Year:  1991

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Timequest is a time-traveling historical adventure by Legend Entertainment. You are sent on a mission using a time machine to chase after the criminal Zeke S Vettenmyer, who has been traveling back through time and changing important parts of human history. You must correct his aberrations and bring him to justice.

Getting Started

HQ 2090 AD

Wait for Vettenmyer to appear, then for Drexler to give you a pill. Take the pill, then look at the painting and ask Drexler about it. Head west, open the drawer and take the card. Now enter the Interkron and insert the card in the slot. Time for the first travel - just type "timeset rome 44". Before each time travel, you must enter the Interkron, and after each you must exit it.

Prevent Caesar's Assassination

Rome 44 BC

Head up out of the sewers, then go southeast twice. Wait for the focaccia seller to appear, then ask him for some. Go back to the northwest and then go northeast. Take the jar and peg, then enter the arena to the southeast. Put the wheel on the chariot and the peg in the hole, then put oil from the jar on the axle. Now stand on the chariot and wait for the horses to be attached - you will win the first race. Keep waiting and you will win all faces including the final.

Caesar will grant you a request - ask for his wreath. A lion will start charging toward you. When the guard runs, pick up the sword and kill the lion when it leaps at you. You will be rewarded with a gold bracelet and a later meeting with Cleopatra. Look at the bracelet and you will see it is a time transponder - you need one of these from each time disturbance, and they will disappear when the scenario is complete. Walk northwest and down, then it's time to meet Cleopatra.

Help Ghengis Khan Enter Peking

Cairo 44 BC

Go north out of the tomb and wait for Cleopatra to ask you to join her - answer yes. Try to sleep with her and she will give a vial of rhinoceros horn powder. Head east and south.

Baghdad 1215 AD

Exit to the west, then head north twice. Sell the vial to the Chinese merchant and accept his offer of a drachma, a 1,000 yuan note and a password to Peking City. Walk south twice then east.

Peking 1215 AD

Walk north and you will be taken to Genghis Khan's tent. Wait for him to return, then leave north and head west to the city gates. Attempt to enter the city by going north, then say the password 'tower gate' to get inside. Go north then west. Show your money to the madame and you have 20 women for the night! Ask the Madame to follow you, then walk east and south. Agree that the women are for the guards. Open the gate. Head south back to the Interkron.

Prove the Treachery of the Grand Vizier

Baghdad 800 AD

Go west and north twice to the bazaar and give your focaccia to the beggar (the sultan in disguise). You will be taken into the palace. Talk to him and agree to help with his problem - you will be led into the harem.

Take the bowl of figs and lie on the divan, then wait for the wives to start to bathe. Go into the bedroom to the west and wear the colored veil you find. Go east and south to meet the Vizier. Offer him a fig (keep offering and you will be offered a job with Legend!). If he declines, you have not found the correct veil, so go back and try another bedroom, wear the veil there and offer another fig. He will eventually accept. When he does, go back to the appropriate bedroom, remove the veil and hide under the bed. Wait for the wife to return, the Vizier to enter, and the Sultan to arrive outside the room - a slipper will be left behind. Grab the slipper and show it to the Sultan. You will be given the turban as a reward. Return to the Interkron by going south, south, east.

Stop Hitler Before Dunkirk

Rome 1940 AD

Walk up, southeast, north and up again, and you will be mistaken for a cleaner. Starting cleaning the place so you can overhear a conversation between Hitler and Mussolini - keep going until you hear them talking about the code word "cigar". Now go back to the Interkron by going down, south, northwest and down.

Dover 1940 AD

Leave the shed then enter the tavern to the north. Wait for Churchill to arrive and when he says the line "Surrender, Never!" take his cigar to make him say the word cigar. He will then go on to correct his mistake. Wait for him to leave, then take the lighter, and walk south and northwest.

Rome 1940 AD

Head up, southeast, north and up to return to Hitler and Mussolini. Wait and clean until the broadcast starts. After Churchill mentions the cigar, turn off the radio so they miss his subsequent correction. Mussolini will remove his bracelet. Return to the Interkron, heading down, south, northwest, down.

Stop Attila the Hun from Invading Rome

Peking 1361 BC

Leave the shrine to the north, then join the mourners in the tomb by heading east twice. When you are passed the poison basin, just pass it to the man. Sit on the bench and meditate. Stand again and take the basin full of water. Pour the water into the idol's mouth, then take the emerald and head south. Walk west then south.

Peking 452 AD

Leave the shrine to the north, and head north into the city. Donate the emerald to the priest, who says he will remember your features. Return to the Interkron by heading south twice.

Peking 800 AD

Leave the shrine to the north, and head north into the city, then enter the new temple by going east. Try to enter the sanctuary to the east, and the priest will recognize you and let you in. Take the firework mask and head back west, west, south, south.

Rome 452 AD

Go up, then northwest and west. Say that you have come to help Pope Leo, then go east, northeast, west to Attila's tent. Wait for both parties to join you, then open the lighter and light the mask with the lighter. Close the lighter again, then you will be given a parchment. Go east, southwest, southeast, down to return to the Interkron.

Force King John to Sign the Magna Carta

Dover 1215 AD

Leave the shed, then enter the tavern to the north where a nervous courier is waiting. Exit south and mount the horse, riding it west. Wait for an arrow to hit the tree next to you, then take the scroll and read it. Go northeast to hide behind the tree and wait for the courier to arrive. Go southwest and search the courier. Open the pouch, then give the letter to Robin Hood. Wait for Friar Tuck to read it, alter it and put it back on the courier. Now go northwest and wait for the courier. Keep waiting while King John signs the Magna Carta and removes his bracelet. Return southeast and west, then dismount and head northwest.

Ensure Drake Meets Queen Elizabeth

Rome 1519 AD

Go up, northwest and west, then wait for the Pope to drop a book. Get it and give it back to the Pope, then go east and buy the plaque from the vendor, giving him the indulgence as payment. Go southeast and down.

Dover 1519 AD

Walk southeast out of the shed, then north into the tavern. Go upstairs and open the bedroom door. Lift the floorboard and put the plaque in the cache, then replace the floorboard. Go back to the Interkron by going west, down, south, northwest.

Dover 1588 AD

Again head to the tavern by walking southeast and north. Go upstairs and knock on the door. When you hear an answer, open the door and bow to Elizabeth. Lift the floorboard, take the plaque, replace the floorboard and show the plaque to Elizabeth. The Queen will move to the east bedroom. Go west and downstairs, then wait until 6:00 when Drake leaves for his appointment with the Queen. Give the parchment to Shakespeare in exchange for his helmet. Return to the Interkron by going south and northwest.

Restore the Quetzlcoatl Legend

Dover 1361 AD

Leave the shed then go down twice to reach the beach. Grab the conch shell, then go up twice to the lawn and west to Stonehenge. Sit and wait for a druid to appear, then ask him about the eclipse - it will occur in Mexico at 1pm. Go east and northwest.

Mexico 1361 BC

An Indian will attack you as you leave the Interkron. When he approaches with a knife, point at the sun, then wait until the eclipse at 1pm. Climb out of the pot and take all (including the knife), then enter the Interkron immediately.

Mexico 800 AD

Get out of the Interkron. Walk east, northeast, northwest, east, northeast, southeast, west, southeast, south, south and south. Wear the costume, then go back north, north, north, northwest, east, northwest, southwest, west, southeast, southwest, west.

Mexico 44 BC

When the priest bows down and holds out the cushion put the helmet on the cushion.

Mexico 1519 AD

Just wait and the quest will be completed.

Crown Charlemagne and Get Napoleon and Helson to Egypt

Peking 1940 AD

Remove your costume and leave the shrine to the north. Wait for 12:00, then grab the Molotov cocktail and go back south.

Rome 800 AD

Go up out of the sewers, then go northwest, west and north. Remove the stopper from the bottle and take the hanky. Pour the ether on the hanky and knock out the priest with the hanky. Take the crown and walk back south, east, southeast and down.

Cairo 1361 BC

Go north and west over the Nile, then walk north and east. Take the cradle and give it to the girl, then wait for Tut to play a game. Give him the crown and he will give you a map so you can search for the crown later. Go east and south to the Interkron.

Cairo 1215 AD

Leave the tomb to the north, then go west and south into the pyramid. Open the lighter, then go down and open the panel. Go west and read your map. Press the 5 animals in the order from the map, then go west twice. Take the ankh and try to take the crown. Walk east 3 times, then go up, north, east, south and close the lighter.

Rome 1798 AD

Go up and take the rock, then go southeast and throw the rock at the window. You will be arrested and taken to Napoleon. Show him your map, then answer yes and show him the ankh. He will go to Egypt and give you a pass. Return to the Interkron by going northwest and down.

Dover 1798 AD

Go southeast and north, then show your pass to Nelson. Take his hook then go south and northwest.

Cairo 1798 AD

Go north and west, then give your pass to the guards. Lead Napoleon south, then open the lighter again. Walk down and west, then press the 5 animals in the same order again. Walk west and remove the pin from your turban (if you haven't yet). Tie the turban to the hook and throw the hook over the strut. Now you can go west and Napoleon will get the crown. Go back east, east, east, up, north, east, south and close the lighter.

Rome 1940 AD

Go to the museum by walking up, southeast, north. Take the crown then return to the Interkron by walking south, northwest, down.

Rome 800 AD

Leave the Interkron and head up, northwest, west, north to reach the chapel. Put the crown on the altar, then go south and wait for the coronation ceremony. Head east, southeast and down.

Locate Vettenmyer

You now need to read 19 messages in the correct order to spell out an important phrase.

Baghdad 1361 BC

Go to the hanging gardens by walking west, south, west and up. Examine the vines (1). Now go down, east, north and east.

Baghdad 44 BC

Examine the wall in the cave (2).

Baghdad 1798 AD

Head west, north and north and examine the carpet (3) then go south, south, east.

Peking 1588 AD

Go to the temple by walking north, north, east. Listen to the priest (4) then return west, south, south.

Rome 1215 AD

Go up and northwest, then listen to the Pope (5) before going back southeast and down.

Cairo 1519 AD

Read the message in the tomb (6).

Peking 1519 AD

Walk north twice and wait for the Emperor to arrive. Open the cookie and read the fortune (7) then go south twice.

Dover 800 AD

Walk southeast and read the message on the wall (8) then walk northwest.

Rome 1588 AD

Go up and northwest. Take a leaflet and read it (9) then go southeast and down.

Dover 452 AD

Read the runes on the sword (10).

Baghdad 452 AD

Walk west and south then examine the jug (11) before going north and east.

Cairo 1588 AD

Go to the Royal Compound - north and west. Read the graffiti (12) then go east and south.

Cairo 452 AD

Again go north and west and examine a carving (13) then go east and south.

Mexico 452 AD

Leave the temple and go to the closet by going east, northeast, northwest, east, northeast, southeast, west, southeast, south, south, south. Read the graffiti (14) then return north, north, north, northwest, east, northwest, southwest, west, southeast, southwest, west.

Peking 44 BC

Go to the Great Wall by walking north, east, north. Blow the conch to get the royal seal, then go south, west, south.

Peking 1798 AD

Go north 3 times and give the seal to the eunuch. Open the box 5 times to get a jade bar - read this (15) then go south 3 times.

Baghdad 1519 AD

Leave the cave to the west, then go north, north, northeast. Take the mule's tether and whisper in its ear. Walk southwest and buy the dates, then go northeast and west. You will leave the dates with the family. Go east and drop the tether, then go back west and empty the urn. Tell the girl to get into the urn, then put the dates in as well. Return east and take the tether, then whisper in the mule's ear again. Take the mule west to eat the dates, then take it back east and drop the tether. Go west once more and wait for the guards to go past. Return to the Interkron by going east, southwest, south twice then east.

Baghdad 1588 AD

Walk west, north and north. Try to buy a badge and you will meet the Vizier. He will give you a badge because you saved his sister. Now go northeast and read the graffiti (16) then go southwest, south, south, east.

Mexico 1215 AD

Wear the costume, then go east, northeast, northwest, east, northeast, up and south. Cut the thongs of the warrior, who will kill the priest. Examine the altar (17) then go north, down, southwest, west, southeast, southwest, west. Get in the Interkron and remove the costume.

Dover 44 BC

Walk southeast and down, take the chalk, and walk up and northwest.

Cairo 800 AD

Go north and give the chalk to the man. Read the slate (18) then go south.

Rome 1940 AD

Climb up out of the sewers then walk southeast. Read the graffiti (19) then go northwest and down.

Defeat Vettenmyer

Using the first letters of all the messages spells "Zeke in tower. Say east". Now visit the Academy in Rome in every time period from 1361 BC to 1940 AD. In each period, go up and south, then sit and you will meet an old man - after this just stand up and go north and down. In 1940 he will be wearing a key - ask him for it and he will give it to you.

Baghdad 1361 BC

Go west and south, then try to go east and you will be asked for a password. Say east (you actually have to type "say east" and you can enter the tower. If you have not completed one of the previous quests, the appropriate portrait will not be glowing and you cannot proceed.

Go east and you will trip on the step, then see an image of yourself pointing at the right platform. Stand on the right platform and you will be sent 57 minutes back in time. Wait until 7:59 and someone will trip on the stairs. Stand on the left platform (and you will point at the right one). You will now go forward in time 62 minutes. Put the key in the keyhole and stand on the right platform - another image of yourself will shout a random number that you must remember.

You will go back another 57 minutes and be captured. Wait until he asks you to guess a random number, then say the correct one. Wait for him to turn his back, then kick him. Stand on the remote control to open the case, then say the random number again. You will be taken to the Academy in 1940 AD.

Rome 1940 AD

Wait for the old man to die, then remove his cloak to complete the game.