The Unholy SocietyThe Unholy Society

Game Details:  Adventure, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/5/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

The Unholy Society is a fantasy third person adventure game with action elements that tackles elements of religion and the supernatural. You play as Bonaventura Horowitz, an exorcist who travels to attend his sisters wedding, but uncovers a looming evil within his home town. There are 18 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Get out of bed. Turn on the light and pick up the phone, then use it in your inventory and decline the call. Go into the bathroom to the right. Turn on the light and look at the sink, picking up the nail file. Now use the phone - browse through all of the messages and apps, then put the phone down again. You will automatically return to the bedroom. Talk to Lilith and give her the nail file, then you will end up in a battle with her.


At this stage you only have 2 spells to choose, "Light attack" and "Medium attack". Follow the instructions about exorcism, then defeat her The Succubus.

You will receive a call from the Pope, then will travel to a new destination.

Silent Virginia

Head right and talk to Gregg and Chi Chi. Keep going right and search behind the rock to find a ball. Continue further and talk to Baracus. Climb up the ladder and climb in through the window.


You still have the same 2 spells, but should be able to defeat Cat quite easily Pet Sematary. At the end you will give the ball to Cat in exchange for some holy water, which you can use in subsequent exorcisms.

Continue right past Baracus and look at the closed store entrance. Continue right over the bridge and talk to Aunt Omarosa. Now head all the way left past Baracus and talk to Chi Chi to receive a comic book (1/5) Book I: Genesis. Keep going left and talk to the cat, then talk to Uncle Jesse. Select to help him find his missing stuff. Look in the broken car just to the left and you will find some lipstick. Look in the bushes to the left of the next broken car to find a necktie. Go right past Uncle Jesse and look in the mailbox to find a VHS cassette. Save your game. Talk to Uncle Jesse to return his items, then you will enter his house.


You still only have 2 spells to choose from. During your opening conversation, you have the option to give the VHS cassette to Sadako Let the Right One In. Alternatively, you can just defeat her in battle Ring.

Talk to Uncle Jesse again to receive a comic book (2/5) Book II: Exodus. Go left and enter the mansion. Talk to Eduard and you will end up heading out to the church. Talk to your aunt and uncle, then enter the church and perform the ceremony.


Defeat Eduard with the same 2 attacks yet again Interview with the Vampire. You will receive a "Heavy attack" as well as a cure potion, which you can use in subsequent exorcisms.

Talk to Baracus, who will give you a train ticket. Use your phone to call the Pope One Missed Call. Go left and a police officer will start searching for you. Wait until he is walking away, then go left and climb down the ladder into the sewers. Head left and talk to the Rat King, who won't let you pass until you bring his shrubbery. Return right until just before the ladder and search to find the shrubbery, then give this to the Rat King. Continue left and up the other ladder to the surface. Go left and board the train.


This time you can use all 3 of your different attacks to defeat your enemy The Ghost Train. You will be rewarded with a "Healing attack" after you win.

Head left on to a large bridge and talk to Trent. Search near the final beam of the bridge to the left, then examine the base of the monument further to the left. Keep going and read the graffiti on the side of the house, then return to the monument and open the lock with password "Belial". Climb down into the tunnel.


You now have options with which spells to use. A combination of 2 normal attacks and the "Healing attack" should work well to defeat your enemy Heart of Darkness. You will receive a wig and a rosary after the exorcism. The rosary can be used in subsequent exorcisms.

Talk to Trent on the bridge and he will give you some glasses. Combine the wig and glasses in your inventory, then use them and you will be safe from the police. Board the train to travel once more. Head left toward the mansion and search behind a rock outside to find the next comic book (3/5) Book III: Leviticus. Now enter the mansion. Search the drawer on the right, and you will be ambushed.

Aunt and Uncle

This time you will have to face 2 enemies consecutively, and will definitely need a combination of the "Healing attack" and 2 normal attacks, as well as all of your items to win Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. You will be rewarded with a "Final attack" and a bible, which you can use in subsequent exorcisms.

After talking to Susan, head right to the middle of the bridge. Talk to Aunt Omarosa, then head right. Examine the spot in the forest after you pass the broken car.


This is quite a hard battle, and will require a combination of attacks and items to win Silver Bullet. You will be rewarded with another comic book (4/5) Book IV: Numbers.

Now go to the far right to reach the cemetery and head inside.


The first part of this battle is easy, but once Father Benedict transforms it becomes more challenging to defeat him Paradise Lost. You will be rewarded with an ancient page and the final comic book (5/5) Book V: Deuteronomy.

There is an extra achievement if you have collected all 5 comic books Pentateuch. Head left to meet up with Baracus and Susan at the train Something Ends, Something Begins.