Veil of DarknessVeil of Darkness

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1993

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Walkthrough Updated:  12/4/2004

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Veil of Darkness is an isometric adventure/RPG. After crash-landing in the Romanian countryside, you are rescued by a village girl and drawn into the local town's mystery involving a suspected vampire.


This walkthrough deals with the individual sections of the prophecy given to you by Kiril. For some general hints:

  • Keep returning to the bar for hints and new locations.
  • You may as well avoid most creatures - there is no advantage in killing them.
  • Earn plenty of money by selling herbs.

The Prophecy

From the ever dark sky shall he descend in a bird of steel

These phrases are completed as you speak to Kiril. He will ask you to find a hammer.

He shall deny the part he is destined to play

Go and talk to Deirdre again, and get a ribbon from her. Go back downstairs and ask Kiril for a PIPE. Now go and ask Ivan the servant for some COINS. Leave the house and buy some FENNEL SEEDS from the apothecary, then a LAMP, TOBACCO and NAILS from the general store. Enter the tavern and ask the barkeep for a MATCH or a LIGHT. Enter the house between the store and apothecary and pick up the prybar. Enter the ruined house at the edge of town, and find the trail of blood. Push the bookcase where the trail ends, then go through the secret door. Get the hammer and the piece of torn shirt. Return to Kiril and you will learn some things and get the prophecy itself.

He must free a man cursed for curiosity's sake

Return to the bar and talk to the people - you should get a map so you can visit the farmer. Talk to him and then visit his barn to find a pitchfork (weapon). Go back to the bar to learn about the crashsite - go there and kill the wolves. Talk to the tree on the right. Use the match on the oil lamp (one in each hand), then throw the lamp at the tree and take the ashes. Back at the bar again, you can learn of the monastery - go there now. Downstairs you can find Pius in one of the cells. Ask him about the QUILL to free him from his curse. Go back to the bar and learn about some gypsies. Visit them, and talk to the fortune teller about EDUARD to get a key. Go back to town and use the key in Eduard's basement. Explore the catacombs and you will end up in Kiril's wine cellar. Get the fine wine and the wine cellar key, before going back to the bar. Talk to the bar tender about his GOBLET and take it. Talk to the minstrel in the bar, then go to the monastery. Ask the monk about resurrection and get him to help the tree ashes-guy. Talk to him about your plane. Go to the swamp and get the gun, rope and lighter. Use the rope by the dead tree, and climb down into the hole. Explore and get a mushroom or two. Leave the hole.

A youth in madness he shall willingly heal

Go back to town and talk to the candle-maker's son about NATALIA and the LOCK to get some hair. Go to the bar and learn of the other village, and the murder. Head upstairs to the minstrel's room and take the key and violin. Return to the catacombs and use the key in the locked door. Get the smiling jar and the signet ring from the room. Go to the other village and talk to the people. Ask the son in the northwest of the village about BETONY, and buy the TALISMAN from him. Also find out about all the SONS to find out about the dark forest. Talk to the gravedigger to learn of the graveyard, then go there and get some betony leaves (NW corner). Go back to the gypsy camp and ask the healer to make a potion. Give this to the mother of the dying girl (upstairs in the store), and you will get a pin.

Dispel one dead but forced to serve

Go to the other village. Talk to the magistrate, then go to the gravedigger, and pick up the parsely and shovel from the garden behind his house. Pick up the empty wine bottle and torn shirt from his bedroom. Go to the village and ask the apothecary about PARSLEY. Go to the bar to learn of the crossroads and the lakeshore. Return to the magistrate and the gravedigger will be hanged. Go to his room and take the book of souls. Travel to the crossroads to talk to the ghost, and you will get a key that you can use in the door in the basement of the monastery. Take the book of rites from that room, then go to the other village again. Talk to the silversmith about a BELL. Go to the village and buy a candle from the candlemaker. Take this to the monastery and have it blessed, before heading to the cemetary. Talk to the green ghost to learn of a hedge maze and get an attic key. Use the shovel and pick up the iron spike. Walk in front of the mausoleum so the red ghost appears. Use the ribbon on the bell. Light the blessed candle with the lighter, then use the spike on the bell to make the ghost disappear.

7 lost souls have favours to ask

Go to the dark forest. Take the first left, then go as far south as possible and take the ivory horn from beside a skeleton. Return to the main path and take the first right. Continue as far as possible and make sure you are wearing your talisman for protection from the banshee. Go north from the banshee and into the cottage. Take the hunting cap. Go to the crossroads and get the witch to carve runes into the horn. Go to the lakeshore and use the horn to summon the dead ferryman. Talk to him and go to the island. Pick up the dagger and leave again. Go to the hedge maze and locate 6 cloves of garlic (search everywhere). The exit is to the northeast, and lets you get into a mansion. Talk to the man here and give him the tobacco, in exchange for a holy symbol. Go to the attic and unlock it with the attic key. Inside, find a rapier. Go to the other village and talk to the girl in the trance: say ANDREI. Visit the silversmith again and get him to forge a silver SWORD. Go back to Kiril's house and ask him about ANDREI to get a key to an upstairs room. Go up, use the key, kill the zombie with the silver sword, and take the diamond. Now return to the silversmith and get him to plate your BULLETS. Go to the farmhouse and ask the farmer's wife about a WEREWOLF. Quickly use your gun to kill her. Go to the magistrate in the other village and claim your reward. Go to the cemetary and enter the mausoleum. Head north and find the seven souls. Give them the items: rapier, old coin (from bag), quill, hunting cap, violin, dagger, diamond, signet ring. Talk to the centre ghost and get the magic box from the room he makes available.

A hidden place he must pry from one quite mad

Buy another candle and talk to the people at the bar to learn about Crazy Frank. Also go upstairs in the bar and talk to the guy looking in the mirror. Buy his TOOTH. Visit the fortune teller and ask her what she NEEDS to make you a voodoo doll. Go to Crazy Frank's hut. Hold the doll in one hand and the pin in the other, then talk to Crazy Frank to learn about a cave. Go there and use the prybar on the locked door. Enter and talk to the book. Go to Kairn's fortress. Kill the undead out the front and take the key. Unlock and open the gatehouse. Go to the southwest door in the corner, and push the bookcase. Go through the secret door and down some stairs. Push the bookcase again and go through into the basement. You will find a coffin and a key, and Deirdre will talk to you. Explore the fortress to find a book to dispel the curse of Agrippa. Go back to the cave and free Agrippa. You will learn Kairn's real name. Talk to the apothecary in the village about GARLIC, and get the necklace. Talk to Kiril, and then Ivan again, and ask him about the HAMMER. Go to the monastery and buy some holy water before returning to the fortress.

He shall turn aside the vampire's charms

Go to the basement where you found the coffin, and use the hammer and nails to close the coffin permanently. Go up to the top of the northwest tower. Wear the necklace and eat a mushroom before talking to Kairn. Throw holy water on him and then use the magic box. Talk to him and say his true name: BEAULU. Return to the coffin and talk to him to end the game.