Tiny LandsTiny Lands

Year:  2021

Genre:  Puzzle

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Tiny Lands is a simple puzzle game where you must closely examine 2 similar small scenes and find the differences between them. To find these differences you will need to rotate the scenes and possibly zoom in for more details. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


The objective in this world and all subsequent worlds is to identify 5 differences between the left and right scenes. You can click on the object in question in either scene, and you click on them in any order. The descriptions below detail the type of object followed by its description in the left scene, and the difference in its appearance in the right scene.

Level 1: Waterfall

  • Rock: Dark green, in the raised water in the middle (dark brown).
  • Pillar: Lying on ground to the left (leaning but not lying down).
  • Log: Leaning against the back of the hill (lying down).
  • Water Lily: Small and pink on a leaf in the lake (larger and white).
  • Bird Wings: Golden wings on a flying bird to the right (orange).

Level 2: Canoe Rack

  • Canoe: Leaning to the side in the standing canoe rack (standing straight).
  • Barrel: Behind the standing canoe rack (smaller).
  • Parcel: Inside the man's canoe in the water (lying flat).
  • Large Fish: In the water, heading towards the rock (moved).
  • Lily Pad: In the water near the beach (larger).

Level 3: Wooden Hut

  • Fish: Red, on a stick near the fire (blue).
  • Sword: Hanging vertically on the front of the hut (angled).
  • Broom: Leaning on a rock at the edge of the sand (moved).
  • Tree Stump: Beneath the tree in the back corner (larger).
  • Bird: Sitting on the roof of the hut (moved).

Level 4: Horse and Cart

  • Crate: On the ground to the side of the path (rotated).
  • Dark Banner: Hanging from the beam across the path (moved).
  • Potion: Blue, in the cart (green).
  • Shield: Red cross on the back of a soldier (white cross).
  • Large Stone: On top of another stone (rotated).

Level 5: Golden Tree

  • Leaf: Red, at the base of the main tree (yellow).
  • Spider: Crawling up the main tree (moved).
  • Butterfly: On the trunk of a small tree at the back (moved).
  • Log: Lying on the ground near the single small tree (rotated).
  • Egg: In the nest on the main tree (larger).

Level 6: Log Cabin

  • Wooden Shield: On the table (smaller).
  • Large Urn: To the far side of the cabin (moved).
  • Drum: Next to the well (larger).
  • Bucket: On the ground behind the horse (larger).
  • Red Banner: On the front of the cabin (moved).

Level 7: Canoe

  • Water Lily: White, on raised yellow leaf (green).
  • Lily Pad: Large and green, in the water near the back of the boat (brown).
  • Lily Pad: Raised and green, near the back of the boat (rotated).
  • Lily Pad: Raised and green, near a rock (larger).
  • Bucket: In the boat (moved).

Level 8: Barbecue

  • Meat: On the picnic table (rotated).
  • Fire Extinguisher: Against the van (fallen).
  • Umbrella: Red and white (rotated).
  • First Aid Kit: Next to the stack of logs (rotated).
  • Bicycle: On the back of the van (upside down).

Level 9: Tepees

  • Pillar Segment: Dark brown, bottom segment of a pillar (light brown).
  • Native: Standing near a flame on the edge of the sand (moved).
  • Pillar Segment: By itself on the ground with a beak on the front (smaller beak).
  • Eagle Wing: On the side of a segment second from top of a pillar (moved).
  • Pillar Segment: Third segment from bottom of a pillar (different shape).

Level 10: Stag

  • Butterfly: Glowing pink, low down over rock (glowing red).
  • Water Lily: On high dark green leaf (larger).
  • Lily Pad: Small dark green in the water (moved).
  • Mushroom: Gray, on the side of the tall rock (moved).
  • Mushroom: Purple, on the green land low down in front of the stag (green).


Level 1: Treasure Island

  • Starfish: Red, on the beach near the open treasure chest (orange).
  • Fish: Purple, along the back of the island aiming towards the raft (green).
  • Treasure Chest: On the raft (larger).
  • Shovel: Near the chest at the high part of the island (rotated).
  • Coral: Blue, in the water near the shark (larger).

Level 2: Beach

  • Fish: Purple, by itself in the water (green).
  • Lifebuoy: Leaning against the log wall (larger).
  • Bucket: Blue, beneath the large open umbrella (moved).
  • Flag: Light blue, on top of the sand castle (purple).
  • Umbrella: Closed and standing upright on the beach (fallen).

Level 3: Sailboats

  • Lifebuoy: Red, near the small sailboat (purple).
  • Surfboard: Yellow, on the side of the small sailboat (red).
  • Ladder: On the side of the large sailboat (moved).
  • Sail: Yellow stripes on the multi-colored windsurfer (purple).
  • Porthole: On the far side of the large sailboat (larger).

Level 4: Umbrella Island

  • Seagull: One of the birds in the flying group of 5 birds (larger).
  • Starfish: Orange, near the tall rock with the surfboard (red).
  • Basket: Blue, near the open blue umbrella (moved).
  • Towel: Blue, on the beach with nobody using it (pink).
  • Surfboard: Navy blue, in the water with a dog on the back (light blue).

Level 5: Lighthouse

  • Seagull: Flying to the side of the lighthouse (rotated).
  • Anchor: On the ground in the shadow of the lighthouse (rotated).
  • Flag: Green, on the jetty (red).
  • Bucket: White, on the ground near the ladder (red).
  • Coral: Green and spiky in the water beneath the rotated seagull (brown).

Level 6: Shark Attack

  • Shark: In the water nearest the fishing rod (larger).
  • Fish: Blue, in the water nearest the fishing rod (red).
  • Sandals: Near the corner of the raft (rotated).
  • Water Bottle: On the raft, near the base of the flag (rotated).
  • Rock: Underwater in the corner (larger).

Level 7: Whale

  • Seagull: Flying towards the whale's head (moved).
  • Seagull: Flying towards the back of the whale (smaller).
  • Fish: Blue, swimming over the whale's right pectoral fin (brown).
  • Fish: Red, swimming over the whale's left pectoral fin (brown).
  • Fish: Brown, in the air low down just below the blow-hole (rotated).

Level 8: Kraken

  • Sucker: On the inner aspect of the highest tentacle (larger).
  • Tentacle: The small tentacle touching the back of the boat (rotated).
  • Goblet: Falling out of a treasure chest being held by a tentacle (larger).
  • Barrel: In the front of the boat (larger).
  • Crossbow: On the front of the boat (rotated).

Level 9: Orcas

  • Pectoral Fin: Pectoral fin of orca furthest from vertical orca (rotated).
  • Dorsal fin: Dorsal fin of orca nearest the middle (larger).
  • Tail: Tail of medium-sized orca by itself (rotated).
  • Fish: Light blue, right in the middle underwater (larger).
  • Fish: Gray, in the air and aiming back down (red).

Level 10: Sunken Treasure

  • Sword: On the ocean floor, leaning against a large rock (rotated).
  • Clam: Purple, on top of a medium rock near the edge of the area (blue).
  • Fish: Red, swimming towards the central treasure chest (larger).
  • Anchor: Upright near the central rock (larger).
  • Turtle: Swimming down low towards a corner rock (larger).


Level 1: Cemetery

  • Brick: Light-colored brick in the wall near the gravedigger (larger).
  • Gravestone: With a cross, near the wall but far from the gravedigger (rotated).
  • Wooden Cross: In the ground near the gravedigger (tilted).
  • Gravestone: Dark colored, opposite corner from the gravedigger (larger).
  • Spider: On the back of a plain gray gravestone near the dark one (larger).

Level 2: Lonely Road

  • Tree: Yellow, near the far edge of the area (red).
  • Dead Tree: Near the side of the road (smaller).
  • Hitchhiker: Green, near the side of the road (blue).
  • Barrel: White, in the group behind the rock (red).
  • Tire: Leaning against the rock near the van (larger).

Level 3: Scary Forest

  • Sign: Next to the path (rotated).
  • Bicycle: Pink, next to the girl on the path (moved).
  • Backpack: Blue, on the back of a boy on the path (green).
  • Tire: On the ground to the right of the path (moved).
  • Rat: Near the fallen backpack on the path (larger).

Level 4: Church

  • Ghost: Flying over the left large roof (rotated).
  • Ghost: Coming out of right side of the tower (larger).
  • Ladder: Against the left side of the tower, on the ground (larger).
  • Tombstone: In the graveyard on the left side, near the church (taller).
  • Wooden Cross: In the graveyard on the right side (larger).

Level 5: Alchemy Lab

  • Potion: Green, on the ground floor table (white).
  • Potion: Dark green, on the upstairs floor near the cauldron (moved).
  • Candelabra: Next to the alchemist (rotated).
  • Book: Green, in the ground floor shelves (moved).
  • Urn: Gray, near the top of the stairs (red).

Level 6: Haunted Farm

  • Crow: On a fence post around the large corn field (moved).
  • Pumpkin: The head of a purple scarecrow in the large corn field (larger).
  • Pumpkin: The head of a yellow scarecrow in the small corn field (larger).
  • Pumpkin: One of the huge pumpkins in the corner (smaller).
  • Ladder: Leaning in the corner (tilted).

Level 7: Undead Battle

  • Wooden Shield: Held by the red ogre (larger).
  • Wooden Shield: On the ground in front of the tentacles (rotated).
  • Skeleton: Next to the red ogre (different shield).
  • Shield: Red, on the ground behind the green ogre (blue).
  • Knight: To the right of the black alchemist (rotated).

Level 8: Desecrated Graveyard

  • Flag: Red, to the right of the main staircase (green).
  • Sarcophagus Lid: Closed, to the side of the main statue (open).
  • Tombstone: Next to the dead tree in the corner (rotated).
  • Animal Horns: On the skull near the big skeleton (rotated).
  • Animal Rib: Part of the big skeleton (rotated).

Level 9: Alien Crystal

  • Container: Yellow, in the stacks near the stairs (red).
  • Stone: Cube-shaped, to the right of the stairs (larger).
  • Small Pillar: On the main platform near the crystal (moved).
  • Statue: On the edge of the main platform (rotated).
  • Large Pillar: On the ground behind the main platform, near a statue (taller).

Level 10: Haunted Tomb

  • Candles: On a flat stone near the tomb entrance (larger).
  • Tall Candle: Next to a statue at the side of the tomb (moved).
  • Crow: On top of the tomb (moved).
  • Tombstone: With a cross on top, near the back of the tomb (rotated).
  • Tombstone: With a pointed top in the main graveyard (larger).


Level 1: Backyard

  • Bird: In the tall pink tree (moved).
  • Road Sign: Behind the truck (larger).
  • Box: On top of the other boxes near the dog house (moved).
  • Broom: Leaning against side of house (moved).
  • Stepping Stone: On grass near the truck (moved).

Level 2: Bullet Trains

  • Roof Panel: At the back of the train nearest the buildings (larger).
  • Platform Pillar: Dark gray, beneath the train nearest the buildings (light gray).
  • Side Window: In the middle of the train away from the buildings (moved).
  • Side Doors: On the far side of the train nearest the buildings (moved).
  • Small Tree: Red, in the far corner (green).

Level 3: Zen Garden

  • Rock: Gray, at the base of the tree (brown).
  • Rock: Brown, near the person with the green shirt (larger).
  • Bush: Just inside the entrance (larger).
  • Bird: On the rock near the person sitting down (rotated).
  • Stone Sculpture: To the side of the tallest component (moved).

Level 4: Temple

  • Lantern: Near back side of temple (larger).
  • Tree: In the corner of the front garden area (rotated).
  • Arch: Main entrance arch (smaller).
  • Banner: Red, to the side of the red carpet (rotated).
  • Man: Purple, standing next to the red carpet (blue).

Level 5: Bridge

  • Lantern: Small, floating to the side of the bridge (moved).
  • Sunflower: On the bank in front of a rock (larger).
  • Man: Wearing black on the bridge (moved).
  • Lily Pad: In a group in the river (larger).
  • Water Lily: Pink, in the river on a leaf (white).

Level 6: Intersection

  • Bin Lid: Blue, behind the tall brown-roofed building (pink).
  • Transformer: On the pole outside the white-roofed building (moved).
  • Man: Wearing a hat, standing in front of a wooden bench (moved).
  • Roof Panel: On top of the train (moved).
  • Crossing Sign: Near the workmen (larger).

Level 7: Dinner Table

  • Sushi Roll: White, standing on a narrow wooden board near the edge (black).
  • Chopstick: In a bowl of soup (larger).
  • Radish: In the other bowl of soup (larger).
  • Sushi Roll: Black, lying down on a narrow wooden board with sashimi (moved).
  • Sushi Roll: Black, lying down on a large white board (orange).

Level 8: Koi Pond

  • Fish: White, near the yellow lily pad (orange).
  • Fish: White spots, yellow fish near the large water lily (red spots).
  • Fish: White, low near the middle rocks (orange).
  • Water Lily: Blue, near the middle (pink).
  • Lily Pad: Near the middle rocks (rotated).

Level 9: Lantern Lake

  • Woman: Red, on the jetty (green).
  • Lantern: Yellow, in front of the children on the bank (pink).
  • Lantern: White, in front of the archway (taller).
  • Lantern: Pink, in front of the man on the bank near a lily pad (taller).
  • Fish: In front of the man on the bank (larger).

Level 10: Night Town

  • Man: Orange shirt, near front of delivery bike (navy shirt).
  • Sign: Above doors at side of crab restaurant (moved).
  • Sign: Above red vending machine (larger).
  • Claws: On symbol at top of crab restaurant (larger).
  • Tentacle: Red, holding sign above seafood restaurant (gray).


Level 1: Polar Bears

  • Fish: In the mouth of a polar bear (larger).
  • Penguin: On an ice platform with a baby (rotated).
  • Penguin: On an ice platform with a smaller penguin (larger).
  • Penguin: On the high ledge (rotated).
  • Ice Platform: Ice in the water, near a platform with a penguin and baby (larger).

Level 2: Igloo

  • Sled: In the corner near a tree (rotated).
  • Sled: Near the cart (rotated).
  • Box: Closed, near the cart (opened).
  • Rock: Near the fire (moved).
  • Wolf: Gray, on the snow-covered rock (white).

Level 3: Fishing Hole

  • Fish: Blue, hanging from the largest rack (gray).
  • Penguin: On the ledge overlooking the fishing hole (moved).
  • Ice Platform: In the fishing hole, near one of the fishing lines (larger).
  • Bucket: Orange, next to one of the fishermen (blue).
  • Backpack: Red, near some wooden barrels in the corner (larger).

Level 4: Ice Barge

  • Shipping Container: Green, near the back of the ship (brown).
  • Shipping Container: Red, near the middle of the far side of the ship (orange).
  • Crate: Green, near the front of the ship (orange).
  • Porthole: Lit up on the far side of the ship (moved).
  • Ice Platform: In the water in front of the 3 whales (larger).

Level 5: Snow Lodge

  • Ladder: Leading up to the main platform (moved).
  • Fuel Container: Yellow, with other supplies on the side of the platform (red).
  • Barrel: With other supplies on the other side of the platform (smaller).
  • Snowman: In the snow to the side of the lodge (rotated).
  • Fish: On the ground beneath the back of the lodge (rotated).

Level 6: Cozy Room

  • Picture: Over the fireplace (moved).
  • Book: Open on the round table (rotated).
  • Rubbish Bag: Black, next to the kitchen bench (white).
  • Chair: Next to the dining table (moved).
  • Pizza: On the plate on the arm of the sofa (rotated).

Level 7: Night Train

  • Wolf Cub: White, on top of the round mountain-top (rotated).
  • Window: Open, on the near side of the train car nearest the round mountain-top (half-closed).
  • Window: Open, on the far side of the train car nearest the round mountain-top (half-closed).
  • Window: Open, on the far side of the train car coming out of the tunnel (closed).
  • Sign: On the snow on the far side of the train car nearest the round mountain-top (rotated).

Level 8: Cable Cars

  • Cable Car: Blue, heading up the left side (rotated).
  • Skier: Red, coming down to the right on a steep slope (moved).
  • Skier: Blue, coming down near the orange car at the bottom (moved).
  • Flag: Red, between the two jumps (rotated).
  • Skis: Leaning against the snow near the snowman (moved).

Level 9: Ice Block

  • Workman: Climbing up a ladder on the side of the ice block (moved).
  • Helmet: Sitting on the handle of a shovel between the bones of a skeleton (larger).
  • Backpack: Brown, on the back of a man helping to carry a yellow crate (green).
  • Cone: Red, near the base of one of the ladders (blue).
  • Shovel: Leaning in the sand mount containing artifacts (tilted).

Level 10: Night Village

  • Hedge: White flowers, around the base of the statue (red flowers).
  • Log Pile: On the raised rocky platform near the highest building (rotated).
  • Window: On the top floor of the double-story house nearest the caravan (moved).
  • Horse: Brown, with another horse in the corner of the area (white).
  • Banner: Hanging on a sign next to the road (larger).

Wild West

Level 1: Bank

  • Green Chair: Near the front doors (moved).
  • Dynamite: Brown, next to a chest on the roof (larger).
  • Curtains: Brown, on the far side of the wagon (red).
  • Wanted Sign: Hanging near the front doors (brown hat).
  • Wooden Sign: Near the cacti (rotated).

Level 2: Desert Path

  • Wooden Splinter: On the ground in front of the horse (larger).
  • Cactus Branch: To the horse's left side (moved).
  • Bird: Standing on a rock behind the horse (rotated).
  • Cactus Flower: Pink, to the horse's right side (red).
  • Short Cactus: Green, to the horse's right side (yellow).

Level 3: Gambling

  • Windmill Tail: Red, on the large windmill (green).
  • Wooden Stool: Behind the man in black (rotated).
  • Food Tin: On the crate next to the woman in white (was an apple).
  • Food Tin: Behind the crate with the playing cards (larger).
  • Cactus Flower: Pink, on the largest cactus near the building (moved).

Level 4: Romance

  • Candles: On a lower step (moved).
  • Bird: Green breast, on top of a cactus (yellow breast).
  • Bucket: On the ground near the soldier (rotated).
  • Leaf: Green, on the vines over the rear of the archway (pink).
  • Short Cactus: Near the bed rolls (larger).

Level 5: Lake

  • Fabric: Red, drying on the wooden beam (green).
  • Large Pot: Green, next to a barrel at edge of lake (brown).
  • Lily Pad: Green, in a group behind the arches (larger).
  • Carrot: Being held by the man on the rug (was corn).
  • Bird: On top of the arch (rotated).

Level 6: Spirits

  • Totem Pole: Middle segment (rotated).
  • Dear Skull: On the front of the tepee (lower).
  • Bottle: Yellow, inside the fallen basket (red).
  • Large Jug: Light green, in front of the woman in the yellow dress (darker).
  • Rock: On the ground near the large green jugs (moved).

Level 7: Dinosaur Bones

  • Shovel: In the ground near the front of the dinosaur skull (moved).
  • Bone: Straight bone in the middle of the skeleton (moved).
  • Parchment: Being held by the man sitting on the rock (rotated).
  • Small Rock: To the left of the ladder (moved).
  • Flat Rock: Grey, in the corner of the area (yellow).

Level 8: Mine Site

  • Ladder: Leaning against the high platform (moved).
  • Dynamite: Red, on the ground near the mine entrance (brown).
  • Wheel: Leaning against the tall rocks (smaller).
  • Gem: Yellow, on the wall inside the mine (red).
  • Shovel: Held by the man standing next to the train tracks (pick-axe).

Level 9: Saloon

  • Cocktail: Green, on the bar (yellow).
  • Small Jug: Blue, beneath the piano (red).
  • Broken Bottle: Next to a barrel in the middle of the floor (larger).
  • Man: Sitting by himself in the corner (moved).
  • Saloon Door: One of the paired wooden doors (lower).

Level 10: Train Station

  • Woman: Wearing blue dress on high balcony (moved).
  • Bell: Blue, on top of the front of the train (red).
  • Bucket: Beneath the ladder against the water tower (larger).
  • Chest: On top of the rear of the train (more open).
  • Sliding Door: On the side of the train, near the rear (moved).


Level 1: Hurdles

  • First Aid Kit: On a stretcher in the corner (fire hydrant).
  • Cone: Orange, on the edge of the running track (red).
  • Letter G: On the GOAL sign above the finish line (flipped).
  • Orange Hurdle: On the race track (moved).
  • Spectator: Wearing a pink top (moved).

Level 2: Tennis

  • Female Player: At the back of the court (moved).
  • Ball Boy: Wearing red, on side of the court (moved).
  • Female Spectator: Wearing white shirt, 3rd row of stands (moved).
  • Male Spectator: Wearing dark shirt, top row of stands (flipped).
  • Tennis Racquet: Held by one of the male players (rotated).

Level 3: Ice Skating

  • Bus Sign: In the corner (rotated).
  • Sport Player: In front of the small goals (moved).
  • Sled: Next to the park bench (was a bag).
  • Dog: Black, next to the park bench (brown).
  • Snowman: Near the corner of the ice (rotated).

Level 4: BMX

  • Blue Bird: Flying near the yellow and orange trees (moved).
  • White Bike: Lying against a bush (moved).
  • Bed Roll: Orange, next to the truck (blue).
  • Silver Barricade: On the side of the track near the green flag carrier (larger).
  • Rock: On the track next to a pink rider (was a tree stump).

Level 5: Fitness Class

  • Boxing Glove: Green, on the floor in the corner (blue).
  • Dumb-Bell: Dark green, on the shelves in the corner (light green).
  • Dumb-Bell: Black, on the floor near the green mat (moved).
  • Incense: In a pot on the shelves (was a plant).
  • Pot Plant: To the side of the glass doors (moved and rotated).

Level 6: Basketball

  • Orange Player: On the 3-point line (moved).
  • Stereo: In the corner (larger).
  • Basketball: On the ground behind the baseline (was boxing glove).
  • Broom: Line on the wall near the exit door (was tennis racquet).
  • Basketball Hoop: On the backboard (higher).

Level 7: Surfing

  • Coral: Blue, on the ocean floor near the person in the orange/white life ring (was purple).
  • Scuba Diver: Upright, holding a red buoy (moved legs).
  • Scuba Diver: Swimming, beneath the largest wave (rotated).
  • Starfish: Purple, on the edge near the red coral (larger).
  • Surfboard: Green, beneath flying surfer (flipped).

Level 8: Skateboarding

  • Bag: On stone seat with raised garden bed (moved).
  • Skateboard: Beneath flying skateboarder on ramp (rotated).
  • Skateboard: Black, leaning against side of ramp, next to ladder (flipped).
  • Skateboarder: Red hair,waiting at top of ramp (rotated).
  • Rubbish Bag: White, next to orange bin (black).

Level 9: Swimming

  • Rubbish Bag: White, behind blue toilet room (larger).
  • Pool Lounge: Near the middle of the pool (part changed color).
  • Woman: At read of toilet queue (moved).
  • Lane Rope: Red, segment of the rope nearest the toilet (black).
  • Ball: In the water far from the toilet (was a kick board).

Level 10: Awards Ceremony

  • Speaker: Black, on the ground near the pizza delivery guy (green).
  • Number 3: On the front of the podium (flipped).
  • Basketball: In the stands behind the stage (was a soccer ball).
  • Small Speaker: On back-top of stage frame (was a light).
  • Fire Extinguisher: On back-side of stage frame (higher).


Level 1: Shuttle Launch

  • Car: Olive, in the car park (green).
  • Lander: On raised platform in corner (rotated).
  • Wire Fence: Near medical tents (rotated).
  • Side Booster: Red, on side of main shuttle booster (black).
  • Silver Dish: On side of tower near main satellite dishes (moved).

Level 2: Moon Lander

  • Red Panel: On side of lander, near the steps (flipped).
  • Canister: White and blue, on blue container next to lander (moved).
  • Container: Purple, leaning near computer behind flag bearer (moved).
  • Crater: On moon surface, near flag site (smaller).
  • Crystal: Pink, in front of seated astronaut (blue).

Level 3: Habitat

  • Door: On side of square building (larger).
  • Tunnel: Connecting main habitat to square building (moved).
  • Machine: Orange, holding tire near repair bay (rotated).
  • Light Bollard: Along far side of main habitat (moved).
  • Satellite Dish: Silver, on top of main habitat (gray).

Level 4: Lava Jump

  • Tire: Rear left tire of jumping vehicle (moved).
  • Rock: Small pillar within lava flow (smaller).
  • Equipment: Blue, inside jumping vehicle (moved).
  • Crate: White, flying in front of vehicle (yellow).
  • Canister: White, flying in front of vehicle (yellow).

Level 5: Sea Monster

  • Starfish: Pink, along bank in front of monster (moved).
  • Picnic Rug: Beneath the astronauts (changed colors).
  • Flower Petals: Middle of tallest pink flower (rotated).
  • Horn: Side of right horn on monster's head (moved).
  • Laser Gun: Inside green crate next to picnic rug (rotated).

Level 6: Crystal Mining

  • Wheel: Grey, rear right wheel on truck (silver).
  • Mining Arm: Orange with red fittings (black fittings).
  • Mining Arm: Black with red fittings (rotated).
  • Crystal: Pink, next to largest pink crystal (blue).
  • Container: Leaning against the tall rock (moved).

Level 7: Downed UFO

  • Alien: Sitting on top of UFO (moved).
  • Propeller: On side of one of the hovering lights (tilted).
  • Rock: Small, floating in water to side of UFO (moved).
  • Boat Panel: On right side of astronaut's boat (rotated).
  • UFO Panel: Embedded in side of main rock platform (moved).

Level 8: Power Station

  • Astronaut: Standing with alien (moved).
  • Fuel Tank: Red, largest tank in the corner (black).
  • Solar Panel: One in the front row (tilted).
  • Bollard: Red, around edge of energy beam (larger).
  • Pizza Box: On a red container (rotated).

Level 9: Laboratory

  • Control Panel: On side of central vat (moved).
  • Book: Held by the supervisor wearing red (flipped).
  • Computer Panel: Yellow, on table next to 2 scientists (blue).
  • Scientist: Standing close to central vat (moved).
  • Crate: Orange, partially beneath computer desk (moved).

Level 10: Sacred Site

  • Crate: Orange, near the astronauts (opened).
  • Rock: On ground, beneath glowing orange symbol (moved).
  • Rock: Floating in the middle, with a green symbol (moved).
  • Glowing Symbol: Pink, C-shaped on ground near middle (green).
  • Mushroom: On side of tallest pillar (moved).


Level 1: Bell

  • Windmill Blades: On a cloud in the corner (rotated).
  • Medium Bell: Round blue, on a stand on a side cloud (spiky green).
  • Medium Bell: Spiky green, on a horizontal rod beneath the bell (blue).
  • Campfire: Near 2 tents (moved).
  • Small Bell: Purple, on the ground near the campfire (was a pot).

Level 2: Helicopter

  • Skydiver: Next to the blue smoke (moved).
  • Skydiver: Orange clothes, near the pink smoke (white clothes).
  • Skydiver: Near front of helicopter (flipped).
  • Flag: Pink, held by a skydiver near the purple smoke (orange).
  • Parachute Pack: Pink, held by a skydiver near helicopter (red).

Level 3: Moon

  • Star: Glowing in a corner (larger).
  • Flower Kite: Yellow, in a corner (orange).
  • Star Kite: Purple and blue, near the ladder (blue and purple).
  • Lantern: On wooden platform from moon (moved).
  • Spool: On surface of moon (was a backpack).

Level 4: Greenhouse

  • Barrel: Inside the greenhouse (moved).
  • Lily Pad: On a stalk at the corner of the greenhouse (rotated).
  • Bucket: Near one end of the bridge (was a toadstool).
  • White Flower: Open, in a pot being watered in the corner (closed).
  • Hat: Yellow, on the back of the cloud eating watermelon (orange).

Level 5: Whale

  • Woman: Riding a dolphin near the whale's right eye (flipped).
  • Eyeglass: Blue, being held on top of the whale (red).
  • Anchor: Hanging off the back of the whale (rotated).
  • Sandbag: Open, on a wooden platform on the side of the whale (covered).
  • Star: Glowing red, in the group below the whale's head (glowing blue).

Level 6: Docks

  • Crate: Light brown, next to the green one along the side (orange).
  • Small Blue Sign: Next to the middle dock (was a traffic cone).
  • Green Bird: On top of the tall blue stand (rotated).
  • Cardboard Box: Inside the docked boat (rotated).
  • Turbine: On the side of the docked boat (tilted).

Level 7: Ship

  • Fan Blades: On one of the side wings (rotated).
  • Insignia: Near front of the ship (moved down).
  • Man: Wearing white, standing near round table (flipped).
  • Fire Extinguisher: On bench next to stairs (larger).
  • Blanket: Next to safe in back of ship (was a green canister).

Level 8: Lighthouse

  • Power Connector: Being carried by drone behind lighthouse (rotated).
  • Power Connector: On back of lighthouse, near the base (moved).
  • Blade: On back of lighthouse (flipped).
  • Drone: Carrying cable towards side of lighthouse (larger).
  • Man: On boat facing lighthouse (different clothes).

Level 9: Vortex

  • Pumpkin: Near middle of vortex (rotated).
  • Wizard Staff: On back of wizard near middle of vortex (tilted).
  • Wizard Hat: White, near diving woman (black).
  • Book: Open, near wizard holding side of broomstick (closed).
  • Potion: Near white wizard on broom (was a book).

Level 10: Ruins

  • Tall Pillar: Near raised angel statue (rotated).
  • Banner: Black, at one end of a bridge (white).
  • Shield: On one of 6 statues facing a canal together (moved).
  • Shield: White, on short pillar near raised warrior statue (black).
  • Pot: Lying down near middle of area (was a barrel).


Level 1: Swords

  • Main Sword: In the middle, black inlay (green inlay).
  • Gray Rock: In patch of grass, slightly leaning (larger).
  • Flowers: Red, in patch of grass (yellow).
  • Green Rock: Between books and black rock (was a toadstool).
  • Small Sword: Black hilt, standing near green hilt sword (smaller).

Level 2: Forge

  • Striped Shield: On side wall (different pattern).
  • Round Shield: Leaning against crates (rotated).
  • Hammer: Held by blacksmith (rotated).
  • Hammer: Lying on flat stone (larger).
  • Large Jug: Next to side of forge (moved).

Level 3: Lava Bridge

  • Stone Platform: Beneath glowing doorway (rotated).
  • Mummy: Walking towards heroes on the bridge (flipped).
  • Green Pot: Beneath the bridge (was some gems).
  • Cage: Hanging to the left of the bridge near the heroes (moved).
  • Wagon Wheels: Behind the heroes just off the bridge (larger).

Level 4: Crypt

  • Insignia: On side of the central stone platform (flipped).
  • Candle: On the foot end of the central stone platform (was a goblet).
  • Banner: Black and blue, in one of the corners (changed colors).
  • Sword: Black hilt, standing up next to candles at the foot end of the platform (rotated).
  • Sword: Red hilt, standing against the sword stand in the corner (black hilt).

Level 5: King's Chamber

  • Banner: Yellow, on the wall behind the king (longer).
  • Milk Carton: On the side of the table (different colors).
  • Flask: Cyan, on the top of a bookshelf (different shape).
  • Flask: On the floor behind the red chest (moved).
  • Footstool: Beneath the king's foot (moved).

Level 6: Tentacles

  • Candelabra: Standing in the corner next to a barrel (rotated).
  • Acolyte: Blue robes, between 2 others holding glowing staffs (green robes).
  • Green Flask: On the ground beneath a lily pad (different shape).
  • Candles: On the ground near a green-robed acolyte holding a scroll (moved).
  • Lily Pad: Near the base of the central portal, next to a purple-robed acolyte holding a staff (larger).

Level 7: Lava Traps

  • Lava Pipe: From side of green platform near middle of area (large).
  • Platform: Blue, next to the winged statue (red).
  • Stone Pillar: To the side of the winged statue (shorter).
  • Running Man: Green shirt, heading towards the winged statue (moved).
  • Dragon Head: Next to final platform (tilted).

Level 8: Treasure Room

  • Red Carpet: On the edge of the area (flipped).
  • Small Jug: Brown, to the side of the large chest (light brown).
  • Scorpion: On inner side of a pillar (was a spider).
  • Apple Core: Right next to side of large chest (was a full apple).
  • Scroll: Next to small red chest (red band around it).

Level 9: Portal

  • Stone: Gray, on top of a larger stone at edge of area (lighter color).
  • Large Hammer: Beneath foot of one of the people (larger head).
  • Torch: Next to red doorway (moved up).
  • Red Scorpion: On the ground behind the portal (rotated).
  • White Spider: On side of tall pillar (moved down).

Level 10: Dragon

  • Lantern: Furthest to the left along the wall (larger).
  • Goblet: On the floor near the red banner (flipped).
  • Open Chest: Next to dragon's head (missing gold lining).
  • Rib Bones: Behind dragon's front leg (moved).
  • Gem: Blue, inside open chest behind fallen pillar (green).


This special level contains 10 differences, and there is a specific achievement for finding them all 1st Anniversary Special!:

  • Candle: On the lower tier, near a ladder on the left (moved).
  • Pot: On the lower tier, in the recess on the right (lid removed).
  • Star: Gold, on the lower tier, near the open present on the left (blue).
  • Astronaut: On the lower tier, leaning between 2 people at the back (rotated).
  • Candle: On the lower tier, back-right corner (was a candy cane).
  • Cheerleader: On the middle tier, holding orange pom-poms at the back (blue pom-poms).
  • Gift: On the middle tier, next to the piano (box opened).
  • Green Swirl: On the top tier, next to the large 1 (was a gift).
  • Blue Swirl: On the top tier, in a small crate next to the large 1 (was a pinwheel).
  • Red Dome: On the top tier, on a corner (was a brown swirl).


You will probably get most of the achievements just by playing the game, but here are the necessary steps to collect any you may have missed:

  • Find all 5 differences on the first level Piece of cake!
  • Find all 5 differences on all 50 levels Star Finder!
  • Find all 5 differences on any level without any wrong clicks Perfectionist!
  • Find all 5 differences on any level without zooming in All seeing eye
  • Find all 5 differences on any level within 60 seconds Sharp eye!
  • Find all 5 differences on any level within 15 seconds Eagle eye!
  • Find 50 differences in a single session with less than 10 wrong clicks Inspector!
  • Begin any level with both the sound and music disabled Silence! I'm focused!
  • Rotate any level 20 times Dizzy diorama
  • Stay in any level for 15 minutes Are you asleep?
  • Make 100 wrong clicks No fear to try!
  • Make 500 wrong clicks Tough!