttons you will see Eda at different ages; you need to press them in the order to show her growing up: 2, 4, 5, 1, 3. Take the owl key, then use this on the door. Head through the door.


Take the flowers from the floor and you will see some musical symbols. Examine the locked basket on the bicycle and enter the same series of musical symbols (treble clef, minim, semi-quavers, crotchet). Take the bell button from inside the basket. Examine the door on the right and attach the bell button. Try to press it, but there will be sparks. Use the duct tape on the broken wire, then press the button again.

Click on the music notes. Turn the handle and click on more notes several times, then take the feather When the Door Opened.

Chapter 2: When I Found You


Pick up the crank handle from the floor on the left, and the key from on top of a cardboard box. Use box of these on the small wooden box, then take the music symbol from inside. Look at the violin case being offered to you. Insert the music symbol in the lock, then open the case and examine the scarf.


Open all 4 windows (5/9). Look at the envelope in the second window, and examine the letter inside it - remember these symbols. Next examine the table where you were sitting. Open the wallet and take out the money, then give this to the barista. Open the cupboard next to him and take the teapot. Go back to Eda's table and use the teapot on the tea cup, then note the symbol in the tea. Look for where these symbols can be seen in the grid just to the left. Now examine the small red box on one of the bar stools and press the buttons corresponding to these symbols:

Grab the slice of cake, then head out through the door.


Put the cake on the plate on the wooden bench. Examine the gate to the right to see the 3 symbols. Click on each of the birds, and pick up the metal shape that one of them drops. Look back at the wooden bench and grab another metal shape next to the bird that has landed here. Just to the left is a bird box with 6 buttons on the front. Look at the 4 posters each showing symbols within 2 of 6 boxes. You need to click the buttons on the bird box corresponding to the 2 symbols you saw on the letter earlier:

Take the third metal shape from inside. Click on the bird while you are here Messenger Bird. Go back to the gate on the right and insert the 3 metal shapes. Open the gate.

Click on the music notes. Click on the scarf, then take the feather When I Found You.

Chapter 3: When We Were Together


Pick up the water jug and fill it from the water dispenser. Pour the water on to the dying plant. Take the key from the plant and use it on the red book.


Examine the green table on the right. Move the feathers and take the box of matches. Also pick up the blue piece of paper. Use the matches to light the candle here, then take the mug. Look at the kitchen counter. Make coffee first by adding the ground coffee and milk to the water, then pouring it into the cup. Put the mug on the saucer, then make tea by adding the tea leaves and flower petals to the water, then pouring it into the mug.

Look at the dining table and put the cups on their matching saucers. Take the biscuits from the oven, then look at the dining table again. Take biscuits until they are all gone Tea Time Symphony. Click on the notes to write them in the book. Go through the door when it appears.


Grab the coral against one of the wooden posts. Look under the red bucket to find a starfish. Now approach the ice-cream stand on the left. Click on the ice-cream to break it in two, then click on the right side three times to eat it Right Tastes Better. While you are here, note the logo at the top left, and the writing on the wooden sticks. Back out, then take a flag from the side of the ship, and a flag from the coconut drink. Look at the sand castle and add your 2 flags. Pick up the shell. Look at Owl's bottle and put the flower, shell, starfish and coral inside. Click on the music notes to write a message, then click on the notes to write them in the book. Go through the door when it appears.

Camp Site

Use your matches to light the campfire. Open the van door to the left and take the camera lens. Look through the telescope next to the van and pan around until the circles match up with stars to reveal a bird. Examine the other telescope and attach the camera lens. Look through it and pan around until the circles match up with stars to reveal an owl. Examine the book on the table to the left, which gives you several clues. Examine the locked basket to the far right and use the clock hint to work out the following:

  • 1 = 9:35
  • 2 = 8:20
  • 3 = 6:50
  • 4 = 5:05
  • 5 = 3:05

Set the lock to the time 3:05. Inside the basket, look at another hint in the sandwich, and grab the scissors. Return through both doors.


Look at the locked red box next to the fire extinguisher on the right. Using the information from the sandwich and the ice-cream sticks, press buttons 2, 3, 7 and 0. Take the crowbar, then return to the beach.


Use the crowbar to open the crate at the far right. Look inside and take the pin. Go through the door.

Camp Site

Examine the table on the left again. Put the piece of blue paper on the table. Cut it 4 times with the scissors, then fold it 4 times, and finally attach the pin. Pick up the pinwheel. Examine the stick near the right telescope, and attach the pinwheel. Click on the notes to write them in the book, then take the feather When We Were Together.

Chapter 4: When the Day Arrived


Turn on all the lights, then take the feather.


Hang all the clothes on the line. Turn off the radio to the left Sound of Silence. Examine the safe beneath the radio and enter the code 1915, then pull the handle 1915. Open the cupboard on the left and grab the detergent. Also pick up the red bucket from the ground, and take the scarf from the clothes line. Turn on the tap and fill the bucket with water. Back on the left, open the washing machine. Put the scarf inside, then close the door again. Look at the controls and put in the water and detergent. Turn it on, then wait until it finishes washing. Open the door and take out the scarf again. Look at the rug on the clothes line and notice the four symbols on it. Count the number of each object in the scene:

  • Owls: 1
  • Butterflies: 9
  • Brooms: 3
  • Birds: 5

Open the safe with the code 1935, then take the pills from inside. Fill the bucket with water from the tap again. Examine the red book on the chair and you will see two codes (square, circle, triangle, circle, square) and (treble clef, crotchet, minim, semi-quavers, quaver, repeat). Give the scarf and pills to Owl. Click on the music notes, then open the gate.


Take the pills from the shelf near Eda. Look at the large locked crate to the left and enter the second code from the book (treble clef, crotchet, minim, semi-quavers, quaver, repeat). Take the seed packet from inside. Look at the empty pot in the middle of the garden. Plant a seed from the seed packet, then pour water from the bucket. Take the flowers once they have grown. Give the flowers and pills to Owl. Click on the music notes, then open the door.


Click on the music notes. Look in the trash can and open the crumpled piece of paper to see a code. Now look at the electrical meter on the wall and enter this code: 131215, then turn on the power. Pick up the small shovel from the pot plant on the right. Now examine the game on the table to the left - the object is to swap the position of the owls and birds. If the positions are numbered 1-7 from left to right, click on these positions: 3, 5, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5, 7, 6, 4, 2, 3, 5, 4. Take the black square. Go to the far left and hang all the clothes on the line. Look at the blue shirt and take the box cutter from its pocket. Head back out through the door.


Dig in the patch of dirt with your small shovel. Look at the tin, then spin the segments to form a complete picture (start from the outside segment and work inwards). Take the black circle. Return through the gate.


Examine the package on the round table, and open it with the box cutter. Solve the sliding puzzle by getting the rose tile over the rose pattern, then take the black triangle. Go through the gate and door.


Examine the locked door and insert the 3 black shapes. Now press them in the order from the red book (square, circle, triangle, circle, square). Knock over everything until you find the pills, then give them to Owl. Take the feather, then go through the doorway When the Day Arrived.

Chapter 5: When the Past was Around


Open all 4 windows (9/9) Let The Wind Blows. Search the cardboard boxes until you find a musical note (1/3). Click on Owl, then head through the door.


Smash the sandcastles until you find a musical note (2/3). Click on Owl, then head through the door.


Knock over 6 pots (13/13) Shattered. Take the musical note (3/3). Click on Owl, then head through the door.


Look at each stone plinth and insert the matching musical notes. Take the 3 feathers. Look at Eda, and use the 3 feathers on the floating feather shadow. Click on the music notes, then go through the doors When the Past was Around.


Click on all the music notes Virtuoso. There is one final achievement for collecting all other achievements Finale.