Vigil: Blood BitternessVigil: Blood Bitterness

AKA Victi: Blood Bitterness

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2006

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/19/2009

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Vigil: Blood Bitterness is a third person adventure with a black and white art style and fixed camera perspectives. You take the role of Rehon, the last disciple of Gomend, the former ruler of an ancient civilization. You must escape your palace, which has been invaded by an evil force that plans to devour the entire universe.

Act 1

Go back through the to the entry elevator and try to leave to get an image clue. Now approach the yellow area with a dead slave for a video clue before opening the door at the other end of the hall. Head to the far end of the the chapel and speak to Gomend for another video clue.

Now you need to pray at each of the four emblems on the floor in this room; numbering them 1-4 from the altar to the back of the room, pray at emblem 3, 1, 4 and finally 2. Go back to the elevator and use the wall panel to close it. Wait until the other door opens and go through. Continue down the corridor, open the next door and go through.

Act 2

From the large hall where you start this act, go through the large door on the left. Approach each of the 4 beds in here to get 4 image clues. Leave this room and approach the room directly opposite (you will get another image clue about an airlock mechanism). Ignore this door for now and continue along the large hall, entering the next side door you come across. Enter to find Livos' chamber. Look at the blue sheets of paper and you will find an image clue. Now pray at the four small altars in any order so you can leave the room and return to the large hall.

Head all the way up the stairs at the far end of the large hall and you will detect an ominous smell. Open the door and go through to the next room, where you need to avoid the poison gas. Go to the opposite door and head upstairs to a bridge room. Walk up the stairs to get a video clue. Return to the room with the airlock message and go through the first door. Close this door behind you, then open the second door and continue through. Close the second door, open the third door and head outside to get a video clue. The background music when you are outside is also an audio clue. You have limited time outside, so act quickly; run to the large platform and pray first on the closest small symbol, then again on the large middle symbol. Look closely at the stars to see four of them light up in a specific order. Run back inside through the airlock mechanism.

Return to the bridge room now that you know the correct order. Walk over the symbols (bottom right, bottom left, top left, top right) and the bridge mechanism will lower. Cross the bridge and approach the body to get a talisman and see a video clue. Go back over the bridge and down the white stairs, then take the passage to the left of the screen instead of going back through the poison gas. Follow this passage to find the library.

Close the door behind you, then go and find a dead slave and you will find an image clue on the blue sheets near his body. Go back to the T junction near the library entrance and you will see one of the bookshelves is slightly indented; stand in front of this and open it. Go through and walk carefully over the narrow boards and up the stairs. Open the door and go through to a small chamber. Pick up another blue sheet for an image clue, then leave this room (don't use the other door or you will die). Go back to the library and close the first secret passage.

Head to the furthest passage of the library and face the far wall, then open another secret passage. Head along the corridor to the end and pick up another image clue in the form of a blue sheet. Open the door here (using your talisman) to see a video clue and complete the act.

Act 3

Head along the main corridor and enter the first doorway on the right. Avoid the blood-stained beds in this room and go to the stand at the far end of the room for an image clue. Leave this room and return along the corridor, then go back into the library. Close the second secret passage behind you. Leave the library and now take the other passage to the right of the screen instead of going back through the poison gas. Enter Pithon's room at the end and pick up another blue sheet for an image clue.

At some point you will hear the background sound change to a heartbeat; this means you are hungry and must find a body within 60 seconds; the easiest is in the library. The heartbeat sound is another audio clue.

Return to the library and close the entrance door again. Enter the first secret passage and this head over the boards, up the stairs and into the small chamber again. Now you can use the second door here and go through to collect another image clue: this one gives you a lock combination. Return to the library and close the first secret passage, then open the second secret passage and return to the corridor where you started the act. Go to the far end to find a closed gate. Now according to the combination, use the top left pillar 3 times, bottom right pillar 3 times, top right pillar once, then the bottom left pillar twice. Now open the door and go through to see a video clue and complete the act.

Act 4

You need to stand on 5 blood stains throughout the area. Start by standing on the one near the gate you just opened. Run along the corridor and back into the library, closing the second secret passage behind you. Stand on the blood stain in the library, then open the first secret passage and stand on the stain in there. Go back out and close this passage again, then go through the main library entrance. Run through the poison gas corridor and down the stairs to the main hall. Enter the room with the 4 beds from the start of Act 2 and stand on the blood stain here, then leave the room again.

Sometimes you will hear evil laughter in the background at this stage; if so you must go back to the start of the act and try again. If this doesn't happen, go out through the airlock and stand on the last blood stain outside. Stand on the large symbol here and you should hear a bell. Now run off the right side of the platform.