Wallace and Gromit's Grand AdventuresWallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures

Game Details:  Comedy, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/30/2024

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures is a compilation of 4 episodes of comedic adventuring, starring the most famous creations of Aardman Animations. You play as both Wallace and Gromit with traditional dialog and inventory puzzles, and several minigames.

Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees


Talk to Gromit, then click on the broken chess piece. Pick up the pepper shaker from the small table on the right and give it to Gromit.

Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler

Pull the lever on the right. Go out into the hallway. Pick up the bills, then return to the dining room. After Gromit reads the mail and starts signing bills, take the badger. Leave the dining room and head down the hallway and into the kitchen.

Adjust the dial on the left wall so it points to Tap. Go to the kitchen counter and press the red button. Use your badger on the wire. Press the red button twice more and you will end up with an egg. Return to the dining room and give the egg to Wallace. While you are here, use the honey tap on the table behind him, then give the honey to Wallace.

Leave the dining room and go to the kitchen again. Use the toaster, but a squirrel will steal the toast from you. Open the refrigerator and take out the butter. Use the butter on the chopping board where the squirrel left some footprints. Use the toaster again and you will successfully get the toast. Go back to the dining room and give this to Wallace.

Act 2: Ton o' Honey

Pick up the flowers from the bench on the left, and the remote from the shelves further to the left. Use the flowers on the large green machine (the Magnetronic Pollenator). Go upstairs and you will automatically get a flyer. Continue upstairs to the bedroom and take the cheese from the bedside table. Now go downstairs and into the kitchen. Try to take a teabag from the cupboard, but the squirrel will take it. Pick up the cold toast from near the toaster, then leave the kitchen again. Head out the front of your house. Talk to your neighbor Miss Flitt to receive some seeds, then use these in the patch of dirt near your front fence.

Go out through your front gate and talk to Major Crum. Click on the jar, then pick up the snail. Now continue along the road to High Street.

Talk to Mr Paneer to get a map, then take a free sample of cheese. Continue past the Constable Dibbins and look through the bars of the jail to see the Sniffer 3000. Throw your Wensleydale cheese to it and it will end up beneath the bed. Click on the Constable's helmet, then put your Gorgonzola cheese inside the helmet. Examine the petition on the wall, and Constable Dibbins will head into the prison. Use the remote in your inventory and point it to the Gorgonzola so the Sniffer 3000 turns to Constable Dibbins. Next use the remote to point to the Wensleydale, then finally to the Rotterdam. You will end up with an Energides battery.

Next go near the Newsagents. Look at the ledge holding the flowers, then pick up the yellow flowers after they fall. Now talk to Mrs Gabberley and selected these objects:

  1. Dodo spotted in lift
  2. Blustery blast batters blimp
  3. Mouth melters - mild
  4. Stuff for gentlemen

Now pick up the purple flowers. Return to your front yard and show the snail to Miss Flitt. Now throw your toast at Nutter the squirrel - the tea bag will end up on Miss Flitt. Use your purple flowers on the pansies seed packet near her, and you will end up getting the tea bag. Head back inside your house.

Search the umbrella stand near the front door to find some dog tags, then head down to the cellar. Go to the far right and use the record player, then while the bees are distracted you can take the lid from the beehive. Talk to Major Crum, then look at the 3 photos on the table. Give Major Crum the lid and the dog tags. Talk to Gromit to get him to look after the case of Grotein bars, then talk to him again to request a bar.

Go up to the kitchen and use the Energides battery, tea bag and Grotein bar in the blender. Out in the front yard, pick the giant flowers. Go back down to the cellar and use the giant flowers on the Magnetronic Pollenator.

Act 3: Buzz Cutter

Leave the dining room, then head upstairs to the bedroom. Take the tennis racket, then go back downstairs and into the kitchen. Pick up the answering machine from the floor and the frying pan from the stove. Head out the front of the house and activate the garden gnome holding the sign, then give your tennis racket to the other gnome. Talk to Miss Flitt up in the tree to get an SOS note. Now head out to the street.

After arriving at High Street, pick up a sample of Wensleydale cheese from the ground. Go to the Newsagents and use the answering machine to get Mrs Gabberley to close her store. Scratch at the door to the police station, then pick up the piece of Gorgonzola. Use your frying pan on the stick holding up the yellow Newsagents awning, then quickly go left and rattle the drainpipe to the left of Mr Paneer's shop.

Return home and enter the dining room. Pull the lever on the wall to trap the bee up in the bedroom. Talk to Major Crum and you will take control of the porridge gun. Now you need to shoot targets in a specific order to trap each of the 3 bees:

  1. Shoot the shed door on the right and the Techno Trousers will come out to the lawn. Shoot the bee that flies over the Techno Trousers, then shoot the Techno Trousers to make them return to the shed.

  2. Shoot the rubbish bin to make the lid fly off, then shoot the tree on the right to make the squirrel come out. Shoot the bee that flies over the bin, then shoot the squirrel to trap the bee in the rubbish bin.

  3. Shoot the bee that flies over the pond, then shoot the right gnome - as long as you placed the tennis racket in the other gnome's hands, the bee will end up stuck in the tree.

Go upstairs to the bedroom and take the lullaby record from the record player. Go back downstairs and search through the clothes on the ground, then pick up the remote and the map. Go out through the front door, then around through the side gate into the backyard. Drop the Wensleydale cheese down onto the beehive in the cellar. Now head back inside and go down to the cellar. Use the remote to point to the Gorgonzola, then climb inside the Sniffer 3000. Use the remote to point to the Wensleydale and you will end up on top of the beehive.

Use your lullaby record on the record player here to put the bees to sleep. Go back into the kitchen and talk to Wallace.

Act 4: Queenly Bearing

Examine the dashboard and press the green button to enable the Autopilot. Open the glovebox and take out the crank. Press the middle black button to open the sunroof. Climb up to the roof and use the crank on the ladder control box to raise the ladder.

Return into the car and press the left black button to activate the windscreen wipers. Climb up again and grab the feather from the windscreen wipers. Climb up onto the ladder and use the feather to tickle the queen bee.

Once you are in the tunnel, back out to be back with Wallace in the car. Use your growth formula on the hatch outside the window. Examine the dashboard and adjust the radio until the queen bee starts laughing. Look through the sights to return to Gromit, then shoot the queen bee's mouth while it is open.

Episode 2: The Last Resort


Talk to Gromit, then click on the broken chess piece. Pick up the pepper shaker from the small table on the right and give it to Gromit.


Follow the path towards Wallace, then keep going right until you find a spanner to pick up. Go back and give this to Wallace. Try to head to the circuit breaker, but the path will collapse. Use the green floatie to make your way to the left side of the room, where you can pick up the canister of rocket fuel. Use this on the nearby sparking plug and you will make it to the circuit breaker.

Chapter 1: Ocean Notion

Open your front gate, then head into town. Admire the stack of Stilton cheese crates outside Mr Paneer's shop. Also examine the large light and the cheese sign here. Go over to the Newsagents and grab a Weekly Weather Forecast magazine, then go back and show it to Mr Paneer. Now you can pick up the light, before heading home again.

Go over to talk to Miss Flitt - when she listens out for thunder, examine the crates of Stilton cheese near your front door. After Duncan leaves, pick up the umbrella. Also take the special order notice that is pinned to the front of your house. Go back into town again.

Talk to Major Crum - when you are asked to decide to agree with somebody, click on the large poster in the background. Give your order form to Major Crum. Head home again and click on the sand bags in your front yard.

Chapter 2: The Guest House Mutiny

Talk to Mr Paneer and admire his castle, which gets destroyed by Duncan. Talk to Major Crum, who needs some items to help his re-enactment. Talk to Miss Flitt, then examine the magazine next to her. Use the box on the wall at the base of the stairs to change the ambient sound to "Seaside Songbirds". Now head upstairs.

Open the door to the kitchen and Gromit will give you some tea. Enter the living room (opposite the dining room) and talk to Constable Dibbins to receive a formal caution. Pick up a ball of knitting wool from the corner of the room. Turn the Dial-a-Destination dial just to the right and change the scene twice to show a scene from Greece. Take the Greek flag.

Next head across into the dining room. Talk to Mrs Gabberley repeatedly, clicking on appropriate items based on her comments:

  • Am I making sense? D'you catch ma drift?

  • Yer in a right mess you are Winnie Gabberley and no mistake! What to do, what to do?

  • I'd go home to Mr Gabberley but there's no point. Won't get no sympathy from 'in indoors, will ah?
    Romance novel

  • I should count me blessings. At least me new hat fits. That's something, isn't it?

  • What do I know! I'm going soft in the head aren't I?

  • It's not just me, is it? What do you think of Duncan McBiscuit?

  • It's a sorry old world, isn't it? Thanks to the bullies.
    Cheese crumbs

  • 'Appen I may be knockin' on. Too old for a beach holiday, tha's for sure.

Leave the dining room and go upstairs to the bedroom. Take the sunglasses from the bedside table. Now head back down to the cellar. Give the tea and the knitting wool to Major Crum. Talk to him and he will fall asleep so you can take the toy soldier. Go right and examine the sand castle. Find the Tower of Groceries and use the toy soldier on it. Back out and the tower will no longer be destroyed. Continue right and give the sunglasses and flag to Miss Flitt. Now give her the formal caution.

Chapter 3: Hounds of Horror

Go right and pick up the yellow bucket, then use your toy shovel to dig Duncan free. Accuse Miss Flitt's dogs, then press the Motive button and indicate anybody else.

After everybody leaves, talk to Constable Dibbins and get him to question Major Crum. Follow him to the kitchen and listen to the conversation, then pick up the police sketch and the tiny sailor hat. Go upstairs and climb out the window to reach the front yard. Pick an orange flower from next door before heading into town.

Go over to the Newsagents and take a Fashion Now! magazine. Return home and use the gnome with the sign to return to the cellar. Head up to the living room. Give Miss Flitt the fashion magazine and tiny sailor hat. Now use the dressing-up kit and select these items:

  • sailor hat
  • trendy glasses
  • bandana

Back out, and the dogs will be dressed up like the spies. Operate the candy floss machine to get some candy floss, then leave the room and go upstairs again. Press on the springs several times until one sticks up near the water slide. Now hide behind the sign. Once the dogs are on the bed, press the big red button and you will end up with a chew toy.

Go back down to the dining room. Talk to Constable Dibbins and get him to question Mrs Gabberley. Follow him down to the cellar and listen to the conversation, then talk to Duncan. Show him the chew toy, then the candy floss and finally the orange flower. Go back upstairs and you will end up in the living room.

Head across into the dining room again. Talk to Constable Dibbins and get him to question Mr Paneer. Follow him across to the living room and listen to the conversation, then pick up the candy floss that is hiding the mallet. Return to the dining room again. Use the plug in the wall to start up the Deduct-o-Matic again. Select these options:

  • Motive: Chew toy (give it to Wallace)
  • Weapon: Mallet (give it to Wallace)
  • Witness: Major Crum

Chapter 4: Down the Drain

Paddle to the yellow bucket and pick it up to get some starfish. Use a starfish on the Punch and Judy stand next to Duncan. Now quickly another one on the bone at the top of the umbrella. Throw one more starfish on the canister of rocket fuel to knock it into the water, then pick it up. Use the canister on the Deduct-o-Matic helmet.

Episode 3: Muzzled!


Talk to Gromit, then click on the broken chess piece. Pick up the pepper shaker from the small table on the right and give it to Gromit.


Pick up the plush bunny near the base of the stairs and give this to Twitch (the dog chewing on the van's tire). Now examine the van and Filcher (another dog) will fall down, dropping the golden crank. Quickly pick the crank and use it in the bucket of blue paint on the table to the left. Now you can attach the crank to the van.

Go upstairs and out the front of the house. Continue out to the street and talk to Major Crum, then head into town. Take the contest sign up form from next to the fountain, then show this to Mrs Gabberley in the Newsagents. Return to the street and show the form to Major Crum, then take the box of biscuits he leaves behind.

Return to the front yard and talk to Miss Flitt. Use the box of biscuits on the patch of dirt to the right, and Digger (the final dog) will take the biscuits and leave the lever for you to automatically collect. Go back down to the cellar and use the lever on the van.

Chapter 1: The Fair

You will start with the first piece of a note. Go right and talk to Mr Paneer, who is trying to count the gumballs in the large jar. Leave the fair by heading to the far right, and you will end up back in town. Pick up the bird seed that Mr Gabberley throws down to the ground. Look in the nearby rubbish bin to see an almost empty bag of 300 gumballs with 7 remaining.

Return home and you will go straight into the kitchen. Click on the box of recipes on the counter and select the Potato Pie recipe to bake a potato pie. Go back to the fair and use the machine next to Mr Paneer. Enter the correct number (293) and you will end up with a second piece of the note.

Head left until you find the "Will it Fry?" stand. Use your potato pie here to fry it. Now go behind the Fortune Cookie machine and select these options:

  • Your hair
  • Could be mistaken for
  • Pirates gold

Press the red button and you will get another piece of the note. Approach the "Are you smarter than a chicken?" stand and press the red button to start a game. Use the bird seed to indicate where you want the chicken to peck next time and you will be able to win the game and receive a goldfish as a prize. Use this on the ice cream van to get a fish-flavored ice cream.

Just to the right, watch Mr Muzzle, then give him the potato pie and fish-flavored ice cream. Go up the stairs to the left to reach the stage, and take the final piece of paper.

Chapter 2: Imprisoned

Use your starter pistol on Filcher . Quickly use the mug and Filcher will end up getting the key from Mr Muzzle. Use your starter pistol on Filcher again, then take the key and use it on the door. Climb up the ladder, then walk onto the wooden board and use the bird seed with the security chicken. Climb back down and go towards Twitch in his cage. Pick up the spanner from the toolbox, a fortune cookie from beneath the security chicken, and the bucket of grease from a nearby box.

Use your spanner on the patch of loose dirt. Throw your fortune cookie into the cage with Twitch. Grab another fortune cookie and use it on the loose dirt to get Digger to come back and join the group. Pick up the spanner again. Now climb up both ladders and use your spanner on the vent. Use the bucket of grease on Twitch to help him escape.

Chapter 3: Lost Dog

Walk over and use the Fortune Cookie machine 3 times, then head right to the Pie Eating Contest. Pick up the stack of empty pie tins to the left of the table and show it to Major Crum. Now head up the steps to get to the stage. Give all 3 fortunes to Mr Paneer. Walk into town and grab a free balloon, then return to the fair. Give the balloon to Major Crum, and he will get on the ride.

Chapter 4: High Jinks

Up through the sunroof, put your gumball into the mixture on the top of the van. Return inside the van and look at the dashboard. Press the Churn button, then pull the lever. Climb up again and remove the crank, then climb down and use the crank on the large van tire. Use your bird seed on Monty Muzzle, then use the Serve button on your dashboard to get Twitch and the box of money.

While you are falling, grab the arm, then use it to get the bag of money. Use the bag of money on the propeller. Now grab the air tank and you will make your way closer to Wallace. Use the air tank on the inflatable mustache.

Episode 4: The Bogey Man


Talk to Gromit, then click on the broken chess piece. Pick up the pepper shaker from the small table on the right and give it to Gromit.

Chapter 1: Joining the Thicket

Use the lever on the wall to bring Wallace down for breakfast. After Major Crum arrives, go back into the dining room. Take the scissors from the small table and use them on the newspaper. Take the eavesdropper from the box behind Major Crum, then head out the front of the house. Use the eavesdropper to listen in on the rest of Miss Flitt's conversation. Leave through your front gate and you will head to town.

Try to take the Prickly Thicket envelope from the boxes outside Mr Paneer's store. Click on the crates of nut butter and you will receive a free sample. Go over to the Newsagents and use your photo of Wallace on the Extreme Putting Magazine.

Return home and use the feeding tray just over the neighbor's fence. Now use your sample of nut butter on the feeding tray. Pick it up again with the squirrel inside. Now head back to town and use the squirrel on the crates of nut butter.

Chapter 2: Saving the Thicket

Use your driver with the golf ball. Now you need to walk around to 3 areas of the club to collect clues:

  1. The entrance hall
  2. The bookshelf behind the snooker table
  3. The trophy display near the large paintings

Ring the tee-hee time bell near the snooker table. Open the front of the clock, then examine the music box in the trophy display - you will get the silver key.

Next ring the tee time bell near the entrance hall. Select the red hooking cleek and use it from the close tee. While Duncan is laughing, swap your red hooking cleek with his yellow straight iron. Now pick up the blue slicing wedge and use it from the close tee. While Duncan is laughing, swap your blue slicing wedge with his red hooking cleek. Finally use the yellow straight iron from the far tee - you will get the gold key.

Leave the club and go to West Wallaby Street to head home. Go inside and you will enter the dining room. Take the glass of milk from the dining table, then head into town. Go to the Newsagents and talk to Mrs Gabberley, then give her the glass of milk. Now use your driver on the nut butter here. Talk to Constable Dibbins, then give him your sticky driver.

Return to the club. Use the Ganges Grip (driver) on the white snooker ball - you will get the porcelain key. Examine the mural behind Duncan, then use each of the 3 keys on the matching padlocks on the mural.

Chapter 3: Winning the Thicket

Start with the short hole, but Wallace's ball will end up in the sewer. Descend into the sewer. Pick up any mushroom, then turn the red valve on the wall. Climb back up to the street. Go over to the Newsagents and take the 2 signs from the scoreboard. Leave town and head to the club. Ring the Tee-hee time bell, then take the joke book that appears.

Head home and go inside. Use the joke book on Mr Paneer, then quickly take the measuring club. Use the Wallace sign on Mr Paneer and he will leave the house. Go into the dining room and use the package on the table to get the stamp and address label. Turn on the radio, and Miss Flitt will leave. Head out the front of the house and use your measuring club on the tree near the neighbor's fence.

Return to town again. Use your stamp on the ball at the long hole line. Descend into the sewer, and Miss Flitt will come down and take care of the mushroom problem. Climb up to the street and turn the oscillating fan, then descend once more. Select the Ganges Grip club for Wallace.

Up at the long hole, pick a normal club for Wallace and the ball will end up being delivered to your house. Go home and head inside - go back out once Duncan hits the ball out again. Select a normal club again, but the squirrel will steal the ball. Use your mushroom with the squirrel, then select a normal club again.

Chapter 4: Freeing the Thicket

In the sand trap, you need to keep Wallace away from both Duncan and Prudence. Move the people in this order:

  • Crum, Paneer, Duncan
  • Crum, Paneer, Dibbins
  • Edwina, Prudence, Felicity
  • Duncan, Crum, Paneer
  • Wallace, Edwina, Dibbins
  • Felicity, Duncan, Crum
  • Paneer, Wallace, Felicity
  • Dibbins, Prudence, Duncan
  • Crum, Paneer, Wallace

Now playing as Gromit, head to the left of the moving carpet and pick up the ball washer. Go across to the comping gate and use your measuring club on it. Climb through the chomping gate and use the ball washer on the tea time bell. Climb back through the chomping gate and retrieve the measuring club. Now use the measuring club on the clock's pendulum. Open the sand trap door.