Year:  2015

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Technobabylon is a dystopian cyberpunk adventure set in the year 2087, where the populace is addicted to the Trance, and order is maintained by a central AI. You play as 3 separate characters, Charlie Regis, Latha Sesame and Max Lao, whose stories will overlap as they uncover a string of conspiracies.

Chapter 1: Prisoner of Consciousness

Latha Sesame

Disconnect from the Trance in your inventory. Take the trophy from the table, then pull back the curtain and take the wetware from the shower stall. Look at the food machine on the left and insert your wetware into the slot, then press the Mem Eject button to get a memory block. Back out and use your wetware on the door panel on the right to establish a link with it.

Use the Trance in your inventory. Read you email and download the attachment from EXS PHARMA, but don't access it. Next use your connection to the door panel on the right and talk to the knight. Use your connection to the food machine on the left and talk to Cheffie. Use the memory block from your inventory on the downloaded malware, then exit the Trance. Go to the food machine and insert the memory block with the malware. Go back into the Trance and talk to Cheffie, then talk to the knight and have him get rid of Cheffie. Now put the trophy into the recycler just above the food machine. Use the food machine and select metal from the 3D printing options, then select any of the meal options to receive a metal tray and metal fork. Use the metal fork on the door panel to the right.

Chapter 10: Suicide City

Charlie Regis

Go inside and try the elevator twice - a body will fall to the ground outside. Search the body to get a keycard, and use this on the elevator controls. Examine the body up on the 26th floor, then use the active terminal next to it and read the emails. Now use the telephone to the right and call Roy Atwood, using conversation options 3, 3, 3. Now go over to the keypad on the right and enter code 6167. Head through the door and talk to the Mindjacker until he escapes.

Back at CEL, talk to Lao about everything. Use your terminal and read your email from @Null, downloading the attachment. Leave the office and use the elevator on the left to leave, driving to the balcony. Look at the attachment in your inventory, and you will end up talking to Lao and then driving to the subway.

Try to head up to the platform, and you will first get a briefing from another officer before heading up. Use conversation options 1, 1, 1, 1 to talk the bomber down (or 1, 1, 1, 4 to let Lao shoot him).

Chapter 11: Fission

Charlie Regis

Examine the floating art to steal the magnet. Try to open the door to apartment 2B twice, then use your jolt-gun on it, open the door and go inside. Open the cabinet below the food machine to get a knife and some cooking gel, then head upstairs into the bedroom. Pick up the hand and the coat hanger from the floor, and take the photograph from the nightstand. Look at the photograph to see it is from Paris. Use the control panel next to the door and you will take a fishing rod from the wardrobe that rises from the floor. Look in the jacuzzi to see there is something at the bottom. Combine your fishing rod and coat hanger, then use this on the jacuzzi. Add the magnet to your contraption, then try again and you will get a pistol.

Go back downstairs and use the terminal. Click the "Forgotten" button for a hint, then enter the password "Paris". Try using the hand on the panel but it is not recognised. Back out and examine your cooking gel, setting the temperature to 37C. Use this on the hand to warm it up. Now use the terminal again and this time the hand will work. Use the terminal to call S&S Synthetics and talk about everything. Use your knife on the maid and you will get her power cell. Leave the apartment and use the power cell on the dock to the left, then go back inside and put the cell back into the maid. Talk to her about everything, then use the terminal to call S&S Synthetics again to receive a CI Mind-State Splitter. Ask about this, then use the CI-Splitter on the drinks machine to the right, then the food machine to the left, and finally on the maid. Select the Chef personality, Maid memory and Barman role. Talk to the maid, then use the gauss pistol on the maid.

You will end up in the autopsy lab. Leave CEL and drive to the balcony again. Pick up the fragments from the ground here, then put the memory module on the bench. Drive back to CEL and enter Regis & Lao's office. Search Regis' desk to get the cooking gel, kitchen knife and Giel's hand. Leave the office and go to the surgical lab, then use the knife on the body to get an explosive bone. Leave CEL once more and go to the apartment. Set the temperature on your cooking gel to 200C, then use it on the bone. Put the bone in the toilet and you will automatically leave.

Chapter 100: Meeting of Minds

Charlie Regis

Leave your office and try to leave CEL, but a corpsman needs your help with an interrogation. Head to the far right, entering the waiting room. Talk to Latha about everything.

Latha Sesame

Pick up the paperwork and blue plastic cup from the table. Fill the cup with water from the water dispenser, then put the residue from your inventory into the cup. Use the screen and talk to the CEL officer about everything - you will get some tokens. Use the tokens in the food machine to get some food and a metal fork. Throw your food at the camera to block it, and put some more of the food into your cup.

Take the sheet from Guy on the left, and use your tokens on the table base to unscrew it. Climb on to the table. Wrap the sheet around the fork, then use it to break the light further and reveal a spark. Use the paperwork on the spark to light a fire, then put the burning papers in the trashcan. Use the cup in the fire to thaw out your wetware, then use it on the screen to connect it, and select the Trance in your inventory.

Go to the Infowall on the left to meet Jinsil - talk about everything. Disconnect from the Trance, then use your wetware on Guy before connecting to the Trance again. Open the connection to USR.GUY on the back wall to go through. Talk to Guy on the left about everything until you can collect the virtual epinephrine. Leave the Trance and use the screen to call the CEL officer again. After the utility drone enters, steal its possessions (scalpel and auto-injector). Use the scalpel on the food machine to get two modules. Pull the table right twice and climb up so you can use the scalpel on the camera and get a lens.

In your inventory, combine the lens and optical module, then combine the epinephrine and memory block. Put both the memory block and optical module back into the food machine. Put a token into the machine and you will get an epinephrine cartridge. Put this in the injector and use it on Guy. Go back into the Trance and use USR.GUY. Talk to Guy again, then return to the hub and go to the security systems interface on the right. Controlling the utility drone, head right to the corridor, then right to the waiting room where Latha is being held. Disconnect from the Trance.

Use the sheet to trap the drone, then examine it to get a cutting laser. Move the table back to the left 3 times and climb up again. Cut through the air vent with the cutting laser.

Chapter 101: Germination

Max Lao

Use your terminal and power it on. Read the mail and download the attachment from Galatea, then leave CEL and travel to the crime scene. Talk to Dr Chigwa, and pay attention when she describes the plant you will need to sample. Look at the plants until you find the one matching the description (it will be here or in the room to the left). Use the DNA sampler on the correct plant, then use this on the gene sequencer near where you met Dr Chigwa to get some more of the message.

Head left and try talking to Niester, then continue left and look at the body to report back to CEL. Return right and try to enter the airlock at the back of the room. Use your wetware on the door, then go through with your new clearance. Open the first aid kit on the wall to get an auto-injector, and select to take the Hydroxypyruvate Isomerase. Go back to the previous room and use the injector on Niester, then ask him about everything.

Head left and use the seedbank console to search for Acoraceae Brasiliera. Use your DNA sampler on the rail drone after it has collected the sample. While you are here, use the seedbank console to search for Xenosporans Tizardi and pick up the sample from the rail drone. Return right and through the airlock again. Continue left to the growth lab and break the pipes on the left. Go back and tell Niester about the pipes, then come back to the growth lab and climb down the ladder on the right. Look at the purple plants in the left growth chamber, then take a sample with your DNA sampler. Put your growth matrix into the right growth chamber. Climb the ladder and go straight back down, then get a DNA sample from the new purple fungus.

Climb up once more and put your DNA sampler into Niester's toolbox. Wait for Niester to leave, then go up to the production lab again and take your DNA sampler back from his toolbox. Head right again and use the DNA sampler on the gene sequencer to get the complete message.

Chapter 110: Crisis of Consciousness

Charlie Regis

Pick up the bottle and look at it, then use it to drink its contents. Open the filing cabinet on the right to find a cigarette lighter. Examine the maintenance drone to get a paint cartridge. Now use the terminal and power it on. Read all of the emails. Open the power control app and slide all controls to the right, then click the Power Up button followed by the Link button.

Leave the room to see a camouflaged soldier. Return to the office and put the paint cartridge into the fire control panel on the left. Use your lighter under the smoke detector to spray the soldier with paint. Leave the office again and wait until he is close then use the jolt-gun to take him out. Search his body to get a submachine gun. Use this on the crates to get some packing material. Now enter the locker room and open the right locker with code 381 (from the emails) to get some whiskey and polish. Look through the crack in the floor to see more movement. Put your packing material into the drain on the left and turn on the showers. Use the Traveller in your inventory to activate the factory power and kill another soldier. Leave this room and go right to the stairway.

There is another soldier on the level below. Use some more packing material in the whiskey, light it with the lighter and throw it at the soldier. Go down one flight and then left into the optics lab. Use the laser controls and adjust the power to the far right (danger level). Continue left and through the double doors. Walk right, staying hidden behind one of the larger units on the conveyor belt. Use the controls to unlock the robotic arm, and switch the direction of the conveyor belt, then return to the left again. Go back through the optics lab to the stairway and go all the way down.

Examine the robots on the production line to get a metal disk. Use your polish on this disk, then insert it into the large robotic arm. Use the controls to turn the arm so it is facing away from you (just press Rot Z- once). Use your Traveller to activate the factory power once more and if everything is aligned the laser will destroy the padlock so you can enter the sewers.

Chapter 111: Jahiliyyah

Viksha Perera

Talk to each of the scientists in the room and Vargas will then introduce the Central Project.

Latha Sesame

Talk to the bouncer about everything. Try to use the car, but an alarm will go off, so use your wetware on it instead - set a gear and a speed, then release the break. Now search the busted car to get a crowbar. Use this on the manhole cover and you will climb down. Use the crowbar on the panel here and then use your wetware on the utility control terminal. Download the hazard list from here, and turn on the water for 871. Climb back up and talk to the bouncer, then go inside.

Look at the tranced girl on the sofa, then search the sofa to find a credit chip. Use your crowbar on the pipes to the left, then on the terminal. Use your wetware on the terminal, then go to your inventory and enter the Trance.

Go down into the pit behind you and talk to Jinsil, who wants you to get everyone else to leave. Start by talking to CaptainCheese969, and tell her a big buy stole her money. Go back upstairs and talk to Gandarf, telling him about the broken pipes. Enter the games room to the left and select GravBall. Talk to Domino, then lose a game to him before leaving the Trance.

Head upstairs and talk to the preacher who has now arrived. Show him your credit chip to get some Narquine. Go back downstairs, load the Narquine into your injector and use it on the guy in the trance. Enter the Trance again.

Go to the games room and talk to El Mustardo, making a deal they will leave once you beat Domino. Talk to Domino and you should be able to win the game now (just click really early to make contact). Leave here and go down to the pit again. Talk to the barman and give him the substances from your inventory, then order some Sulfuric Acid. Go upstairs and into the games room again, and this time select Get Nuked. After the first explosion, talk to Phil about the game. Use your sulfuric acid on the steel panel, use the controls to turn off god mode, and launch another nuke - you will be disconnected.

Go upstairs again and break the antenna with your crowbar, and the bouncer won't let you inside any more. Climb down the manhole and open the grate on the left with your crowbar. Crawl through the shaft to end up back inside the den. Use the Trance once more.

The dancers should now disappear as they were logged in from overseas using the antenna you just broke. Go down into the pit and talk to Jinsil again.

Viksha Regis

Talk to Dr Vargas, who is in the scanner.

Chapter 1000: Flesh Drive

Charlie Regis

Talk to the guests, then talk to the waiter. After the explosion, head downstairs and into the bathroom. Enter one of the toilet stalls to get some tissue paper, then open the vent on the right and climb inside. Examine the vent cover on the left, then use your tissue paper on it to get a blood sample. Head back through the bathroom and into the kitchen to the right. Examine the deactivated guard, then search the cupboards to get a jar and a bone saw. Use the bone saw on the corpses in the background to get a slice of meat, then put this into the jar. Talk to the cook, then use the growth chamber on the left. Purge the current project, then use your tissue paper on it (to determine the suspect is male).

Return to the group of guests and talk to Stepford about the broken guard in the kitchen, then go back to the kitchen and he will follow you there. Look at the blonde body in the human conveyor belt. Use the CI-Splitter on Stepford, then go back out of the kitchen and use the CI-Splitter on the guard at the bottom of the stairs. Select all of Stepford's components, and he will tell you that synths cannot enter the kitchen (so he is no longer a suspect).

Use your jar on the broken fish tank here to catch a glowing fish. Enter the bathroom again and go through the vent on the right. Use the jar here to get some light, then search the bag to find a note and read it in your inventory. Go back to the group of guests and show the note to Ran Shou-Man - he can't read English (so he is no longer a suspect).

Councilman Deane will now speak to you and confess. You can tell the group the truth or lie to them - you will be responsible for a death either way.

Viksha Regis

Take part in several conversations.

Chapter 1001: Ripper

Latha Sesame

Smash the air conditioner with your crowbar, then use your injector on the mug in the window. Now head inside and use your wetware on the sleeping agent. Next go to your inventory and use the Trance. Talk to Cobalt on the right and select option 3 to learn the security code. Enter code 44138 on the right and go through the door. Try to enter Crate A-121, but it weighs too much with you in there. Walk over to the screen on the right and see that it goes up from 51kg to 96kg, meaning Latha weighs 45kg. Return to the left and use the terminal next to the sleeping agent. Find Crate A-121 and change the weight up to 75kg, and the cargo contents to "Transplant Material (human)". Return right and enter the crate again.

Go around and touch everything in the room you can find until there is only static remaining.

Charlie Regis

Go inside and continue through the door to the right, then out to the airship. Enter the Aerostat and there will be a patrolling guard. Hide behind the crates, then when the guard is to the far right, use the console to eject him through the cargo door. Continue through the left door and take the thermal goggles from on the crate. Search the lockers next to the ladder to get a bolt gun. Return to the cargo hold to the right and use the thermal goggles to see a guard behind the left wall. Use your bolt gun to kill him. Go left and then through the sick bay doors.

Max Lao

Enter the sick bay and connect your wetware to the terminal. Talk to Dr Baxter, then exit to the right. Use your injector on Regis; after taking him outside, go back into the sick bay and talk to him about everything. He will give you the CI-Splitter, cable, scalpel and thermal goggles. Use your wetware on the dead guard to tap into the internal communication system.

Head out to the hallway and use your wetware on the yellow terminal to the left - read the emails for some hints. Now use your thermal goggles, and click on the 4 junction points that are revealed. After the general alarm sounds, go right to the cargo hold and pick up some ammo from the open crate. Open the hatch to see outside, and use the ammo in the engine to stop it. Climb out to the pipe just to the right and tie the cable to it to secure yourself. Continue right until you find yourself just beneath another agent. Use your Traveller to contact Cobalt-3 and say the intruder has been spotted to the port side; the guard will then leave. Open the hatch to get back inside.

Try to approach the turret, but your voice is not correct. Use your scalpel on the patch to the left to let helium into the room. Use your Traveller to contact Cobalt-3 and send the guard to the port side again to get him killed. Now you can try to open the doors to the right but they are locked. Open the hatch to the left and climb down the ladder. Use your CI-Splitter on Chantelle, then climb back up and use the CI-Splitter on the turret. Select the Chef personality, Maid memory and Turret role. Use your ammunition on the turret, then ask it to blow open the door.

Charlie Regis

Talk to Latha.

Max Lao

Climb down the hatch and enter the sick bay.

Chapter 1010: Runtime

Charlie Regis

Go through the open hatch and talk to Vargas. After entering Central, talk to Latha and Lao. You can now switch between characters as needed by using your inventory.

Latha Sesame

Use the cable reel on the floor to float a signal balloon upwards, then go through the doorway to the processor core and sit in the chair. Talk to Jinsil and be nice to her. Use the data shunt to go up one level, and talk to Central. Next go left to the connection to visual systems. Look at the largest screen to see the Mindjacker hiding on the left. Call a drone from the right and guide it through a doorway just in the background.

Max Lao

Use the elevator on the right to go up one level. Search the body to get a grenade, then go through the left door to reach the room with the Mindjacker.

Charlie Regis

Pick up the wrench, then call the elevator with the small red panel. Use the elevator to go up one level. Pick up another grenade from the body and head left to be with Lao. Put your grenade into the drone.

Latha Sesame

Drive the drone back into the conduit on the right, and it will reappear on the lower level. Press the "Turbine 2: Pwr" button to disable the turbine, then drive the drone all the way over to beneath the Mindjacker. Back out of the screen display and use the data shunt on the right, then use the next one to go up another level. Hold the large doors open here to disable the first lock.

Max Lao

Head back to the right and use the elevator to go back down, then go through the door to the processor core.

Charlie Regis

Save your game. Use the control systems on the left and enable access to either Central or Nina (this gives you a different ending sequence). Either way, this disables the second lock. Now head right and call the elevator, choosing to go up. When you are near the blue power conduit, use your wrench to stop the elevator. Touch the blue conduit, then quickly switch characters.

Max Lao

Immediately touch the blue power conduit to disable the third lock.

Charlie Regis

Remove the wrench and use the elevator to go all the way up. Go through the door on the left to the control centre.

Latha Sesame

Talk to Dr Baxter about everything.

Charlie Regis

Try talking to Lao, then shoot her with your jolt gun. Go back into the control centre and open the large grey hatch on the back wall. Flip the power switch.