Mystery Point and Click Adventure

Game Details:  Mystery, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/2/2022

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

TIERRA is a first-person mystery adventure game. Using a map to navigate through a local woodland area, you discover some mysterious buildings and decide to investigate. The next game by the same developer is TARAKAN.


Go forward twice along the path, then take the branch to the right. Look at the "No trespassing" sign, then keep going forward and read the next sign, which mentions the number 224512. Go to the left of the building and grab the crowbar. Go back to the start of the path and take the branch to the left. Look at the mailbox, and open it with the code 224512. Take the hacksaw. Approach the cabin, but the front door is locked. Back out again and go all the way to the end of the path. Use your hacksaw to cut a hole in the fence, then continue forward.

Continue along the path to the shed, and force open the door with your crowbar. Inside, grab the ladder from the right. Note the locked chest on the table here, as well as the electrical box that mentions 460 volts.

Go back to the path and take the right branch, then use your ladder to climb the tower. At the top, look at the generator. You need to press a combination of numbers that add up to 460 (94 + 135 + 231). Pull the lever below this to reveal the number 237421. Climb back down the tower.

Return to the shed at the end of the path. Unlock the chest on the table with the code 237421 and take the key. Go all the way back to the start of the path and take the left branch. Approach the cabin and use the key on the door to get inside.


Look at the paper on the desk, which shows a series of flags and numbers. Now examine the cups on the shelf to the right. Looking at the flags on them, they correspond to the numbers 3, 1, 7, 2 and 8 from the sheet of paper. Next look inside the cups and notice the colors from left to right. Now examine the locked box to the right and press the colored buttons in the same order:


Take the screwdriver. Look up at the vent on the right wall and use the screwdriver on it, then take the rope. Look down at the locked cupboard on the left and enter the code 31728, then grab the key. Look further to the left and use the key on the door to get outside. Go forward along the path twice, then use your rope on the high peg and climb up.

Blocked Cave

Look left and grab the ladder, then continue forward and examine a sign showing the "Pigpen cipher". A bush blocks your path ahead. Go back twice and now look right. Continue forward to the right and look at the sheet of paper on the ground. Using the cipher you just saw, this message reads CEZWT. Look in the barrel and take the knife. Go back once, then use the ladder here and climb up to the ledge. Look at the locked box and enter the code CEZWT to open it. Take the gardening shears.

Go back twice, look left and go forward. Use the gardening shears on the bush, then use the knife on the rope so you get the axe. Return to the start of this area and enter the cave. Use the axe on the rock to clear a path forward.

Fallen Tree

Look to the right and pick up the shovel. Back out and look to the left, then use the shovel to dig in the mound of dirt. Examine the box that you find. By trial and error, you can work out the correct order to press the buttons (one should light up with each press):


Inside is a note with some form of code: OVUG IRTSG FK FK WLDM. If you reverse the alphabet A-Z you can convert this to read LEFT RIGHT UP UP DOWN. Go back to the fallen tree and look at the locked box here. Press the buttons from the code, then take the saw. Use the saw on the fallen tree.

Locked Gate

Go forward twice along the path. Look to the right and pick up a small key from the ground. Back out twice and use the key on the door here. Inside the building, look at the riddle on the wall, the solution to which is "splinter". Head back outside and forward along the path to the gate. Open the gate with the code SPLINTER.

Yellow Trees

Look at the images on the trunk of the first yellow tree (lock, key, piano). Proceed along the path and look at the image on the second tree (tree, trunk, car) and the third tree (ship, cards). This last one is missing a middle symbol to link the other two, which would be "deck". Go forward again and enter the word DECK into the keypad.


Approach the keypad where you must solve 3 simple arithmetic puzzles:

  • (6 - 2) x 2 = 8
  • (7 - 5) x 3 = 6
  • (7 - 4) x 2 = 6
  • (6 - 5) x 3 = 3

Enter the code as 8663 to get into the room. Look at the boxes to see a series of symbols with letters. Examine the laptop computer and unlock it with the pass code EEIBFA (this is the correct one since the username starts with the initials EE, and the shape on the box fits the cutout shape to the left). Notice that the date of the week on the computer is Friday. Open the Keypad Rotation document and see that the current code for Friday should be CCAGBA. Next open the Semaphore Signaling document to read about the "Semaphore code". Examine the keypad next to the red door:


Given this is the layout of the keys, enter the code CCAGBA. Head through the red door. Look at the toolbox on the left, which shows another of the geometric shapes from the box in the previous room. This one corresponds with BBAGHC, so the code to open the toolbox is 221783 (A=1, B=2). Take the screwdriver. Use this on the vent high up to the right.


Crawl through the tunnel and approach the submarine.