Twilight OracleTwilight Oracle

Game Details:  Comedy, 2024

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/2/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Twilight Oracle is a comedy, fantasy point and click adventure. You play as Leo, a struggling student with the ability to breathe underwater, who is teamed up with some other delinquents to locate a missing disciple. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Part 1

Walk down to the shore and talk to Marcus twice to get a universal translator. Swim underwater here and examine the sunken boat to get some sandpaper. Go further to the right and examine the pitted rock to get a clump of wax. Talk to the squid multiple times She Sells C-Shells. Return left to the shore. Show your clump of wax to Marcus to get a bioluminescent starfish. Go left and show this to Jill Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Walk down to the shore and enter the ocean again. Look at the 3 fish (3/12). Now continue down towards the chasm. Examine the vegetable patch to get a cabbage. Look at the 3 fish (6/12). Try to pick up the lobster. Use your bioluminescent starfish on it, then pick it up. Return up to the surface and go back to where you started with Jill.

Put the sea cabbage into the cauldron and Jill will give you a battery. Now try to put the lobster into the cauldron Too Cute for Dinner. Put the battery into your universal translator. Talk to Jill and you will get a comb. Keep talking to Jill several more times This is a Family Game. Use the lobster on Jill to learn about the abyss.

Head down and into the water again. Continue down towards the chasm, then enter the abyss. Look at the 3 fish (9/12). Use your universal translator on the machine. After the conversation, use your comb on the pumice rock, then head left and up to the chasm. Use the pumice rock with the squid to get some dyed pumice rock.

Return to the surface and back to Jill again. Use your dyed pumice rock on the slab, and you will end up with an unpolished gem. Use the sandpaper on this to polish it. Head back into the water again and use your gem on the altar just as you arrive A Perfect Fit.

Part 2

Take some mollusk mucus from the giant conch. Go left and enter the cave. Go left and talk to the lion head on the wall. Examine the red mushrooms at the bottom left to get a mushroom globule. Now head through the doorway above the pool to find Fish Cliff. Talk to the marooned fish twice, then give it your mushroom globule and you will end up with a stained locket. Return back down through the cave and try to use the stained locket on the cauldron Nice Try.

Enter the cave again and use the stained locket on the statue. Head up to Fish Cliff, then right to Rainbow Cove. Pick up the fossil. Talk to Aurora twice, then give her the locket in exchange for a rusty coin. Use your mollusk mucus on the coin to create a lucky coin. Return left to Fish Cliff, then continue left to Faun's Forest.

Read the paper to see some jokes (1/3). Pick up the chisel from the ground on the right, and a phial from the ground on the left. Also take some of the red sap from the large tree. Talk to Faun, then trade your lucky coin for his pan flute. Now head left to Druantia's Weald. Pick up the purple onion from the ground. Use your chisel on your fossil to find a trilobite, then give this to Druantia.

Return right twice to reach Fish Cliff. Use the pan flute on the marooned fish and you will receive a live eel. Go down into the cave again. Use your chisel on the blazing rocks to the right twice Geology Museum. Over to the left, use your live eel on the machine. Now use the onion and the phial with the lion head on the wall - you will get some purifying tears.

Make your way to Druantia's Weald again. Use the blazing stone with the seedling. Finally use the purifying tears with the lake. Olivia will be free to join you now, so head back to the cave. Look at the pool Guardian of... What?!.

Part 3

Take the bellows from the pool and use them on Olivia. Now head left and try to enter the dark passage. Use the bellows on the dark passage, then venture inside.

Pick up the rope, boxing glove and cheese. Walk left to meet Turing Read Only Memories. Combine the cheese and sap in your inventory. Examine the portal, then use your chisel on the large chain. Go through the portal to Candy Cane Grove. Talk to the cheerleader and Peppermint Pete, then continue up to Raspberry Field. Talk to Lacey to get some candy. Go up once more to Jello Slammer.

Look at the jello. Use your boxing glove with the jello You Can't Beat Jello. Pick up the extendable spring and combine it with your boxing glove. Go back down twice and talk to Peppermint Pete about the jello, then use the lollipops to return to the dark passage. Use your spring-loaded boxing glove on the door to get it open again. Go through the door to return to the cave.

Use the cheese on the mouse, and you will end up with holey cheese. Go up to Fish Cliff and use the rope with the rock, then go down the sheer slope to reach Cello Cove. Read the paper on the left to see some jokes (2/3). Talk to Chris and Brooke, then pick up the garlic spray. Dive underwater here. Look at the 3 fish (12/12) Gotta Catch 'Em All. Examine the conch on the left to get a salt crystal. Talk to the snail, then offer your salt crystal to it Getting Salty. Now offer the candy to the snail and you will receive a coconut in return. Talk to the mermaid to get a gem.

Return up to Cello Cove, then make your way back through the dark passage to Raspberry Field. Give the garlic spray to Lacey and you will get a jumbo marshmallow. Use your holey cheese with the machine on the left You Should Smell My Socks.

Head up to Jello Slammer and use your coconut with the litter to get a softened coconut. Go down twice and talk to the cheerleader to get some pompoms. Give your salt crystal and softened coconut to Peppermint Pete. Use the lollipops to leave here again.

Head to Cello Cove and use your pompoms on Chris to receive a licorice root. Next go back to Faun's Forest. Give your jumbo marshmallow to Faun, and he will give you a green tea packet. Go through the cave to Candy Cane Grove and give your licorice root and green tea packet to Peppermint Pete. Talk to him again and you will receive a zapper. Head up twice and use the zapper on the jello. Go down twice and use the lollipops.

Head right to return to the cave, then use your powered gem on the pool Master of Modesty, Right Here.

Part 4

You will automatically go to Fish Cliff. Walk left twice to talk to Druantia, then step into the Space Portal. Pick up the egg on the right. Examine the kit to get an elastic bandage. Combine the egg with the elastic bandage. Go down to the Satellite Dish. Talk to the spaceman, then continue left.

Use the Genie & Lamp to get a camera. Read the paper to see some more jokes (3/3) Knock, Knock.

Head all the way back to Rainbow Cove and use the camera to take a picture of the rainbow. Now return to talk to the Genie to get the next riddle. This time make your way to Cello Cove and go underwater, then use the camera to take a picture of the mermaid Paparazzi. Go back up, then take a picture of the cello. Return to talk to the Genie again to get your final riddle. Go right and up, and take a picture of the space rose. Talk to the Genie again Photography.

Head right and use your egg launcher on the satellite dish. Return left and enter the castle. Talk to the shadowling several times. Examine the debris to get a brick. Make your way back to Rainbow Cove and pick up the red scarf. Go back to the Space Portal. Use your brick on the skull to get a tooth Delicate Procedure.

Now head back into the castle. Use your fashionable scarf on the large camera, then give the discolored scarf to the shadowling - you will receive a key. Use the key on the door to the left then go through to the Divination Room. Pick up the mop, then look at the console. Go back out to the entrance hall and look at the puddle, then use the mop on the puddle. Try to open the right door, but it is jammed shut. Return outside and use the mop on the train's wheels to get some oil.

Head inside and into the Divination Room. Use your tooth with the pool. Look at the pool, then pick up the sextant. Go outside and head right. Give the sextant to the spaceman. Pick up the car jack and combine it with your oil. Head back into the castle and use the car jack on the right door.

Pick up the cane, then examine the console on the right. Use your camera on the Magistrate, then use your cane on the rope Tropical Heaven. Now just watch the credits Thank You!.