Through Abandoned: The Underground CityThrough Abandoned: The Underground City

Year:  2015

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Through Abandoned: The Underground City is the first in a series of mystery adventures based around parallel worlds. After your twin brother disappears into the world of Abandoned, you must travel there to find him and rescue him. There are 5 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Through Abandoned: The Forest.


Pick up the pole, then go left and pick up the rock. Combine the pole and rock to make a stone mallet. Go right twice and use your mallet to hit the gong. Return left and click on the bricks, then climb. Repeat this twice more to reach a lake. Go left and unlock the door with the key, then open the door and go through First door.


Look in the broken mine cart and pick up the oil can, then back out again. Go right 3 times and grab the pickaxe, then fill the oil can from the drum. Return left twice, then use the pickaxe on the brick wall. Go through the hole. Pick up the wheel here, then return out of this room. Head left and attach the wheel to the broken mine cart. Use your oil can on the wheel. Go right again and flip the switch on the wall Out of the mine.

Go left and press the button on the wall - a ladder will drop down. Climb up the ladder 3 times. Use your pickaxe on the odd brick to the right, then click on the letter (1/4). Climb up once more. Take the note and read it, then also pick up the lighter. Climb back down 4 times, then go right 4 times. Take the note and read it, then go right 6 more times.

Examine the floating light here, and click on the letter (2/4) beneath it. Return left twice, then climb up 3 times. Go right twice and take the key. Go left twice, then up twice to find a black cube.

Click on the black cube and it will start shaking. Go left and flip the switch. Return right and click on the black cube 3 times. Go right and flip another switch. Return left and click on the black cube, then take the smaller black cube from inside. Climb down 5 times, then go left 6 times.

Use your key on the lock in the floor here, then climb down. Head right 8 times, then climb down into a vent. Use your pickaxe on the left wall here, then head left. Click on the letter (3/4), then return right and go down twice more. Go right and pick up a screwdriver, then head left 3 times and down.

Take the hieroglyphic brick from the right, and the light bulb (1/4) from the left. Return up, right twice, up 3 times, left 8 times, up and left. Go through the broken wall again and use your screwdriver on the light fitting, then take another light bulb (2/4). Head back, then right 7 times, up 3 times and right twice. Insert the hieroglyphic brick in the slot on the right, then enter the pyramid.


Notice the pyramid cube here, then go right. Take the gear from the broken wall. Also remove the engraved brick from the right wall and look through. Click on the final letter (4/4) Secrets. Back out, then enter the glowing room.

This is a reconstruction of the pyramid cube. Press the button to change the first room to light blue (note the large square symbol), then go right. Press the button to change the second room to lime green (note the small square symbol), then go up. Press the button to change the third room to red (note the cross symbol), then go left. Press the button to change the fourth room to dark blue (note the dot symbol), then go down.

Back out, then go left and take the light bulb (3/4) Pyramide puzzle.

Return left 3 times, down 3 times, right 3 times and down. Take the note and read it. Continue down twice, right and down again. Use your screwdriver on the vent cover, then go left. Continue left 4 more times. Insert the cog, then click on the large wheel to turn it once. Now head right 5 times, up, left 6 times and down 3 times.


Go left twice. Take the note and read it. Go right once and open the subway train door, then take the binoculars. Return right, up 3 times, right 5 times, up 3 times, left 3 times, up 3 times and left twice. Put your binoculars on the stand and look through them, paying attention to the symbols you see here.

Back out, then head right twice, down 3 times, right 3 times, down 3 times, left 3 times and up. Set the 4 control switches according to what you just saw through the binoculars. From left to right the switches should be at the top, middle, bottom and middle positions. Press the main lever, and look at the computer screen if you want.

Go back down, left twice and down 3 times. Go right 3 times and press the red button on the wall, then go right again and you will travel along the tracks Subway.

Continue right and use your lighter to light the torch on the left wall. Climb up 5 times. Take the note and read it, then continue up 4 more times. Open the vault door and head through. Place the small black cube on the pedestal here, then leave the room and close the vault door again. Climb up and flip the switch, then climb back down, open the vault door and go through. Take the light bulb (4/4). Go right, down 9 times and left twice. Pull the lever, then go right and you will travel back along the tracks.

Now head left 4 times, up 3 times, right 5 times, up 3 times and left twice. Insert a light bulb into the fixture here. Go left and insert another light bulb, and repeat this twice more. Now head left 4 times, down and right 4 times. Press the red button here and note the symbol projected on the ground. Go right and repeat another 3 times, noting each symbol (and the order in which they occur).

From the far right symbol, head left 7 times, up, left twice and up 4 times. Examine the keypad and enter the 4 symbols you have just seen (these correspond with the numbers 3, 8, 6 and 10). Open the door and go through.


Go right and pick up the door knob. Pick up the note and read it. Go left twice and read a note that is available because you found one of the secret letters. Continue left and read 3 more notes, then return right 4 times. Open the door here and go through.

Go down 4 times and through the open door. Now go right twice. Use your door knob on this door, then open the door.