Year:  2018

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Tsioque is a fantasy point and click adventure game where you play as Princess Tsioque. You are locked in a cell by an evil wizard, and must use your wits to escape and save your kingdom from his evil clutches. There are 31 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Escape the Dungeon

Look through the window in the back of your cell Looking for trouble. Drop your medallion on the plate, then take it back. Repeat this again, then drop it a third time to eliminate the guard. Climb over the skeleton to escape your cell, then stand up and take the bread from the plate. Give the bread to the monster beneath the grate, then take the key that is offered. Use the key on the door and head through.

Wave to the guard across the broken floor, then head through the archway in the background. Take the stone circle from the basket over the coffin and place it in the hole in the corner. Now turn each of the stone circles until they click into position. Touch the basket again, then pick up the blanket of invisibility from inside the coffin. Return through the archway, then head right.

Use your blanket of invisibility to avoid being seen by a group of guards that come down the stairs. Go up the first set of stairs, then quickly use the blanket again to avoid being seen by the returning guards. After it goes dark, continue right, but you will fall - quickly click on the spider above the lever at the top to take out the next group of guards. Climb up and go past the crumbling platform, then try to go up the next set of stairs. Now you must either jump or duck to avoid the guards being thrown down at you. After you have successfully avoided three, wait for the boss to lean back into the tower, then quickly click on the spider again Lights out!. You can now continue up through the doorway.

Click on the guard here to scare him. Now pull the lever down. Pick up the spike and use it on the wooden handle below. After falling down, pick up the wooden pieces (you will also end up with some sticky spiderweb). Climb on to the dead guard. Use the wooden pieces to climb up the wall, then pick them up again when you reach the platform. Examine the device and insert the wheel and the 2 wooden pieces to fix it. Once the guard grabs your leg, pull the lever down, then hide behind the device. Wait until the guard looks over to the right, and quickly move to the right. Wait until he looks over to the left, and move to the right again.

On the castle wall, you need to gradually sneak to the right, avoiding the gaze of the wizard and of the flying imps. There is an achievement for making it across without being seen at all Sneaky beaky like.

Explore the Castle


There are many exits from the courtyard, and their names will only appear after you have visited them once.


Look into the dungeon (small archway covered with bars) and you will get an illustration fragment (1/3).


Next go to the camp, where you will find a large guard and a small guard having a shooting competition. You need to move the targets just before they shoot so that the small guard wins A helping hand. Climb up the ladder and try to take the golden helmet. Jump down on the bellows, then climb up the ladder to repeat this, and the guard will leave. Now take the golden gloves from the tent on the right, and use them on the helmet to get it out of the fire pit. Click on the stump next to the breastplate to have them switch places.


Find the armory through the ground-floor door near the top of the screen. Wave to the cat, and it will jump on on top of the suit of armor. Open the wardrobe and search it several times. Now push the barrel over to the wardrobe and climb up on it. When the guard approaches, hide in the wardrobe. Now pick up 5 different weapons from the racks A more elegant weapon perhaps.


Go to the stables at the bottom right. Search the trunk in the back of the wagon to get some dragon scales.

Guard Room

The guard room is at the far top right, on the castle wall. Climb out through the right window. Head out to the tip of the pole to try to reach your blanket of invisibility, but it will fly back to the building. Climb back, then out to the tip of the pole again and shoo away the crow twice (the cat will end up inside). Climb to the right window to look inside. Make fun of the guard, then immediately switch to the other window. Quickly repeat this several more times, and the cat will eventually escape and become your friend A game of Cat and Mouse. Take another illustration fragment (2/3) from the wall on the right.


Find the pantry through the small doorway to the top left. Take the chicken feather and pepper shaker from the left. Use the feather on the drunk guard, then take the mug and the golden shoes. Pull the sheet away to reveal a group of mice. Try to take the carrot, but the mice won't let you. Pull the bell cord on the right, and the cat will come and chase away the mice Quit mousing around!. Now you can take the carrot.

Great Hall

The great hall is through the large doors on the left. Go inside and try to cross the hall. Click on the fairy, then try to use an item to defeat her - do not use the pepper shaker yet. There is an achievement for using each of the following items To fail is to stop trying:

  • carrot
  • chicken feather
  • dragon scales
  • golden gloves
  • golden shoes
  • illustration fragment (x2)
  • mug
  • sticky spiderweb

Now use the pepper shaker on her Hocus Pocus! and leave the great hall.

Guard Room

Use the carrot on the barrel of tar.

Great Hall

You can only go back inside once the battle has stopped (if this hasn't happened yet, go somewhere else and then try again). Pick up the damaged magic bag.

Sewing Room

Enter the sewing room, which is just above the dungeon bars. Try to touch the magical spindle at the bottom right Not falling for this one. Now use the damaged magic bag on the sewing table. Use the scissors on the purple fabric twice to cut out 2 patches. Place these on the holes in the bag, then hold each patch in place with 2 pins. Now use the needle and thread on each of the patches to sew them in place Threading the needle.


Pick up the golden helmet, golden breastplate and golden chain mail.

Sewing Room

Look at the dummy. Place the chain mail, breastplate, helmet, shoes, gloves and tar-covered carrot. Take the completed golden armor.


Find the tower to the right of the sewing room. Watch as a guard in golden armor walks past. Use the golden armor on yourself Master of disguise. Use the sticky spiderweb on the guard's feet while he is in the bathroom. Now use his spike to get the keyring. Use the keyring on the door and select the small brown key to lock him inside. Use the keyring on the large doors and select the large gold key to get through.

Look at the bookshelf on the right. Read all 4 available books all the way to the end Intelligence +10. Make sure you take the red leaf from within the top left book. Pay attention to the 4 triangles in the bottom left book. Now examine the large chest on the left. Open it with the combination of triangles you just saw in the book:

  • Red triangle pointing up
  • Grey triangle pointing up with line through the top
  • Blue triangle pointing down
  • Green triangle pointing down with line through the bottom

Take the shield piece from inside the opened chest. Next take the magic wand from the desk, and examine the picture it was resting on. Look at the mirror and use your wand on it - draw a clockwise circle to activate it. Change the channels by drawing lines left and right. Increase the volume by drawing a line right and then up. Repeat this until the volume is at a maximum, then you will automatically hide from the wizard. Once he leaves again, go and open the drawer beneath the mirror and take the magic wand and gold coins. Leave this room and you will automatically drop the magic wand back on the desk.

Now head through the doorway to the right and you will go up the tower, where you will see a guard dressed in golden armor. Use the gold coins on the steps twice, then pull the rope holding the chandelier, and the guard will start chasing you down the stairs. Click on the areas indicated and you will eventually escape Fool's gold. There is an extra achievement if you make no mistakes during this segment Quicker than a snail, slower than a cheetah.

Go through the doors at the top to see that the room is dark and empty. Head back to the courtyard.


Look through the bars to the dungeon to see that the wizard is currently there What happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon.


Go back to the room at the top of the tower again. Look at the desk on the left - take note of the pattern on the right, and take the ear plugs. Now examine the glowing orb, and recreate the pattern you just saw:


Now that there is light in the room, look at the basket of charred rocks in the background on the right. Pick up a charred rock, and also take the crumpled up illustration fragment (3/3) Gotta catch 'em all!. Look at the workbench in the background and insert all 3 of your illustration fragments into the book to see a complete recipe.


Examine the large shield on the right, and insert your shield piece into the middle section. Now click on the shield segments in this order: Bear, Zebra, Dog, Duck, Cat. After entering the wardrobe, climb the rope and use your mug to collect the golden water.


Go up to the wizard's room at the top of the tower and examine the workbench once more. Now perform the following steps to complete the recipe:

  1. Open the door on the burner, put the red leaf inside, and close the door again
  2. Place the dragon scales in the top right flask, then seal it with an ear plug
  3. Pour golden water into the funnel at the very top
  4. Open the tap to the left of the golden water flask
  5. Place the chicken feather into the bottom left flask, then seal it with the other ear plug
  6. Place the charred rock into the large glass bowl, then click on the glass lid to cover it
  7. Now keep using the bellows until you see a blue drop reach the large jug
  8. Turn the top at the bottom
  9. Use the bellows once more Better living through alchemy

Pick up the elixir. Open the door and take the blanket of invisibility from the guard, then use it on yourself. There are now 2 different options for how to proceed, each with its own mutually exclusive achievement:

Option 1

Try to pour the elixir into the wizard's mug on the far left Bottoms up!.

Option 2

Try to steal the medallion from around the wizard's waist It's not stealing if it's mine.

Either way, you will trigger the final section of the game 3, 2, 1... Transformation!.



Click on one of the large boots at the bottom left A helping foot.


Climb down into the fountain to return to the cave with the duck. Search the washing machine to get a little black button. Offer the medallion to the duck, then climb up the power cord on the right after it drops down. Pull the chain in the water, then pick up the duck's crown to return it to him Give me a kiss, mallard!. While you are here, take the mace from the archway, then climb back outside.

Guard Room

Click on the telephone once it starts ringing.


Examine the zebra's chains, then use the mace on them White stripes. Search the large gift box on the right to find a mirror and a green cup.

Great Hall

Give the little black button to the teddy bear Now with 3D support. Look at the chains on the door, then use your mace to break them. Go through the doors. Examine the power point on the right, and you will be sucked up by the dragon. Pick up the mace and the bubble maker. Use the bubble maker in the green stomach acid, then quickly use your mace on the gap so that you can escape Sucks to be you. Pick up the mace once more.

Head through the right doorway to find the kitchen. Examine the cupboards in the background and take the sieve. Open the left cupboard and take the purple cup from inside. Leave the kitchen and go through the left doorway into a gallery. Head left and use the sieve on the green slime to retrieve a pink cup. Return to the kitchen and examine the cupboards again. Place the 3 cups on their matching plates. Put the kettle into the sink and use the tap to fill it, then put it back on the stove and turn the dial to boil the water. Pour water from the kettle into the teapot, then pour tea from the teapot into each of the 3 cups. Pick up all 3 cups of tea.

Give the green cup of tea to the troll, the purple cup of tea to the unicorn, and the pink cup of tea to the princess Five O'Clock. Take the explosive pebbles from the left of the table. Try to open the fridge, and the unicorn will do it for you. Now take the black sparkling liquid from inside the fridge.

Return left to the gallery and use the black sparkling liquid and explosive pebbles on the green slime Good boy!. Look at the door to the left and attack it with your mace Knock knock!. Look at the door again and pull the chain to the left. Go through the door and approach the stairs, then head towards the throne on the right. When the wizard stands up, use your mace on him Death Wish 3. When you do it the next time, use the mirror on him instead. Now run away, and click on Tsioque every time she falls down - you will eventually escape the castle And they lived happily ever after...?.