Teresa MoontynersTeresa Moontyners

In the Lair of the Beast

Game Details:  Adventure, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  12/1/2023

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Teresa Moontyners: In the Lair of the Beast is a point-and-click adventure game set in the Italian Alps. You play as a private investigator, sent to a remote location on the Swiss border to investigate the disappearance of a group of researchers.


Getting Inside

After the helicopter leaves, go to the general panel on the right. Open the general panel door and use the switch inside. Now pull the electric power switch on the side of the general panel and the power to the installation will be activated. Return to the helipad, then go along the path to the installation and approach the gate. Look at the camera, and pay close attention to the directions it points. Now examine the keypad on the gate and enter the code based on the camera positions:

  1. Left
  2. Top
  3. Top Left
  4. Bottom Right

The gate will open so you can approach the installation. Try to open the door, but it is frozen shut. Open the locker just to the left, and pick up the flashlight, duct tape, key and metal bar. Back out from here, then follow the path to the hangar in the distance. Continue to the hangar and try to open the door, but it is locked. Head to the side road, then to the rear of the hangar. Use your key on the locked closet, then open the door and look inside. Use the light switch on the wall. Examine the heating machinery. Open the door on the left and look at the hooks, then take the weak hook. Use the heating switch, but it doesn't do anything yet.

Back out of here and return to the front of the installation. Combine the metal bar and hook, then use the duct tape to hold them together. Use your reinforced hooked bar on the door and you will get inside.

Activating the Heating

Close the door once you are inside. Go to the control panel in the corner and look at the noticeboard. Examine the photo and the instructions, then take the small key. Use this on the padlock here, then open the locker and take a propane tank. Go all the way back to the rear of the hangar and open the closet door. Look inside, and put your propane tank on the hooks. Once all 3 lights are activated, pull the heating switch.

Go back inside the installation and close the door again. Examine the control panel and pull the switch to activate the heating.


The Installation

Go over to the cabinet on the right. Examine the clothes, then examine the boots some more. Search the heavy coat to find a remote controller. Look at the objects in the shelves, and pick up the battery, then put it into your flashlight. Also pick up the Tubrik's cube. Next look at the electrical materials box on top of the shelves, and take a lamp. Now open the cabinet's door and take out the toolbox. Look inside the toolbox and pick up everything from inside.

Next head to the other side of the room and go to the writing desk. Examine the notepad on the desk, which mentions the name "ELISE" and a reflection. Use the radio transmitter - press the power button then use the microphone and talk until you get a response. Back out and start looking through the drawers:

  • Upper Right: Take the lighter.
  • Upper Left: Take a snack.
  • Central Left: Take the compass.
  • Bottom Left: There is a safe here, which you can open with a code based on a reflection of "ELISE" - 35173. Take the pendant.

Examine the computer and press the power button, then wait for the computer to start up. Examine all the folders and read the available information. In the Hangar folder, press the button to activate the hangar door. Back out and look out the window here to see a creature. Look at the other door, but you cannot open it.

Examine the fan heater nearest to the writing desk - the bottom section is not working. Use your wrench on the obstructed panel, then pick up the strange stick from inside.


Talk to Jabert about everything, then head out through the door where you originally entered. You will automatically go over to the hangar. Talk to Jabert about everything, then use the remote controller on the hangar door.


Dig Site

After you recover, examine the fluorescent stones in the ceiling. Walk down and look at the lit holes to the right. Use your reinforced hooked bar on the slot here, then climb into the tunnel. You will now find yourself in a maze of tunnels. Use your lighter so you can see where you are going, and you can use the compass to see which direction you are facing in each of the intersections. The shortest path to your destination is to take these paths:

  1. Cramped tunnel
  2. Scary tunnel
  3. Dusty tunnel

Climb down to the path. Head around to the landslide to the right to talk to Samantha and Ham. Use your lighter and you will continue the conversation. Continue around to the right and approach the tunnel, then enter the shady tunnel. Continue down and then right and into the lit cave. Go forward here until you can approach the construction site's pit. Examine the chests, then look at the pit to see the huge ruby and the tools. Back out and examine the backpack, which is next to the lights. Pick up the rope. Back out and now examine the cart in the background. Use the microscope to see that the red stones are alive.

Make your way back to the landslide, and you will talk to Samantha and Ham again. Use the rope on the landslide. After the rescue, give your snack to Samantha. Run left around this large cave until you find another tunnel to approach. Enter the windy tunnel. Walk into the middle of the small cave and your lighter will go out. Talk to Samantha about everything, and she will give you another battery. Put this into your flashlight, then use the flashlight and you will start moving again. In the next room, continue to the left and you will reach a path that has collapsed.

Return left, then go right into the gallery.

Deeper Caverns

Go to the tunnel on the left, and you will eventually convince the others to follow you. Continue left after Samantha at the next stage. After you are separated, keep following your own path and go to the lit point. Next head towards the statue and you will reach a broken bridge. Talk to Samantha and then to Ham.

The Creature

Head over to the creature, and Ham will automatically decipher the drawings on the wall. Go through the tunnel at the end of this platform. In the next cave, you will automatically follow Yoragh. Examine the decorated wall, then the others will join you.

Go to the two small supports - take the light stone from the one on the right, but there is nothing on the left support. Now examine the large control panel. Place your Tubrik's cube in the left support, and your light stone in the right support. Wait for the control panel to be activated. Now examine the control panel and you will see the sequence of buttons to press. Repeat this sequence:


Follow Yoragh up the staircase, then continue through the passage in the rock.


Outer Door

Head into the distance away from the temple, then into a tunnel. Continue up another staircase to reach a closed door. Examine the support to the right of the door and remove the temple's door mark. Return back through the tunnel, then go right to find a strange structure. Examine the support pedestal here and place the temple's door mark here to see a pattern displayed on the grid on the floor. Climb the stairs to the right. Now get Samantha and Ham to press the switches around the grid on the floor so that only the squares marked with the temple door symbol are highlighted.

Go back downstairs and pick up the activated door mark. Return to the temple doors and place the activated door mark on the pedestal, then head inside.

Entrance Hall

Examine the Yoragh statue and pick up the golden plate from near its edge. Also go and pick up the three marks from the three pedestals. Return outside and go to the strange structure once more. Place each of the three marks onto the support pedestal here, then activate them each in the same way you did previously. Return into the temple once more.

Go to the pedestal on the left and place the South door mark here. Go through and pick up the 2 statuettes, then return inside. Next go to the pedestal on the right and place the North door mark here. Go through and pick up another 2 statuettes, then return inside. Look at the Yoragh statue again, and place the 4 statuettes on the 4 podiums around the statue (the one with arms out should be the one that the statue is pointing to).

Now go to the final pedestal and place the West door mark here. Go through the last doorway. Head to the pedestal near the door here and pick up the final door mark. Try to leave the temple again, but you won't be willing to leave Ham behind. Place your golden plate in the arms of the statuette in front of the Yoragh statue, then use the pendant in the golden plate. Drink from the fountain, then talk to Ham and get him to drink from the fountain as well. Make sure you pick up the pendant again.

You can now leave the temple and return to the strange structure. Activate the final door mark the same way as you did the others. Return into the temple and go to the final door. Open it by placing the activated mark on the pedestal. Go through the doorway.


Go up the right steps, but the path has collapsed. Head up the left steps, and go to the upper floor. Both sets of steps here are blocked/incomplete. Go to each of the large doorways and pull the levers to open them. One of these doorways will lead to steps down where you end up above the fountain from earlier. There is a series of 8 alcoves with star symbols here, and you need to activate them in a specific order. The order is based on the words on either side of the archway to the right (SO.N, NE.S.SO, NO.SE, S.O.N.NO). Each of these words must be created individually (although can be done in any order):


Pick up the light key. Go through the archway to the right and examine the structure here. Insert your light key in the slot. Now you just need to rotate and place the glowing pieces so that they are all used, and they connect the right side of the triangle to the circle. After waiting for a bit, you will see a red arrow and a blue direction - quickly talk to the person next to the matching lever and tell them which way to move it. Repeat this until you notice that the path is free.

You will automatically run back to Yoragh. Pick up the scepter. Put the pendant on Yoragh, then use the scepter on him.


Once you reach the installation, head right to the road to the hangar - you will automatically pick up the gun. Continue around to the back of the hangar and you will enter the heating room. Go back and enter the installation. After your conversation with Ham, put the tools back into the toolbox. Now go through the other door, then straight through the next door into the infirmary to find Jabert.

Leave the room and continue around to go through the next door into the kitchen. Tell Samantha about Jabert and she will go to the infirmary. Talk to Ham in the front room again, then talk to Samantha in the infirmary. Continue further around the corridor to the final room, which is the bathroom. Go upstairs here and look at the locked parable panel to see it needs a strange key.

Return back towards the front room, but climb the ladder before going through. Search the LUQUA box and take the strange key from inside. Open the electrical panel on the wall and try to flip the switch, but it doesn't stay up. Use the trapdoor to go back down. Head back around to the bathroom and go upstairs. Use the strange key to unlock the parable panel, and you will see that the fuse is broken. Go back and talk to Ham again - Samantha will also come in with important information.

Go outside and enter the hangar. Look in the shelves and open the wooden box, and you will automatically take a fuse. Return to the front of the installation, and you will automatically go up to the parable panel. Replace the broken fuse with your new fuse. After automatically going back to the attic, have Ham flip the switch in the electrical panel. As Jabert, go outside through the front door.