Game Details:  Mystery, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  11/12/2017

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Vacant is an isometric murder-mystery adventure game where you play as an intern at "The Eye", a futuristic and enigmatic government agency.

Day 1


Use the telephone in your kitchen to talk to Anidale, then leave your apartment. Talk to Noel in the corridor, then use the elevator to get outside. Talk to the old woman near the park bench, then head over to the right. Talk to the kids and listen in on some conversations people are having on the steps, go slightly left and talk to Greg, who is standing beneath a tree. After this, head up the steps to the right and talk to Anidale, then follow her into the building.

The Eye

Follow Anidale through the facility until you meet Commander Hayze. Talk to him until he requests a coffee. Talk to Lauren in the next cubicle, then leave this area. On the way out, talk to Krel at the bottom of the stairs.

Go back outside and head to the left side of the steps and into the coffee shop. Talk to the Barista and order a coffee with EXTRA sugar. Try to talk to the young man here, but he doesn't say anything. Go back to The Eye, talking to Rebecca and Krel on the way back to Hayze's office. In here you will meet Jin, and Hayze will throw out your coffee. At the end of the conversation, leave the office to reach a crime scene.

Crime Scene 1

Walk along the path and talk to Joel, then head inside the house. Try to talk to the victim, who just says "It's following me". Talk to the officers, then head right into the kitchen and talk to Hayze and the victim's wife. Head down to the garage and search the messages on Rick's computer. Head back out to the crime scene and talk to Jin, then agree to leave.


Walk into the kitchen for a strange message, then go to your bedroom and use your computer. Get into bed and sleep.

Day 2


The next morning, answer the phone in the kitchen to talk to Jin. Go out to the elevator to meet up with Hayze.

The Eye

Talk to Jin and Hayze and go through the emails from Rick's computer, then leave when Jin gets a phone call.

Crime Scene 2

Go inside and talk to the next victim, who says "It's watching me". Talk to Jin, then take the blank piece of paper from the table before heading outside. Speak to the neighbor in the front yard. Go back inside and tell Jin you are ready to go.


Head back to your apartment and get into bed.

Day 3


Leave your apartment, and Jin will take you across into Hayze's room. Talk to him, but he only says "You're next". Offer to help, but Jin tells you to go back to your apartment. Head into your apartment and the lights will turn off - the door is also locked behind you. Go to your bedroom and try to turn your computer off, then talk to the dark figure standing near your bed.

Read the note from Hayze next to your computer, and read the new mesage on your phone. Pick up the gun from the floor, then leave your apartment and use the elevator. Walk around to the right and up the steps; talk to people if you like, but don't shoot anyone. Head into The Eye.

The Eye

Go all the way through to Hayze's office. Talk to the people here. Look at the photo in your phone; the dark figure at the top right of Hayze's office looks like the one in your phone. Click on this figure and select to shoot it.

Day 4

The Eye

Go into Orphan's office and talk to him.


Say goodbye to your friends.