Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/30/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

VirtuaVerse is a third person cyberpunk adventure game. You play as Nathan, an outsider who refuses to assimilate into the collective neural network that is running the lives of the population. After your girlfriend Jay goes missing, you must try to track her down. There are 33 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Grab the noodles and meds from the left shelf, and the hoverboard from next to your bed. Use the elevator to go up. Look at the lipstick writing on the mirror, then take the broom from the shower. On the right, pick up the screwdriver, and the ultra glove of power. Try to pick up the hardware, and you will end up with a jumper. Use the coin return on the left game machine to get a heap of coins. Try to open the coin return on the right game machine, then use the screwdriver on it to get a PlaySafe card.

Use the elevator to go back down. Press the buttons on your bed, and the drawer will start opening and closing. Use your screwdriver on the drawer to keep it open, then search the jacket in the drawer to find your credit card. Grab the screwdriver again. Use your broom on the poster above you with the flipped corner, then look at the code that is revealed (15287). Go out to the balcony and use the keypad to automatically enter this code Balcony Unlocked. Go right and use the bike.

Pill Street

Use the terminal on the right beneath the Night Date poster. Select the food option, choose any pizza, then use your credit card and enter your address. Back out, then examine the vending machine. Use your heap of coins on the coin slot, then purchase a spicy juice. Use your bike (or your map) to get back home.


Collect the pizza from the platform below your balcony, then leave again.

Pill Street

Go right and talk to the merchant at the drug store. Return towards your bike, then head along the backstreet. Pick up the junk on the ground, then talk to the bouncer. Look at the address sign on the left before returning out to the main street. Next head into the alley to the right, then continue right to a back alley. Talk to the beggar, then give him your pizza Karma Boost.

Return to the main street again, then go right and talk to the strange dude, who turns out to be a smuggler. Give him the meds, and you will get a heavenly cartridge. Go to the back alley and give this cartridge to the beggar, but he needs something more powerful. Return to the smuggler and talk to him, then talk to the drug store merchant, followed by the smuggler again. Use the terminal beneath the Night Date poster again. Select the dating option, and scroll down to select "Sam.36". After the conversation, select the print option to take a screen-shot. Next choose the food option again, select any pizza, use your credit card and select to deliver it to Chestnut Street 1. Head into the backstreet, then enter the store once the bouncer leaves.

Walk further into the shop and mention your hacked ultra glove. Talk to the shopkeeper, then pick up the screwdriver kit, old mobile phone and holographic statue, paying for them all automatically with your credit card. Use the terminal on the left, and select the money option, then use your credit card Home Banking. Select 2x20, then back out again.

Leave the shop and go back to the drug store merchant - blackmail him and buy the tracer activators Stalker. Now talk to the smuggler again to get a 4GB dope cartridge. Go to the back alley and offer this cartridge to the beggar, but he won't take it from you. Return left and enter the restaurant. Notice the stack of blue plates next to the guy on the right, then site down. Use your spicy juice on a blue plate, then return to the back alley. Put your cartridge on the pile of cartridges next to the beggar while he is distracted. Now you can search the dumpster to find the disposable AVR goggles.


Go upstairs and use the disposable AVR goggles on the workbench to the right. In your inventory, use the screwdriver kit on your hoverboard, then put the battery in the AVR headset AVR On. You can now toggle the AVR headset with the icon in the top right of the screen. Go down in the elevator again and you will see a news broadcast Busted!. You can now travel to a new area.


Go through the doors into the squat, then try to talk to the writers. Talk to the tattooist and the guy getting his tattoo. Look at the wire on the ground, then return outside. Look at the wires here, and at the electrical box. Return inside and examine the touchscreen on the tattoo machine - try to change the drawing, but the tattooist won't let you. Go back outside and open the electrical box. Look at the top and bottom segments, then back out again.

Pill Street

Go to the shop in the back street, and talk to the shopkeeper to get a touchscreen.


Open the electrical box again and use your touchscreen on the touchscreen mount. Now connect the wires:

  • Black: GND-
  • Yellow: Video
  • White: Input
  • Red: 5V+

There is an achievement for getting this right the first time Hardware Engineer. You can now change the drawing, but you don't know which one to choose. Back out and disable your AVR headset, then walk left. Use your old mobile phone on all 9 of the QR codes on the wall that you can reach. Look out for a girl walking past with a blue hair lock - talk to her about all 9 of the writer groups. Return to the electrical box and change the drawing to the QR code for Onslaught (3rd row, 4th from left).

Pill Street

Search the body of the dead prospect to get his prospect badge.


Use the electrical box once more, changing the drawing back to the QR code for The Blade (4th row, far right). Enter the squat and talk to the tattooist, getting a tattoo for The Blade Gangster. You can leave again now.

Pill Street

Knock on the door where the prospect got killed - you will be allowed inside. When you are showed your starter kit, examine everything until your AVR headset is upgraded.


Enter the squat and talk to the writers again (several times). Once they start talking to you properly, show either of them your PlaySafe card. After the writers leave, go outside and head right. Open the window shutter in the small hut, then use your solvent on the hut. Talk to the boatman and help him out of the water.

Cubus Club

Go right and talk to the people around the campfire. Continue going right and enter the Cubus Club Clubgoer. Talk to the elegant clubber inside, then go right to find the main hall. Go right and talk to the security guard about everything (twice). Also talk to the BDSM couple, and the weird guy trio. Now enter the Darkroom to the left.

Go through the Darkroom III door, and you will end up with some panties. Use the touchscreen on the right and select every character, going through the Darkroom III door each time. Go back out to the main hall and talk to the BDSM couple again - once you mention the green alien the guy will leave to write a number on the mirror in the bathroom. Head left and enter the bar.

Talk to the guy outside the bathroom, who turns out to be a drone racer. Next enter the bathroom. Use your heap of coins on the condom dispenser on the left Scammed!. Look at the number on the mirror at the top left - you will automatically save it for use with your phone. Also look at the poster of Vanya on the wall here. Go back out to the bar and talk to the girls. Talk to the robot bartender, and order 2 drinks (a frozen margarita and any other two). Give the other 2 drinks to the drone racer, then talk to him and he will give you his drone and crypto wallet.

Return to the corridor and talk to the elegant clubber again - he will give us a pass if we can give him some crypto. Return to the beach and challenge the people around the campfire to the race, but your drone is too slow. Use your map to travel.

Pill Street

Go to the backstreet and talk to the shopkeeper in his shop about your drone's performance. Look through the manual in your inventory to see the jump positions for 200 MHz. Now open the racing drone in your inventory, and adjust the jumper positions as in the manual (you will automatically add the spare jumper from your inventory):

Cubus Club

Return to the beach and challenge the people around the campfire to a race again, but this time the drone overheats. Examine it in your inventory, and pour your frozen margarita into the coolant compartment. Start another race and this time you will win Drone Racer.

Enter the club again and talk to the elegant clubber - you will purchase an AAA pass. Use this on the scanner, then go through the control center door. Look at the chair, then talk to the nerd and answer his questions:

  • An ally of Count Dooku
  • Discovery One
  • William T Riker

Go back out to the corridor and use your old mobile phone to get the Vanya blueprint. Return to the Darkroom and use the touchscreen. Select the upload function and use your old mobile phone on the data scanner. Select Vanya, then enter the Darkroom III door. There is an achievement if you have used all of the other options from the touchscreen Weird Fantasies.

Go back to the control center and talk to the nerd so that he leaves. Use the great console. Head out to the main hall, then continue right to the hacker room Meet Your Better Half.

The Blade HQ

Talk to Jay and Ramirez, then go right. Try to use the Lorraine 500, but you need a monitor. Look at the monitor on top of the closet to the left. Grab the ladder from the right, then use it on the closet so you can get the monitor. Use the monitor on the Lorraine 500, then try to use it again, but now you need a cable. Open the box next to Ramirez, then move the cables around until you can grab a single black cable from the middle. Go and use this monitor cable on the Lorraine 500. Now insert the floppy disk. Pay close attention to the intro that is displayed - it contains a series of 4 runes you will need much later.

After the intro finishes, you will receive a closet key. Pick up the ladder again, then use the closet key on the closet. Open the closet and pick up the dial-up modem. Use this on the Lorraine 500 Impossible Mission. Leave the HQ by going through the doors to the left (you will automatically return the ladder). Continue out to the left and talk to the online services broker. Remove your AVR headset, then look at his jacket and talk to him again. Turn your headset back on, then enter the tour bus to the left.

Pick up the box of Happy Food on the counter, and you will find a Laserman 3000V inside. Grab the duct tape from the open cupboard to the left, and take the guitar cable hanging from the wall here. Now go to the far right of the bus to travel.


You will arrive in a jungle landscape Tropical Heat. Head right, and follow the path towards the town. Talk to the Preacher, then enter the internet point behind him. Use your heap of coins on the toy catch machine, then use the machine and it will break. Grab the harpoon that falls down. Talk to the sys admin on the right, and you will get a VHS tape. Use the curtain and try to use the computer, but it is updating. Look at the printer on the far left. Talk to the sys admin again, then take the ASCII code table from the printer.

Return outside, then enter the garage to the right. Talk to the mechanic to receive his business card. Back outside again, go right and talk to the kid kneeling on the ground - he wants a different Laserman to the one that you have.

The Blade HQ

Activate your AVR headset again, and talk to the broker, handing over the mechanic's business card AVR Spammer.


Enter the garage again. Open the keybox and take the garage key from inside, then use this on the office door. Next take the paint bucket, pincers and fuel tank. Now use the directional switch, then use the pincers on the dog's leash. Return to the internet point and use the left computer to activate your AVR headset connection.

Go back outside and fill your fuel tank using the fuel pump. Return to the tour bus and go to the back. Try to talk to the drummer. Look at the comic the drummer is reading (issue 2107). Go right and use the TV, asking it to show you episode 2107 of Laserman 3000V. Go and tell the drummer all about the episode Spoiler!. Pick up the comic, then return to town. Talk to the wood artist, who will make you a shield if you can provide a 3D model. Talk to the sys admin in the internet point, and she will send the 3D model to your headset. Return to the wood artist, who will make the shield, but it will take some time.

Return towards the tour bus, but take the right path into the jungle. Continue right and use the paint bucket on the waterfall pond to dilute it. Go right again to find a hut. Search the marsh here to find a rusty saw. Return left until you are walking over the fallen tree. Use the rusty saw on the small branch that sticks up, then combine this with the panties in your inventory. Add the fuel from your fuel tank to create a torch.

The Blade HQ

Board the subway train and talk to Jay to receive a man-in-the-middle kit and remote control.


Go to town again and use the man-in-the-middle kit on the plant right next to the wood artist. Now use the remote control in your inventory. Talk to the wood artist to get your Laserman 3000V shield. In your inventory, use the black paint on the Laserman 3000V, then add the shield. Now give the toy to the kid, and he will let you use his Kannonn.

Leave town and head to the waterfall. Light your torch with the flame to the right, then use this on the wasp nest to the left. Now you can continue up the path. At the top, examine the monument, the tree, the purple fruit on the tree, and the city in the distance. Head back down the path, then right and into the hut.

Look at the floating book - the message converted from ASCII to text reads "place your offer on the altar". Place your holographic statue on the skull table, then ring the bell. After your first conversation with Maya, ring the bell again and you will learn a bit more this time. Go back into town and use the Kannonn. Pick up the fruit that lands nearby Got The Fruit!. Fill your fuel tank again using the fuel pump, then return to the hut.

Ring the bell, then talk to the Cypher Master about everything Hyper Reality. Back outside the hut, turn the small valve on the left, but the mega boiler needs more fuel. Use your fuel tank on it, then turn the valve again. Pick up the electronic component (1/4) that falls down.

Go back to the tour bus and travel to your new destination.


You will arrive in a red hot desert Hardware Graveyard. Head right to see a map of the area, then head towards the hut. Pick up another electronic component (2/4) from the left, then go inside. Pick up the android and take her outside. After she dies, go back inside and grab the next electronic component (3/4). Look at the monitor to see it is only displaying static.

Return to the map and go to the hardware graveyard. Talk to the android on the pole, then pick up the shovel in the background. Try to take another electronic component, but it will be stolen before you can get it. Examine the mole hole, but it is too small to enter. Return to the hut and use your shovel on the bone to the right. Try to pick up the skeleton and you will find a radar. Now look at the skull, then use the shovel on it so you can take an AVR chip.

The Blade HQ

Go through to the subway train and talk to Jay. Use the computers to the left and listen to all of the audio files.


Go to the lighthouse and look at the cleaning robot. Go upstairs once; try to go upstairs again but something is blocking your way. Go back down to the ground and combine the harpoon and cable in your inventory, then use this on the cleaning robot Free Climbing. Search the bathroom cabinet and take the pills. Also pick up the wood pole on the left. Now use your rusty saw on the barricade, so you can continue further upstairs. Try to take the antenna, but it is bolted to the railing. Combine 2 different electronic components in your inventory to create another antenna. Return to the ground and pick up the damaged robot.

Go back to the tour bus. Knock on the bathroom door, then keep talking until you can offer the pills. Now you can take the mirror and towel from inside the bathroom. Leave the bus again.

Now head to the Sphynx-Bot. Try to walk right twice to make a hole in the ground. Use the mirror in this hole, then examine the fallen head to get the Eye of the Sphynx.

Next visit the crashed plane. Talk to the solitary traveler and you will offer him the Eye of the Sphynx. Push the car for him so that it is half way into the plane, then leave again.

Return to the hut and use the antenna pole twice so that it faces you and picks up a humming sound. Go back into the hut and look at the monitor to see 1 green circle and 2 red circles. Go and stand next to the solitary traveler at the crashed plane, and use the radar to detect a signal. Use your antenna on the plane roof here.

Return to the hardware graveyard. Walk near the android on the pole and use the radar to find another signal. Go over to the mole hole and use the cleaning robot on it. Use the Liquidproof protector spray on the cleaning robot, then use your ultra glove of power on it as well Ultra Glove of Power. Use the upgraded cleaning robot on the mole hole - send it right and pick up the electronic component (4/4), then bring it back outside. Combine your 2 electronic components to make another antenna. Talk to the android on the pole and ask him to hold the antenna, but he needs an arm.

Go back to the hut and use your screwdriver kit to remove the android arm. Return to the hardware graveyard and combine the antenna and wood pole in your inventory, then add the duct tape. Use the android arm on the android on the pole, then ask him to hold the antenna for you. Return to the hut once more and go inside. Look at the monitor to see a point highlighted on the map. Go out to the map and visit this spot. Pick up the game box Source Code.

The Blade HQ

Enter the subway train and talk to Jay about the source code. Return to the tour bus and travel to the next location.


You will reach a frosty destination this time Northern Lights. Walk right to see a ghost that talks to you. In his rhyme there will be several numbers (random with each game). Add or subtract these depending upon the rhyme, then consult your ASCII code table and look for the symbol next to the numerical answer. Press this floating symbol as it passes by you. If you get it correct, it will fly to the right; if you get it wrong it will fly to the left. Follow the symbol and repeat the process. You need to get it correct 3 times in a row. The rhyme about stars refers to Ursa Major, which has 7 stars so the answer is 7.

You will eventually reach a cave Riddle Master. Enter the cave and go right until you find a keyboard. Examine this and enter the 4 runes that you saw in the intro back in The Blades HQ:


Head through the opened door to the right. You will talk to the Technomancers, then automatically leave Technomancers.

The Blade HQ

Enter the subway train and talk to Jay again 1337 Hacker.

Missile Base

Go left and remove the large white cloth to reveal a submarine. Climb down the red ladder to go below deck. Collect the 4 books and the fishing line from the shelves, and the bottle from the bedside table. Search the fisherman jacket to get a skinning knife. Climb back up and talk to Captain Vildenburg, asking him to set sail. Start by heading to the far southwest, and stop over the 2 square buildings. Now use the submarine - go straight down, then enter the base.

Once in the base, head right to the aquarium and use the control station What A Nice Day. Now continue right into a kitchen. Open the fridge and take out the pot, then close the fridge again. Also grab the towel from the stove, before going right again into a control room. Pick up an empty shrimp cream can from the pile on the desk, and also grab the only unopened one from the left. Insert your floppy disk into the floppy disk drive on the edge of the desk. Try to use the missile command center, but you will get an error message. Return all the way back to the left, then return up to the boat.

Talk to the captain about the octopus, then set sail again. Sail to where you see some flashing white dots in the water. Stop here and use the fishing net on the side of the boat to catch a lot of fish. Pick up the fish, then examine them in your inventory to find a normal fish and a fish with eggs. Use your skinning knife on the fish with eggs to get some fish eggs, then put them into your bottle. Set sail again and stop over the large black whale near an island to the south. Put your bottle with eggs in the cargo bay of the submarine, then use the submarine. Go straight down until you reach the dead whale.

Grab the hook from the whale's mouth, and the lead wire next to it. A little bit further up on the left, try to pick up the crab, but it will run away. Use the rocks here to deposit your fish eggs, then grab the crab. Now you can return up to the boat.

Take everything from the submarine's cargo bay. Try to combine the hook with the fishing line. Talk to the captain about knots, then try it again. Talk to the captain to set sail again, and return to the missile base. Use the submarine to return down and inside.

Head right until you reach the kitchen again. Turn on the stove, then put the pot on the stove. Put your lead wire in the pot, then use the kitchen towel to pick up the pot. In your inventory, use the pot on the empty shrimp cream can, then combine this with your hook and cord. Add the fish, crab and unopened shrimp cream can. Return to your submarine and put the massive bait ball in the cargo bay. Get back into the submarine again.

Out in the water, use the octopus, and it will chase you. You will end up back in the missile base Bass Fishing. Go all the way to the control room at the far right. Use the missile command center again Ready To Launch. Go left twice to the aquarium, then use the control station.

Space Station

Talk to the ticket lady to the far left, then go through the gates to the far right.

Upon the space station, go through the red doorway into the space museum at the far left. Grab all 6 items from the red shelves here, then use the radio in your inventory Hacked!. Leave the museum. After the others go to the airlock, open the emergency case and take the axe from inside. Now head through the sliding door to see the others leave.

Return to the space museum. Use the axe on the space suit, then pick it up. Next use the axe on the yellow glass casing to the right, and take the handle. Leave the museum and go through the sliding door again. Use the knobs on the wall, and you will end up outside wearing your space suit.

Since the main door won't open, go through the smaller one beneath it, which leads to the bridge. Use the floating robot (Zaymon), then follow it to the right. After Zaymon leaves, try to open the locker at the lower left. Use your handle on it, then take the soldering helping hand from inside. Try going to the right, and you will run into something invisible. Use your radio again, then use your AVR drawing tool on the invisible area Inverting The Paradigm.

Use the radio once more, then head upwards twice. Use your AVR drawing tool on both the top and bottom parts of this room, then sit in the throne - you don't have a name to use here yet, so back out again. Go back down twice and left twice to return to space.

Return to the tourist station on the left, and go back to the space museum. At the far right, look at the photo of the astronaut in red. Use your soldering helping hand on the photo to see his name: Ivankov Zakharovich. Return to space.

Head back to the bridge, and go up to the throne again. Reveal the throne using your AVR drawing tool, then sit down. After automatically entering the correct name, open the lab door. Return to space.

This time, head through the large door to the left into the greenhouse. Look at the jellyfish and fish, then use your AVR drawing tool on them and pick up a mushroom. Continue right and look at the whiteboard, then talk to Zaymon again. Use the AVR drawing tool on the left of the room, then pick up some vials. Use the AVR drawing tool on the middle of the room, then open the drawers and take out the liquid and syringe. Look at all of the components of the large machine on the right, then talk to Zaymon about it.

Put the anesthetic vial into the medicine slot of the machine. Open the large tube door and get into the machine. Return left to the greenhouse and look at the carnivorous plant. Use your pincers to get the fruit from the head of the carnivorous plant. Also take the red plant just to the right.

Go right into the medical bay again. Use the liquid, red plant, space fruit and mushroom in the liquid mixer here. Use the syringe to collect the drug from the liquid mixer. Return out to space.

Enter the bridge again. Go right and use your drug syringe on the heart. Now you can go down. Look at the motherboard, then insert the ancient GPU. Go up 3 times and sit in the throne. Click on the top left section of the display to activate the secondary GPU, then back out.

Back out in space, go through the main doors of the space station. Press the big red button. When you can, head to the right Back To Reality.