Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Year:  2021

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a third-person puzzle adventure. After receiving a letter from your father asking for help, you travel to his small town to find it is deserted. There are 31 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Act 1


Try to open the window, then the door. Pick up a pipe from the side of the building, then use this on the door so you can head inside. Turn off the electricity to the power box on the wall. Open the locker and the toolbox inside, then take the tool. Use the tools on the broken wire in the power box, then turn the electricity back on.

Search the desk to find 2 pieces of paper relating to the computer password (one beneath other files, one beneath the keyboard). Now enter the code 1423 into the computer. Read the email and the note. Try to open the barrier, but it is disabled. Search the desk drawers to find a key.

Back out and climb up the ladder, then open the padlock with code 3569. Climb up to the roof and unlock the right door with the key from the desk. Plug in the purple cable. Head back downstairs and use the computer to open the barrier. Go back out to your car to leave I know kung-fu.

Chapter I: The Beginning of the Journey

Pick up the ladder and lean it against the house, then climb up and open the mailbox to find a black key. Use this in the front door, then head inside. Pick up the green book (1/4) from beneath the coffee table, and search the bottom of the white bookcase to find a red book (1/4). Search the white drawers to find another green book (2/4). Take the red key from the bowl on the drawers.

Use the red key on the red door lock, then enter the bedroom. Pick up the green book (3/4) and TV remote from the floor. Search the small drawers to find a screwdriver. Look under the clothes hamper to find another red book (2/4), and search the cupboard for the next red book (3/4).

Return to the main room, then go through the open door to the kitchen. Grab the green book (4/4) from the counter, and take a knife from the knife block. Look at the cook-top, and note the marks around the edges of the 4 dials. Take the laptop from the table.

Go back to the main room. Pull out the sofa, then use the knife on the sealed section on its back, and take the final red book (4/4). Open the bottom right white drawer, and set the 4 dials according to the marks on the cook-top (left, right, down, left).

Return to the bedroom. Look at the wall light. Unscrew the fitting, then remove the globe to darken the room. Use the TV remote on the TV, and try the 3 channels indicated on the note. Each time, a pair of drawers below will open:

  • Channel 234: 2 lines, triangle
  • Channel 563: Plus, square
  • Channel 221: Z, square

Examine the laptop you are holding, and enter this code: 2 lines, triangle, plus, square, Z, square. Look at the photo of the green and red books. Go out to the main room and examine the bookcase. Insert all of the missing books, then rearrange them to match the photo on the laptop. Go through the new open door into the corridor. Pick up the crowbar, then go all the way back outside.

Climb up the ladder and use the crowbar on the window. Climb through to the attic. Pick up the picture here, then push the large crate until it falls off the hatch, so you can open it and climb down to the corridor. Put the picture on the blank space on the wall, then click on the pictures until they are all aligned properly. Once the secret passage is revealed, go down to the basement.

Press the red button to turn on the light, then turn the water valve. Look at the back of the photo to see the date 19.01.85. Turn the dark wrench on the tool board, then open the safe with combination 190185. Grab the safe deposit box key, then head outside again. Leave in your car I know kung-fu.

Chapter II: Money Trace

Look around the side of the building. Push the rubbish bin until you can use it to climb up to the roof. Grab a device part (1/3) from the table. Take another device part (2/3) from the top of the air-conditioning units, and search beneath the wooden pallets to find the final device part (3/3). Pick up the crowbar from the ducting, then use this to force open the green cabinet. Insert the 3 device parts, then rotate them to form a continuous circuit connecting all of the outer pipes.

Head down the stairs to the 3rd floor, then continue all the way down to the 1st floor. Search the desk drawers to find a green folder and a necklace. Also note the time on the clock here is 4:45. Go back up to the 2nd floor and set the time on the large clock to 4:45. Go through the open door to the conference room.

Take the red folder and WC key from the table. Move the chair from the desk, then pick up the toy from the ground. Take note of the screen-saver on the computer here. Leave this room, then use your WC key on the other door here and go through. Search the toilet stalls to get another red folder, and grab the red key from the wash basin. Return to the conference room and examine the shelves. Rearrange the folders, toy and necklace so the right side of the shelves perfectly matches the left. Press the button to rotate the shelves. Examine the safe on the left and take the screwdriver.

Go downstairs to the 1st floor. Use your red key on the red door lock, then enter the store room. Pick up the ladder. Move the boxes around so you can pick up 2 red valves.

Return upstairs to the 2nd floor and enter the WC again. Use the ladder to reach the vent, then open it with the screwdriver. Take out the sudoku puzzle (missing numbers 1, 3, 5). Back out and move the right picture on the opposite wall to reveal some pipes. Attach the 2 valves, then turn the right valve so it is vertical (allowing only hot water to flow). Turn on the tap here, and the steam will reveal a clock that shows a time of 7:55. Leave the room and set the time on the large clock to 7:55. This will reveal a code of 59047 on the wall here. Enter the conference room and enter this code on the keypad (although since it is broken you must actually type 48936). Inside the safe, look at the bar chart on the second page.

Back out and press the button to turn the shelves back around. Head down to the first floor. Examine the computer, turn on the screen, then enter the key pattern based on the bar chart you just saw: 9, 2, 7, 8, 4. Go through the gate to the vault entrance. Take the yellow key from the desk, then examine the keypad. You need to press the numbers 1-6 in the order they appear in the solved sudoku box:


Now head back up to the 2nd floor conference room. Use the yellow key in the locked portion of the shelves. Read the note and work out the number formed on each line by combining the 3 parts. This gives you a 6-digit code of 053926. Go back down to the vault entrance and enter this code on the new keypad. Open the massive door and go through to the bank vault. Using the information on the poster here, go to section 1, row 3, column 2. Use the key on this box. Pull out the box and open it, then search its contents. Go outside to your car and leave The Italian Job.

Chapter III: Church

Open the doors and enter the church. Pick up a candle (1/7) from the piano, and another candle (2/7) from the bookcase. Look at the pictures on the walls to see a series of 5 shapes. When you touch them, one will have a left arrow behind it. Now look at the small white cabinet on the wall and open it with the series of 5 shapes, starting from the one indicated and going left: plus sign, 2 triangles, triangle, hash, diamond. Take a black key from inside.

Open the door and go through to the inner room. Search the drawers to find another candle (3/7). Move the armchair and pick up a note. Look at the computer to see that it needs a 4-digit code; also note the picture of the blue car on the wall. While you are here, pick up the next candle (4/7) and read the open book, which mentions glowing ink.

Go all the way outside and look at the phone number on the blue car billboard. Return inside and use the computer, entering the code 2523. On the computer, use the controls to open the security panel, and print out the new access code instructions. Open the latch and head into the room under the stairs. Turn on the lamp, then search the small drawer to get a candle (5/7). Go back out and head upstairs. Search the shelves here to find another note, and a candle (6/7) inside a crate. Go along the corridor and ring the bell 3 times so it falls down.

Go back downstairs and out to the hall. Search inside the bell for another note. Play the indicated keys on the piano (D, C, B, F, E, C). Now make sure the lights are off in this room, and examine the new bookshelf. Grab another candle (7/7). Find 4 books that have angled glowing symbols that match those below and rotate the symbols so they align the same way (bearing in mind some books are upside-down):

  • Symbol 1: T-shape with the stem pointing to the bottom-right
  • Symbol 2: Long line pointing to the bottom-right
  • Symbol 3: Short line pointing to the top-right
  • Symbol 4: V-shape with the base pointing to the right

Take another black key from the panel that opens. Go upstairs and examine the black candelabra. Try placing the candles in each available slot, and you will find 7 of them are depressed when weighted down with a candle. Once all 7 are in position, open the small compartment below and take the key. Go back to the room under the stairs and use this key to open the chest. Take the note and box from inside. Flip the box over to see 4 shapes. Go out to the base of the stairs and look at the pictures, which have the same shapes and a series of lines on them. Using this information, open the box with the combination 4132. Take another black key from inside.

Go out to the hall and use the information from your 4 notes to drag the pews into their correct locations:

Open the book on the stand at the front of the hall, then pull the lever inside. Go down the stairs and approach the security panel. Insert the 3 black keys and turn them, then go through the new door. Grab the sledgehammer and use it on the weak part of the wall, then head through Dogma.

Chapter IV: Underground

Read the message on the wall. Move the doormat and pick up the red key, then use it on the red door lock and head through. Throughout this level, you can use the map to help find your way around.

Turn left at the intersection and look at the panel next to the locked door. Through trial and error you can work out the correct code is bottom-right, top-left, bottom-left, top-right. Enter the store room and examine the locked container on the wall. To open it, you need to turn all the lights green. The easiest way is to press all 4 diagonal areas, then all 4 vertical arrows. Inside, pick up the black key. Search the shelves and the trash on the floor until you find the matches (it will be in the last place you look).

Leave this room and use the map to head towards F2, then use your black key on the black door lock and enter the lounge room. Grab the notes from the table and solve the picross puzzle. Next examine the chess board. You need to work out which moves were made from the start of the game:

  1. E2E4
  2. H7H5
  3. D1H5
  4. G8F6

Reading the note, it says that only ending positions are important. Look at the locked box and enter the code as E4H5H5F6. Open the box and take out the blue key. Unblock the other door so you can now exit the lounge back towards the main corridors. Head left and examine the puzzle on the door here, solving it based on the picross puzzle:

Enter the gas feeding room and turn all 3 valves to the left. Open the cabinet and pick up the spare valve. Walk around the corridors and turn all 6 available valves to the left, then head towards the power room. Attach the valve near the fire and turn this valve to the left. Now open the door to the power room and go inside. Open the green cabinet with your blue key. The right power board is missing a lever arm. Look at the computer screen here to see that it needs a 4-digit code. There are 4 items on the shelf here, and you need to count how many of each of these is present in the room (including the ones on the shelf):

  • Blue cans: 4
  • Green bottles: 9
  • Black cans: 5
  • Toilet paper: 8

Enter the code of 4958. Now you can move the yellow handle to turn the individual fans on or off. Start by setting the handle to position B2 (to disable fan F2). Head out towards F2 and keep going towards the darkness so you can pick up a wooden pallet. Throw this in the water near fan F2 and move the other pallet as well. Now go out to the fan and pick up the red lever arm. Return to the power room and attach the lever arm, then pull it down.

Next set the yellow lever here to position C2 (to disable fans F4 and F5). Go down the dark passage (which is now lighter). Head through the F4 and F5 fans. Open the medical cabinet and take the yellow key from inside. Unblock the door here and go through to return to the main corridors. Return towards the gas feeding room and use the yellow key on the yellow door lock, then enter a store room. Pick up the red propane tank. Return to the ventilation room and use the propane tank on the brick wall. Try to light it with your matches, but the large fan above blows out the match.

Go to the power room once more and move the yellow lever to position C1 (to disable fans F6 and F7). Go back to the ventilation room and head through the stopped fan on the right. Climb up the ladder and examine the fan controls. You need to adjust each of the settings to overload the circuits. Just fiddle with each control until you find the position that moves the gauge the highest. Once the system explodes, the fan will stop spinning. Climb back down and return out to the ventilation room. Use a match to light the propane tank, then go through the opening.

Light the torch on the wall here with another match. Examine the 4 statues around the room, then examine the dial in the middle. You need to position the small statues according to the compass directions on the bases of the large statues. North is the direction away from the door.

  • Outer Ring: North (down)
  • Second Ring: West (right)
  • Third Ring: South (up)
  • Inner Ring: Northeast (down-left)

Go through the open doors and light the fire in the middle of the room with your final match. Look at the note and the map, and take the pass. Pull the two torches on the wall. Now go through the exit door and make your way out to your car. Drive away The Da Vinci Code.

Chapter V: Olympus Project

Open the door and enter the small trailer. Pick up the angle grinder. Take the notes from the white board, and take 2 sets of crumpled notes from the rubbish bin. Search the filing cabinet to find some pliers. Examine the electrical box and use the pliers to remove the 2 hinge bolts. Adjust the switches inside so that everything is turned on except the lights. Turn on the projector, then look at the white board to see a series of concentric shapes. Using the information from the crumpled notes, identify the shapes from outside in to generate a code 750718. Enter this code into the computer, then use the controls to open the gate. Head back outside and go through the gate.

Search the toolbox on the workbench to find 3 jumpers (3/19). Go further along the path to the next section.

Approach the building and look under the rock to find a silver key. Use this on the door, then go inside. Look at the noticeboard to read some notes, and also take the black key. Look at the box to find 3 more jumpers (6/19). Read the Olympus Project notes. Return outside and go back along the path. Enter the truck and use the black key on the red box, then take out an accumulator battery. Go back further along the path and enter the small trailer. Insert the battery into the charger on the desk. Press the start-up button, then take the charged battery. Insert this into the angle grinder.

Go back outside and forward twice along the path, then go inside again. Open the second door and go through to find the Olympus project computer. Take the blue key from the console. Based on the notes you just found, set the 3 switches to up, down, and up. Set the numbers to 6471. Press the buttons to display this pattern:

Press the "Fix" button on the screen, and a new panel will open. Turn around and search the boxes on the shelves to find 4 jumpers (10/19). Now return out to the corridor. Use your blue key on the blue lock, then go through the first door. Look at the shelves to find 3 more jumpers (13/19). Move the books on the shelves to reveal the numbers 6318. Turn around and take the ladder. Open the cabinet with the numbers 63 on the left, and 18 on the right. Grab another note from inside.

Go back outside and use your ladder on the side of the building, then climb down the hatch into the fourth room. Move the boxes to find a green key. Search the boxes in the shelves to find another 4 jumpers (17/19), and search the cabinets to find a cut-off wheel. Attach this to your angle grinder to complete it. Go out through the door, then climb back up to the roof and use the angle grinder on the metal box. Solve the circuit puzzle, then climb down and head inside again. Use the green key on the green door lock, then enter the third room. Look at the desk and collect the final 2 jumpers (19/19). Next search under the pillows to find a note which shows a picture of 4 doors. Return to the corridor and look at these doors, noting the numbers on each. Return to the third room and open the briefcase with the code 5279. Take the access card.

Go outside and climb the communications tower. Open the box and insert the access card. Based on the note from earlier about simple passwords, enter the code 123456789. Climb down and head inside again, then enter the second room. Approach the console, and insert your 19 jumpers according to your remaining note. Now press the big red button.

Go back outside and approach the gate. Insert your access card and enter the cave. Pull down the big lever on the device here, then walk through the archway Project "OLYMPUS".

Chapter VI: Inside the Cave

Go through the doorway. Pick up a light stone cube from the base of the statue. Turn the statue once and go through the open doorway, then pick up a dark stone cube. Go back and turn the statue once more, then go through and collect another stone cube. Go back and turn the statue once more, then go through the next doorway. Take all the other cubes off the stands here, then use the markings on the walls to place the cubes as follows:

Now pull the right lever until you can see a blue circle on the central statue. Pull the third lever until you can see another. Repeat with the second and then the left lever, and the room will darken. Pay attention to the symbols that are now shown from bottom to top: 2 lines, circle in square, triangle, square. Leave this room and turn the statue twice, then go through the open doorway. Pull the levers here so the same 4 symbols are shown from inner ring to outer ring. Leave this room, turn the statue once, and go through the open doorway. Now proceed through the large double doors. You will end up going somewhere strange after 20 seconds.

Open the red door and go through to find 3 more red doors. Go through the left one first. Here you must click on the bases of the towers when all of their dark cubes are exposed. Once complete, go through the portal. Enter the second red door. In this room, just open all of the red doors (you need to rotate to find one), then go through the portal. Now go through the third red door. This time, click on all the red door pieces to reassemble the door, then go through the portal. Finally go through the right red door and you will escape the cave. Go back to your car and drive away Interstellar.

Act 2

Chapter VII Part 1: A Walk in the Forest

Head along the shore and take the control tablet from the deck chair, then use this on the drone that is sitting on the nearby rock - this will produce a map of the area. Continue along the shore until you reach the blue car. Read the note on the table, then continue along the shore. Pick up the phone from next to the rock here. Now head to the south part of the map and break a long branch off one of the dead trees. Use this on each of the bird nests throughout the map, looking in them after they fall until you locate a pendant.

Examine the phone and unlock the first level of security with these shapes:

Now unlock the second level of security using the pattern from the pendant:

Look at the notes section of the phone to see some passwords. Go back to the blue car, and open the briefcase with the code 7359. Take the black key from inside. Use this on the boot of the blue car, then open the boot and take out the axe. Go back along the shore and use the axe on the tall tree several times. Cross the river Wrong turn.

Chapter VII Part 2: Gas Station

Read the note on the front door. Examine the pay phones to the right to find some coins, then use these on the soda machine and take out the remote door opener. Use this on the front door, then head inside.

Go around behind the counter and take the shotgun. Also grab the folder of receipts from the counter. Examine the terminal, which needs a password and shows an arrow to the left. Look left and notice the bottles containing different amounts of fluid. Based on this, enter the code 40213. Now you still need to enter a card. Grab 2 shotgun shells from one of the central shelves, then load both into the shotgun and close it again. Head outside.

Go around the back of the gas station. Use the shotgun on the padlock, then enter the back room. Look at the code panel on the cabinet, then find the receipt matching the date indicated. Enter the code 999112. Open the cabinet and take the empty canister from inside. Turn and look at the safe, reading the hint next to it. You need to find the cost of each of the items depicted:

  • Cereal: $9
  • Black Bottle: $11 (on discount)
  • Shotgun Shell: $3
  • Red Bottle: $2
  • Milk: $1

Return to the safe and open it with code 911321. Take the access card from the safe. Go back outside and use the access card on one of the machines. Put the canister on the ground and put the gas nozzle inside it. Go back inside and use the terminal to activate the correct machine, then go outside and pick up the full canister. Now you can head back to the car and use the canister on your car Attack The Gas Station.

Chapter VII Part 3: Home Sweet Home

Look in the mailbox to find a black key, then use this on the front door and head inside. Pick up the red book from the table and the brown book from the white chest of drawers. Look behind the couch for another brown book. Head into the kitchen and take the green book from the table. Search the drawer to find a flashlight, but it has no battery. Go back out to the main room, then enter the bedroom. Look in the cabinet beneath the TV to find a red book and a green book. Take the TV remote, then return to the main room.

Insert your 6 books in the bookshelf, making sure to match the lines on the spines of the books. Take the notes from the cupboard that opens below and examine the pages carefully. The top left number on each page indicates the order of the pages, and there is one number that stands out as different on each page (except for on one page). Examine the picture above the couch and press the secret panel to reveal a safe. Open this with the code from the notes (61394).

Head to the corridor and search the small drawer to find a screwdriver. Now head up to the attic. Grab the radio from the bench and examine it. Use the screwdriver to remove the battery, then put this into the flashlight. Climb back down and enter the basement. Use the flashlight on the darkness, then examine the note on the desk. Return up to the bedroom and keep turning the light on and off until the light turns blue and a code is shown on the wall over the bed. Return to the basement and enter the code 882255 above the desk. Take the notes and read them, then head outside and drive off in your car Home Alone 2.

Chapter VIII: NEXT Lab

Open the doors and enter the 1st floor hall. Search the desk drawers to get the WC key and some scotch tape. Use the scotch tape on each of the 3 mugs in the room to collect fingerprints. Use the WC key to get into the bathroom. Enter the male bathroom and examine the mirror, then use the scotch tape to get a 4th fingerprint. Return out to the hall and use the fingerprints on the security room sensor until you get a match. Enter the security room and open the small wall cabinet to find a red key. Search the filing cabinets until you find a reception password.

Go back to the WC and use the red key on the red door lock, then enter the storeroom. Grab the screwdriver from the shelves in here. Return outside and examine the blue car. Force open the glove compartment with the screwdriver, then take the access card (level 1). Go back inside and use the computer terminal. Enter the code from the notes (37825). Insert the access card, then raise its access level. Pick up the access card (level 2). Enter the elevator and go up to Level 3.

Use your access card on the sensor, then go through the door to the lab. Enter the office and look at the 3 red files with patterns on the sides (note the gold bar indicates the bottom). Pick up the green key from the desk, then unlock the computer here with the patterns from the files:

Pay attention to the instructions here, then go back out to the corridor. Use the green key on the floor hatch. Turn the middle and right valves around, then turn on the watering around the tree. Rotate the display to see the numbers 757391 (read right-to-left as indicated by the arrow). Go back into the office and unlock the other computer with this code. Pay attention to the spectral patterns here. Go out to the lab and examine the large control panel. Set the 4 spectral patterns first:


Set the blue dial to 4, the white dial to 3, and the red dial to 0. Move all 4 sliders to their top positions, then pull the blue lever down. Go around and into the small clean room, then through to the work area. Grab the new access card (level 3) from the desk, then return out to the elevator. Go back down to Level 1.

Enter the security room and insert your access card so you can see the TV monitors. Pay attention to the top monitor that shows some squares and symbols. Go back to the elevator again and head up to Level 5.

Use your access card on Peter Stone's office sensor, then go inside. Look at the white board, to learn some more squares and symbols. Take the briefcase from the desk, then unlock the computer with code 190185, based on the hint about the photo on the desk. Insert the access card, then raise its access level. Pick up the access card (level 4). Read the mail on the computer while you are here. Leave the office and return to the elevator. Head down to Level 4

Use your access card on the sensor, then go through the door to the lab. Search the folders in the shelves to find some notes. Look at the white board for some settings that will be useful shortly. Examine the door panel and press the symbols based on the squares you have seen:

  • Triangle: 2 times
  • Circle: 3 times
  • Two Lines: 1 time
  • Square: 5 times
  • Cross: 4 times

Enter the main room and use both small panels to start the eject process. Return to the elevator and go up to Level 5.

Use your access card on the other sensor, then enter the operating room. Examine the control panel here. Based on your notes, move all 4 blue levers up. Move the 4 smaller switches to middle, top, top and bottom. Now change the system settings to 4, 7 and 0.7. Press the big red button and there will be a countdown followed by an explosion. Return to the elevator and go down to Level 4.

Go to the main room and collect the crystal in your briefcase. Go back to the elevator and head down to Level 1. Go outside and get in your car A Beautiful Mind.

Chapter IX: Fragments

Try the gate to see it is locked, then drive your car through it anyway. Notice the logo for Grid Cell, then examine the rear door and open it with the logo:

Inside the power room, search the shelves to find a fuse. Open the fuse box and remove the two burnt fuses, inserting your new one in an empty slot. Back outside, search the red fire box to find a crowbar. Now go over to the smaller building and head inside. Examine the dart board and notice the numbered segments where the darts are embedded. Open the safe on the floor by stopping at these numbers:

  • Turn clockwise to stop at 1
  • Turn anticlockwise to stop at 17
  • Turn clockwise to stop at 5
  • Turn anticlockwise to stop at 4
  • Turn clockwise to stop at 8
  • Turn anticlockwise to stop at 3

Take the tablet from inside the safe. Look at the table and take the key to the containers, then read the note. Return outside and use the key on each of the 3 shipping containers - note that the yellow 8 container has "Next Lab" written inside.

Go around the back and examine the window above the small storeroom, then open it with your crowbar. Continue through to the next room and examine the torn pieces of paper beneath the stairs. Piece these together to reveal the code 35986. While you are here, take a fuse from the fuse box, and grab the ladder. Open the door here, which leads outside. Put your ladder next to the high billboard at the entry gate, then use your crowbar to remove the billboard. and reveal another one. Using the information on this, examine the tablet in your inventory and set the directions as follows:

Press the Apply button at the bottom. Now you can read about the arrival of shipments, but the database needs synchronization. Return into the power room and insert your new fuse. Enter the main room of the warehouse and take the dead battery from the forklift. Climb the stairs here and enter GRIDCELL (47432355) on the keypad, then enter the office. Read the 2 notices on the board, then use the computer and enter the code 35986. Read the mail, and synchronize the database. Also take note of the message stuck on the top-left of the computer screen. Open the fuse box on the right wall and take out the fuse, then go through the other door here.

Put the fuse in the fusebox here, then insert your dead battery in the charger. Retrieve the battery once it is charged. Look at the other terminal here, where you need to enter a series of inventory numbers, based on the information you have gathered:

  • GC0000053151
  • GC0000053156
  • GC0000053168

Each time, enter the code, open the crate with your crowbar, and take the briefcase inside. Return to the main room and put the charged battery into the forklift. Use the forklift to retrieve the top crate, then open it with your crowbar and take the final briefcase. Go out to your car and put all 4 briefcases in the trunk, then drive away The Equalizer.

Chapter X: True Detective

Head towards the swimming pool. Grab the pool pole from near the sun chairs, then use this on the green pool sofa to bring it to the edge of the pool. Take the red key and use it on the red door lock in the pool house. Inside, take the hammer, then return to the main house. Use the hammer to break the two accessible front windows.

Open the left window and climb inside to find the kitchen. Search the top cupboards to find a small weight (1/7). Examine the fridge and find the letters that match the outlines (2PEU36).

Return outside, then open the right window and climb inside to find a guest room. Move the cushion on the sofa and take another small weight (2/7). Search the low cupboards to get another small weight (3/7) and a TV remote. Go out to the hall and examine the large security panel near the front doors. Disable this with the code from the fridge. You will now be able to open most of the doors from the hall.

Enter the children's room upstairs. Look at the block castle, then examine the small locked box on the table. Open this using the position of the blue blocks in the castle:

Inside, grab another small weight (4/7) and a treasure map. Leave this room and go across to the other bedroom upstairs. Note the shirt and hangar on the bed here, then enter the wardrobe. There are other shirts in here, and they are on hangars with different numbers of black bands. Place the numbered shirts in order according to these bands (including the one on the ironing board). Go back out to the bedroom and open the book on the bedside table, then enter the code from the shirts: 796215. Take the red key from the drawer here, and the blue key from the bookshelf on the wall.

Leave this room and use the blue key on the blue door downstairs, then proceed down to a cellar. Pay attention to the shapes of the bottom wine shelves in here. Go back upstairs and into the guest room, then use the red key on the red door. Go through to the study. Notice the large map on the wall here. Search the desk drawers to find a checklist and a purple key. Look at the bookshelf and use trial and error to find the right order to press the 6 books.

Return to the hall and look at the door with the small keypad. Enter the code based on the wine cellar shelves: cross, down triangle, square, square, diamond, cross. Go through the door into the garage. Use the purple key on the car trunk, then take out the shovel. Look at the tool bench, and take the note and the screwdriver. Pull out the small set of shelves and grab the next small weight (5/7).

Head outside again and dig a hole at the base of the right tree with the shovel. Take out the box and open it to find the next small weight (6/7) and another note. Head inside to the study. Use the screwdriver on the top-left drawer, then take the DVD. Go back to the guest room. Insert the DVD in the DVD player. Use the TV remote on the TV and set the channel to 853. You will see a method of converting map coordinates. Go out to the hall and upstairs to the scales. Take the final small weight (7/7). Now arrange them on the scales based on the image on the study computer (3, 0, 1, 3). This will reveal a safe that needs a 6-digit code. The code is based on map coordinates. You need to convert the coordinates shown on the wall in the study, based on the method shown on the TV. This gives a code of 323362. Enter this in the safe at the top of the stairs, and take the banknote.

Go to the study once more and enter your login on the computer as KING (from the car license plate in the garage). Click on the link for forgotten password, then answer the questions:

  1. Guitar (there is a case in the wardrobe)
  2. 12 (from the box in the trunk of the car in the garage)
  3. Football (from the shelves in the garage)
  4. Merlot (least remaining wine in the wine cellar)
  5. 31/05/2012 (from the pink note and the candles on the cake in the kitchen)
  6. Fairy (not to be found in the children's bedroom or pool)
  7. Family (trial and error, or common sense)
  8. 5425156 (from the safe)

Read the mail, then open the panic room. Go into the elevator that has opened here, then head down. Take the briefcase, then use it to get the crystal. Head out to the car and put the briefcase in the trunk, then drive away The Shining.

Chapter XI: Trial Path

Head away from the car (without taking the briefcases). Look at the table here and pick up the matches and the notebook. Use the matches on the campfire - you can now change the time of day by clicking on this campfire. Starting with night time, slide the statue to the night position, and note the symbol revealed at the bottom left (including the corner marker). Change to sunrise, slide the statue to the sunrise position, and note which square is targeted by the statue. Repeat this with the day and sunset positions. Now enter these details on the large board:

While you are here, look at the back of the large board and you will sketch what you see into the notepad. Go down the stairs. Pick up the torch and light it with your remaining match. Look at the 4 statues here, which have associated symbols for times of day. Using the information in your notebook, the order should be:

  • Day: Armor
  • Sunrise: Wings
  • Night: Cape
  • Sunset: Sickle

Continue through the next door. Note that there is a day symbol here, and there are 4 pillars in a diamond within a circular room. Continue to the next room. Go right to find a sunset symbol, with 1 pillar and 2 pillars to the sides. Pick up the device part from the floor, then keep going to the next room and pick up 2 more device parts. Go back to the large closed door and keep going in the other direction. Here you will find a sunrise symbol, with 3 pillars inside a circle, within a square room. Go out through the other door. Look at the device on the wall and insert the 3 device parts, then spin the segments until they match the sketch in your notepad. Return to the middle room and go through the large open door.

Examine the book on the pedestal here, which shows the symbol for night. Look on the walls and press this symbol, as well as the ones matching the room layouts for the other 3 symbols. Note the characters that are revealed for each room, then highlight these using the dials on the far wall, in the same order as before:

  • Day: N (top)
  • Sunrise: H (top-left)
  • Night: 13 (bottom-right)
  • Sunset: D (left)

Continue through the next door, and it will close behind you. Cross the red platform to reach a room with multiple exits. Explore the left side first. Sketch the drawing on the skeleton in the corner, then find a passage with a special brick. Push all the bricks in, then sketch the symbol you see. Go back to the main room, then cross to the right side. Find a ledge with lots of torches, and pick up as many as you want. Start throwing them into the void, and aim for the sconce on a pillar to the far right. Sketch the symbol that is then visible on the far wall. Explore the rest of this side to find a maze - just make your way to the far end and sketch the symbol on the wall, there is nothing else to find here.

Return to the main room, then go through the far door. There is a pillar here with 4 symbols, and you can click on them to change the symbols and the segments that appear to the sides. Based on the information from your sketches, the symbols from top to bottom are: H, U, A, 13. Go through the next door and approach the far wall. You just need to highlight all squares here; the fastest solution is to press these 4:


Go through to the next room and click on the large crystal to realize you left the shards in your car Total Recall. Go back to the car and get the briefcases from the boot, then return to the large crystal. Use the briefcases on the crystal.

Click on the overhead view of the city, then go through the door that appears. Return to your car and drive away Tomb Raider.

Act 3

Chapter XII: Cultural Education

Go inside the museum and head to Exhibition Hall 1. Explore the halls until you find the cleaner's cart, then take the WC key from it. Go back out to reception and through towards Exhibition Hall 2. Use the key on the toilet door, then go inside. Enter the female bathroom and find a bag on the back of one of the toilet stall doors. Search this to get a notepad that appears blank. Return to reception and look at Lucy's computer. Turn on the pink lamp and place the notepad on the desk in front of it. Flip through to see the code 427518, and use this to unlock Lucy's computer. Read the mail here, then go back outside.

Cross the road into the park. Look at the picnic table and read the note. Pick up the briefcase, then return into the museum. Go to Exhibition Hall 1 again and find the painting referenced in the note (The Ninth Wave). The year on the plaque is 1850, so open the briefcase with this code. Examine the back of the print to see a series of symbols. Also take everything else out of the briefcase so you can grab the access card from beneath.

Return to reception and use the access card on the reader next to the door here, then go through. Look at the walls to get the current date, which is June 2, 2019. Note the pictures of several employees, then continue through to the employee lounge. Look at the panel next to the Director's door, and enter the symbols as shown on the back of the print in the briefcase:


Enter the Director's office. Look at the desk and take the note about the safe. Open the pill container on the right to see that it is currently Sunday. Now look at the bookcase and find the numbers associated with the briefcase items. Read from bottom to top, these are 031283. Use this to unlock the Director's computer. Choose the option to open the safe, and read all of the mail for clues about other passwords. Back out and take the new access card from the hidden compartment on the desk.

Leave this office and enter the staff room near the aquarium to see that it is Katrin's birthday and she is 37. Move the presents around to find a red key. Go back out and enter the offices opposite. Find Martin's computer and search the desk drawers to find a notepad. Close all of the blinds in this room. Go next door and close all of the blinds here too. Look at the 3D printer and enter the code from the notepad: AC00015. Print the key, then take the printed key. Next find Ashly's computer and use this key on the locked desk drawer. Take out the flash card. Go to Katrin's computer and unlock it with her birthday: 02061982. Read the mail and try to download the ticket. Insert the flash card into the computer, then download the ticket and take back the flash card.

Go back out to the lounge and use the red key on the red door lock, then go through to the mail room. Turn on power to the second floor. Search the shelves and grab the hammer. Now look at the mail slots and use the notes and the fact that it is Sunday to work out the safe code. Input this into the safe here (dot, 2 lines, cross, square, triangle down, circle). Open the safe and take out some paper. Turn around and look at the printer here. Insert the paper and the flash card, then take the ticket that is printed. Make your way back out to the reception, then through to Exhibition Hall 2. Go upstairs and through to the entrance to this exhibition.

Lift up the boom gate to World War II, then go through. Open all of the shutters and the next door will open. Scan your ticket on the screen, but this terminal is temporarily unavailable (you still needed to at least try).

Return to the entrance of the exhibition. Turn the ship's wheel, then enter The Dawn of Piracy. Look at the poster on the wall, then adjust the nooses above the next door to match: pull the left noose down twice and the right noose down once. Go through and scan your ticket on the screen. Play this game and go left until you reach a score of -18 Treasure Island.

Return to the entrance of the exhibition again. Push the gold carts out of the way and enter Golden Fever. Look around the scene to see 3 symbols (back of the safe, piano, back of the board at the end of the track). This will tell you the order to use the cards from the table, so you can open the safe with the code 4723. Take the key and use this on the other door here. Go through and scan your ticket on the screen. For this game, you should click and hold on the Shot button, then release when the clock reaches 12:00. First start by winning 1 round on Insane Mode Jimmy Ringo. Now change the settings so you are in normal mode, and win 11 consecutive rounds Billy the Kid.

Go back to the entrance of the exhibition, and enter the Redcliff Treasure room. Use the terminal to reveal a case, then smash it with your hammer. Take the ancient artifact, and examine it to see the code on the bottom. Return down to the 3D printer in the office and enter this code: FG567325. This will give you David's ID. Find David's computer and unlock it with 115578. Read the mail to find yet another password.

Leave this office and look at the code revealed on the closed blinds. Use the keypad here and enter the code (square, circle, triangle up, dot, triangle down). Go through and approach the truck. Use the access card and enter the truck. Open the crate with the code from the last mail: 911556. Take out the real ancient artifact. Return to your car and drive away Night at the Museum.

Chapter XIII Part 1: House on the Beach

Take note of the 4 mailboxes (80, 3749, 535, 52). Look in the back of the ute to see A4. Look in the boat to see B9. Look at the open shed and chop the wood (1/6). Take the firewood to reveal the text C8. Go around the back of the house and take the crowbar, noticing the text D3. Look at the lock on the doors to the basement here, and open it with the 4 numbers you have seen: 4983. Go down and see that the generator is out of fuel.

Go back outside and use the crowbar to remove the boards from the side door - it is still locked. Search the hanging baskets to find a key, then use this on the side door and enter the workshop. Grab the canister from the floor and head back outside. Fill the canister from the gas tank, then go back to the basement. Fill the generator with fuel from the canister, then pick up the canister again. Fill the canister from the gas tank once more.

Go inside the workshop again. Open the next door and continue through to the guest room. Take the tablet from the coffee table. Examine the fish bones statue in the bookcase, then go through to the kitchen. Turn the lights off on the wall here. Search the kitchen drawer and take the matches. Open the top left cupboard and pull the lever down. Examine the bottom right cupboard now and press the yellow buttons to recreate the fish bones:

Take the diving mask. Next look at the kitchen sink. Turn on the tap, then add the generic cleaning substance and use the sponge to clean the dishes (2/6). Turn around and look at the dish near the stereo, then take the key. Look at the middle picture above and remove the picture to see a date and a diagram. Go back to the guest room and put the firewood into the fireplace, then use the matches to start a fire (3/6). Continue through to the guest room and use the key on the padlock, then search the toolbox to find a green key.

Go back to the kitchen and upstairs. Look at the desk and arrange the items (4/6). Note the image of the mailboxes, then look at the safe below the desk, which has a note "last digit". Take the last digit of each of the mailbox numbers, and open the safe with the code 0952. Take the boat keys from inside the safe. Now use the green key on the door here, and go through to the bedroom.

Search the small drawers to find a black key. Look under the bed and set the combination lock to show 4 fish - take out the wet suit. Charge the tablet on the charger here, then go into the bathroom. Search the drawers to find a pendant, and search the cupboard to find some flippers. Use the code on the pendant, and the diagram on the back of the picture downstairs, then unlock the tablet with the code 3593. This will reveal disassembly instructions for the motor. Go back to the workshop and put the pieces back into the motor from item 10 down to item 1 - you will end up taking the on-board motor.

Go outside and down to the basement, then use your black key on the other door and go through. Find the oxygen tank that is current filled. Take the flashlight and washing powder from the opposite shelves. Grab the basket of laundry and put it into the washing machine. Add the washing powder to the top compartment, then press the button to start the machine and wash the clothes (5/6). Wait for 60 seconds. Pick up the laundry basket and use it to collect the clean laundry. Head outside again and hang the washing on the line (6/6) Cinderella.

Go over to the boat and attach the motor. Fill the motor with fuel from the canister, then set off Siworae.

Chapter XIII Part 2: Under the Sea

Wear the dive gear, then head down to the ocean floor. Search each of the chests until you find one containing an octopus-shaped key. Take note of the antique ship cannon that has a symbol of 2 swords in a square. Look at the sign on the side of the front half of the symbol to see 1 sword in a diamond. Also pay attention to the shape of the octopus on this sign, and adjust the legs on your octopus-shaped key to match this. Go inside the rear half of the ship.

Continue along the corridor and open the chest with the octopus-shaped key. Take out the puzzle. Also take a coin from the desk - flip it over to see a symbol of 3 swords in a circle. Go back outside, then enter the cave.

Set the first 3 large symbols according to the swords you have seen (diamond, square, circle). Examine the puzzle and spin the segment to create complete paths from right to left. Now follow these paths to find the symbols from I to VI (diamond, square, plus, equals, triangle, circle). Go and set the symbols on the right of this room to this pattern, then go through the open door.

Take the side passage to find a large skull. Look at the puzzle on the wall and solve it by pressing each button once. Now take the pirate sabre from inside the skull. Go back and then through the passage straight ahead. Pick up another 3 pirate sabres from the ground here. Examine the chest - take the key from around the skeleton's neck, then use this on the chest. Take the papers from inside. Now continue to the next room. Approach the large pillar and insert the 4 sabres in the slots at the bottom. Now look at the 4 skull symbols, which match the 4 papers you got from the chest. You need to put the pieces of paper in a line (rotated as necessary), so the edge symbols match up. Rotate the symbols in the pillar the same way they are rotated on the papers. From top to bottom, the tops of the skulls should be pointed in these directions:

  • Top-right
  • Bottom
  • Bottom-left
  • Left

Take out the ancient artifact. Go back to the boat and return to shore, then drive away in your car Pirates of the Caribbean.

Chapter XIV: Escape

Pick up the lighter, paper, bin, and both chairs. Throw one of the chairs against the wall, then take the metal strip. Use this on each of the 4 screws at the base of the table. Push the table, then stack the chair and bin on top. Put the paper in the bin, then light it with the lighter. Now you can open the door and leave the interrogation room.

Look at the clocks on the wall here (the first shows 4, then there is a subtraction symbol, and four more clocks at 11, 7, 9 and 5). Head into the office. Open the printer on the side table and take out the "save the date" card, which has the date 04/06/2019. Look at Ross' computer, and unlock it with code 04062019. Read the mail to get Richard's locker code of 08642. Open up the license plate number program, then back out.

Next look at Otto's computer, which has a screen full of clocks. Unlock this computer with the hint from the clocks. Each of the 4 digits is the difference between the first clock and each of the others: 7351. Open up the coroner's reports program, then back out.

Look at the desk with the black laptop and tidy the papers so you find a level 1 access card. Open the laptop and take the note.

Return to the corridor, then use the access card on the Exit door and go through to the hall. Search the drawers to find a red key. Return to the corridor, and use your access card on the next door along (with the # symbol above), then enter the photo room. Search the drawers here to find a star cylinder (1/5). Leave here and use the red key on the red door lock, then enter the kitchen. Take the level 2 access card from one of the tables. Search the drawers to find another star cylinder (2/5). Note the poster of four donuts on the wall, then return to the corridor.

Use the access card on the elevator, then use it to head down to the garage. Look at the SWAT truck, which has the number 97623. Enter the back of it and grab the next star cylinder (3/5). Return up to the corridor once more.

Look at the panel next to the gym door and press the donut segments to match the poster from the kitchen:

Enter the locker room, then continue into the gym. Look at the trophy for Garry, who lifted 143.25kg. Return to the locker room and open locker 5 with code 14325. Take out another star cylinder (4/5). Next open locker 8 with code 97623. Take out the blue key. Now open locker 4 with code 08642. Take out the folder.

Return to the corridor and use the blue key on the blue door lock, then enter the security room. Examine the video camera and delete the video Hide the tracks.

Return to the corridor yet again, and use your access card to open the last locked door, so you can enter the control room. Examine the servers in the rack. Pull out the middle server on the left and read the folder. Now pull out the connection routing panel and use the 5 buttons to make all 5 connections - using the hints from the folder and some trial and error, set the five stages to 1, 2, 0, 2, 1. Turn around and use the middle console, entering the password as "cmdhack". Click on words and try them as passwords until you find the correct one. On the top left screen, go to the Garage and select to Open. Now go to the Briefing Room, and notice the pattern of desks.

Go back out to the hall and examine the panel next to the briefing room door, setting it according to the pattern of desks you just saw:

Go inside and search the shelves to find a projector and a screwdriver. Put the projector on the central podium and turn it on. Pull down the screen and turn off the lights to see shelf E2 is mentioned. Leave this room and go to the evidence lockup. Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws. Now look at the patterns revealed behind the buttons to work out the code: 15496. Open the gate and take the evidence log, then continue to the evidence storage room. Take the final star cylinder (5/5) from shelf C2, and the knife from shelf E2.

Leave here and go back to the photo room. Insert the 5 star cylinders into the small device on the desk - they will depress to different amounts (0, 3, 5, 1, 4). Look at the cabinet to the right and turn the 5 dials these amounts to unlock it. Open the cabinet and take out the camera.

Go back to the office. Based on the evidence number on the knife and the date book, search on Otto's computer for the date 17/05/19. Print out the 4 reports, then get them from the printer. Notice the face of the knife stabbing victim and his address locality (D). Find the matching photo in the camera (Joe Fisk), and get his ZIP code (378237). Return to the control room and use the bottom right screen to search for the CCTV footage at D378237. Print out the footage, which shows a suspicious car license plate (536712). Go back to the office and search Ross' computer for the license plate 536712. Print out the details and pick them up. Go back to the control room again and search the top middle screen for victim "Joe Fisk" and suspect "Cris Rids". This gives you a case number of 5637281. Now you can go to the office and unlock the black laptop with code 5637281. Read the notepad to get Ryan's locker code.

Enter the locker room and open locker 2 with code 14837. Take out the lock picks. Go to the hall and use these on the cabinet - just keep trying each height for each tumbler until you get it open. Grab the car keys and go down using the elevator, then use the keys on a car and drive away Police Academy.

Chapter XV Part 1: Crystal

Follow the glowing orb along the passages towards the large crystal. After you learn the story, head back outside again. Enter the building and go to the far room. Pick up the ladder and use this to get on to the roof, then take the key from the small table. Go back further along the path and use this key on the smaller military vehicle. Get inside and start the car. Select the Navigation option, then drive Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.

Chapter XV Part 2: Military Base

Climb the guard tower and take the night vision goggles. Enter the guard building and move the cactus on the desk, then take the WC key. Head towards the tents and use the key on the locked toilet, then take the blue key from the bag inside. Enter the medical tent and take the access card from the table. Grab the paper piece and note from the white-board. Next enter the mess tents (the large light-colored ones). Open the cupboards and drawers, and find the symbols on the inner aspect of one of the cupboards: spoon, fork, knife. Count each of these implements within the drawers and on the tables, and enter the 3 numbers on the locked cabinet: 6107. Take the rope from inside.

Leave here and go to the far corner of the base to find a shooting range. Use the gun and get the maximum score of 50 points John Wick. Find another large building and search the trash here to find another 7 paper pieces. Fit these together to create a dummy outline with numbers.

Go back to the medical tent and look at the 3 dummies. Note which pieces are missing, and note the arrow on the back of one of the dummies, indicating the order in which to list the missing pieces. Now approach the filing cabinets and list the missing dummy pieces for the code: 69877891. Take out the folder from the locked cabinet. Count the number of folders in each of the other cabinets (A3, B4, C2).

Return to the main building and use the access card, then go inside. Search the desk drawers to find a note. Go to the consoles and turn the instruction sheet around Independence Day (movie). Go upstairs and move the cleaning cart, then read another note. Using the number of folders in the medical tent, you can enter a code here of 3244. Open the doors and enter the captain's office. Search the desk drawers and find the key. While you are here, turn around the name plate on the desk, then find the file in your folder relating to Richard Nixon. Enter the ID as the password on the computer: 45863923. Read the mail, and click the Open button. Take the device from the open drawer in the shelves to the right. Now use the figurine values from the mail, and the order indicated by the poster on the wall and figurines on the shelves. Open the safe in the desk cupboard with the code you work out: 2713. Take the encrypted access codes from inside the safe.

Go downstairs and use the blue key on the blue door lock, then head down into the basement. Turn off the power, then use your night vision goggles. Move the boxes away from the drain in the floor, and move the boxes on the shelves to find another note.

Go back outside and use the key on the car. Get inside and use the Settings option to open the trunk. Take out the canister. Go to the other large building and fill the canister with fuel from the gas tanks. Look at the small high open window on the side of the large building. Now go to the big military vehicle and climb inside. Pull down the visor to find the key, then try using this to start the vehicle, but it is out of gas. Climb out and fill the tank from your canister. Climb inside and drive the vehicle. Get out and use your rope on the high window, then climb inside.

Press the button to open the door. Pick up the valve and the ladder. Now go up to the high controls. Insert your note into the book to be able to read all the controls. You need to lower the tank, so enter these commands: circle, diamond, circle, square, diamond, square. Use the joystick and the tank will lower. Go down and open the case on the front of the tank, but you don't know the access code.

Head outside and return to the tents, then enter the middle green tent. Examine the yellow case beneath a bed, and open it with a code based on the notes you are holding. The open segments are in these positions: left, top, bottom, bottom, right. Take out the folder. Go back outside and climb the communications tower. Open the panel, then set the satellite positions (the order can be worked out by backing out and watching the satellite positions changing): 20, 10, 50, 30.

Climb down and go to the back of the main building. Use your ladder to reach the roof. Take the tools from the tool box. Climb down and go inside, then down to the basement. Use the valve on the pipes, then turn it to drain the water. Use the tools on the broken wires in the power box. Now turn on the power and go back upstairs. Go over to the big machine and insert the encrypted access codes. Now play with the device you are holding until you end up with a result of 11111111. Enter the code shown across the top into the big machine: 11001011. This will give you a decrypted code of WELCOME. Use the console and enter this code. Return to the tank and enter the same code on this. Go back to the main building and use the console to drive the tank.

Use the tank controls to drive the tank around and destroy these objects:

  • fuel tanks
  • captain's car
  • military vehicle
  • guard tower
  • guard building
  • toilets
  • all tents

You must shoot to destroy most, but just drive into the tents to flatten them. There is an achievement for destroying everything possible Tomb Raider. Now, go and shoot the bunker entrance at the base of the communications tower. Go outside and enter the bunker Braking Bad.

Chapter XV Part 3: The Solution

Go left and open the hatch, then climb down. Go right and collect the board and a locked crate. Open the other door here, but it is too dark to go inside. Climb back up and go right to the store room. Using the information from the board (and the lines drawn between the numbers on the panel here), open the store room with the code 37548. Go inside and search the cabinet to find a key and a handle. Now walk around and use the key on each of the small boxes to open them - there is another handle within box 8.

Go to the far left of the lower level and turn the handles so all the colors match. Once the power is on, you can go into the previously dark room. Open the final box here and pick up the hammer. Now examine the bottom of the crate and get the numbers from the boxes you have opened so you can open it with code 528742. Take out the bolt cutter.

Climb back up and go right. Use the hammer to break the glass and take the crowbar. Enter the room ahead and use the bolt cutter on the chain on the gate to the right. Go right and open the crates with your crowbar. Look inside to find a valve. Go back out and downstairs again, and use the valve on the closed hatch. Open the hatch and climb down again.

Grab a folder from the first desk, then go to the far left and pick up a keycard. Look at the round symbols in 3 different places on this level, then find the machine where you can eject the object. Enter the 5 correct symbols, then take the ancient artifact. Now use the keycard on the elevator. Go to the 1st floor and get 3 lever arms from the shelves. Next go to the 4th floor and attach the 3 lever arms to the 3 devices. Now adjust the levels of the gases to 6, 6 and 8.

Go to the 3rd floor again and use the main console to stop the experiment. Finally, go down to the 5th floor. Enter the room to the right and use the ancient artifact on the cube. Now follow the instructions you are given Fallout.