Tormentum: Dark SorrowTormentum: Dark Sorrow

Game Details:  Horror, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/17/2023

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Tormentum: Dark Sorrow is a third person horror adventure with an art-style based on the works of HR Giger and Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski. You play as an unnamed protagonist, awakening on your way to a hellish torture for a crime you cannot recall. You must escape and try to make your way to salvation. There are 34 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

The Castle

Stone Angel

Read the note (1/15) on the cell wall, then examine the skull on the left and it will fall down so that the glowing eye falls into the grate in the floor. Break the forearm off the other skeleton and pick it up, then use it to get the glowing crystal eye. Examine the crow in the window and take the rusty plate from its mouth. Now examine the large metal lock on the door; use the small metal plate on the 4 screws to reveal the inner workings. Place the 5 gears on pegs to make the top gear turn and the bars will lift up. Take the broken mirror piece, then go right.

Talk to the creatures standing in front of the stone angel, and pick up another broken mirror piece from the fallen chair, then continue right again. Pick up the mirror piece from the ground and another from the cage on the far right, then examine the boards on the back wall; remove them and take the stone heart from behind. Now pull the cages down so they look the same as in your picture - numbering them from left to right, pull down cages 5, 3, 4 and then 1. Grab another crystal eye from the well. Return to the left.

Examine the candles on the ground; use the piece of wood to light all of the candles. Examine the mirror stand on the left and insert all 4 broken mirror pieces. Insert the stone heart in the angel, then insert both crystal eyes into the skulls at the top. Now adjust the position of the wings and mirrors to reflect the light into the shape of a 5-pointed star. Examine the device behind the statue and insert your rusty plate in the gap. Swap the pieces in the bottom row so they match with those of the upper row. Now go through the opening.

Caged Wastelander

Head right twice and talk to your friend, who is still captive in his cage. Pick up the rusty lever from the ground here, then return left twice. Examine the left skeleton in the back wall and take its skull, then place it on the right skeleton. If you move your view around on this screen you will see a series of 4 symbols through the windows and doorways; insert your lever into the device in the floor and adjust the 4 symbols to match those in the background. Pull the lever to the right, then talk to the ghost and take the stone key.

Go right and examine the floating platform, then insert your stone key. Examine the chest of the large beast - you need to rotate the hexagonal tiles to complete the purple and green paths. The view will open up and you will see two large floating beasts. Take the medallion piece from the front of the floating platform, then go forward.

The Witch and the Furnace

Ignore this room and go left twice. Talk to the guard to receive a note (2/15), then pick up the shovel he offers you. Return right twice then backward to the floating beasts. Use your shovel on the ground to the right, then look in the hole and pick up the lump of gold. Go forward and left twice, then give the gold to the guard in exchange for a hand-shaped medallion. Examine the spinning lock on the wall here and insert this medallion into the middle. Turn the discs starting from the outside to complete the pattern of hands, then go through the door.

Open the locker on the left wall and take the 3 green weights from inside. Take the bone from inside the furnace, and examine the note (3/15) on the right wall. Return left out of the furnace room, then go right twice. Talk to the court jester, then pick up the bladed key. Examine the food bowl on the ground to the right and exchange your bone for another green weight. Go left and place weights on the scales so that there are 3 on the left and 2 on the right. Now you can head downstairs. Take the 2 ruby eyes and the valve, then climb down the ladder. Examine the note (4/15) on the right wall, then climb up and head right twice. Pick up the key from the floor on the right and read the message. Use this key on the lock here to meet one of the cooks. Examine the doorway just to the left and slide the panels to show wide open triangular eyes, a long nose and a relatively flat mouth. Go through the doorway into the kitchen.

Grab the lamp from the wall and the leather belt from in the basin. Take 2 horned skulls from the low cupboards. Read the note (5/15) behind the kettle, and pick up the skinning knife from the far left. Now leave the kitchen to the right. Return left twice and climb down the ladder again.

Sewers and Spiders

Open and examine the box on the left. You now need to set the springs to their correct locations:

  • Press the 1st button 3 times
  • Press the 4th button twice
  • Press the 3rd button twice
  • Press the 5th button once

Two red buttons will now appear, and you can choose one of two actions:

  1. Evil Option: Press the left button Long arm of justice
  2. Good Option: Press the right button Diversion

Climb down the grate in the floor. Climb up the ladder on the far left and take the guard's key, then go back down. Examine the cogs on the middle of the bridge and use your leather belt to connect them. This will lower the water level so you can climb further down. Pick up the medallion piece. Ignore the spider puzzle here for now.

Climb up 3 times and go right. Examine the large gate lock and insert the 2 medallion pieces. Now solve the lock puzzle based on the 4th note:

  1. Top
  2. Bottom
  3. Top right
  4. Top left
  5. Bottom left
  6. Bottom right

Read the note (6/15) on the left end of the table. Take the ruby eye and piece of meat. Return left and down 3 times. Examine the spider puzzle and insert your 3 ruby eyes. Now you can complete this puzzle in two ways:

  1. Evil Option: Rotate the eyes to the right and press the right button Spider food
  2. Good Option: Rotate the eyes to the left and press the left button Helping hand

Climb back up 3 times, then continue upstairs and go right twice. Head over to the prisoner in the cage on the right and talk to her, then use the bladed key on the cage, with two options presented:

  1. Evil Option: Use the blade Assassin
  2. Good Option: Use the key Mercy has a face of a woman

Now use your guard's key on the door here and go inside. Open the small metal grate on the right and take the bird's nest of sticks from inside. Open the second drawer from the filing cabinet and read the note (7/15) inside. Now open the top drawer on the left and look inside to see a color-mixing puzzle:

  1. Press the red button
  2. Rotate clockwise
  3. Press the green button
  4. Rotate anti-clockwise
  5. Press the blue button
  6. Rotate anti-clockwise
  7. Press the bottom button

Now take the metal symbol. Examine the head of the puppet hanging from the ceiling, and insert the metal symbol. Pull the lever to the right, then pick up the spider's severed leg after it falls to the ground. Leave this room to the right, then go left to the throne room. Talk to the person on the throne, then pick up the gold coin. Go left twice and into the boiler room again. Put your horned skulls on the crushing device in the middle of the boiler, then press the button beneath them to generate a spark. Put your nest of sticks at the bottom, and insert your valve on the right. Leave the boiler room by going left, then continue right, downstairs, right twice and into the kitchen. Look at the cauldron on the left and put in your meat and spider's leg. Press the red button here Chef. Now take the poisoned meat.

Leave the kitchen to the right, then go left twice, upstairs, right, back and right to return to the large beast. Use your poisoned meat to get rid of the monster, then examine the lever and choose one of two options:

  1. Evil Option: Pull the lever to the left and press the left button Deadly trap
  2. Good Option: Pull the lever to the right and press the right button The rodent savior

Get the gold coin, then climb down the ladder. Read the messsage on the left, then use your skinning knife to cut the emerald tear out of the beast and pick it up. Examine the pile of bones on the left and move them around until you can retrieve a green key. Climb up and go right, then climb down.

The Gates

Climb down once more and take the cloth to reveal a 3-headed beast. Climb back up once and go left. Examine both paintings to create a note (8/15), then go left and examine another note (9/15) on the left wall. Use your cloth to cover the skull on the left door (so the right one becomes available). Go through this door, then examine the trunk on the far right. Slide the pieces around to reveal the keyhole in the middle, then use your green key. Look inside the chest and take the blue crystal, then read the message. Talk to the creature here, then solve his 2 puzzles:

Examine the large painting that is revealed on the wall here, and rotate the stone discs based on the 8th note:

  • Top left: hammer head pointing to left
  • Top right: arrow pointing to left
  • Bottom left: sword blade pointing to left
  • Bottom right: axe blade pointing to right

Go through the new doorway. Look at the top of the chest of drawers and place your lantern there to light up the room. Open the top drawer and read the message inside. Search the small left cupboard and take the emerald tear from inside. Open the left sarcophagus and take the gold coin from inside. Leave this room and go left, then use your blue crystal on the device to the left. Go right twice and down again. Talk to the creature here, and give her your 3 gold coins. Pick up the emerald tear, then use all 3 of your tears on the gate. Step forward The fugitive.

The Wasteland

Mines and Tower

Pick up the cart wheel from the ground, then go right and talk to the tree. Go right again to find a bridge. Talk to the guardian of the bridge, who requests a trophy. Take the doll hanging from the bridge, then return left. Look at both road signs (2/3). Continue forward and go left, then look at the final road sign (3/3) Sightseer. This is also another note (10/15).

Head left again and you will talk to a winged creature. Open the shaft cover and take the iron crank from inside. Return right and enter the mine. Grab another cart wheel from the ground, then return outside and use both of your wheels on the mine cart. Go back into the mine and continue left. Read the message to the left. Insert your crank in the wheel then turn it. Pick up the red button that is revealed, then go right and use this button on the panel. Press the button to call the elevator, then use it to go down.

Read the message here, then go left. Open the steel box and take the strange mechanism from inside. Return right and examine the faces to reveal a puzzle - connect the electrical pathways, then insert your mechanism on the right and press the drill button. Return left and pick up the monster's claw, then continue left. Find a rope and a message in the chest, then pick up the broken green crystals from the left. Look at the painting on the wall Archeologist. Now return right twice and use the elevator to go back up.

Exit the mine by heading right, then go left and up to the tower. Look at the left post and solve the puzzle using the 10th note (V, II, IV, I, III). Now slide the gears around to connect the corners, then slide the red switch. Enter the tower and examine all 6 books Bookworm.

Go upstairs and take the floating stone tile. Ring the bell twice, then pick up the key that falls. Ring the bell once more and a large statue back near the gates will rise up out of the ground. Use the telescope and pan down once then left 3 times to see a symbol carved into the rock, which you record as a note (11/15). Climb up the ladder and examine the cage, then use your new key to unlock it and take the storm egg. Use your rope on the hook to the left and use it to climb down. Climb down from the tower. Now there are two ways to proceed:

  1. Evil Option: Give the egg to the winged creature Egg for the winged one, get the key, and go right twice and back
  2. Good Option: Go right twice and back, then give the storm egg to the tree Scarecrow, then get the key

Examine the rock here and open it with the copper key. Take the missing train parts and read another message. Go forward to the hut.

Old Hut and Statues

Put your green crystals inside the lantern, then go inside. Examine the painting on the wall The wonder years. Pick up the stone tile from the floor and the metal plate hanging on the right. Open the drawer on the far left and take the figurine from inside, also reading a message. Give your doll to the child and head down through the trapdoor. Read the note (12/15) in the barrel on the right. Pick up another figurine from the basket on the left, then examine the shelves. Insert your 2 figurines, then swap the positions to match the 12th note. Go through the secret passage.

Read the note (13/15) on the left wall. Examine the plate on the back wall and insert the missing metal plate. Now choose how to deal with the prisoner in the cage:

  1. Evil Option: Flip the bottom plate and press the red button Death by drowining, then take the train ticket from the water
  2. Good Option: Flip the top plate and press the red button Wishing well

Return through the passage and go up the ladder then outside the hut; collect the train ticket from the prisoner here if you let him live. Go back again and then left to the gate, and forward to the large statues.

Examine the messages at the bottom of the left and right statues. As long as you rang the bell enough times, you can approach the stairs at the base of the middle statue. Insert your 2 stone tiles, then swap the pieces around to complete a painting. Now you can enter the statue. Look at the image on the right wall, then click on the cube and you will pass out. Click on the cube again, then solve the puzzle matching opposite symbols. Once you succeed, enter the right side of the cube. Look in the bucket for a message, and in the sink on the right for another one. Examine the clock on the left wall. Set the hands as follows (based on the messages you just read):

  • Lightning: II
  • Ghost: V
  • Knot: III

Now move the lever to the right of the window. Talk to the ghost in the chair, then take the crown that he drops. Back out and head left, back, right and forward. Now you have another choice to make:

  1. Evil Option: Enter the hut and give the crown to the rat The rat king, then pick up the oval key and go back, left twice and up
  2. Good Option: Head left twice, up, inside and up again, give the crown to the lizard Crowned reptile, then take the oval key and go back down and outside

Examine the small gate to the right. Insert your oval key, then rotate the symbols so they go from simple on the left to complex on the right. Take the red monolith. Go back down, right twice and into the hut, then down the trapdoor and through the secret passage. Insert the red monolith into the device on the left, then pull the lever and take the fuel cell. From here, go back out of the hut and continue back and right to the bridge.

Bridge Crossing

Give the guardian of the bridge your beast's claw. Continue right to find the train. Examine the door to the train and enter the symbol you saw through the telescope earlier:

Enter the train and give the conductor your train parts, fuel cell and ticket One way ticket.

Frozen Tears

Guarded Gate

Exit the train and continue right twice. Talk to the blacksmith and follow him into his house. Read the note (14/15) above the fireplace, then talk to the blacksmith and you will stay overnight. Go back outside and go left 3 times to find the poisonous mist. Pick up the gate key from the ground, then return right twice and use the key on the gate. Solve the puzzle by sliding the pieces around to get the green piece to the far right. Now head through the gate.

Take the blue flowers from the boat, then continue further up. Collect more blue flowers and talk to the red-robed figure, then continue further up again. Get some more blue flowers, then go back twice and enter the tomb. Head left and talk to the figure on the left, then pick up more blue flowers from the lectern. Go right and use all 4 of your flowers in the right side of the machine. Now you must make another choice:

  1. Evil Option: Choose the closed lock Revenge
  2. Good Option: Choose the opened lock Forgiveness

Go left and look through the small hole in the wall Wall of the damned. Talk to the figure again, then pick up the magic powder. Return right twice, back and left twice. Use your magic powder on the fog so that you can go forward to the cathedral.


Adjust the faces on the two columns to match the details on your 14th note, then head inside. Examine all 13 paintings (13/53), then go forward through the archway. Examine all 10 paintings (23/53), and read the message on the chair to the left. Continue forward and examine all 17 paintings (40/53). Go back, then open the door on the left and go through. Examine all 13 paintings (53/53) Art connoisseur.

Talk to the painter and pick up the brushes. After the creature talks to you, pick up his knives from the ground. Now you can proceed in one of two ways:

  1. Evil Option: Use the knives on the 3 marked paintings Art critic, and you will automatically get the final note (15/15) Scribe
  2. Good Option: Use the paint brushes on any 30 paintings Conservator, then go back to the painter to get the final note

Leave the cathedral.


Go back, left and forward to a burning building. Talk to the creature on the piano, then go back, right 4 times and up on to the blacksmith's roof. Talk to the winged creature here, then you will return to the creature on the piano and face a choice:

  1. Evil Option: Talk Snitch
  2. Good Option: Keep silent Keeper of secrets

Examine the piano and play the notes indicated by the sheet of music (all of the notes are rotated 180 degrees). After you do this correctly you can take the stone disk. Go back and examine the floor of the gazebo on the left. Insert your stone disk, then slide the disks around so their patterns match the background. Take the star metal that is revealed.

Go right 4 times and talk to the blacksmith, then give him the star metal. Take the star sword, then go left and forward 3 times. Use your sword on the statue and head through the portal A farewell to winter.


Go right and talk to the creatures, then take one of the keys from behind the gate. Go left twice and talk to the hooded creature. Go through the gate, then enter the elevator to go further down. Place the key you have chosen in the pan. You will receive an achievement if you did not open your notebook throughout the game Total recall.

Good Ending

There are 2 ways to achieve the good ending Salvation:

  • Select every Good Option throughout the game and pick up the Key of Light
  • Select only one Evil Option throughout the game and pick up the Key of Darkness

Bad Ending

There is only 1 way to achieve the bad ending Damnation:

  • Select more than one Evil Option throughout the game (the key you choose does not matter)