Game Details:  Mystery, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/7/2006

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Teenagent is a classic third person adventure which was originally commercial and has subsequently been released as freeware. You play as Mark Hopper, a typical teenager who has been recruited by the RGB as a secret agent. After passing the initial training scenarios, you are tasked with solving a major gold robbery.


Show your pass to the guard, then head east and through the door labelled 001.

Trial 1

Take the light bulb from the ceiling and the spring from the bed. Call out through the door until you are given some food. Use the live wires on the floor with the food, then use the switch on the wall and call out again. Examine the body to get a key, then use this on the door to escape.

Trial 2

Leave the room and go west. Use your spring in the solid ground here, then use the spring to leap over the wall (you will take a shovel). Take the plant from next to the wall. Return east and into room 001. Use the delicate plant on the captain, then pick up the knife he drops. Leave the room again and go northeast. Use your knife on the fence, then try to take the mysterious object from the ground. Use your shovel on the object to get it. Return south twice and give the kaleidoscope to the guard. Take the grenade from the guard's belt. Go east again and search the trash can to get a rope. Enter room 001 and give the Soldier News magazine to the captain. In the Cantine, talk to the barman to get a mug.

Trial 3

Pick up the crumbs from the table, then leave the bar and enter room 001. Try to open the drawer, then combine your rope and grenade, and use this on the drawer. Examine the drawer to get some medicine, then combine this with the crumbs. Leave the room and go northeast then west. Climb the post and you will end up with a mug full of mud. Now use the drugged food with the post, and pick up the bird after it falls down. Head south and east, then into the Cantine. Use the bird on the radio behind the bar. While the barman is distracted, swap your mug with the one on the bar. Talk to the barman. After he collapses, go through the door on the left and examine the blinking hole in one of the barrels.



Examine the boat to get a broken paddle. Go west and talk to the squirrel until it throws a nut down to the ground. Open the door to enter the small house. Pick up the chainsaw from the ground, and the rotten cheese from the shelf. Leave the house and go southeast then south. Take the path northwest to the field. Search the hay stacks to find a needle. Pick up the rake and sickle. Return south and open the car door. Pull the lever to open the trunk, then look in the trunk to get a toolbox. Open the toolbox to find a car jack, then look in the toolbox again to find a spanner. Use the spanner on the basket and the boy will leave. Enter this house and examine the drawers to get a handkerchief. Also take the fan and the shotgun, then leave.

Head northwest to the field and shoot at the crows with your shotgun. Now take the dive mask and flippers from the scarecrow. Use your handkerchief to cover the mouse hole, then give the cheese to the mouse. Once it gets trapped, examine the mouse hole to get the mouse. Kick the hen and take the feather it drops.

Go south and west to the lake. Use your sickle on the well, then head east to the mansion. Pick up the wrapper from the ground, then talk to the guard until you get a chocolate candy. Go southeast and pick up the rock, then continue east and pick up the wild plant to get a wild potato. Go west twice and when the guard starts drinking quickly talk to him to make him drop his bottle of whisky. Use the whisky on the chainsaw. Go northeast and use the chainsaw on the tree branch. Pick up the branch and use it with your broken paddle.

Return northeast and southwest to the lake, and use the paddle on the boat. Pick up both flowers, then use the boat to return to the shore. Head east and into the small house. Use your chocolate candy on the heart-shaped holes in the cupboard. Go back outside, then southeast and south to the village. Head east and use your fan on the laundry hanging outside, then go inside. Talk to the old lady, who will bring in her dry laundry. Give her one of your flowers, then take the feather duster. Talk to the girl, then use the wrapper on your heart-shaped chocolate and give it to Anne; she will give you a ribbon. Give her your other flower, then leave the house.

Pick up the clothes line rope, then go west twice. Tie your ribbon around the rake to fix it, then use the rake on the grass to find the nut that the squirrel threw earlier. Pick up the nut. Go back to Anne's house by going southeast, south, east and inside. Look at the imitation fruits, then use the nut on them to get the plastic apple. Leave the house and go west twice, then east twice. Use your plastic apple on the hedgehog to get the cone. Use your needle and feather on the cone to make a dart. Now head west 3 times and into the small house. Use your feather duster on the fireplace, then on the potato to turn it black.

Leave the house and return southeast to the lake. Combine the dive mask with the flippers, then use your diving equipment to swim in the lake. Get the anchor from the bottom left of the screen (if you run out of time, just use the equipment and try again). Combine the anchor with your rope to make a grappling hook. Now go south, east and south to a cave entrance. Use your sharpened sickle on the bush, then your car jack on the rock, and take the bone from under the rock. Enter the cave. Read the message, then put the mouse in the hole, followed by your rock, then by the superglue. Wait until the mouse reappears and pick up the gold nugget (if you aren't fast enough, you need to go back and get the mouse from the haystack area again).

Exit the cave and go east. Give your bone to the dog. Open the valve and close it again to note that the walls shake. Open the valve again and climb down the hole. Flick the switch next to the ladder to rutn on the light. Pick up the shovel, then climb back outside.

Gaining Entry

Now you have to try to enter the mansion 5 different ways, in any order. For each of these, start from the front of the mansion where the guard is standing.

  • Go southeast and use your shovel.
  • Give your gold nugget to the guard.
  • Go northeast and use your grappling hook on the wall.
  • Go northeast and use your black potato in the tree, then climb the tree.
  • Head northwest and use your dart on the bees nest, then open the valve.

Talk to John Noty, then pick up the banknote and look at it in your inventory. Head west, south, east and inside. Give the banknote to Anne.


Head inside and go through the door on the right to find the TV room. Pick up the newspaper and then the remote controller that falls out. Take the cognac and pincers from the ice bucket. Examine the large couch to find a cork, then leave this room and go upstairs.

Try to pull out the book on the left of the second shelf of the middle cabinet, but it is stuck at the moment. Look at the book, and its title will mention a color. Search all the desk drawers to find a polaroid and a dictaphone. Also search the trash can to find a sheet of paper, then combine this with your cork. Now open the drawer that has the same color as the stuck book mentioned in its title. Go and pull the book again and if the correct drawer is open a secret compartment will be revealed. Take the video tape from here, then head back downstairs.

Go through the left door to find the kitchen. Take the chilli bottle, then leave the kitchen and continue east, then through the far right door into the bathroom. Use your wrapped cork in the sink, then turn on the tap and use your chilli bottle in the sink to make the label come off. Combine the label with the bottle of cognac to make fake chilli. Leave the bathroom and return west and into the kitchen. Put your fake chilli in the spot where the chilli bottle stood. Pick up the pastry roller from the right and use it on the radio, then examine the radio to find some batteries. Put the batteries in the dictaphone, then leave the kitchen again.

Go upstairs and get some more paper from the trash can, then back downstairs and left into the kitchen. Use the paper on the hot plate to make it burn. Open the refrigerator twice and examine the meat, then use the burning paper on it and pick it up. Put the meat in the stew, then leave the kitchen. Go east and through the right door into the bathroom. Use your tongs to pick up the green sock on the left.

Leave the bathroom and head west, then through the right door to the TV room. Use the video on the video player. Turn on the TV and use your remote controller on the video player. Use both your dictaphone and polaroid on the TV. Now leave the room. Go east and through the left door. Talk to the robot, then use the photo, dictaphone and socks on it. After the robot opens, take the jar and the book.

When John Noty is about to enter the room, click on the lower left edge of the screen to hide until he leaves. Pick up the door handle, then leave the room. Use this door handle in the hole to the right of the door to the bathroom. Use the handle to find a secret room. Use your jar to get past the fan, then flick the switch to turn off the fan and go through the right door. After the cutscene, go west and through the right door. Enter the open wardrobe and use your chilli bottle on John Noty.