The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer

Year:  1995

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Touche: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer is a classic third-person adventure game set in 16th Century France. You play as Geoffroi Le Brun, a musketeer in His Majesty's service, tasked with searching throughout France to track down the stolen will of the Comte d'Itee, William de Peuple.


Talk to the wounded man, then talk to the beggar and trade your gold coin for a silver coin. Head inside the tavern and talk to the innkeeper, the beggar, the barmaid and the guys playing cards. Show your silver coin to the guys at the table, then threaten them and you will wake up the next day in your room upstairs. Examine the floor to find a hole, then search the hole to get 1 franc.

Leave your room and leave the tavern. Henri will talk to you - accept him as your manservant. Talk to him again and get him to pick up the body. Go down the street just to the right to find the church. Knock on the door and talk to the priest, who will give you a notice about the church renovations. Go left to the junk store and buy a souvenir for 1 franc. Head back to outside the tavern. Call up to the balcony on the right to talk to Juliette, then use your dagger on the rope to the left to get inside. Talk to Juliette again, then take the handkerchief before heading out through the window.

Continue right to the stables. Talk to the blacksmith. Take the horseshoe from the wall near the arch. Take the tongs from the left wall (Henri will pay for them). Try to leave through the archway, but you will need some transportation first.

Leave the stables to the left and enter the shop at the far left. Talk to the shop owner, then take the needle and thread. Go back outside and go into the large building with the blue door. Go in to see the captain. Talk to him then examine the bowl on his desk to get a melon. Examine the papers on his desk to find out he has lost a letter. Examine the rest of the papers until you get a blank sheet in your inventory. Use this on the candle to reveal the message. Now talk to the captain again to get a pass. Read the papers on the floor and you will take one with you.

Go back to the stables and talk to the blacksmith again. Agree to get on a coach, and head to St Quentin.

Traveller's Inn

You will stop along the way, so enter the hotel and talk to the innkeeper. After you wake up in the morning, give the church notice to the priest, then talk to him. Head outside and get back on the coach, going to Amiens.


Take the pot on the left shelf in the stables to get some horse liniment. Leave the stables to the right and enter the far right building in town. Talk to the shop owner, then take some sandals from the floor and repair them with your needle and thread. Leave again, then go through the gate into the monastery. Open the door on the right, but you can't get inside unless you look like a monk. Go and take the washing from near the trough, then try to go inside again, but you need a better disguise. Take the soap from the wooden bucket here, then leave again. Go back through the stables to leave town.

St Quentin

Leave the stables to the left, then go to the church by clicking on the spire in the background. Take the cross from the table, then after the conversation take the candlestick from the table, followed by the altar cloth. Examine this in your inventory to take the candle off. Now leave the church.

Try to enter the tavern but you are blocked by the guards. Throw your melon in the river, then quickly enter the tavern while they are distracted. Talk to the customer on the far right then give him your handkerchief to get a poem. Next talk to the innkeeper, offer to help with his problem and buy a bottle for the officer. Go and talk to the officer about everything and you will be given a marked card. Leave and you will be given an old bottle.

Go back through the stables to leave town.


Leave the stables and enter the monastery again. Get the dagger back from Henri's inventory. Pick up the laundry and use it on Henri. Also use the sandals and crucifix on him, then talk to him and he will go inside and ring the bell. While the monks are distracted, go to one of the doors on the left and enter it. Do this on all 3 doors until you find the assassin. Inside his room, examine the saddlebags to get a note, then use your sword on the pillow and you will get a will.

Go back through the stables to leave town and head towards Rouen.


Try to walk along the road to Rouen, but you will be stopped by a highwayman. Give him the will and he will leave. Read the notice on the tree, then climb the tree 3 times to get a watch. Walk along the road to Rouen.


Leave the stables and visit the musketeers again. Talk to the men outside, then talk to the captain, then to the men outside again - you will shoot a gun and hope to break a souvenir from the shop outside the cathedral. Leave this building and outside on the ground pick up the hammer. Use the hammer on the ladder to break it. Pick up the broken ladder (you will just take the pole). Also use the hammer on your souvenir to break it. Go back in to the musketeers and give the broken souvenir to the teacher; you will get a certificate. Visit the captain again and show him the certificate, so you get a new pass. Leave the musketeers again.

Next enter the tavern. Go and examine the pot in the fireplace, then dip your altar cloth into it. Use your pole on Juliette's balcony to get inside. Give her your poem, then talk to her - now she wants flowers. Take the bottle from her sideboard before leaving through the window again.

Head over to the witch on the left. Talk to her, then use your soap on the stocks and she will be free. Talk to her again, then give her the perfume you just took from Juliette, and she will give you a potion and then leave. Pick up some fruit from the ground (you will get a banana). Go through the stables and leave town.

Le Mans

In the stables, take the bucket from the ground, and some papers from the shelves on the right (you will get a coach schedule). Leave the stables. Go through the door on the right and talk to the weapon-smith. Get some hot water in your bucket from the trough, then add the liniment. Give this to the weapon-smith, then take a file from the back wall on the left.

Leave the smithy and go to the church (click on the spire in the background to get there). Open the confessional and talk to the man who enters about gambling in the flower shop. Leave the church and enter the tavern. Talk to the card player at the table and he will give you a password. Leave the tavern.

Steal some flowers from outside the flower shop, then go inside. Talk to Madame Fleur about everything else, then say you are looking for some "lucky white heather". In the gambling den, give your marked card to the player on the right. Talk to the player on the left, and you will get another password. Go back out to the front of the shop and talk to Madame Fleur again, this time asking for a "Venus flytrap". Upstairs, examine the boots beneath the curtain on the left.


Answer the questions and you will be tied up. Talk to the nearest brigand until you are let in to the trailer. Give the gypsy your watch and coach schedule, and she will return the will. Leave the trailer and go right to leave the forest, then along the path to return to the map screen.


Go to the path at the far right to reach Notre Dame. Pick up a sign from the ground, then return left to the market. Give your old bottle to the street trader on the right and you will receive a new bottle. Go and give this bottle to the street trader on the left, then take her stool. Go and give the stool to the bread vendor and you will receive some bread. Give the bread to the cheese vendor, and you will get some cheese. Give the cheese to the rat vendor and you will receive a rat. Give the rat and banana to the urchin in the background, then talk to him and he will take you to the Louvre.

Talk to the man blocking the entrance and you will get an appointment letter. Leave this area and leave town through the gateway on the left.


Knock on the door at the bottom of Juliette's tower and her father will leave after receiving the appointment letter. Now go inside through this door to see Juliette. Give her your flowers, but she wants orchids instead. Leave here and go through the stables to leave town.


Use your flowers in the paint on the left shelf to disguise them, then leave town again.


Go up to see Juliette again and give her the purple flowers, then talk to her and you will end up in Paris.


Leave town after the cutscene.


Go through the stables to the musketeer's headquarters and examine the door to see a note (and learn a new location). Go back through the stables to leave town.

Le Havre

Use your sticky altar cloth to plug the hole in the boat. Get the dagger and pole from Henri's inventory, and use the dagger to cut the moorings. Pick up the rope. Combine the pole and placard in your inventory to make a paddle, then use the mended boat. In your inventory, combine the candle and dagger. Use this in the lock on the water gate, then use your file on the dagger to make a key. Use this on the lock, then open the gate and go through.

In the tavern, answer the challenge with "Lovely weather for the time of year". Talk to the barmaid and say "The river runs shallow, my friend", then ask for a menu. Examine the menu in your inventory. Talk to the front left soldier and say "The river runs shallow, my friend" and he will give you a secret formula. Go back outside and use the boat to return to your captain. Give him the plans and you will receive some keys. Leave the battlefield.

St Quentin

Give the formula to the blacksmith here, then take a coal bucket and use it in the forge to get some hot coals. Leave again.


Leave the stables and enter Juliette's tower. Open the chest and take some stockings from inside, then leave again. Go through the archway to the church and head inside. Walk down to the left and you will trip over and end up lighting the left torch. Use your rope on the right torch, then after the cutscene pick up the metal from the floor between the coffins. Leave the church again.

Go back to the main street and enter the musketeer's headquarters (use your keys to unlock the door). Enter the captain's quarters and take the big blue flag, then leave again. Back at the street, head to the far left and you will see a man caught on top of a gate. Use your tongs to get the key on the ground behind the gate, then use the key to unlock the gate.

Go through the gate and talk to the man. When you reach the boat, use your flag on the mast, your coffin plate on the pipe, your stockings on the wheel, and your coals on the boiler. Now use the tap just above the old man's head. On the river, just right-click on the boat and use the big lever, then the oily lever twice, the red lever and finally the big lever again.

Open the door, and say "Henri, show the man our invitation" to get past the guard. Talk to Juliette and give her the potion. Examine the busts, then pick both of their noses, and a secret passage will be revealed. Use the sack in the corner and you will feed the crocodiles. Use your sword to get the chain on the other side of the pit. Use the chain with the hook in the ground, then use the chain with the nearest trap on the other side of the pit. Open the door up the stairs, then go inside after the cardinal leaves.

Talk to the guard and say "Do you mind if I read while we're waiting". Examine the book just to your left, then read it. Talk to the guard again and say "Have you got the time". Now pick up the chalk from the floor in the right side of the pentagram. Use this on the big book on the table.