Year:  2020

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Transient is a horror adventure set in a dystopian future, and is set in the same universe as the earlier game Conarium. You play as Randolph Carter, a hacker for the notorious ODIN group, who stumbles upon an awful truth about the current situation for mankind. There are 27 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1: Beyond Sensory Experience

Entry [101]

When you appear in the water, just run towards the light.

Entry [102]

After you wake up, walk around the central platform until you find your guide, then run along the passages. Press the button in the middle of the door then go through and keep running. Press the button in the middle of the next door, then go through. Pull down the green objects in front of each of the 6 statues around the corner of this room. Now approach the opened golden sphere and touch it to reveal a priest. Talk to the priest about all 5 items A good listener.

Go towards the light on the wall ahead and continue through the open door. Run along the next passage until you see a pyramid ahead.

Entry [103]

Approach the pyramid and you will hear Alice behind you. Run after her into the portal. Continue forward and you will see a computer on the right wall. Use the keyboard to find a story document (1/13). Turn around and head down the alley, then examine the door to see the Ouroboros puzzle. There are 4 concentric snakes, and each needs to be in a position of biting its tail at the same time. The starting position for this puzzle is different every time. There is an achievement for solving this without hitting the central green reset button Boa constructor.

Continue down the stairs to the bottom. Pull open the angled gate on the floor, then continue forward until the scene glitches and changes. Look down and use the handle.

Entry [104]

Go forward along the walkways and discover a body on the right. Enable PHI and examine the head, the chest (sound recorder), the pocket (scarab device) and the cocoons to the top right Immaculate Inspector. Now examine the scarab and spin it over to initiative a lock-pick. Set the top right symbol to a beetle, the bottom right symbol to a triangle, and the bottom symbol to a snake, then take the scarab device.

Back out and use the scarab device on the small pedestal to the left, then continue forward through the open door. Continue forward and grab the handle on the lock to the right, then drag it up to open the next door. Run forward after Alice and you will be dragged away.

Chapter 2: Meta-Shamans

Entry [201]

Examine the glowing green PDA on the desk and read through all 7 documents. Just to the left, examine the rhino statue (1/7). Slide open the 2 doors and find another PDA just outside with 2 documents. In the next small room on the right, examine the bug statue (2/7).

Go down the stairs, then straight ahead again and down a small set of stairs to a room with some candles on the ground. Look right and examine 4 drawings on the desk. Open the red container and read the story document (2/13) Dreamsnatcher. Just above, pick up the model pyramid collectible (1/10). Go back up the small set of stairs and turn right to find a laboratory. Read the story document (3/13) on the bench here. Turn around and open the breaker box on the wall, then use all 4 switches inside to restore power. Go all the way back up to your apartment and sit in the chair in front of the terminals.

Entry [202]

Once you regain control, go ahead through the door, then continue right and left. Enter the room on the right with the large television. Open the cupboard to the right of the television and read the story document (4/13) inside. Open the top right cupboard and take the Necronomicon collectible (2/10). Turn around and read the 2 documents on the PDA Handheld Wonderland.

Continue through to the main room and examine the death statue (3/7) on the right, and the owl statue (4/7) next to the laptop. Now read the story document (5/13) on the laptop. Use PHI to scan Alice's body, and you will retrieve a Holographer disk.

Now use the main computer and select to "engage manual hacking". Make your way through the area, collecting the documents marked in yellow on the map in the bottom left corner, and the white question marks. You can avoid most of the security bots, but must occasionally disable them by guessing the correct password. Once you have collected all of the documents Dodgy Drive Demon, you can select to go back.

Use the holographer disc on the glowing stand near the computer and watch the message You are my only holo. Scan the room with PHI and examine Alice's computer to see another code. Scan again and discover a secret door back towards the hallway. Enter code 6482 here. Run down the corridor and grab the memory module.

Entry [203]

Go forward over the walkway until you are met by an unknown creature.

Entry [204]

With the doors locked, use PHI to find a terminal beneath the floor. Send your probe down and follow the cables until you reach a terminal, then hack it. As before, collect all documents marked in yellow and all white question marks Hack 4 Victory. Make your way to the green padlock symbol in the bottom right within 5 minutes Countdown Conundrum.

Go through the open door. Head straight forward and open the lock on the door ahead, then turn right and open the door to Biolab 4. Enter the red room ahead and go on to the raised platform. Read the 3 documents on the laptop. Turn right and pull the lever up so the chair rotates. Now grab the red glowing sphere.

Entry [205]

Back in your apartment, stand up and head out, then turn left before reaching the stairs, and open a wooden door. Look above the other side of this door to see you belong to apartment 3/01. Approach the terminal at the end of the hall and enter your room number. Check your journal to see the passcode for the package, and enter 59714. Wait until the small door to the left opens, then open the package and take the Holographer disk. Also read the message that was beneath it in the package.

Return to your apartment and insert the disk into the holo-projector just inside, then play the file. Examine the star map, but you need more information. You will need to prepare a perception-heightening mixture.

Go downstairs into the laboratory and pick up the small tube from the bench and insert it into the machine on the left. Read your journal, then use the terminal on the left to mix the following:

  • Lhlym
  • Cinnamon
  • Saffron

Take the tube when indicated, then insert it on the right. Add the following from the containers on the right:

  • Water
  • Rennoil

Pull the lever next to the tube, then collect it - if it is correct you will automatically drink it, otherwise you will need to start again. Go back upstairs to your apartment and sit in the chair in front of the terminals.

Entry [206]

Use PHI to conduct a heuristic scan, then enter the link you discover in the television room. Run along the walkway and try to use the terminal, but you will need Alice's fingerprints. Go back through the link and examine Alice's body to copy her fingerprints. Return to the link again and use the terminal inside it once more. Now you need to solve a puzzle. All you have to do is swap the positions of the colored dots so the green, red, yellow and blue dots are next to their respective indicators. Try to do this within 2 minutes Gimme a couple of minutes. You will automatically disconnect once you are finished with the puzzle.

Entry [207]

After you receive the audio message from Wilcox, sit back down in the chair again.

Entry [208]

Walk through the area until you meet Wilcox, then talk to him. After the scene changes, run towards the light.

Chapter 3: Epiphany

Entry [301]

Follow the path until you reach the Hall of Records. Go through the only other open doorway to leave this large chamber. Look in a tiny room just to the right to find a cultist statue collectible (3/10). Follow the path down to another round room and take the lever that is floating in the air. Go back up to the Hall of Records and use this on a slot in the ground near the middle of the room. Pull the lever and you will see a hologram of the planet Earth. Take the floating disc from in front of it. Use this on the door with the golden symbol. Go through here and climb the stairs, then turn left and go through a link.

Entry [302]

Follow the path and approach the blue crystal to see a vision. Keep going forward to the blue sphere and you will be given an Elder Sign.

Entry [303]

Upon awaking, you will automatically receive the Elder Sign collectible (4/10). Leave this room and use the holo-projector to see the star map again, but with some red dots this time. Check your journal to see a list of 3 star names, then click these stars on the map:

  • Aldebaran
  • Deneb
  • Sirius

Click on the glowing red link that is revealed. Go and sit in your chair once more.

Entry [304]

Once the boat has docked, follow the path. After some data corruption a old version of this area will be restored. Keep going until you reach a library. Look at the books in each shelf, then enter the room beneath the central statue. Press the button to descend, then exit the elevator at the bottom. Go forward until you witness a recorded conversation.

Entry [305]

You will now find yourself in a green corridor. Go forward to see Akeley, and once again you will be dragged away.

Entry [306]

Go down the stairs and to the end of the straight path. Look left and listen to the homeless man (1/4). Now go right and pull open the door of the last apartment on the right. Look in the dark room on the right and examine the baboon statue (5/7) on the right, and the Sphinx statue (6/7) on the left. There is a puzzle box here, but you don't know the combination yet. Go to the opposite room and use PHI to scan the body, then watch the recording. Use the computer and listen to all 3 audio logs completely Electronic Eavesdropper.

Go back out and turn left to find the archer statue (7/7) Forensic examiner. Enter the glowing green cryotherapy room and use PHI to scan the body here, then try to use the terminal. Back out of this room and examine the arcade machine.

Entry [307]

This entry is entirely within the Eldritch computer game.

Examine the body, then go down the corridor and read the note on the side table. Look through the telescope, then open the door and go downstairs. Kill the first zombie (1/10) - each zombie will require 2 stabs with the knife. Continue around the corner and kill the next zombie (2/10). Go back to the first doorway you skipped and open it, then enter the room. Grab the gun from the table, but keep using the knife. Examine the painting on the wall and you will reveal a safe behind it. Using the fact that the telescope was pointed at Polaris, and the note you picked up, open the safe with combination 1485. Search the safe to find a rusty key.

Go back out to the corridor and around the corner. Keep going until you find an open doorway and head inside. Attack the zombie (3/10) that is initially looking out the window. Leave the room and go across the hallway. Try to open the closed door, but it is locked. Use the rusty key to unlock it, then head inside. Kill the zombie (4/10), then examine the pentagram on the floor. Open the large red curtain to reveal a sitting statue, then look at the sheet music on the piano - a passage will open beneath the statue. Examine the passage and you will climb down.

Go to the corner of the room and open the door. Proceed into the hallway and look in the shelves, then go forward and kill another zombie (5/10). Continue around the corner to kill the next zombie (6/10). Head around the next corner and pull the lever on the wall, then open the door and go through. Kill the first zombie (7/10) that comes for you from the bottom of the screen, then quickly kill the other zombie (8/10) at the top. Go further into the room and another zombie (9/10) will enter through the open doorway. Go through the doorway and immediately kill the last zombie (10/10) Drop them undead. There is an extra achievement for not using the gun Slice for the win. Open the chest to find a poem. There is one more achievement for not dying during this game Live and let die.

Entry [308]

Head back to the puzzle box in the dark room. Start by pressing the middle button until the symbols are aligned as they are in the poster on the wall. Now click on them in the order indicated by the poem (bearing in mind the left foot is on the right side of the box):

  1. Left foot
  2. Left shoulder
  3. Left hand
  4. Right shoulder
  5. Right foot
  6. Right hand

Once the box opens, search it to find an administrative card. Go to the cryotherapy room and use this on the terminal, then press the Start button.

Entry [309]

Go downstairs into the laboratory and pick up the small tube from the bench and insert it into the machine on the left. Read the notice on the wall, then use the terminal on the left to mix the following:

  • Sahe-ti
  • Kamant
  • Worinea
  • Duruhl
  • Feirahm

Take the tube when indicated, then insert it on the right. Add the following from the containers on the right:

  • Water
  • Alcohol
  • Rennoil
  • Nharvant

Pull the lever next to the tube, then collect it - if it is correct you will take it, otherwise you will need to start again. Leave the laboratory and head down and left to the room with the candles. Head towards the crystal and you will perform the ritual.

Entry [310]

Keep to the right wall and you will find a small room containing a De Vermis Mysteriis collectible (5/10). Go back out from this room and enter the purple glowing room down the corridor. Open the small side door in here. Follow the alley until you find a security room. Use the computer and go to the Maintenance screen, then dispatch a service robot to fix the elevator. Back out and follow the floating robot back to the elevator. After the robot leaves, press the button next to the elevator and get inside.

Entry [311]

This entry is entirely within the Eryx computer game.

Pick up the crowbar, then hack the computer to open the door. Go down the corridor and kill the first small robot - each small robot will require 2 hits with the crowbar, and you will find them along your path, as well as constantly re-spawning from behind you, so always be prepared. Continue around the corner and kill the next robot. Hack the terminal here by aligning each of the sectors, and the door will open. Go through and kill another robot. Enter the last room on the left and hack the computer, then go to the room opposite and hack another computer. Go back to the next open room and hack the computer here. Search the large crate on the floor to get a gun, but keep using the crowbar. Enter the last room and try to hack but you will fail. Pick up the red access card and the first-aid kit from here. You can use the first-aid kit if you are running low on hit points.

Approach the door at the end of the hall and open it with the red access card. Kill 3 more robots in here, then go into a small room ahead and collect a green access card. Go back out and down the stairs to the left, using the green access card to open the next door. Head along the corridor killing several more robots. Go down some more stairs and enter a small room. Hack the computer here then go to the last room, which is now open. Collect another first-aid kit and hack another computer. Go to the last room and collect the blue access card, then use this on the door at the end of the hall.

The next room will contain larger robots that require 3 hits to kill. Take care of several robots here. Walk over the narrow walkway to the right and hack a terminal here. Head straight across and hack another terminal, then go up to the final platform. Wait here and keep killing robots until you have killed more than 20 of them Killin' bots by the score. There is an extra achievement for not using the gun Violence the old-fashioned way. Hack the final terminal. There is one more achievement for not dying during this game You only live once.

Talk to Akeley about everything before he disappears for good.

Entry [312]

Go upstairs and leave your apartment, then go out through the gate.

Chapter 4: Hypostasis

Entry [401]

Enter the first doorway on the left and go through the following door, then listen to the homeless man (2/4) standing near the window. Return to the main corridor and go through the door at the end. Turn left at the pink dough-nut graffiti and enter the open doorway. Find a horned statue collectible (6/10) in some broken shelves against the far wall. Go back out and again through the door at the end to find a more open area. Listen to the homeless man (3/4) sitting down near the middle here, then continue forward and down some stairs to reach a yellow glowing object.

Go down the corridor to rooms 01-08 and listen to the homeless man (4/4) standing at the end Bum notes. Come back near the start of this corridor and go down the stairs. Head down the corridor to rooms 27-35 and find a developer PDA (1/2) in the room at the far end. Come back out, then go to the end of the corridor to rooms 45-53 and search the last room to find another developer PDA (2/2) Cameo Collector. Go back to the start of this corridor and head upstairs.

Now go down the corridor to rooms 18-26. Go through the open doorway on the right into room 22. As you enter, find an avatar statue collectible (7/10) on the left. Go to the far desk and read a story document (6/13) on the left computer, then two more story documents (8/13) on the right computer. Now use PHI to scan the body, the search the pocket for another story document (9/13). Go over to the pyramid on the desk, which will trigger another scene. Examine the body again and look at the blood on the floor. Back out and have PHI scan the blood stains. Touch the blood stain on the wall, then scan for more blood and follow the footsteps down to a disabled elevator. Scan for the controls and look around to find a high vent. Send a probe in here and use it to follow the vents. Find the screen at the end and select to Unlock and Open. Back at the elevator, pull the small lever, then walk over the platform. Open the gate and continue forward.

Entry [402]

Run along the corridor until you see another vision, then keep going until you find a body to scan with PHI. Enter the elevator and press the button.

Entry [403]

Head straight forward and open the lock on the door ahead, then turn right and open the door to Biolab 4. Enter the red room ahead and go on to the raised platform. Pull the lever up so the chair rotates, then touch the mask.

Entry [404]

Walk ahead and have a conversation, then run forward along the path. Pick up the flying reptilian statue collectible (8/10) before going through the portal. Go up the stairs and talk to Nyarlathotep, then you will automatically grab the glowing sphere.

Entry [405]

Go around the fire and through the door ahead. Go through another door on the right and use the computer to read two store documents (11/13). Look on the ground just to the left to find the Mask of Nyarlathotep collectible (9/10). Leave this room and continue along the corridor, entering the elevator at the end. Continue along the corridor and turn left. Go through the door, then approach the raised platform and sit in the chair.

Entry [406]

After the cut-scene, get down off the platform and go through the open doorway. Use the elevator.

Chapter 5: Metamorphosis

Entry [501]

From the entrance, go to the far left. Enter the small building here and use the terminal to run the auxiliary ventilation. Now you can head outside and enter the mine. There will be rocks blocking the tunnel, so turn right and enter another small building ahead. Use the computer here to read the final two story documents (13/13) Stickler for detail.

Open the crate here to find some explosives, and try to use the other terminal but you don't have enough information yet. Go back to the rocks blocking the tunnel and scan them with PHI. Return to the terminal and press the Calculate button. Now pick up some explosives and take them out to use them on the rocks. Continue forward after the explosion, then turn left and follow the green lights to reach a new area.

Entry [502]

Head around to the left and down some stairs to a maintenance area. Open the large hatch and lift both levers up to restore power. Climb back up the stairs, then cross the train tracks and go up to the opposite platform. Use the computer terminal here and select to Check All Systems. Once this is complete, view the 4 log files Conductor's log. Climb down and remove the 2 cables from the side of the train car. Return to the first platform and board the train. Use the terminal in here and select to Prepare for Departure.

Entry [503]

Exit the train and follow the corridor marked System Core. Open the door at the end, then go through and open another door. Climb the spiral staircase and enter a corridor marked Inner Sanctum. Enter a side room here, then follow the passages until you can use an elevator going up. Continue forward to a large open room. Approach the control panel and route power to the Sanctum Biolabs - this door will unlock. While you are here, route power to Bio Storage using a +1 amplifier module - this door will also unlock. Try to route power to the Apeiron System core, using the +1 amplifier module, and just leaving one blank horizontal space.

Go through the right door to the Sanctum Biolabs. Look on a crate here to find the Arcane Roots of Ethnobotany collectible (10/10) Heroic Hoarder. Return to the previous room and go through the next door to Bio Storage. Once you enter this room, there will be a 5-minute lock down timer. There are 2 different ways to proceed:

  • Do nothing for 5 minutes Transient.
  • Go around and look on the consoles behind the fencing to find an amplifier module. Go back to the previous room and use the control panel to route power to the Apeiron System Core (inserting the amplifier module in the gap you left earlier). Go through the other door here. Walk around and use the console to Raise the Main Switch. Now walk around and use the switch Multi-Layered Reality.

There is an achievement for reaching either ending within 90 minutes What's the rush?, and another for collecting all achievements The Full Monty.