Urban RunnerUrban Runner

Lost in Town

Game Details:  Mystery, 1996

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Walkthrough Updated:  1/5/2015

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Urban Runner is a combination adventure and interactive video game by Coktel Vision, published by Sierra. It involves a combination of classical adventure game elements and timed sequences. You play as American journalist Max, who gets embroiled in a murder investigation relating to a prominent Parisian drug dealer.


Turn around and examine the changing room locker to get some fishing line, then use this on the stairs. Go up the stairs to the door to get the guard's attention, then after he arrives, use your fishing hook on his feet. Examine the guard to get a nail file. Go to the far end of the basement and approach the wall. Examine the central brick, then use your nail file on it.


In this section, you must keep moving and if the guard gets too close go immediately to the next room. Go through the yellow doorway to the room with the cubbyholes. Turn right and remove the wedge from beneath the bench (you will get a torn out page). Go over towards the cubbyholes, and use the switch on the wall to the left. Examine the shelves to get a plan of the site, then examine the plan (in your memory).

Go through the doorway next to the shelves, then along the red-lit corridor. Examine the fusebox just to the side of the green-lit corridor. Take the fuse from the shelves light holder and put it in the wall light holder. Back out and turn around, going along the red-lit corridor to where you entered the labyrinth.

Look at the wall panel on the left and look at the poster here - note the colors on the poster. Turn around and go through the red corridor. Examine the fusebox again, and move the fuse from the wall light holder to the document transporter holder. Back out and approach the document transporter (wooden door). Press the buttons in this order: red, red, green, red. Now open the handle and you will get a manual from inside. Combine this with your torn out page, then examine the manual (in your memory).

Back out and examine the fusebox once more, moving the fuse to the pump fuse holder. Back out and go through the green corridor to find the pump room. Turn the bottom left valve to the right 3 times, then check that the flow rate counter reads 576. Next turn the other valve to the left 4 times, then check that the manometer reads 2. Now use the on/off lever to activate the pump. Go through the yellow doorway to the room with the cubbyholes. Turn left and climb into the water tank to escape.


Wait until the killer points his gun at you, then take the halogen flashlight from the right end of the shelves. Now kick the orange ball on the ground to knock him over. Try to take his gun, then pick up the film from the floor.


Take the plank from against the bottom of the wall. Turn on the light switch, then open the door to the ladies' room. Go to the hiding place and wait for the woman to enter the ladies' room. Quickly come out of hiding, close the door and use the plank on the door to lock her inside.

In the next room, look at the switch on the left and flip it up. Pull the cable hanging from the ceiling until it is loose, then pick up the oil can and use it on the floor. Look at the switch again and flip it down.

Hotel Adda

Show your police ID card to the receptionist, then to the girl in black, then to the other girl, and you will get your keys. Head upstairs and pick up the earring from the floor. Use your key on room 227 and the cleaning lady will stop you - give her the earring you just found. Next try to open room 225, and the cleaning lady will talk to you again. Head back downstairs and talk to the girl, who will distract the receptionist for you. Quickly use a match from your inventory on the rubbish bin to start a fire, then read the register book on the counter. Combine the photo and match book in your inventory, then examine the club logo (in your memory).

Use the telephone here in the lobby to call Club Zanzibar, then use the telephone to call the hotel receptionist. Go over and talk to the receptionist to book room 225. Go upstairs again and use your new key on room 225. Read the paper next to the phone, then use the phone to call room 227. Use the phone again to call the bar. When the champagne gets delivered, quickly talk to Adda and you will end up in her room.

Pool Hall

Knock on the entrance and show your police ID card to Sergio. After he opens the door, give him your watch.


Use your chalk on the keypad, then try pressing random numbers until a woman appears. When given the verbal cue by Max, walk forward and you will see 3 of the 4 required numbers. Now press A249 and you will get inside. Pick up the cup and use it on the guard's right hand. While he is in the toilet, use the keyboard, then get in the lift to go up.

Try to open Marco's office, but the door is locked. Open the cupboard and examine the card punch to find the key. Back out of the cupboard and clean up the confetti on the floor, then go back to Marco's office door and use your key to unlock it. Use the handle to head inside. Turn on the light switch to the left, then take the document (and magnet), letter and advertisement from the noticeboard. Examine the pencil holder on the desk twice to get a bottle of ink and a wire. Now examine the safe in the corner of the room. Attach your wire to the safe's mechanism, then use your diary on the other end of the wire. Turn on the diary, then enter "227", followed by any number for the password. Adda will give you a clue for the password, so enter "ADDA".

When the security guard wakes up, quickly turn off the light switch. Look at the door and lock it again with your key, then open the bolt on the closet and head inside. Use the magnet to lock the bolt from the inside. Wait here until the guard has checked the office, then go back out to the corridor and hide inside the cupboard.


Go towards the van, then read a postcard on the left wall. Search the blanket on the floor to get some tongs, then search the jacket twice to get a capsule and a laundry ticket. Examine the postcard and laundry ticket (in your memory). Now use the van phone to call the girlfriend. Get out of the van and use your tongs to get the delivery sheet from the far right, then examine this (in your memory) to get a phone number and an address. Next head to the back of the warehouse and use the car phone here to call the warehouse. Use the phone you can see through the car window to call the van. Place the two phone receiver together to keep the men occupied, then run out through the front of the warehouse.


Go to the end of the alleyway, then wait for the truck to approach and roll under it.

You can now play the following two sections in either order.

Hotel Inspector


Put your capsule in the small bowl on the bedside table. Open the minibar and take the whisky, then examine it (in the 3D view). Put your police ID card inside the whisky label. Use your bottle of ink on the document in your inventory, then wait to be found by the inspector. When you reach the back of his car, pour ink on the blanket, then quickly slam the boot of the car.

Newspaper Offices


Look discreetly into the office, then look at the mail area in the bottom right so you can pick up the mail and glue. Next look at the coffee area on the left and pick up the water bottle to boil the water; while it is still steaming, use the mail on the steam to open it. Put Max's message in the envelope, then use the glue on the mail to reseal it. Go into the office and give the mail to Freddy. After you get the green file automatically, knock over the box of paperclips on the desk. Talk to Freddy, then leave the office again. Go to the coffee area and pick up the coffee to make some. Pick up the coffee cups to put them on the tray, then use the tray on the office to walk inside again. Use the tray on the raincoat and you will escape again.

Once more, you can play the following two sections in either order.


Give the whisky to the chauffeur, then walk over to the service. Examine each person here, and make sure you notice the doctor only has one glove. Back out, then go to the exit of the cemetery and approach the blue car on the street outside. Look through the window to see the other glove. Now open the tailgate to get into the car, and take the music score and heart medicine from the glove compartment. Use the heart medicine on the whisky, then exit the car again. Use Paul's keyring on the rear tire of the car, then go back to the chauffeur and give him your drugged whisky.


Pick up the stick from next to the door and combine it with the caramels from your inventory. Now use the stick on the mail slot to get some mail. Read the insurance letter (in your memory). Climb over the fence to reach a garden. Pick up the binoculars from the left and use them to look closely at 3 glints, which are the 3 security cameras outside. Also look at the magpie's nest through the binoculars. Now stop using the binoculars and search the magpie's nest to find a key. Approach the back door and use the key on the lock to get inside.

Search the drawer to get a tape recorder, and search the rubbish bin twice to find a card schematic and a wire. Take the polarised glasses from the mask. Now look at the audiocode control panel next to the door, and use the glasses on it. Examine the score (in your memory) then enter the code based on the music - EEFGGFED.

Inside the lab, search the lab coat to get some wire strippers, and use these on the wires coming from the safe. Now use the wire you found earlier on the stripped wires, and the safe will open. Search the safe to get some microfilms, then examine these with the microscope - you will see roman numerals for 151 and 1004.


Quickly duck down as soon as you can, then after leaving the diner, throw the glasses in the rubbish bin.


Show the card from inside Adda's bag to the hustler and you will get a free game - you need to correctly identify the position of the Queen of Hearts 3 times in a row, and you will get Sergio's watch. Examine all the documents in the Elite file (in your memory). Open the door by using Paul's keyring on the 3 locks: turn the left one 4 times, the middle one 2 times, and the right one 1 time.


Pick up the bell, then turn right. Use the bell on the window sill, then quickly turn left. When the bell rings, enter the room and immediately use your knife on Kevork - the doctor will indicate the roman numeral for 10. When you are on the floor, quickly use your magnet on the door control system to escape. Examine the watch in your inventory and go through the following steps to activate it:

  • Pull winder
  • Remove winder
  • Use winder on center
  • Use winder on hole
  • Turn watch to left
  • Turn disc (in the middle)
  • Turn outer ring 3 times
  • Turn watch to right
  • Push winder

Now use the watch in the security system on the left wall and you will find yourself in a secret room. Back out from the console and search the two drawers under the desk to find a laser and a remote control. Also take the insecticide from behind the desk. Examine the remote control in your inventory and enter A2 on it, then use it on the red receiver on the wall.

Examine the card schematic in your inventory and piece together the jigsaw puzzle. Turn left and wait for the two men to enter - use the laser on Eraser and the insecticide on Kevork. After Adda is shot, you can choose whether she lives or dies. Search Kevork's pocket to get his keys, then look at the console. Use the switch at the top right. Hit the 4th eject button from the left and take the card, then insert it in the slot. Set switches 2, 3 and 6 beneath the slot, then press the red button to validate the switches. Now enter 151 and use Paul's keyring in the slot. Enter 1004 and use Tony's keyring in the slot. Finally enter 10 and use Lev's keyring in the slot.