Water PlanetWater Planet

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  2/9/2024

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Water Planet is a single player first-person science fiction adventure set on a distant blue world. After landing on the planet, you are awoken from cryosleep by your ship's AI, so that you can explore and gather resources to enable you to continue your journey. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


After following the initial calibration instructions, head up the stairs. Continue around to the left and follow the markers to find a small pool. Jump into the pool and follow some more instructions. Grab the inflatable dolphin from here and carry it with you into the airlock Free Whalie.

Checkpoint 1


Swim down to the marker to collect the first crystal shard. Return up to the surface and enter the transport device, then press the button. Once your travel stops, leave the transport device and go down the stairs onto a walkway. Dive into the water to the right from the walkway, and explore to find a round building with multiple floating orbs above it Alien Archaeologist.

Return up to the walkway, then head towards the marker to find a teleporter. Go through this, then wait while the new area is scanned. Head outside and around behind the structure. When you get very close to the marker, press the button just to the right to open a door. Head through the opened door. Press the small pillar at the end of the corridor to go down in an elevator.

Touch the floating black orb, then head towards the marker. After the huge door opens, go through to the next area and recharge Aqua Alien Emissary. Follow Aqua until you reach a waterfall, then pick up the next crystal shard.

Gemini will contact you again and give you a new marker to reach. Enter the transport device and press the button.

Checkpoint 2


After leaving the transport device, follow the markers into an area with some large mushrooms. Gemini will suggest exploring deeper waters. Keep following the markers to find a large underwater skeleton When Dinosaurs Ruled . . ..

Go back to the transport that brought you to this area. While facing it, drop down into the water on the right. There is a door to the right that has a small white light above it. Swim left, around to the other side of this door, and try to open the doors here with similar lights - one will open revealing a new corridor. Head along this corridor to the end Eye See You.

After automatically going through a teleporter, follow the markers around to the left and through a waterfall, then recharge Aqua again. Pick up the crystal shard, then follow Aqua and the markers until you climb a staircase out of the water. Turn around here to see 2 curved staircases. Jump into the water while facing them, and look down to see 2 large fallen pillars. Search behind the bright coral shelf to find a large purple sea urchin Marine Biologist.

Go back up to the surface and follow the markers until you find Aqua again. Go up the stairs and follow the markers, then stand on the platform to go up towards a large statue of 2 hands. Turn around and follow the markers, then join Aqua in the transport device. Press the button.

Checkpoint 3


Leave the transport device and follow the markers to a large domed building - there is a force field that you need to disable. Turn around and approach the orb as instructed. Now turn around again and go to the domed building on the right. Press the button outside to lower the walls, then head inside and go through the teleporter.

Straight ahead you will see 4 white pillars and a white sphere above them. Head out towards them, then swim down to the right to see some black spheres. Go all the way to the bottom of the water here Deep Ocean Diver. Head back up to the surface, then go to the other domed building and through the teleporter here.

Press the button to lower the walls of the building in which you arrive, then go to the next building and press the button to open the door. Go through this building and press the button to get out the other side. Continue through an icy gorge, then into another domed building and through another teleporter.

Aqua will now mention waterfalls as secret passages. There are 3 waterfalls ahead. Go through the middle waterfall first. Follow the marker and you will emerge back through the right waterfall. Now go through the left waterfall. Go forward and up the stairs to a black hand statue. Press the button on the side, then go down into the secret area. Press the button on the side of the crystal container and wait for the water to drain. Now go to the end of the corridor. Aqua will power down, and more of his beings will come and take him away. Head towards the domed building. Pick up the crystal at the marker to the left, then enter the building and use the teleporter Time and Space Traveler.

Press the button to lower the walls of the current building. Follow the marker up to the sphere and press the button Crystal Key of Trust. Go to the main building, and the door will open. Head inside to the elevator, but you need to drain the water. Go around behind the elevator and press the button on the side of the crystal container here. Now head back around to the elevator and press the button. Go out along the walkway and into the next transport device, then press the button.

Checkpoint 4


Go around to the left side of the large building and through a waterfall. Press the button at the base of the sphere to raise a crystal inside. Go back to the front door of the large building and it will open. Head inside and go into the room on the left, then approach the large glowing doorway.

Turn around and go to the next room. Light up all 4 floor panels, then enter the elevator and press the middle button to go up. Follow the markers and press the button on the crystal container. Follow the next marker to find another elevator, then press the call button. Enter the elevator and press the nearest button to go up further.

Follow the markers and touch the 4 small spheres in a specific order to light them all up (if facing them and numbering 1-4 from left to right, touch them in the order 3, 2, 4, 1). Now press the button near the large sphere to awaken Aqua.

After everything fades and comes back, walk forward to talk to Aqua Farewell, Not Goodbye. Grab the crystal shard, then walk to the base of the large tree Elder Root. Head out to the end of the platform All Your Wishes Come True.